Are you struggling with self-doubt, being your own biggest and worst critic and believing that you are not good enough to be likable? 

Chances are, you are way more likable than you think. But your self-critical attitude makes you believe otherwise. You are probably underestimating yourself, and looking everywhere but where you should – inward. And that is why you need to know the signs you are likable.

People may not explicitly say how liked and cherished you are for them, but these subtle clues can be noticed in their behavior toward you.

Plus, your own inherent qualities (that you conveniently ignore) will reinforce our claim that you are loved by your family, friends and peers.  

The 12 pointers listed below will clear all your doubts and establish that you are liked and admired by people, and you are more popular even if you think otherwise.

What Are The Signs You Are Likable?

It is completely normal to feel desirable, liked and feel a sense of belonging. With the digital age taking over our lives completely, there seems to be some obsession with ‘being liked’. However, to expect to be liked by every person on the planet is definitely not a healthy need.

If you suffer from a lack of self-worth, you are among the people who actually have positive qualities but still look for approval. A research study by revealed that 33% of people who need to be liked by everyone actually do not like themselves as much.

While your need for approval is another subject to discuss, in this article we will let you know you are actually likable, inspite of the fact that you think otherwise. 

We have compiled a list of 12 positive traits that you likely possess, and what makes you loved and admired by many. If this is you, then you are highly desired in your peer group, friends and family for the person you are. Read on. 

1. You are not fake

If you are someone who is genuine in their approach and does not try to fit in or hide yourself behind a mask, people will be drawn to you. 

One of the major qualities of a likeble person is their authenticity. Authenticity is a rare quality, and while many of us may not admit it, it is very easy to spot a fake person. No one likes to be around someone who is fake and lies to their advantage.

An authentic person, who does not claim to be what they are not and are not afraid to let others know how they think and feel are appreciated for who they are. They do not need to hide behind a facade to conceal their true selves.

Genuine people are comfortable in their own skin.They do not need to fit in to please anyone.  If you have never felt like you need to pretend to be someone that you aren’t, you will be liked and respected for this huge inherent quality.

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2. People love to share their secrets with you

One of the signs you are likable is you know a lot of secrets. 

Your genuine nature exudes empathy, and that makes people feel safe and secure with you.

They feel comfortable with you and that is why they tell you their secrets. You come across as a compassionate, supportive individual and that makes others feel safe to confide in you and ask for your advice as well.

Even strangers tend to gravitate toward you and share their feelings. You have the gift of listening, you patiently listen without interrupting and that makes people share their deepest secrets with you. The attention you give other people whilst they are talking shows your receptive and warm nature.

If you often find yourself in situations where people start to talk about themselves, know that you come across as a highly likable and trustworthy person. .  

Everyone shares with you because of your likable personality
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3. You are kind and humble

Kindness and humility go a long way when we talk about someone being likable. As someone who shows kindness, motivates people to do better and is humble in your approach, there is no denying the fact that people will like you.

Your generosity will shine through your personality, and the lack of pride will make it more attractive. Because you are still respectful when stuck in unpleasant situations, people will be drawn to you. 

Humble people are always likable; they do not let their success and achievements get to their heads. They stay grounded and motivate others to pursue their dreams and aspirations. 

You often find ways to be forgiving, and believe and value the simpler things in life. These traits will make you instantly popular wherever you go.

4. You are not judgmental

You don’t roll your eyes or treat anyone according to the choices they make. You don’t put labels on people based on their situations.

Infact, you chose to try to understand the root cause of a particular thing/choice/behavior before you actually decide to like or unlike a person.

Perhaps, you have yourself been judged in the past and that is how you know it is an awfully toxic thing to do to anybody. 

As a non-judgmental person, people aren’t afraid of you. You understand life throws different challenges at different people, and what they do is their personal business.

As a person who treats everyone fairly, you are highly respected and liked by those who know you. 

5. You are always positive

You have a positive aura that makes you instantly likable. As soon as you walk into a room or meet someone, you impress them with your smile and warm eyes. You mirror a positive body language and that makes you liked by all who meet you.

You don’t grouch or crib, instead you are appreciative of what you have. You have the rare quality of resilience so people look upto you as a role model. 

It is not that you do not have problems, it is your positive attitude that makes you handle them so well. You tend to stay calm and composed and are mindful of your actions and language.

Your optimism and enthusiasm leaves no place for self-doubt and that is why people love to be around you. These are the things that people like about someone’s personality.

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6. People change their plans for you

Have you noticed how people go out of their way to ensure you are available? Like changing dates of get-togethers or planning to meet where it is easier for you to reach? This is a tell-tale sign you are likable.

If this is you, then know that this is a huge tell-tale sign you are likable. People actively seek your company and want you to be present on their special days. They don’t mind rescheduling according to your convenience or travel a bit extra to be with you.

All they want is your presence, and they seem eager to meet you when you can.

7. You are not afraid to share what you feel

Your authenticity is raw and not fake. That is why you do not feel afraid to share what you feel. And you are not ashamed of it either. You do not have an image to maintain so you do not mind being transparent with people.

However, you respect difference of opinion and follow the concept of open mindedness. You never let your personal bias come in the way of understanding people. 

You are curious, and you respect diverse perspectives. You do not shy away from new experiences, yet maintain a firm stance on your principles. You do not give in to appease or please anyone.  And you never overstep or overshare.

8. You value your relationships

Are you someone who is known for maintaining relationships with friends and family? Do you often find yourself in the role of peacemaker when there are misunderstandings?

If you always attack the problem and not the people, you will be undeniably liked by people. Your attitude to solve issues and not brush them under the carpet will make people appreciate your commitment to maintaining healthy relationships. 

You do not let small personal issues spoil your relationships of years. A forgiving attitude along with a zest to connect with people on a deeper level leaves you with a lot of love and blessings. People are fiercely loyal to you and trust you unconditionally.

You are popular
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9. You are consistent

When it comes to being a likable person, you have to maintain consistency in how you are as a person. But it is not hard for you because you are not faking anything.

Your efforts are not dependent on people and situations, instead, you rely on your own feelings and internal push to make things better for the people you care about. 

People find you approachable and enjoy being around you because you have been around for them. As someone who is there through peoples’ thick and thin, you come across as the biggest support for your circle. 

Additionally, you are not just liked for who you are, you are loved and respected to be that constant support system. 

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10. You do not play mind games

Dirty politics. Mind Games. Manipulative tactics. 

None of these fit with you because you do not play mind games. You do not pit people against each other or tend to use them for selfish reasons. 

Instead you believe in driving people to be the best for themselves and the community. Your kind, helping nature is enough to make people like you. You do not need to pull anyone down to make yourself popular. 

11. You receive a lot of compliments

We don’t mean superficial, out of the mill compliments. We mean  real, sincere compliments about you and your highly likable personality.

But the genuine compliments for your amazing qualities. People do not only praise your physical attributes only, but also appreciate you as a person.

And you often hear other people telling you  how someone was all praises for you for an act  of kindness. This is the real wealth you have. 

12. You never cross others’ boundaries

This is one of the most likable qualities that you have. You never threaten or overstep boundaries, instead you know how important it is to respect them. By respecting their boundaries you win their trust and also make them feel emotionally safe.

As someone who lets people know ‘they matter to you’ and even if you do not agree or align with their boundaries, you respect them out of your concern for them; you are greatly admired. 

Letting people decide what is okay and what is not okay with them gives them autonomy on their life, and that is why people are in awe of you.

Key Pointers

  • These are all the characteristics of a well liked person, loved and admired.
  • Your likable behavior has already won you the trust of your close people, you have loyal friends and some genuine connections. 
  • It won’t be  tough to spot the signs you are likable, but you may just not realize because all this comes naturally to you.

So the next time you are wondering if you are likable, refer to this list and be assured you have a likable personality.