Almost everyone has a Facebook account now, connecting with anyone and everyone has become so simple. Its a good thing, but it can also be bad. If you have noticed some slips and want to confirm if they are the signs your partner is cheating on you on Facebook, we are here to help you.

According to a survey done by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, 20% of divorces involve multiple Facebook accounts and Facebook cheating messages.

Here is another mind boggling Facebook cheating statistics for you: It has been found that in 41% of marriages, at least one person admitted that they had cheated on their spouse at least once on Facebook.

In light of this app being such a relationship destroyer, it’s wise that you learn all the signs of Facebook infidelity to protect your sanity, mental health, and self-respect.

7 Signs Your Partner Is Guilty Of Facebook Cheating 

Married or committed people do not only cheat on dating apps alone. It is easier to have online affairs on Facebook. People keep connecting on Social Media and it is not rare for old flames getting reignited on this social media platform.

It is a budding ground to reconnect with exes, exchange messages, graduate to flirting and sexting, and then have a full-on Facebook affair.

Infidelity doesn’t necessarily mean cheating partners have to engage in intercourse. They may not meet, but exchanging sexts, sending objectionable pictures, flirting etc. are all acts of cheating.

Emotional intimacy is as heartbreaking as physical and financial betrayal. They are breaking their promise by priortizing someone else over you.

That’s unacceptable in committed relationships. Take a look at the below Facebook affair signs to catch your partner red-handed:

1. Your partner is always on Facebook

“Is my partner cheating on Facebook?” Yes, if they are addicted to this particular social networking site. They have found someone new or have more than one person they are currently talking to.

It’s even more suspicious if they weren’t such a heavy user before. This is one of the red flags you should be aware of.

Something has happened that has changed their mind about using this app more frequently. They are definitely seeing someone else online.

One of the Reddit users shared the online habits of their partner, “My boyfriend is always glued to his phone but now he’s logging on Facebook in the middle of the night, first thing in the morning, and more frequently during the day.

“He’s defensive and dismissive when I bring it up and ask why he was up so late, logs on so much, etc. Makes me suspicious that he’s chatting on Faacebook Messenger with someone new and flirting the way we did when we started talking. I don’t know how to approach him about this or if I’m overreacting due to trust issues and just need to relax.” 

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2. They haven’t accepted your friend request yet

If your partner hasn’t added you as their friend on Facebook even after dating for more than a year, it’s one of the glaring signs that they are involved in suspicious Facebook activity. Or they are not serious about you and want you to stay away from their Social Media.

Either way, it is not a good place to be in.

They could be involved in Facebook cheating groups where they can meet e-new people. Maybe they are in touch with their ex who you disapprove of. Or they have already met someone and they are using Facebook Messenger to talk all the time.

Some other reasons they haven’t added you on their friend list yet could be:

  • They don’t want you to see their friend list, specially if you know people who are ‘not his friends’ or they have connected with an ex
  • They don’t want you to see when they are online 
  • They are posting pictures on their wall that they don’t want to show you 
  • Perhaps there are comments from their cheating partner on all their pictures 
  • Maybe they are being tagged by their secret person 
  • Perhaps they also comment on their exes pictures

All these are grounds for suspicion. Your partner is having hidden Facebook conversations and is hiding it from you.

3. They have changed their privacy settings

Sudden and secretive changes in privacy settings is another reason to be concerned about your partner spending long hours on Facebook.

  • They have changed who can tag them on posts
  • They have hidden their friend list when it was visible to everyone earlier
  • They have limited who can see their future posts to certain members
  • They have activated vanish mode to their stories
  • You cannot see when they are online 

You need to do a thorough privacy check whenever you can. Ensure that your partner doesn’t find out about your plan because they may blame you for being paranoid. You have to gather evidence of them online cheating on Facebook. Act smartly and you will find out the truth soon. 

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4. There is an evident emotional distance 

One of the common behaviors cheaters exude when they are indulging in infidelity is becoming emotionally detached and distant.

They will fulfil their sexual needs (as a routine) with you but they won’t talk about their fears, vulnerabilities, or secrets with you. They have someone else for that now.

They have even stopped sharing their work problems with you. This is not a healthy relationship.

Some more signs of emotional distance in a relationship include:

  • Spending little to no quality time together 
  • Matters are swiftly swept under the rug 
  • An evident loss of interest in you 
  • They have stopped showing affection 
  • They are selfish and put their needs before yours
  • They have stopped compromising 
  • They physically present but mentally absent during conversations 

Unfaithful partners often share their emotional side with them and leave you hanging. Their withdrawal will leave you wondering if something is wrong with you. That’s not the case. It’s them who are online cheating on Facebook. 

5. They have changed their passwords everywhere

During the early stages of a relationship, many couples share with each other their Facebook passwords. It’s a way to show that they trust their partner and have nothing to hide.

But now that your partner is hiding things on his phone, he will change his phone passcode. Not only that, a cheating partner will also change their laptop passcode, Instagram, and Facebook passwords.

If these changes are sudden, it’s because they have something to hide.

You can’t easily access their messages anymore because messenger app password has also been changed.

Side by side, they have also removed all your close friends from their Facebook profile. Confront them about this right away and find out the truth directly from the horse’s mouth. 

6. They are obsessed with their gadgets

They are scrolling Facebook late in the night. They take their phone everywhere with them including the washroom. Every waking moment is spent staring at the scree.

Their behavior has become extremely dubious. You feel like they aren’t interested in you. Their phone is all they care about.

Plus, they have muted their notifications. Their phone is always on silent, screen down.

And worse, there are unusual and unexplained expenses related to gifts, trips, or activities that your partner has not shared with you.

Don’t let these things slide. Dig deeper and find out who they are spending money on. This is another example that someone from your partner’s past has re-entered their life or they have found someone new. 

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7. They have more than one Facebook account 

This one’s a biggie! If your partner has multiple Facebook accounts, then it’s one of the red flags that they are not who they are pretending to be.

  • They could cheating on you and probably with more than one person
  • They could be serial dating
  • They could be having multiple one-night stands
  • They could be having a long-term affair side by side

You won’t know unless you dig deeper. And once it is established your partner is cheating on you on Facebook, it’s important to find out what you can do with this information.

You can either go down the rabbit hole and suffer for the doings of someone else or you can hold your head high and find ways on dealing with Facebook cheating.

What Can I Do If My Partner Is Facebook Cheating?

If you suspect that your partner is engaging in Facebook cheating or displays any of the Facebook cheating signs, you can’t just sit back and watch them have fun while you drown in sadness. Here are some steps you can consider taking:

1. Gather evidence 

If you suspect your partner of having secret conversations with strangers on Facebook, you need to gather all their Facebook relationship secrets before confronting them.

Without any solid proof, your claims will be dismissed easily. In return, they will accuse you of cheating on them. Here are some ways you can gather evidence against your partner:

  • To catch Facebook cheaters, download the best apps for cheaters like EyeZy. This spy app will help you monitor their Facebook activities without them finding out about it
  • Talk to their close Facebook friends and find out what’s happening without trying to sound like you are investigating them 
  • How to catch someone cheating on Facebook? Create fake Facebook profiles to catch a cheater. Text them and initiate a conversation. Notice how they respond to your messages. If they become quite friendly in just a few messages, that’s your signal that your partner is having online affairs 
  • Check their friends list, browser history, call logs, and Facebook messages 
  • Check their bank statements for any expenses you are unaware of 

2. Have an honest conversation 

Once you have all the solid proof against them, choose a time and place where you can have an open and honest communication with your partner. Don’t yell at them or act out of your heartbreak. They have done the worst.

The best thing you can do right now is talk to them calmly and find out what went wrong. If they don’t want to answer, then accept that you deserve better than being a lying piece of junk. 

On the other hand, if you don’t have any evidence but you are still sure that your partner is cheating on Facebook, express your concerns without blaming or accusing them of infidelity. Tell them that you feel unloved and unappreciated.

Ask them what has caused this emotional rift between the two of you. Don’t let unresolved issues become the elephant in the room. Talk to each other and sort it out. 

3. Set boundaries 

Once you share all your doubts and concerns, allow your partner to explain their side of the story. Keep an open mind and give them the opportunity to share their feelings and thoughts.

If their answers justify their actions on social media platforms, then set boundaries and limits on their Facebook usage. Establish clear boundaries for their online interactions with others. 

Of course, you will have a lot of trust issues after digital cheating. Your partner needs to understand this. Tell them what they can and can’t do on the internet. Tell them they can’t block you again on social media.

Ask them to block their ex or the person they had started talking to. Keep your demands on the table. They need to be heard and practiced. 

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4. Practice self-care 

Regardless of the outcome, take care of yourself. Dealing with a situation like this can be emotionally challenging, so prioritize self-care and seek support from friends and family members.

Your life is in your hands. Don’t ever doubt yourself that you aren’t worthy of someone’s love and loyalty. Don’t ever let it bring down your self-esteem.

Recovering from Facebook cheating isn’t going to be easy. But you have to stay determined and be kind to yourself through the healing process. Some of the things you can do to care for yourself include:

  • Eat healthy 
  • Journal your negative thoughts thrice a week
  • Don’t let your partner’s infidelity define your self-worth 
  • Try yoga and deep breathing exercises 
  • Read a book for 10 to 15 minutes everyday 

5. Seek professional help 

If the situation becomes too complex or emotionally charged, consider seeking the guidance of a couples therapist or counselor. A professional can help facilitate a productive conversation and provide guidance on how to move forward.

Key Takeaways 

  • Facebook has become a breeding ground for cheaters and infidels
  • Catch a cheating partner on Facebook by noticing the time they spend on the app and by going through their friend list 
  • If they have blocked you or if they seem to be more distant than ever, it’s one of the signs of Facebook infidelity 
  • Confronting Facebook infidelity is important during such times. Talk to your partner about this and set clear boundaries about Facebook usage moving forward 

Depending on the outcome of your conversation, you will need to decide whether you want to work on rebuilding trust and the relationship or if it is best to move on. This decision is a personal one and should be made with careful consideration.

If you don’t want to give them another chance, it’s your call. It shows that you prioritize your mental health and self-respect over everything else. If you choose to give them another chance, that’s also your call. It shows your strength and belief in your partner.