If you are looking for signs your ex is in a rebound relationship, chances are you are still stuck on the breakup whereas your ex seems to have moved on rather quickly.

I get that. Years ago when I suffered a breakup, I was devastated to find out my ex had already started showing off their new relationship and while I was hoping for signs of reconciliation. The pace at which he moved on pained me immensely, questioning my importance in his life. I felt I was nothing to him and that’s why he took just a few weeks to find someone new.

And here I was, crying over him with his stuff that was still at my place. That is when it struck me: ‘is my ex in a rebound relationship?’ 

Do I still have a chance or is he really happy with his current fancy?

Let me detail the signs your ex is not in a real relationship and that sooner or later, they will regret this. And that is when this rebound will end.

But first, let’s understand what exactly is a rebound relationship. 

What Is A Rebound Relationship?

A rebound relationship is the name given to the new relationship people get into shortly after a breakup. This new relationship usually starts before the person has healed from the breakup and resolved their feelings for their ex.

Rebound relationships are quite common, especially with men. Men find it easier to cope with the pain and emotional distress of a breakup1 if they have someone else to walk them through

Apart from getting over the pain and the loneliness a breakup brings about, people also get into rebounds just to get back at their ex. They want their ex to regret losing them and instil a false image of being desirable and wanted. 

How long after a breakup is considered a rebound?

There is no definite answer to this question. Say, if I were in a relationship for a year, I’d take atleast 3-6 months to get over it and start dating. Anything before that would basically be an emotional step just to fight the loneliness a breakup brings with it. 

From my personal experience, my ex rebounded really fast, just within 3 weeks . His rebound lasted for a little more than 2 months. 

If statistics help, rebound relationships rarely last, infact, 90% of them fail within 2 to 6 months.

So if you are still wondering if you have a chance with your ex, we’d say, there is a good shot. To know your ex falls in the 90% category, pay heed to the signs they are in a rebound relationship. 

There is also a (small) possibility that your ex has found his match in his rebound.

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How Do I tell If My Ex Is In A Rebound Relationship?

So rebound relationships generally do not last long and are superficial in nature. But, how does a rebound relationship look like? We will tell you how you can figure if your ex is in a rebound or he is serious about his new partner

By going through these definitive signs your ex is in a rebound relationship and deciding on what to do next.

1. Their relationship is moving very fast

Your ex got into a new relationship quickly after the breakup. And while you are beating yourself thinking , “my ex moved on like i was nothing” , you get to know they have updated their social media accounts with their new relationship status. 

Your friends have told you how your ex is considering moving cities for his new partner, and how his new partner is already living at his house.

There are rumors about them planning their future as well: a June wedding, a Greek honeymoon and  a countryside home. Farfetched? Totally. 

These are signs your ex is insecure about this relationship and is doing everything at once. A relationship that progresses at a typical pace has more chances of lasting than a relationship that goes too fast leaving little or no time for the partners to evaluate where it is going. 

2. Your ex flaunts his new partner excessively

Your ex seems to be obsessed with his current partner. You find them posting pictures of themselves everywhere. They seem to frequent all the expensive restaurants every week and never forget to update their Instagram stories. 

This is alarming if your ex anyway loved morning dates and was more like a homebody. If your ex’s rebound is making him or her go ga-ga over social media, it is a sign the rebound is not going to last. The shine will fade and reality will persist.

3. They seemed to have changed completely

Everyone compromises here and there for any relationship to work, but if it seems your ex is another person altogether, then it is a sure sign your ex is in a rebound relationship.

You may notice your ex has downgraded their standards, or hangs out at the places they detested the most. Perhaps you can still recognise that fake smile they give when they are constantly pushing themselves to be someone they are not.

Because rebounds are superficial in nature, rebounders tend to fake themselves so they can get someone as their new partner. Even if that means lowering their standards.

If your ex was more like a rigid person, changing themselves for their new-found love will surely appear strange to you. It is one of the most pronounced signs your ex is in a rebound relationship and it will not last.

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4. Their new partner is almost like you (or your polar opposite)

You and your ex had tuned into each other’s whims and fancies. You both had accepted each other’s quirks and loved each other because there were some fundamental commonalities. 

Your ex is now in a new relationship with someone who looks like you and dresses like you. This means your ex has tried to replace you. 

But you are unique in your own sense and this new person may bring your looks and style to the table, but cannot make your ex as happy as they were when with you. These are the signs your ex tried to replace you and failed. And now, they are unhappy in their new relationship.

is my ex in a rebound relationship

On the contrary, if your ex is now dating someone who is a stark polar opposite to you, their relationship is doomed. This shows their desperation just to date someone.

Both of them will soon find out they are not meant for each other. They have nothing in common and your ex will soon realize it.

Both these instances are signs your ex is in a rebound relationship and is not sure of what they want in a partner, not so soon after the breakup with you. They are confused if they want to replace you, or they will be better off with someone who is nothing like you. 

5. Their new relationship seems one-sided 

Your ex seems to be obsessed with their new partner, following them everywhere like a puppy. They are doing everything in their capacity to make them happy.

Whereas your ex’s new partner seems to be using them as a trophy boyfriend or trophy girlfriend, frequenting social parties like an arm candy. 

You can see multiple posts on your ex’s feed tagging their new partner as the love of their love, but none reflect on the new partner’s feed.

Or it could be vice-versa. This new partner of your ex is doing the rounds, caring for your ex and imagining a future together whereas all your ex is concerned about is to get laid tonite.

Either way, this rebound will hurt both the parties involved. 

A relationship that is one-sided from the start usually burns out after a few months. That is what is going to happen to your ex’s rebound as well.

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6. Something’s off about their relationship

When two people get into a relationship, there is an aura of positivity and the lovers glow with love. Do you notice the same with respect to your ex’s new relationship? 

If not, then take it as one of the sure signs your ex is in a rebound relationship. The new lovers show off a lot of affection on social media, but when they are together, your ex is completely lost and there is no real chemistry.

There is no excitement in their eyes, everything seems forced and looks like they have gotten too good at pretending to like the Sushi they hated all these years.

You have also heard how they keep breaking up and getting back together every few weeks. Your ex has developed the toxic  on/off relationship with their new partner and that is bad news for both of them.

7. They try to make you jealous

If the social media updates were not enough to get them your attention, they try to make you jealous by bragging about their new relationship to your mutual friends.

  • I and Anna are taking that trip to Italy next week. I just cannot wait for it!
  • I just bought the Chanel bag for Anna last week. Can’t wait to see her smile when she sees it! Anything for love!

And when you get this information, it is more like your ex is trying to let you know he is going big-shots for the new partner. The new partner deserves it all. 

Your ex is rubbing their new relationship because they want everyone (you) to know they have moved on and are happy. They also want to drive the message that their current partner is way better than you. 

This could be a sign they want to get back together with you but just don’t know how.

8. They are still in touch with you

Your ex has moved on and you are still single. And they are still in touch with you. 

Their stuff is at your house, and you too  haven’t asked for your things from them. 

They are flaunting their new relationship yet ask you to get a coffee with them.

They drunk dial you, or send you texts in the middle of the night.

Perhaps they even asked you for a second chance and then said it was just a joke. 

These are the signs your ex is in a rebound relationship. They may have moved on, but they are heartbroken and still not over you.

They made a desperate decision and now want to know if you will give them another chance. 

signs your ex is in a rebound relationship

Your Ex Is In A Rebound Relationship. What Next?

You have figured the signs your ex is rebounding. Before we give you some tips on what to do if your ex is in a rebound relationship, consider the real reasons for your breakup. 

Was your ex toxic? Did they cheat on you and then broke you when you found out the truth?

Or the breakup happened because of a silly reason and you think you two could still get together.

Consider the below tips after you have weighed down the real reasons of your break up and your feelings in a sane, sensible manner.

1. Accept their new relationship and continue your healing journey

Accepting your ex’s rebound relationship may not come in easy, but eventually it will help you heal. You were in a relationship with someone who took a mere few weeks and got into a shallow, superficial relationship just to show off.

This shows their character and their ability to deal with stress. You are better off without them and by accepting their rebound, you take away their power over you.

Firmly lay down the no-contact rule for your ex and embark on your healing journey.

2. Bury the past where it belongs and move on with a bang

Your ex was your past, and that is where they belong. 

It is natural to feel devastated to see your ex seem so happy with their rebound, but its fine if they derive happiness by being with someone else.

Their relationship may look like a give-and-take but who knows, maybe they will eventually make it work. Wish them all the best and close the chapter for once and all.

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3. Talk to them about how you feel

If you have been really wanting to get your ex back, let them know so. 

Take the initiative and tell them how you think the breakup was not the right thing for you both.

Do not accuse, blame or point at their rebound, just speak from your heart and give them some time to think.

If your ex is indeed in a rebound and were waiting for you all this while, this will be the beginning of a new chapter in both your lives.

4. Seek professional help

If you are finding it too hard to see your ex with someone else and it is taking a toll on your mental health, daily routine or your well-being, the wise thing to do would be to reach out to a professional counselor. 

Professional help will make you cope with your unresolved feelings in a healthier way. You will be able to focus more on yourself and gain a fresh perspective on your life and feelings. And you never know, love may soon knock on your door. 

Key Takeaways

  • Many people get into rebound relationships as a way to forget their partner and cope with the pain of breakup and unresolved feelings
  • The signs your ex is in a rebound relationship are easy to spot, however, nothing is a 100% conclusive
  • If you have been wanting to get back with your ex, tell them directly and make the best choice for yourself
  • Accepting the breakup, your ex’s rebound relationship and moving on with grace and dignity never gets out of fashion

As mentioned before, the success rates of rebound relationships are hardly 10%. However, if you feel your ex is not in a rebound relationship, then itt is in your best interest to cut off all communication with him.

Stop worrying about them and do not hold yourself back if you happen to like someone. Live your life one day at a time, focusing on the most important person – YOU.


1. Can a rebound turn into a serious relationship?

Rebound relationships are usually initiated by people who are hung up on their ex and are looking to fill that void. They arre usually superficial, however, if the individuals involved are honest with each other and focus on developing compatibility and intimacy, they could last long and strong.

2. Do rebounds help you get over your ex?

To some extent, the thrill and excitement of having a new person in your life will cast a temporary shadow over your past. If you were truly invested in your earlier relationship, you will miss your ex once the initial period wears off.

3. How long will my ex be in a rebound?

If your ex is truly in a rebound, it may not last more than a month to an year. Rebound relationships usually help individuals coping with unresolved feelings and breakup trauma.

4. Do rebounds make you miss your ex more?

If your ex is continuously and obsessively flaunting their new relationship, it is natural to miss them more. On your ex’s part, the reason they got into a rebound is because they could not get over you, and navigating the nuances of their new relationship, they could miss you even more.