Just as the universe can bring two people together from any part of the world, the same way it can also conspire for the opposite to happen. Sometimes you get a bad feeling in your stomach when you start to get to know someone. You know it in your gut that this person is bad news. That’s one of the biggest signs the universe wants you to stay away from someone.

I have learnt through my experiences that our lives are journeys aligned with the universe’s subtle guidance. I can vouch that the Universe communicates with us in all the possible ways, sometimes even mysteriously. You just have to observe.

Sometimes, my dreams have directed me to something, and at times strange coincidences or plain intuition have kept me away from certain things.

If you are able to read these signs from the universe that someone is not meant for you, you might be able to steer yourself away from a possible failed episode of love. This will be a very helpful article for you if you’ve just started seeing someone. 

17 Signs The Universe Wants You To Let Go Of Someone 

The universe holds a lot of power, and that’s mostly a boon. Always know that it’s working in your favor. From manifesting anything you want to separating two people for their own good, it is doing everything it can to give you everything you deserve. Nothing more, nothing less.

If a specific person isn’t good enough for you, the universe will show you all the signs you need to let go of them.

That’s what happened to me. When I was dating a guy, the universe gave me many signs that he isn’t good enough for me. Finally, I mustered the courage to let go of someone who treats me badly. Till date, I can recall the subtle signs the universe sent my way, and boy! Am I thankful?

I have listed them below. Remember, you need to tune in with your feelings and inner-self to actually know when the universe is sending you signs. Read on.

1. Recurring obstacles

This is one of the first signs from the universe that you are on the wrong path. If you find yourself facing constant challenges and obstacles in the relationship, the universe is signaling to you that it can get even more difficult for you to maintain this connection in the future.

You may face bigger problems than what you are facing right now. These obstacles may manifest in various forms, such as:

  • Repeated arguments
  • Misunderstandings 
  • Trust issues 
  • Jealousy
  • Insecurity 
  • Intimacy issues 

None of the above-mentioned things are good in a relationship. They will eventually make you feel miserable.

Therefore, when you feel like you are met with a lot of obstacles, know that it’s the universe’s way of trying to protect you from a potential heartbreak. 

2. Strained communication 

The universe sends messages even if you are not a big believer in it. One of the ways it shows you that you are with the wrong person is when you have communication issues with them.

You cannot ignore the lack of communication that’s evident in your relationship. When the universe wants you to stay away from someone, it creates communication barriers to save you.

It’s like you say one thing but that person comprehends it in a completely different way. Simply because you two are not meant to be.

When I was with my ex, we could never be confident in discussing challenging topics or sensitive issues. We always ended up arguing and wondering what are we doing. He used to assume the worst things about me and vice versa. That’s how I decided to put a stop on the relationship and it has been the best decision ever.

Perhaps, they are always on their phone when you are pouring your heart out. This one action is enough to let you know that they don’t care about you. And so, you shouldn’t waste your time on them either.

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3. Lack of personal growth 

When someone is not meant for you, the universe will work in mysterious ways to let you know that you deserve better.

One of the signs that this person is not right for you is when you find yourself stuck in pursuing personal aspirations. There will be a lack of motivation for individual growth.

You or your partner will lack enthusiasm or resistance toward exploring new opportunities in career, education, or other personal interests.

When your personal growth is dented, you will forever be stuck in a relationship with no identity of yourself. This shows that the universe wants you to move on and not lose yourself in this relationship

when someone is not meant for you
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4. A sense of negativity and unease

Potential partners usually feel warmth and positivity for each other. It’s like rainbows and sunshine.

However, if your gut feeling say that being with this person brings a lot of discomfort, negative energy, and unease in your life, take it seriously. It’s one of the warning signs this person will bring bad luck in your life.

Here are some signs of negativity in a person to watch out for:

  • They will find flaws in every little thing
  • They will turn your positives into negatives 
  • They can’t take criticisms
  • They have a pessimistic nature 
  • They constantly complain and throw tantrums 

The universe is communicating through your intuition, suggesting that walking away from this person is necessary for your overall well-being and fulfillment. Trust these instincts and it will lead to a healthier and more harmonious life path. 

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5. A diminishing emotional connection with them

Emotional resonance is crucial for the sustainability of any meaningful relationship. So, the moment you start feeling an emotional detachment or disconnect from this person, it’s your cue to let them go.

It should always be the opposite in healthy relationships. For example, as relationships evolve, so should the emotional bonds between partners.

On the contrary, if you sense a deteriorating emotional connection with someone, where all kinds of intimacy, understanding, and emotional support seem to be waning, it could be a sign that the universe is guiding you toward letting this person go.

The entire world knows that such constant feelings should never be ignored. 

6. There is a lack of reciprocity 

You are the one making efforts to keep things romantic between the two of you. You are the one initiating date nights, intimacy, and fun activities. You are the one asking deep relationship questions. 

Basically, it’s a one-sided relationship where the other person isn’t doing anything to make you feel loved, respected, or valued. This is a clear sign that you can’t be in a satisfying relationship in the future. 

7. Your values and goals don’t align 

For two people to exist harmoniously, they need to have similar principles, beliefs, goals, and values. If you and your partner don’t agree on anything, then you are bound to have disagreements down the lane.

It will all look hunky-dory in the early stages of your relationship. Once the honeymoon phase fades, you will feel trapped. 

April, a 30-year-old banker from Massachusetts, writes, “Does the universe want me to be alone? I just found out that my life goals don’t align with the person I am casually dating. Even though I have feelings for him I am thinking of breaking up. I don’t want to have an ugly breakup after a year or two. I feel it’s best to part ways right now instead of dragging it.” 

signs the universe wants you to stay away from someone

8. You have strange dreams about them

Most of the psychics believe that the universe communicates with humans through dreams.

According to AstraTalk, dreams are the messages that the Universe sends us to pay more attention and write them down in your journal as soon as you wake up. Find their meaning afterward to see how they relate to your life and what guidance they bring.

Some of the dreams that will tell you that your committed relationship will take a U-turn soon include: 

  • Betrayal dreams where either you or your partner is being unfaithful 
  • Dreams involving arguments or conflicts with your partner 
  • Dreaming about breaking up or being separated
  • Dreams where your partner exhibits negative or toxic traits
  • Rejection dreams where your partner rejects you emotionally or physically 

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9. Your friends and family warn you about them

Your friends and family members know you the most. They can sense who is good for you and who will make you miserable.

Whenever you meet them, they tell you that you deserve better or that this person is not up to your standards. This is one of the glaring signs from the universe that you are on the wrong path. 

Your inner circle and special people need to like or at least be cordial with the person you are dating and vice versa.

Otherwise, you will be at the receiving end of many complaints, side eyes, sighs, eye rolls, contempt, and tantrums from every side. 

10. They bring out the worst in you 

When you are spending time with someone, you unintentionally absorb their quirks and habits. You start using words they often use. You start behaving and thinking like them. It’s good if you have a healthy partner. 

Conversely, if your partner has toxic habits like gaslighting, manipulating, love bombing, trust issues, and stonewalling but they are falling short of good habits, then there are chances for you to develop those red flags and negative traits as well. 

These are not good characteristics to contract from anyone as they directly impact yours and others’ mental health. This is one of the clear signs the universe wants you to stay away from them.

Therefore, the moment you feel like you have become toxic yourself is the moment to question the purpose of this relationship. 

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11. They count your flaws

Every individual has flaws. But not a single person should ever point them out to you as a means to put you down.

For example, if you have a curvy body, then that’s nobody’s business. Your partner can’t point it out and say things like, “You should work out” or “Look at Kendall Jenner. Your body should be like hers.”.

It doesn’t matter how many flaws and weaknesses you have. Your flaws are for you and an extraordinary lover to embrace and celebrate. Immature people will ask for perfect and unblemished features, both external and internal.

If you are constantly feeling criticized for every aspect of your life, then you are not with the right person. The right person will make you feel better about those flaws instead of making you feel insecure. 

when someone is not meant for you
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12. Weird coincidences happen to you

Let’s say you are thinking about your partner while looking for something to watch on the TV. Just when you find something interesting, the lead couple decide to break up in the movie.

Or you are listening to music while talking to your partner and all of a sudden a breakup song plays.

Or your friend tells you that they say your significant other’s profile on dating apps. Weird coincidences, you ask? No. It’s the universe telling you to part ways with them. 

13. You can feel that you are forcing it

Love should never be forced. When love is freely given and received, it has the space to flourish authentically, creating a stronger and more meaningful connection between partners.

It should come from a place of longing and a genuine desire to be with this person. If you feel like you are forcing yourself to love them, it’s a strong sign that the universe wants you to break up.

Here are some signs you are forcing yourself to love someone:

  • You are compromising a lot 
  • You beg for intimacy 
  • You don’t feel loved 
  • You have thoughts about cheating on Facebook or in real life
  • You feel frustrated all the time 
  • You have suppressed your true feelings 

We say this because love is most fulfilling when it flows naturally and is not coerced. Forcing your love on someone or forcing someone to love you will only lead to resentment, unmet expectations, and an unhealthy dynamic in relationships.

Genuine love should be a choice made willingly by both individuals, growing from mutual understanding, respect, and shared experiences. Your inner peace is disrupted if your love is ot genuine.

14. You feel exhausted when you’re with them

You should feel charged and ready to conquer the world after meeting your special person. You feel like you are on cloud nine and everything seems attainable. But when the person is wrong for you, you will feel drained to do anything.

Science confirms this. A new study reveals that negative opinions cause the greatest attitude shifts, not just from good to bad, but also from bad to worse. So, yes, negativity is harmful and contagious. 

You won’t feel like no new opportunities will knock on your door. You will feel hopeless, miserable, and unlucky. It’s even worse if your partner doesn’t do anything to motivate you. It’s a clear sign that they don’t care about your ambitions. 

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15. They don’t respect your boundaries

Dating boundaries are supremely important in a relationship. They help you keep your individuality intact. They keep you sane.

If your partner refuses to respect the line you’ve drawn, it’s one of the obvious signs that this relationship won’t let you have any personal growth. It will become an unbalanced relationship and you will feel lost.  

16. You aren’t being treated the way you deserve 

You have given them nothing but love, respect, loyalty, and admiration. What have you received in return? Disrespect, criticisms, and condescension.

You don’t deserve this and your significant other isn’t worthy of the love you are giving him.

Everyone deserves a partner who will treat them like their priority.

Whatever’s happening in your life is wrong and you need to put an end to it. This is one of the clear signs the universe wants you to let go of someone who treats you badly. 

17. You are not happy with them 

Your current relationship isn’t bringing you happiness, contentment, or stability. This is the biggest sign the universe could send in your direction. You get a nagging feeling that you are not happy anymore. You feel like your partner has sucked happiness out of your life. This is a big enough reason for you to break up with someone.

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Don’t worry about being alone after the breakup. Such thoughts won’t let you break up with them. It’s best to act on it without overthinking. Embrace the single life with open arms and you will find happiness in solitude. 

Key Takeaways 

  • The universe is by your side. It knows when you need guidance and when to cheer for you 
  • When you are with the wrong person, it will show it to you through spiritual signs and signals 
  • Some of the signs the universe doesn’t want you to be with someone are seeing negative dreams, developing toxic habits, and a diminishing emotional connection

The universe shows you the right path and recognizing the signs that it is encouraging you to let go of someone is a profound step in navigating the complexities of your relationship. It’s time to trust your intuition and embrace the possibility of separation. The universe wants you to open new doors to personal growth, true love, and gratification.