It’s a great thing if you have already unearthed all the signs you are attractive. But for those who are still wondering and looking for some physical signs of being attractive, we are here to help you out. These subtle signs are essential to boosting your self-esteem and making you feel more confident, just as you are. They will help you fill your cup with self-care and self-worth.

They say that the way you love yourself inspires others to treat you similarly. People around you will treat you the way you treat yourself. So, being obsessed with your smile, skin, and soul is not self-obsession. It’s self-love. It’s a measure you need to consciously take to maintain your sanity and sense of self. Without much ado, let’s find out the signs of your own attractiveness.

How To Tell You Are Attractive? 16 Unmistakable Signs 

It’s natural to be curious about your physical appearance. Do people find you attractive? Have you ticked off all the beauty standards that society has created? Is it your physical attractiveness, or is it your good nature? It’s time to answer all your questions and find out whether you are perceived as attractive or if you have just given yourself a lot of self-importance. Listed below are some of the signs of being physically attractive: 

1. People gravitate toward you 

It’s as if you are a magnet, and people just can’t help but be drawn to your cuteness, charm, and confidence. They are naturally drawn toward your beauty. You are an attractive woman/attractive man, and they want to be around you. They want to talk to you, spend time with you, get to know you better, and feel what it’s like to be closer to you. This is one of the subtle signs of attractiveness in a person. 

Physical appearance has a lot to do with people trying to talk to you. You are a beautiful person. There’s no doubt about it, but it’s the halo effect that’s making people come closer to you.

According to research, the “halo effect” refers to a cognitive bias where a person’s overall positive impression of someone influences their perception of that person’s specific traits. It means that if someone is physically attractive, they are often perceived as having other positive qualities like intelligence, kindness, or talent. They are considered more competent and healthy. That’s why everyone wants to be your friend.

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2. You often get compliments 

It’s not just “You look good” kind of compliments that you constantly get. But when you belong to the stunning people category, you will receive compliments of all types. They can be about your eyes, smile, sense of style, spontaneity, and kind nature. People complimenting you will sound like:

  • You have all the right moves to make a person fall for you
  • Your smile is addictive 
  • You light up the room 
  • I love the way you carry yourself 
  • You are a strong person 
  • You inspire me 
  • You look good in everything you wear

People will give you many compliments in order to flatter you and get into your good books. They want you to like them back. Their praise is a green light for your attractiveness. And here’s a fun fact about compliments: Did you know that receiving compliments has the same effect on your brain as receiving cash? Yes, research confirms this. 

3. You are the center of attention at every gathering

The spotlight is always on you. Not because you’re just good looking but because your aura radiates positivity. You are bewitching. All eyes are on you. They are observing your every move. The way you flick your hair. The way you dance. The way you graciously greet others. You have all the right social skills, and everything is being noted by those around you. 

For you, it’s just a natural reaction, that who you are. But for others, it’s nothing less than captivating. That’s why they always come up to you and start talking as if they know you personally. So, if you are always the center of attention at every gathering and social situation, then that’s one of the non-verbal signs you are alluring. 

4. Random strangers stare at you 

If you have always wondered why random strangers stare at you at the park or at the cafe, it’s because you are more attractive than you think. You are a pretty girl/handsome boy, and everyone finds you appealing and attractive. They make eye contact with you even though they don’t know you. They are just trying their luck and thinking about whether they should start conversations with you. This is one of the most common signs that you’re extremely alluring.

Oftentimes, you will notice pout or purse their lips if you are an attractive woman, and if you are a gorgeous men, women will go all “ooh” and widen their eyes (and smiles).

What if you respond positively to their facial expressions and body language? That’s what they are hoping for. They lock eyes with you, raise their eyebrows, and exhibit body language signs that they are drawn to you. If it’s a hot girl or a hot boy and you are equally attracted to them, then you can respond to their cues and take this forward. 

5. Some people are mean to you 

People of the same gender as yours and of the opposite sex will oftentimes be rude or mean to you. That’s pure envy and jealousy, thanks to all the attention you get. People tend to experience jealousy or insecurity when they see someone who is better than them, which can lead to negative emotions toward you because you are more attractive than them.

That’s basic human psychology. If they can’t be like you, they will throw shade at you. And people with low self-esteem won’t be able to handle all this well. They will talk behind your back.

In addition to that, there is also a myth that seductive and desirable women and men lack substance, depth, and intelligence. It has been assumed for centuries now that people who are drop dead gorgeous rely more on their looks than their abilities. That’s why you get so many mean comments. Such people will never compliment you, and they will never speak in your favor. 

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6. You turn many heads when you walk by 

You know that song that recently went viral on social media? “I could have my Gucci on, I could wear my Louis Vuitton, but even with nothin’ on, bet I made you look.” That’s the song for attractive people, because when they walk into a room, they drop everyone’s jaws. 

Similarly, when you walk past a group of people, they will turn their heads. Some will even take a double look at you. When random strangers stare at you, it’s clear that you are an attractive person. But if you still think you are feeling unattractive, then you need to open your eyes and notice how most people would die to go on a date with you. 

7. People are ready to do favors for you 

You have a great personality. People look at you with raised eyebrows, and they melt when you ask a favor of them. They agree to do it in a heartbeat because who can resist saying no to beautiful people? Not everyone can. You are self-aware, genuine, and always carry a positive vibe with you. And you are aware of it because you have frequently sensed favoritism at work, while traveling, or even when you are out with friends. People find it hard to say “no” to you.

Even research has proven that society favors attractive people in a variety of ways and disfavors unattractive people. Social scientists have observed that beautiful people are generally perceived as more honest, kind, competent, and friendly. Hence, people don’t mind doing favors for them.

Therefore, everyone becomes your knight in shining armor just to see that genuine smile of yours. When people offer to make your life easier, you can confirm that you are a good looking person. They will pick groceries for you. They will mow the lawn for you. They will even take your dog for a walk if you are busy. These are some of the unconscious signs of attraction. 

8. People from the opposite sex are nervous around you

When someone is intimidated by your beauty or has a crush on you, they will be nervous around you. This is one of the psychological signs of attractiveness. If you don’t know what nervousness looks like, here are some ways to determine whether or not they act awkward around you: 

  • They will keep fidgeting with their hair
  • Constantly touching their face 
  • Laughing at all your jokes
  • They avoid making eye contact 
  • They will feel self-conscious

Yes, you will have a lot of men acting weird around you if you are extremely attractive. And not just men who have low self-confidence, but even men who are confident in their own skin – that is a clear indicator of how attractive a woman you are.

You are surrounded by wome

9. You have an exciting dating life 

One of the evident signs you’re extremely attractive is if you’ve had an exciting love life. This is due to a combination of psychological and social factors. For example, attractive individuals often receive more attention from potential partners, which can lead to a larger pool of dating prospects and more opportunities for exciting experiences. Infact, being a gorgeous woman you may be faced with situations where men are willing to leave their girlfriends for you. Though how you want to take it is your call.

Positive feedback about a person’s looks can boost their self-esteem and self-confidence, making them more comfortable and engaged in social situations, including dating. And since you have all the body language signs of attractiveness, you find it easier to initiate conversations and establish connections with people online and offline. 

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10. Your social media is buzzing 

From dating apps to social media platforms, you often receive messages from everyone. People match with you in a heartbeat because they find you attractive. They immediately text you and ask you out on a date. You have a lot of people following you and commenting on your pictures.

Based on a research done by Baylor University, social media users who are viewed as “higher in attractiveness,” see a drastic change in their likes and followers that increases by 20% compared to those who are unattractive.

Even the pictures where you are wearing something casual will get a lot of likes. Women are leaving heart emojis everywhere and men are acting protective toward you – just so as to woo you. All of these things indicate that you have a good sense of style and people are loving all your personality traits and qualities. 

11. People copy your style 

They laugh at you. They hate you. Then, they copy you. That’s a classic, isn’t it? When you notice people copying your hairstyle, your way of dressing, and your great personality, it’s one of the obvious signs you’re attractive because no one cares about an average person’s style. 

You don’t need to prove your worth to anyone. You don’t have any self-doubts, and their futile attempts to be like you are proof enough that you are better than them. You are the most attractive guy/girl in your social circle, and nothing can change that. 

12. You are comfortable in your own skin

Self-love is the best thing you can give yourself. If you are comfortable in your own skin and body size, then you are the happiest person on earth. You know you are attractive. All the attention is always on you, and you are comfortable with that. You don’t mind people copying you. You don’t mind others trying to bring you down. You feel a sense of self-love, that makes you attractive, which in-turn makes other people go ‘aww’ with your attractiveness.

You laugh it off when someone tries to make a joke on your skin color or your nose. You are confident enough to carry yourself as you are. You are self-sufficient. That’s peak self-love and self-confidence. You are attractive, and people love to spend time with you because you rub off happiness on them as well. What’s more attractive than that? I say nothing! 

13. People always make the first move on you

Whether it’s dating apps or just a lunch at a restaurant, it’s always them who make the first move. They will offer to buy you a drink, take you out for dinner, or to just sit with you and get to know you better. Their first impressions will be excellent because they want you to like them. They will give you all the attention, become a good listener, and will respond positively to your body language.

Most guys and girls will try many different ways to make you fall for them. And there’s a good chance that they have already looked you up on social media. Considering your popularity and social media popularity, there will be instant attraction from their side. You will be able to feel this attraction. 

People adore you if you are attractive
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14. People are surprised about your relationship status 

Such a pretty face, but single? How is that possible? That’s the kind of reaction people will give when they find out you are single. They will always be curious about your relationship status. If you are taken, then they will wonder who the lucky person is and how they got so fortunate to have someone like you in their life. 

But if you are single, they won’t believe it. They will think you are lying. On the other hand, if you are in a relationship with an unattractive or average-looking person, they will try to sabotage your relationship because they are jealous that someone else has you. Dismiss people’s attention when you feel like they are purposefully trying to create problems between you and your partner.

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15. You are often asked for style and beauty tips 

Am I attractive? A big yes if people often ask your advice on dressing sense, makeup, grooming, and how to be more confident. They want to become as aesthetically pleasing as you are. You will know if you’re attractive when more than one person asks for your help when it comes to styling, grooming, and makeup. 

They want people’s attention, just like you. People raise their standards so they can match you. If all these things are happening to you, it’s one of the signs that you’re visually attractive. 

16. Your exes keep coming back

If your former lovers have had a difficult time getting over you, it’s one of the glaring signs you are attractive. They aren’t able to forget the positive interactions they have had with you and and keep on trying to manifest you. They keep reliving the happy memories of your long-term love affair with them. They want you back because of your attractive qualities. They have forgotten all about the rough patches you went through as a couple and they even confessed that they can’t live without you. 

They are not able to get over your friendly smile, your positive attitude, and how you always cheered them on. They will never be able to hate you. You have even asked them to avoid comparing their current partner with you but they have failed miserably in that task. And they have always wished you well for the future. It’s like you will always be their “the one that got away”. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Different people have different ideologies regarding attractiveness. It is highly subjective. What other people find attractive won’t be eye-catching for you
  • If you think having a sharp jawline and attractive facial features is attractive, then you are indeed good looking
  • You exude attractiveness if you have a kind heart and an empathetic nature 
  • Some more signs of attractiveness include people gravitating toward you, strangers staring at you, people asking for your fashion advice 

These are the social cues of attractiveness that you can’t ignore. Everyone is attractive in their own way. But do you know what exactly makes a person attractive? One of the most common denominators of attraction is physical appearance. If you look good, people will definitely want to take you out on dates. On the contrary, some people are attracted to a good person and positive energy. Furthermore, some are big on wealth. They go where there is money. None of these is wrong. And as they say, to each to their own. 


1. How do you tell if you are more attractive than you think? 

You can tell if you are more attractive than you think when people want to be your friends and when people from the opposite gender often make the first move and want to take you out on dates. Also, when someone subconsciously raises their eyebrows when you walk, it’s one of the signs you are a good looking person.

2. What are the signs of beauty? 

Signs of beauty can be highly subjective and dynamic. They vary across centuries, cultures, and countries. However, some of the common signs of beauty throughout the world are clear skin, healthy hair, a confident personality, a warm smile, and expressive facial expressions. Lastly, a well-groomed and stylish appearance can also contribute to an overall captivating look.