There is a super power that’s working harder to bring all the joys and happiness into your life. It’s the cosmos. A higher force. Macrocasm. Or, as we call it, the universe. You might think it’s just mere coincidences that you met someone on the street twice this week but it’s not. It’s all the signs the universe wants you to be with someone.

It’s because it has been stated that the universe has consciousness. The late physicist John Wheeler concluded that “the apparent oddity of quantum mechanics was built on an even grander and odder truth: that the universe as a whole festers in a state of uncertainty and snaps into clear, actual being when observed by a conscious being — that is, us.” 

How Do You Know If The Universe Is Telling You To Be With Someone? 

What you seek is seeking you and the universe is known for being a great Cupid. So, the one you’re searching for could be searching for you too at the moment. You just have to focus on the things that will happen when the universe wants you to be with someone because the universe sends messages in different ways. Here’s a list so you don’t ignore your gut feelings:

1. There’s instant connection

How do you know if you are destined to be together? When you synchronize with this person smoothly. There is this instant, effortless, irresistable connect. It’s as if they fit in your life like a missing piece from a puzzle. You finish each other’s sentences, enjoy their company, and crave for more when they are not around. 

Plus, you have a strong desire to get to know them better and you are lost in each other’s worlds. You are both completely present and pay attention to every word that is being said. These are some powerful signs the universe wants you to be with someone. 

A study conducted among individuals who clicked with someone instantly, describes the ease of interaction that happens between them. They said that they were able to finish each other’s sentences and that the conversation flowed naturally. 

2. Repeated run-ins 

A mere coincidence? For like the fourth time this month? Nope. Definitely not a coincidence. The repeated run-ins is one of the strong signs from the universe. There could be two answers to this unusual occurrence in your life: 

  • The two of you were somehow connected in your past life and past relationships 
  • The universe is working its way into bringing him into your life forever 

“I’ve had the same with some guy, eventually came in contact with him through a mutual friend, and learned a lot from him. My inexplicable sense told me that this is something special and I was right. I’ve had some really special experiences.

After that we stayed just facebook friends. But I am so glad I met them”, writes a Reddit user who shared their meaningful coincidences as something good and memorable. 

3. Experiencing positive vibes and energy

Positive vibes, energy, and a happy atmosphere. You feel it all when you are with them. Jeffery Allen, a gifted advisor and energy healer, says that positive energy is everything about an uplifting, encouraging, radiant vibe and attitude that brings on good feelings and situations.

You will intuitively feel safe around a positive person. You will be happy and relaxed around them. They feel like “home” 

Similarly, when you are with the right person, their positivity will rub on you because of their welcoming vibe. You will be lost in that moment but your subconscious mind picks up every little feeling you get when you are happy. That’s how universe plays its cards. You just have to open your eyes and accept it. 

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4. Dreaming about them 

One of the signs your destiny is interwined with them is when you constantly dream about them. Let’s say you’ve met this person once or twice in your life and felt like you already share a deep connection with them. Now, you’ve started seeing them in your dreams too.

What does it mean? According to sleep physician Alex Dimitriu, Dreaming about the same person could mean that they are going to play an important role in your daily life. It could also mean that this someone is thinking of you. 

Jessica, a 28-year-old Nutritionist, from Michigan, writes, “I knew the universe is trying to tell me something when I kept dreaming about my colleague. I knew my subconscious mind was trying to communicate with me through dreams. It was a clear sign.

“The universe hinting me that he’s the one and that it wants me to move in the right path and so I did. Today, we are going on our first date and I couldn’t be happier.” 

5. Having shared values and beliefs 

How often do you meet someone with the same principles and values as you? Not often. Spiritual compatibility is one area that most people compromise on. Lucky for you, the person you just exchanged positivity and energy with shares the same morals and integrity as you do.

This is one of the strong signs the universe is manifesting your desire of finding someone with whom you can be yourself. 

Your values may include:

  • Honesty 
  • Good health and self-love
  • Respect 
  • Forgiveness
  • Balance 
  • Generosity 
  • Maintaining individuality 
  • The 3 C’s – compromise, communication, and commitment 

The universe wants you to be with someone who will share your values and principles and when that happens, you will find yourself sitting with a person who has the same moral values as you do. This is one of the signs that your universe is sending you your soulmate.  

things that will happen when the universe wants you to be with someone
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6. Moving on from your ex 

“What heartbreak? What unresolved issues? I’ve got none!”, is what you will say when you feel like you’ve met the love of your life. You feel your heart mending and all that anguish melting away at the sight of this beautiful human being. There is no eagerness to reconnect with an ex of try to get them back.

You begin to understand why things happened a certain way in your previous relationships. You want to take risks and you are no longer afraid of the dating world.

All that hurt you have been holding since your last breakup is slowly trying to tell you your relationship with someone else never worked out. It’s because of this person. You may feel like you are ready to be in a relationship with them. So, go for it! There is no wrong time to ask a right person out on a date. 

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7. Spotting angel numbers 

Angel numbers are sequences of numbers or repeating numbers that are believed to carry spiritual or divine significance. Many people who follow spiritual or metaphysical practices associate certain number sequences with messages from angels, spirit guides, or the universe. Each number is thought to have its own unique vibration and meaning. A few examples include:

  • 222 – Stability and growing affection in your relationship 
  • 000 – You are soon going to start a new relationship 
  • 1111 – Getting close to your intentions and trusting it 
  • 411 – Love is just around the corner. 

So, when you spot such numbers often, it’s one of the most obvious signs the universe wants you to be with someone. The numbers are trying to guide you. Doreen Virtue, author of the book Angel Numbers 101, confirms this theory.

She says that one of the most common ways in which angels speak to us is by showing us repetitive number sequences. You are being tested by the universe. Don’t ignore them as it’s one of the obvious signs of fate to be with someone. 

8. Unexplainable bonding over things

This is possibly one of the most prominent signs the universe has connected your fates. You watch the same shows and listen to the same songs. You like to spend time with each other and when you are with them, a sense of peace and contentment engulfs you.

You experience calmness and fulfillment when you must think about being with them. It feels like serendipity. The timing, the meeting, and the liking. Everything feels surreal. You also feel like this connection was inevitable. That it was bound to happen one day or the other. 

Philip, a 36-year-old veterinary doctor from Houston, says, “I often try not to interpret signs from spirit guides but this time I couldn’t help it. There’s this girl I met at the coffee shop and felt so good while talking to her.

There was this unexplainable bond between us. As it turns out, we went to the same school and she lives in my neighborhood where I grew up. That’s universe trying to tell me that I need to get to know her better.” 

9. A gut feeling that they’re “the one” 

Steve Jobs once said that “intuition is more powerful than intellect.” So, never ignore your gut feelings. This tiny voice encouraging you to take this relationship to the next level is the universe’s way of sending you love and warmth. You deserve it. This someone special will change your life for the better. You will never feel like this with the wrong person. 

“I had a gut feeling when I was 19 and my then boyfriend told me he loved me for the first time a month in. It was surreal. My eyes got all foggy and I swear I saw little stars. But I didn’t have the courage to say it back. He said it’s okay if I didn’t.

“I can’t remember when I finally told him but I had that feeling like, this man is going to be my husband when he told me. Here we are 2 kids, and 9 years later”, writes a Reddit user on gut feelings, universe and relationships. 

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10. You are comfortable with silence 

One of the classic soulmate signs is when the two of you don’t feel any tension or awkwardness in silence. You don’t have this nagging feeling of filling the quietness with sarcasm and laughter.

The nervous talker in you will dull down a bit when you are with the right person. Don’t think that it’s only you who is happy with silence. Even your special partner is also feeling content. Doesn’t that mean this is the start of a good relationship?

In long-term relationships and marriages, silence is comfortable. It is endearing and relaxing. In fact, it is termed as positive silence.

It is practiced when the partners are tired from a hectic day and just need to sit in the company of one another. It is also followed when one person is angry to avoid saying hurtful things.

So, if you are loving this peaceful stillness with your special person, it’s because you have reached a level of ease with one another. This is universe telling you that you are going to be in a healthy relationship. 

Signs the universe is manifesting your desires
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11. A feeling like you’ve met them before 

When you are with this person, you will get a weird feeling like you have met them before or that you have known them for a very long time. This weird feeling will make you feel good about this newfound connection.

This is one of the signs your manifestation is here. You are destined to be together and it feels like your soul recognizes their soul.

Furthermore, a strong sense of understanding without the need for many words will also contribute to the feeling of a long-standing connection.

It is as if you effortlessly comprehend each other’s thoughts and feelings. You are compatible with them and there is an undeniable chemistry that you just can’t ignore. 

12. You’re becoming a better person 

This is called self-growth and it usually happens in healthy committed relationships. You look at your significant other’s altruistic habits and you start imbibing them in your life too.

Now thanks to them, your self-esteem is elevated and you feel like you can conquer the world. Here are a few ways your important person is contributing in making you a better person:

  • They will encourage you to achieve your goals and aspirations
  • They show you a different perspective on life   
  • They teach you how to learn from your challenges   
  • You have learnt to communicate freely and honestly 

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13. Life paths aligning effortlessly with theirs

One of the good signs the universe wants you to be with someone is when your life paths align effortlessly. This is a very essential factor if you envision a future together.

They support your career and vice versa. Just like you, even they want to settle down soon and want to have children in the future.

Loving someone isn’t just about wanting to be with them. It’s about sharing destinies.

You can’t be with someone who wants different things in life. Therefore, your relationship will only be harmonious when your future paths align with one another.

When you meet someone who has the same vision for the future as you, it’s one of the signs from the universe that someone is your soulmate. 

14. You feel complete 

When you feel complete with someone, you experience a high level of emotional connection with them. They contribute to your physical and mental well-being and there is a deep understanding between the two of you.

When you find such a person, then it’s obvious that the universe is trying to tell you something. Perhaps you are going to fall in love and start a new relationship. 

Here are some signs that will make you feel complete:

  • You feel like you belong with them
  • You feel emotionally and physically safe 
  • There is respect and equality in the relationship 
  • They understand your love language 
  • You laugh a lot together 

Key Takeaways 

  • The universe works in mysterious ways and it always has your best interests in mind 
  • There are many signs the universe wants you to be with your ex or with someone you just met 
  • Some of the signs include seeing them in your dreams, meeting them frequently, and seeing angel numbers 

Just like in the movie Serendipity, both the main leads feel strong attraction toward one another at first sight. They go out for hot chocolate and start talking. They decide to write their names and phone numbers on the cover of a book and a currency note- if the universe wants them to meet, they shall find each other.

They end up finding each other and it’s a happily ever after. So, don’t disappoint the universe and start noticing all the signs it wants you to see. Your happy ending awaits you.