What are some of the signs that you are an attractive guy? Is it your forearms, biceps, your smoldering good looks, or is it the way you smile? 

Women could be attracted to anything. It could be your facial features or it could be beyond what meets the eye. But one thing is confirmed by the researchers. It has been found that attractiveness is an important attribute that both men and women find indispensable in mate preferences. 

A handsome guy knows that he is handsome but that doesn’t necessarily indicate that he is attractive. For instance, my current boyfriend isn’t good looking according to social standards. However, his personality was extremely attractive.

That’s what got me fantasizing about him. If you want to know all the signs you are physically attractive and you have that oomph factor, read along and find out.

17 Signs You Are An Attractive Guy

Some women like a man with a beard, some prefer clean shaven ones. Some like rugged men, whereas some like men who are soft and gentle. It all depends on a woman’s likes and dislikes.

We have compiled a list of things that makes a man’s personality attractive. If you want to become one of the handsome men or if you just want to know whether or not you’re attractive, scroll down and read:

1. Both men and women compliment you often

One of the most obvious signs of a handsome face is when you get a lot of compliments from both straight men and women. Your physical appearance is the first thing people notice about you.

Perhaps you have a sharp jawline, a hoarse voice, or you have a way with your words. Women fall for these little things. They will often praise you for your skills and your looks. That’s when you’ll know that you are an attractive male. 

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2. People smile as soon as they look at you

If people give you a warm smile as soon as they see you, that’s one of the ways to tell if you belong to the attractive men category.

And when you smile back, it creates a lasting impression on them.

Research attests that smiling is one of the most memorable attributes in people. They smile at you because they know you are a good person and won’t hesitate to help them out when they are in need. 

3. Your body language is a dead giveaway

How do you know if someone is attracted to you? Notice their body language and gestures. For example, you are an attractive man if a woman does the following things around you:

  • She will blush a lot when you are talking to her
  • She will try to get your attention if you are at a party by talking loudly or by bumping into you 
  • She will touch your arms or hips
  • She will lean closer in your direction 
  • You are an attractive man if she tries to make eye contact with you and flirts with her eyes 

When women see an attractive guy, their fondness for him will reflect in their actions. Her body language will tell you how much she likes you. So, she will try to woo you with her charming and self-confident nature. 

4. People turn their heads to look at you

You walk by and people turn their heads to get another glimpse of you. That’s another sign of a good-looking guy. They could be amazed by your fashion sense or your hairstyle or by the way you walk.

Anything could attract them toward you. That’s why you need to ensure that you are wearing good clothes in public and behaving like a gentleman. 

You are popular
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5. Men seem to be jealous of you

You are a handsome guy and a few men will be jealous of it. Here are some signs of jealousy from a man:

  • He will excessively criticize you 
  • He will undermine your success and achievements 
  • He will spread rumors about you
  • When you say something, he will try to one-up your intelligence by countering your point 
  • He will try to sabotage your relationships and job opportunity behind your back 

A jealous man will try to destroy your self-confidence because he knows you are more attractive than him. Don’t ever let this weigh you down and make you question your self-worth.

Furthermore, don’t ever be jealous of other men’s success. That’s one of the signs that you are an attractive guy. You know that you will achieve things on your own and it’s a petty thing to be jealous of others. 

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6. Others appreciate your dressing sense

Attractive guys look like they are going to conquer the world by wearing clothes. And whoever you meet has only one compliment to give – “Your dressing sense is impeccable”.

If this has been said to you wherever you go, it’s one of the signs you are an extremely handsome man.

More than your good looks, it’s the way you understand the color combination and the kind of clothes that will bring out your skin tone and highlight your presence. 

7. You are known as an altruistic man

Another one of the signs that you are an attractive guy is when you show kindness, honesty, and goodwill toward others. When women meet a man, it’s their physical features that makes them want to make the first move.

However, what makes them think of a man as interesting and attractive is his kindness. A man who is respectful, patient, and understanding.

Research has shown that women are drawn to personalities that portray altruism and kindness. In the end, we all want someone who will help us out in times of tragedy instead of laughing at our problems. 

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8. You are physically fit 

It’s one thing to be a cute guy but girls go weak on their knees when they see a physically fit man. It’s one of the signs that you are an attractive guy.

According to a study from University of California, around 300 women looked at pictures of men to find out what kind of men they found sexy and attractive. 

As expected, women rated fit and muscular men as more attractive than the ones who weren’t so focused on keeping themselves fit. You don’t need to have abs or meaty legs to appear as a good-looking guy. You can just get rid of that beer belly, work hard, and eat healthy. 

9. You are good in bed

How do you know if someone is attracted to you? They keep coming back to you for more. Women don’t like men who are selfish in bed.

If it’s all about your pleasure, fantasies, and gratification, then you will never be considered attractive. If the woman you are with also feels satisfied when you get intimate, you can consider yourself attractive.

If you don’t believe us, we have proof. In a study, women reported having orgasms easily and more frequently when they mate with a man whom they found attractive.

So, the next time you are being intimate with someone, don’t be selfish in bed and take it slow.

This will automatically make you an extremely handsome man. And if she is attracted to you, she will be satisfied in bed. 

signs that you are an attractive guy

10. You have a growth mindset

You will be considered attractive and likeable if you have a growth mindset. Do you shy away from challenges or do you embrace them with open arms? If it’s the latter, you are good to go. Here are some more tips to follow if you want to have a growth mindset:

  • Learn from criticism. Don’t ever get defensive when someone is trying to give you constructive criticism
  • Don’t give up when things get rough. Hold your head high and try to come out of it by being strong and patient
  • Never act like you are the smartest person in the room even if you actually are. Stay curious and learn from everyone
  • Interact with people who have the same growth mentality as you

Attractive guys are independent and always want to grow more in life. They reflect on their weaknesses and try to rectify them without doubting their capabilities. 

11. You believe in equality 

In today’s times, one of the most obvious signs that you are an attractive guy is when you believe in women’s rights. There is nothing more than equality that women are attracted to. Stop asking her to split the bill or pull her own chair. That’s not the equality women want.

They don’t mind paying the bill but equality here is seeing her as an equal. Don’t expect women to serve you your whole life. The moment you respect her work, ambitions, and goals, you will automatically appear more attractive to her.

“When women find a guy attractive, it’s usually because of his feminist ideologies. I think it shows that they are open-minded and progressive and that they care about equality for all people. It’s a turn-on to know that my partner is someone who is willing to stand up for what’s right and fight for a fair and just world”, writes a Quora user on women finding male feminists attractive. 

12. You don’t do silly things for attention

What makes a man’s personality attractive is their ability to stay true to themselves. They don’t want unnecessary limelight by doing stupid things.

Seeking attention by doing silly things is one of the things women despise in men. Women are more attracted to men who are true to themselves. Here are some things you should never do in public if you want to appear attractive:

  • You don’t make fun of others just to make yourself look like the superior one
  • Making inappropriate jokes that make others uncomfortable 
  • You interrupt when someone else is talking to show that you are smart too 
  • Exaggerating your life experiences to become attention-worthy 

You need to be a little self-conscious when you are in a public setting and especially if you are an extrovert who talks a lot.

You may offend or hurt someone with your frankness. That’s what unattractive people do. They are loud and try to make inappropriate jokes to gain attention. 

13. Others come to you and introduce themselves

How to know if you are good-looking? When men and women approach you first. They will introduce themselves to you and will try to hold a conversation.

They will try to spend time with you as much as they can and there will never be awkward silence as they will be busy getting to know you.

This is one of the signs that you are handsome and you need to take advantage of it.

If a woman you like approaches you first, try to play it cool and be respectful toward her. That’s exactly what an attractive person will do. 

Everyone shares with you because of your likable personality
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14. You’ve been told you have a great sense of humor 

When my boyfriend asked me recently what turned me on the most about him, I said, “Your humor. You make me laugh all the time”.

He was tongue-tied. He didn’t know how funny he was until I pointed it out. That also made me feel like he wasn’t a self-absorbed man.

And like me, there are so many other women who find humor an attractive trait. Research has proven that when two strangers meet, the man tries to be as funny as he can.

The funnier he is, the more likely it is for the woman to be interested in taking it to the next stage. 

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15. People are ready to do you favors

Even though you are a self-sufficient man, there are days when you need help. When that happens, nobody will ever say no to you.

That’s one of the biggest signs of a good-looking man. People are always ready to help you. Are you stuck somewhere and need a lift? 

Drop a message in the group and someone will come to help you out. Do you need to go shopping and want someone to tag you along?

Fret not. Someone or the other who is attracted to you will offer to accompany you. 

16. You keep yourself groomed

If your personal grooming is top-notch, it’s one of the signs of an attractive male. You don’t just care about dressing well, you also care about personal hygiene. Here are some signs of a well-groomed man:

  • Taking a shower regularly
  • Trimming and styling your hair often or as required
  • Taking care of your skin
  • Keeping your finger and toenails neatly trimmed and clean 
  • Paying close attention to your oral hygiene and brushing your teeth twice a day 
  • Controlling body odor by using deodorants and antiperspirants 

And if you smoke, make sure you chew a mint right after smoking. Many women hate the smell of cigarettes but if you can’t control your impulse, then get rid of the smoke smell as soon as you’re done smoking. 

17. Women bite their lips when they see you 

How do you know if someone is attracted to you? When women see an attractive guy, they will get lippy when talking to you.

Patty Wood, a body language expert, says, “When you are attracted to someone, your mouth produces extra saliva, Wood says. In response, she or he might quickly lick his lips, bite them, or press them together”.

Therefore, pay close attention when you are with a man or a woman. If they bite their lips or lick them like ice cream while making eye contact with you, it’s an assurance of your attractive nature and a sign that she wants you to make the first move.

Key Takeaways 

  • There are many things that women find attractive in men. Some women find good looks are the most attractive quality, whereas some women go for kind men 
  • Some other attractive guy qualities include being independent, keeping yourself groomed, and being confident in your social interactions
  • Don’t try to blow your own trumpet and make fun of others just because you are a confident man, these things will only make women run away from you 

You are an attractive guy who knows it’s more than just about looking good. Most people don’t know this but it’s way more than that. Attractiveness is a holistic approach. You need to inculcate self-awareness and confidence.

Your authenticity matters a lot too. By following the above mentioned points, you will exude a genuine charm and appeal toward men and women that will draw them toward you naturally.