Getting through a breakup is never smooth sailing. Especially if you loved him, the one question that will often linger at the back of your mind is, “Will he come back?” And it turns out as a source of hope and a tormenting uncertainty. You may find yourself analyzing every interaction, looking for signs he will come back, or wondering if he will return after a period of silent treatment.

Love is a complex emotion, and it’s said that if he truly loves you, he will come back no matter what. Understanding your dating life can provide some clarity in the midst of the emotional chaos that often follows a breakup. 

After everything you’ve been through, you keep wondering, “Why do I have a feeling he will come back?” It’s a question that plagues many, especially after a break. But fear not, there are clear signs that promise his return. Read on the little indicators that can give you hope.

13 Definite Signs He Will Come Back

You’ve been through a breakup, but you’re not entirely convinced it’s over. You’re holding onto hope that he might return, but you’re unsure. After all this time you wonder if the two of you will be together again. Is it possible? Are there any signs to look out for? These questions have been nagging at you, I’m sure.

Don’t worry, you got this. It’s natural to feel caught up in this whirlwind of emotions and uncertainty. It’s time to understand why you find yourself revisiting this situation again and again. We’re about to discuss 13 surefire signs he will come back one day. These are not abstract concepts, rather indications grounded how guys tend to behave after breakup.

These signs are not set in stone and neither do they guarantee your ex’s return to your life. But these are solid cues.. Every relationship, every breakup, and every individual is unique. Nor these signs are promises, but they can certainly provide some much-needed clarity in this confusing time. Maybe you find the closure or the hope that you need. Because sometimes hopes are based on just wishful thinking rather than reality.

See if your intuition has been right all along, or if it’s the final time to move on. Delve into why you are caught up in this situation from time to time. Here are 13 surefire signs your ex will eventually come back one day.

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1. He reaches you out to sort out the miscommunication

Communication gaps caused conflicts, you guys took things otherwise and boom! Breakup happened. Miscommunications can lead to hasty decisions. If he truly cares, he’ll seek clarity. A one-time message may not signify much, but persistent attempts prove genuine intentions.

He’ll strive to mend the rift. The key is patience. Wait and watch for signs of regret, attempts to reconnect, or open discussions about the issue. 

These are realistic signs your ex will eventually come back one day. Most issues can be resolved with open communication. If he’s willing to understand and rectify, there’s a good chance he’ll come back.

However, if the cause of the break up was something absolutely unacceptable, like abuse or infidelity, maybe you should decide cautiously.

2. He asks you if you are single

When it comes to the signs he’ll return, his curiosity about your dating status is a huge one. He’ll probe your relationship status in a subtle way. His interests in your love life suggests he’s considering a comeback. He’ll try to know more about you and may say something like:

  • He might casually ask about your weekend plans
  • He could drop hints, asking if you’re spending time with anyone special or if you are seeing someone
  • He may subtly inquire if you’re attending social events alone

He’s gauging the competition and assessing his chances. Remember, actions speak louder than words. His persistent inquiries about your dating life reveal his lingering feelings and potential intent to return.

3. He’s posting hints on his social media

Without a doubt, you wanted to block him on social media platforms. But sometimes anxiety takes over and you doubt if he is meeting other women.So you stalk his profile. Has he started a new relationship? Or still feels guilty after breaking up with you? And the answer lies in the cues somewhere.

And in a similar fashion, he keeps a tab on your social media activities. The pictures you are sharing, those quotes from ‘Wordporn’ and the people you often get tagged with. He likes them all, sometimes slipping in a casual, “you look great” comment on one of the threads. Yes, sure signs he likes you, still.

He frequently sends you posts of your old memories. Shares inside jokes on his profile that only you know about. Perhaps even ‘Wordporn’ posts about how sorry he is. 

It’s pretty obvious he wants you to notice his activities after the breakup. But it’s a good sign he can’t stop thinking about you. Maybe he’s using social media to express his longing, subtly hinting that he’s still emotionally tied to you.

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4. He’s still close to your friends and family 

When you break up, you almost cut out all the ties you can. If he’s keeping in touch with your friends and family even after that, it is one of the signs he is not moving forward. He casually bumps into them at the Supermarket or that popular film’s screening, and asks about you. He shows he is still the same and is very composed, carefully making a great impression. 

Your best friends and ex’s friends try to convince you or find ways to unite you for him. Your family suddenly asks you if you still think of him. Your sister reminisces about some good times you had together months ago. 

If this happens, you must take your own time to process his actions. After all guys come back when you ignore them.

Well, it may not be just about maintaining social connections but staying connected to your world. His genuinely showing interest in your life can trigger your mind. You will be tempted to imagine you guys together. He has succeeded in making you give second thoughts on this relationship. 

5. Paying more attention to you

Attention is key in relationships as most relationship experts will tell you. When it’s not there, you often feel neglected and unhappy, ultimately leading to a couple to take a break. Perhaps, he took you for granted earlier and is realizing his mistakes now. He is probably trying to fix things by showering more attention on you.

No wonder he started looking at your things again post breakup. He is trying to communicate with you desperately and confess he never meant to hurt you. Through his actions and words, he is constantly reminding you how he misses you every moment.

But you can’t stop recalling how your relationship ended on bad terms. So if you still have not replied, he might beg you to stay friends at last. These are some little indicators to meditate upon. It can be a pretty good sign that he’s still got some feelings for you. 

Research backs this up. Studies show that being attentive to a partner’s needs makes relationships better. Lack of attention is a common reason for breakups. Some people even try to get their ex’s attention to reconcile after a breakup.

6. He accepts he did it and is dying to get back together

You may have heard a relationship coach say that if he is yours, he will come back when the timing is right. He might have come back months laters, accepting his mistakes and willing to stay until you agree to be with him again. He changed as a person towards you. 

That’s the thing about men, they always come back. Especially when you have just embarked on a new path. It can be weeks or months later, but they do make an appearance.

His realization that he has been careless and efforts can ignite your hope. Rare circumstances like this can help you decide if he’s worthy of a second chance. 

7. He plays unrivaled mind games

Breakups become messy with instant blocking, unblocking, or checking the last seens’. One argument later, he impulsively blocked you, and again unblocked you after a few days. His cryptic actions leave you guessing about his intentions. And you keep wondering, will he come back? 

If he’s sending mixed signals or acting hot and cold, he might be testing the waters. This isn’t just about creating confusion but how he struggles to understand his own feelings. His inconsistent behavior suggests he’s grappling with his emotions and isn’t ready to let go.

Signs he will come back
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8. He is still single and wants you back

After a breakup, the hardest part is moving on. Especially women struggle to make new connections as all they want is a stable future. And while you tend to your broken heart over romantic classics and tubs of ice-cream, you also keep thinking if he has moved on. 

Your mind keeps imagining if he’s with someone or not. You wish to mend things one last time and think of the possibilities of getting back together after a breakup.

If he’s not chasing new relationships, it is a clear sign he’s still emotionally yours. His constant efforts to repair the past can shed light on his strong emotions for you. This is a sign he wants you badly in his life and might return to your arms.

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9. Clues from his late-night messages

He’s been reaching out, hasn’t he? Those late-night texts, the random calls – they’re not just casual. He’s tipsy, maybe a little vulnerable, and forcing himself not to call you in complete sense. 

A little booze breaks that control, and you end up getting hundreds of texts along with back to back calls from him. Drunk texting is often frowned upon as it signifies violation of boundaries, and indicates unresolved feelings from the past. It could imply he just wants to have you for a night. Or he is just lonely and using you as a cushion.

But at times, it can also mean that your ex is genuinely missing you. However, we will leave that judgment to you, whether you want to respond or not. You don’t want to settle in a relationship, remember that.

 10. He’s kept your stuff with him

When you’re questioning, “Will he come back if I leave him alone?” and your belongings are still at his place, it’s a golden chance to discover the answer. If he’s slow to return your things or lovingly denies to give them back, he might be holding onto them. This could mean something. He might see your things as reminders of you.

If you ever rethink the breakup, he might be open to it. Your stuff at his place is more than just things. They’re signs of his feelings and his hope for a second chance.

11. Little hints that he wants to ask you out

Is he coming back after pulling away? It’s hard to tell. Some guys do, some don’t. But, there are signs. Consider this – he sends you a text about a standup comedian you both enjoy, hinting it’d be great to unexpectedly meet at their next show. This is his subtle way of asking you out. Or, he talks about a new restaurant you’d love, that’s another veiled invitation.

Even more subtly, imagine a food delivery arriving at your doorstep, ordered by him. He claims to have “forgotten” to remove your address from his app. This isn’t a mere oversight, but a cleverly disguised date proposal. 

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Notice some of these small actions if he his way back to you:

  • He often initiates conversations with you, even about trivial matters
  • He shows genuine interest in your life, asking about your day and your experiences
  • He tries to find common interests or activities that you both can enjoy together
  • He often compliments you, not just on your looks, but also on your personality and achievements
  • He makes an effort to spend more time with you, even if it means changing his own schedule
  • He shows signs of nervousness or excitement around you
  • He often mentions future plans or events and hints that he’d like you to be a part of them
  • He goes out of his way to help you or do small favors for you
Weak man in a relationship

12. He’s self-pitying and miserable

Breakups often lead to depression. If your ex is stuck in this stage, he may still hold onto you. However, caution is key. His prolonged sadness could be a ploy to win you back, exploiting your empathy. This is a big red flag of getting manipulated. You need to tread with utmost caution.

If you return, you might find yourself trapped in an endless cycle of emotional blackmail. His depression may suggest he wants to come back. But think about what this means. Don’t let anyone’s emotional tricks guide your choice.

13. He’s not bad-mouthing you

After a breakup, people often vent about their exes. But if your ex-boyfriend isn’t doing this, he might still like you. If your ex refrains from such behavior, it could be a sign that he still harbors feelings for you. The absence of negative talk indicates a level of respect and care that wouldn’t probably exist if he had completely moved on. 

For instance, consider the scenario where you casually inquire about him from mutual friends. If they report back that he hasn’t said anything negative about you, it’s a positive sign. This lack of ill-speaking could mean he still values you and your past relationship. 

So, if you’re wondering, “Will he come back to me after our breakup?” This could be a promising indicator. Remember, indifference is a sign of moving on, but his silence about you might suggest otherwise.

How Long Does It Take For A Guy To Come Back?

The truth is, there’s no definitive answer to this. Some guys come back when you ignore them, some come back months later, and some never do. It’s a matter of personal growth and timing. If he loves you, he will come back no matter what, but only when the timing is right. However, no matter how hard you try, if your ex is manifesting you, you will notice the signs.

Remember, relationship experts often say that most people need time to heal and reflect after a breakup. So, if he’s taking his time, it could be a sign he’s seriously considering his future with you. This aligns with the Pew Research Center’s findings, which suggest that time for reflection and healing is crucial in the aftermath of a relationship’s end.

Key Takeaways

  • If your ex is still interested in you and wants to know where things stand with your dating life, that could be a sign he still cares
  • He might be hesitant to let go if he continues to cling to you and your stuff, sends you late-night texts, and keeps in touch with those closest to you
  • He may be showing evidence of emotional attachment and a wish to revive the relationship if he is paying more attention to you, admitting mistakes, and avoiding unpleasant comments about you
  • Stay patient and keep moving forward in your life, though. He will return if it is in his destiny to do so. If not, you were made for greater things

In conclusion, it’s important to stay patient and keep moving forward in your life. If he’s meant to come back, he will. And if he doesn’t, it’s a sign that you’re meant for something better.