It can be frustrating when someone suddenly vanishes from your life after showing romantic interest in you. As audacious as it may sound, ghosters leave you without answers and in a confused state. It is outrageously rude, people who will go radio silent and these things can genuinely hurt.

Your next move should be to send them a post-ghosted text that gives you closure and call them out. So, what to say to someone who ghosted you? There is no perfect answer but we have listed several options that will give you a fair idea of how to speak your mind without losing your sanity.

25 Epic Texts To Send To A Ghoster 

Research confirms that ghosting can take a toll on someone’s mental health. It could also make one feel unsure when dating again, but the harsh truth is ghosting is a common trend now days.

You don’t know why they’ve suddenly stopped communicating with you. Did you do something to hurt or offend them or they just got bored with you and decided to walk away? Whatever the reason is, you deserve a proper goodbye.

You wait day in and day out for their message but it won’t arrive. And when it does, what will you reply? We have gathered all the good and snappy things you can text and move on. 

Here are 25 generic statements you can send to a ghoster that will let them know that you are no longer interested in them either. They are witty and sarcastic and they’ll definitely put the ghoster in their place:

1. “Look at you. You disappeared faster than my WiFi during a thunderstorm”

What to say to someone who ghosted you and came back?

Give them a sarcastic one-liner and watch their hands shiver amazed at your comeback.

They’ll know that you will lose interest if they say anything silly now and they will be very careful with their words. If you find this bad behavior intolerable, state it firmly.  

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2. “Hey. Should I block you right away or wait for your lame excuse?”

This person doesn’t care about your hurt feelings and that’s why they didn’t really care about saying a proper goodbye.

Now that you’ve completely stopped talking, send this single text to your ghoster and make them realize that they’ve made the biggest mistake of their life by disrespecting you like this. 

3. “Ghosting is for people who don’t have the decency to communicate honestly”

If you don’t know what to say to a friend who ghosted you, then type this message.

You can also attach a link to any website that teaches everything about communication styles and the importance of good communication. 

4. “Ghosting is such a Capricorn thing to do. I knew we weren’t compatible from day one. I should’ve listened to my instincts”

This is a great sassy reply to someone who ghosted you and suddenly stopped being into you.

Of course, the two of you must have more than one shared memory together but that shouldn’t let you think that this person is allowed to disrespect you like this.

They deserve to be treated the way they treat you. Let them know that you knew they were never a good match for you. 

5. “You may have disappeared but your actions have spoken louder than words”

People ghost for various reasons but none of them can be excused as it hurts the ghostee.

If he comes back saying sorry he was busy, don’t accept it unless they seem genuine. Otherwise, this reply is enough to make them see their mistake. 

6. “Nope. I refuse to be treated like an afterthought. Have a good life”

What do you say to a guy who ghosted you for a week and then comes back saying sorry he was busy?

You tell him or her that you refuse to be treated like an afterthought. Perhaps they have other people in their life that need their attention and they decided to pay attention to you when they were done with everything else. This behavior shows you were never a priority in their life. 

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7. “Did you text me or was I hallucinating?”

A sarcastic way to start a conversation with a ghoster if you are looking for closure. Your dating journey started hot and heavy but things went downhill quickly.

Tell someone who ghosted you that you have no hard feelings and just want to end things on a good note. Act like you are totally fine and that will make them wonder if they made a mistake. 

8. “I guess I was dating a ghostwriter” 

Another witty message to type when you don’t know what to say to someone who ghosted you. They spoke to you nicely for a few weeks.

You went from texting every day to nothing. And that has caused you pain and anguish.

Maybe they didn’t find a spark in you and that’s okay. What’s not okay is them cutting all communication ties with you and acting like you never existed in their life. 

ghosters are cowards

9. “Your silence will never make me feel small”

This is a perfect response to soft ghosting and it’s a great way to express your feelings without guilt-tripping them. They did what they had to do.

It’s your turn to let them know that they are the wrongdoer here and they deserve your wrath. Tell them their presence or absence will never impact your self-worth and self-esteem. 

10. “I feel sad that things didn’t work out between us. But I feel sorry for your weak character”

This message shows how much they’ve hurt you but that won’t bring you down. It’s true that this person has a weak character. It is safe to assume ghosters are cowards after all.

That’s why they chose to ghost you rather than confront you with their opinions. 

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11. “I have a good story to tell my nephew when he asks me about ghosts the next time”

It doesn’t matter if it was soft ghosting or if they decided to ghost you overnight. What matters here is that they let you down badly.

This is one of the best ghosting responses that’s humorous and witty. They will realize what they’ve missed out on. 

12. “I thought ghosts were supposed to say boo and not a muted bye”

If you don’t know what to text someone who ghosted you, then this is a perfect response since their bye didn’t reach you but their “boo” did.

Relationship coaches say that being humorous in times of despair will help you cope up with your loss sooner.

So, go ahead and send this text to someone who went radio silent after three weeks of sending you lovey-dovey text messages. 

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13. “Ghosting is a choice and so is moving on. You chose the former, I am choosing the latter”

Just like infidelity, ghosting is also a conscious choice a human makes. You can’t be so busy 24×7 that you don’t get a chance to take your phone out and send someone a message.

If you are ignoring someone, it’s out of your own will. They’ve made their choice and you have made yours. A Roland for an Oliver! 

14. “You pulled a Houdini on me and I hate magic. So, bye bye” 

Houdini is famous for his disappearing act. And who’s more talented than Houdini? This person who just ghosted you out of nowhere.

Express your feelings clearly and tell them that you have no place for ghosters in your life. 

reply to someone who ghosted you

15. “I have to clean my phone now as there’s a ghost in it”

Witty, right? That’s what a friend who ghosted you deserves. A burn for burning your heart.

This is how you respond when someone ignores you and doesn’t have the decency to break it up in person. 

16. “If something went wrong, you could’ve confronted me about it. I am not a mind reader” 

If you are bumping into someone who ghosted you, ask them why they had to take such a toxic step to end things.

They could have easily told you that things weren’t working out and they wanted to end things. But the fact that they chose to hurt you like this is never okay. 

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17. “I was hoping for a rom-com like When Harry Met Sally but you turned out to be The Conjuring

Everyone wants their dating journey to be like a sweet rom-com but a ghoster will make you feel like you’re in a horror movie.

This is one of the best ghosting responses as it makes you look like the bigger person and that you have the upper hand here. 

18. “Wow. You disappeared like a Snapchat message”

This is a sarcastic reply to someone who ghosted you because Snapchat messages disappear after you read them. That’s exactly what happened with them.

They spoke to you for a few days/weeks and bam! They’ve clearly pulled this stunt in their past because look at them. They’re a pro. They have disappeared. It’s as if they never existed. 

19. “I thought you’re an adult but I was wrong. I was dating an immature kid”

Ghosting is immature, cowardly, and a passive-aggressive way to end a relationship. You don’t even have to give someone a reason to end things but at least inform them that you don’t want them in your life.

However, a person with low self-esteem will never be an honorable person. They will ghost you and return when it’s convenient for them. 

20. “You’ll realize soon what you’ve lost. But don’t even come crawling back into my life”

When you don’t know what to text someone who ghosted you, send the above message. Someone who ghosted you will end up realizing what they’ve lost.

Ghosting is not cool. So, chin up and don’t let them enter your life if they come back making lame excuses. 

What to text someone who ghosted you

21. “Barney Stinson, much? Uh-huh no. I am more of a Chandler Bing fan. Goodbye!” 

If you’ve seen How I Met Your Mother, you will agree that Barney Stinson is the epitome of misogyny. He’s a proper playboy who never cares about a woman’s feelings unless he fell in love with one.

You need to be polite to someone irrespective of whether or not you have feelings for them. But this person doesn’t believe in kindness. They chose to be a womanizer and ghost you. 

22. “I like honesty in my relationships and I am glad you showed me your true face”

Relationship coaches have always encouraged honesty more than anything else in relationships. You can’t expect that from ghosters as they are cowards.

They think it’s totally fine to vanish without any intimation but it’s not. Before they do this to the next person, type this final text and hit the send button. Don’t wait for their answers or explanation. 

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23. “Ghosting level: Expert. Next time, give a heads up so I can level up my game too” 

Ghosting is one of the most soul-crushing mind games people play when they want to feed their ego. They want to see how desperate you are for them.

If you keep texting them and feeding their ego, you will only blame yourself for being so weak. Don’t do it.

If you don’t hear from your ghoster after one or two text messages, then forget about them. Send that message and move on. 

24. “Your silence isn’t going to dictate my happiness”

Nothing could be truer than this. Another person’s words, actions, and behavior should never dictate your happiness.

You need to learn how to be happy on your own.

If this person’s disappearance is still making you feel gloomy, then have a conversation with your friend or any relationship expert who will make you feel better about it. 

25. “Deleted and forgotten” 

That’s it. It started with three words and it’ll end with three words. You need to put your self-respect over anything else.

It doesn’t matter whether you get a response or not.

Just this single text is enough to put some sense into them and they will never pull such an act with anyone else again.

Confronting someone who has ghosted you can be a daunting task, but it is essential for closure and to gain your self-worth and self-respect back.

If you think you’ll be bumping into someone who ghosted you anytime soon, then these replies will come in handy.

Whether you choose to seek an explanation or simply move on gracefully, remember to prioritize your well-being.

During this time, you need to surround yourself with supportive friends and activities that bring you joy. Lastly, how you respond to being ghosted reflects your strength and resilience in navigating today’s modern dating challenges.