My friend met this hot guy at the bar last week and the two of them have been texting each other for a while. He seems sweet and kind. She has been reciprocating his niceness. The exchanges are great and she wants to take the next step. She asked me “What are the signs a guy likes you over text, Sim? So I know I am setting myself up for embarrassment and a heartbreak?”

I enquired more. She told me they have gone from one hello a day to a full-fledged conversation in just within a week. However, she is confused and doesn’t know whether he genuinely likes her or if he is just passing his time by interacting.

That’s what made me work on this exhaustive list of all the signs a guy likes you through text. If you are in a similar situation like my friend, these handy pointers will help you gauge the situation better.

Moreover, these signs will also save you from any potential heartbreak. Texting is a great way to get to know one another on a deeper level.

And the signs whether he likes you or not will also hint you to up your game if you notice he is losing interest in all the conversations. So, pay close attention to his texting habits and all will be clear soon. If you blink it, you’re gonna miss it. Stay alert and read along. 

What Are The Texting Habits Of A Guy Who Likes You?

There are many ways guys hint they like you through text and these ways may vary from person to person. This can depend on many factors including:

  • His personality 
  • Communication style 
  • How long you have known each other 
  • How you reciprocate

It may take longer than usual for a reserved or a shy guy to open up though. His personality may prevent him from texting you freely.

Furthermore, if a guy hates texting and his communication style is more free in person, it can also prevent you from finding out his real intentions.

Plus, if you have known him for a long time and the two of you share a good rapport, you may turn a blind eye to his flirtatious nature as friendliness. That’s why you need to be on your toes when you are drunk texting or when you are just having a conversation with a guy.

There are many common texting habits of a guy who likes you, such as:

  • Prompt responses: When he responds quickly and promptly, he is indicating that he is eager to continue the conversation 
  • Longer messages: When a guy likes you, his text conversations will be longer. He will send detailed text messages to express himself better and to keep the conversation engaging
  • Emojis and GIFs: He might use emojis, GIFs, or stickers to add emotions and playfulness to the entire text conversation. His motive is to get you to text him back
  • Consistency: He will text you regularly and consistently, showing that he wants to keep in touch with you
  • Teasing and playful banter: If he engages in playful teasing and light-hearted banter, it signifies a flirtatious dynamic and a level of comfort with each other

Apart from these, there are many other ways to find out if he is falling in love over text. Let’s decode them all in this article.

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21 Signs A Guy Likes You Over Text 

The stomach churning excitement of meeting someone new and building an emotional connection through text with them is always gratifying. Their facial expressions change when people are texting the person they like.

They have an involuntary smile on their face. A happy look to say the least.

Similarly, there are many ways to find out if a guy is interested in you or just being friendly through text. Read on:

1. He responds with enthusiasm

When a guy responds with enthusiasm, it typically means he is genuinely excited and interested in the conversation with you.

His responses are immediate, and when they are not, he apologizes for being late and shares the reason as well. “Sorry,I couldn’t text earlier, was in this boring meeting with our boss. Arrghh!”

He is indirectly letting you know that he enjoys talking to you and wants to keep the conversation going.

He is eager to connect. He may even have positive feelings toward you that could indicate a good friendship or possibly something more. This is one of the obvious texting habits of a guy who likes you that you can’t miss. 

2. He makes an effort to make you laugh

From sending you relatable cat memes to tagging you in hilarious videos, he will do everything he can to make you laugh virtually. This is one of his texting patterns to make you fall for him.

In fact, studies have found that using humor to make someone laugh is a common flirting technique, and it often signifies that he finds you attractive and wants to impress you.

Humor is an important aspect of romantic attraction. It means he genuinely likes you and is trying to create a sense of comfort around you. 

3. He initiates personal conversations

A generic text from a guy in response to a ‘Hi’ can be just about the weather or the games he is interested in. But a guy who has a crush on you will often initiate personal conversations.

He’ll text to know more about you as a person, rather than wasting the opportunity of talking with you by asking random things.

He will want to know your deepest insecurities, secrets, vulnerabilities, and traumas. He will ask follow up questions just to let you know that he is engaged and genuinely interested in getting to know all your good, bad and ugly sides.

That’s a great sign. It shows he is willing to talk about personal things and wants to establish a stronger bond. 

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4. He remembers important dates

The day the two of you first met, your birthday, your dog’s birthday, and even your parents’ anniversary. The man will remember all the important dates. That’s a sure sign he likes you and wants to take things forward.

If you have had an important meeting on a specific day, he will make sure he wishes you good luck and will want to know about how it went once you are back home. That’s how guys text when they like you. They go all in! 

5. He takes your name when he texts

“That’s so funny, Anna”.

It gave you goosebumps, didn’t it? Yes. That’s how swoonworthy it is when a guy includes your name in a text. Your text messages are constantly flowing and he takes your name often.

So, if he is using your name when he texts, he wants you to feel different. That’s his intention. He wants you to start having feelings for him as well. 

6. He lets you know when he is busy 

Despite having busy work schedules, he will ensure he takes his time out to drop you an “I am busy” message. Imagine getting all worked up because someone is not responding to your texts just to know later that something important had come up?

Now that’s the single guy who is guaranteed to give you relationship satisfaction, by letting you know upfront that he will be busy. It shows he will never take you for granted.

He wants you to have a good impression of him and that’s why he’ll send a text to let you know that he is busy and will text you back once he is free. That’s a keeper right there, ladies! 

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7. He sends you good morning/good night texts

You wake up with his sweet, “Good morning. Have a great day” double texts. His message is the last thing you see before falling asleep. He isn’t shy to be the first one to message you, infact, this is the first phase of love.

These first texts from him scream out loud he likes you more than just a texting friend.

The love hormones are making him go bonkers. You are on his mind as soon as he wakes up. You are his last thought before he slips into deep slumber. How utterly romantic! When a guy thinks about you before bed and after he wakes up, it is a sure sign he wants a relationship through text.

8. He texts you throughout the day

  • Have you reached your office? I just reached mine
  • Did you have your lunch? I am having a club sandwich 
  • What time are you getting back? I think my boss is going to make me work over time today
  • What’s your favorite movie? I love Fight Club and The Great Gatsby
  • You know what? We should do a Harry Potter marathon one weekend 

His messages won’t stop. Infact, he may even double text you, because he wants to get a response. When a guy texts you like this, it’s safe that not only does he enjoy talking to you but he also wants to spend quality time with you by getting to know you and your daily schedule. 

9. He responds to your stories and posts on social media

You upload your picture, your pet’s picture, or just a quote lifted from the internet and he will react to them. He will like all your posts and he will comment on them.

He won’t lose interest and won’t just give you one-word dry responses. He will make the effort of choosing beautiful words for you and not just a hurried GIF! That’s enough of a sign he sees you as someone special through text.

He will say anything that comes out in the conversational flow. And everything will feel effortless, natural. When something like this happens, you can confirm that this guy likes you and wants to date you in real life. 

10. You talk on two apps at once

You are texting him on WhatsApp. He responds to your posts on Instagram and before you even know, you are talking to him in two apps at once.

That’s an obvious sign he likes you through text and wants to keep you engaged. He is also aiming to create a positive and fun atmosphere during your interactions by double texting you. 

11. He drunk texts you

He might be feeling lonely after having a few drinks. And who does he remember when he is feeling all alone? You.

So, he is drunk texting you. And if you don’t know how to get a guy to admit he likes you over text, ask him directly when he is drunk. He won’t lie to you.

We say this with confidence because according to research, alcohol is a truth serum. However, it’s an entirely different situation if we are talking about alcohol addicts. 

12. He texts you randomly during the day 

“I was reading a book. The main lead reminded me of you”.

“I passed by your favorite restaurant. I couldn’t stop thinking about you”.

When a guy likes you, he will prove it to you by sending such texts. So this is an indirect way to tell you you are on his mind, without actually saying he likes you. This is one of the signs a guy likes you but is trying not to show it over text and so uses discreet ways to confess his feelings.

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13. He wishes the two of you were together 

One of the clear signs a guy likes you through text is when he clearly expresses his desire to spending quality time with you face to face.

He will say things like, “I wish the two of us could meet soon” or “I was wondering how amazing it will be to catch the new Barbie movie with you since you love Ryan Gosling”. According to relationship experts, such desires indicate a man’s interest in a woman. 

14. He compliments you in his texts 

Not just the “You look so hot” type of compliments. But the compliments that tug at your heart strings. For example:

  • You are so smart
  • I love the way you dress
  • You make such thoughtful choices in life
  • You are such a strong person
  • I am so happy our paths crossed
  • I am lucky to have you in my life

He will say these things in a constant flow and will try to see how you react. If you like him back and you are on the same page as him, then reciprocate his compliments and make him feel good about himself. 

15. He asks you about your day 

When a guy asks you about your day, it’s a positive sign that he hasn’t lost interest yet. He is probably  ignoring other girls texts to know about your day. To know what you did and if something bad happened to you.

He is starting to care about you. He won’t play games with you and he certainly won’t keep you hanging. And if a guy keeps texting you even though you ignore him, it’s clear he is attracted to you and wants to win you over by asking about your everyday life. 

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16. He has developed your texting habits

Ever heard of linguistic mirroring? It’s the way you start mirroring someone you like. Their speech, facial expressions, and body language while speaking will reveal whether they like you or not.

Even studies back this theory of mimicking to establish a rapport between two people. Furthermore, the study has found that people match each other’s language styles more during happier periods of their relationship. So, it’s clear he is happy with you. 

17. He gives you a nickname or two

Muffin, sunshine, cuddly bun, mouse, buttercup, and bear are a few terms of endearment.

When he uses any of these or something else, it’s one of the ways guys hint they like you through text. He will even use this nickname to address you in your group chats. Yeah. He won’t shy away from doing these things if he really likes you. 

18. He asks for your advice

He is going through work difficulties. And he has turned to you for help. It is quite evident he trusts you enough to share his worries, troubles, and woes with you. That’s a mature guy who isn’t afraid of taking help from others.

He is ready to be vulnerable with you, and that is a great sign that he sees you long-term. Not everyone is lucky to have an emotionally mature guy in their life. 

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19. He sends you selfies 

No-filter selfies, “I just woke up” selfies, and “see what I am having for lunch” selfies. Apart from these, he will send you pictures of random things. His coffee pictures, pet pictures, and pictures of him with his friends and family members.

Most guys only expect selfies from women. But when a guy genuinely likes you, he will send his photos as well without expecting anything in return. 

20. He flirts with you 

It will start subtle. He will send you heart emojis. Then kissing emoji. And finally, the flirting flood gate will open. He will even confess his love in secret codes and riddles.

From compliments to naughty texts, he’ll text you everything. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? It really is.

He’ll find ways to make you feel relaxed and comfortable as well.

However, if you feel uncomfortable with his flirting, be upfront about this and tell him you need more time to get to know him and that you don’t want to rush things. 

21. He says he likes you 

He will say it. Point black. As it is. I like you. Three words. Countless emotions. He wants to make you his romantic interest. His girlfriend. His lady-love. How lovely!

And note that this could happen when you are generally speaking to him. It could also happen when the two of you are deep in a conversational texting while sharing secrets and insecurities. Be prepared for it. It could happen during any time of the day.

But if he has stopped texting you, then that’s his toxic way of ending things. That’s a different story for another day. Meanwhile, you enjoy your free time talking to him and building a strong foundation for the future. 

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Key Takeaways

  • Guys can show their fondness toward you in text messages just as much as they can show in person
  • Their prompt responses and detailed messages are some habits of guys who like you 
  • Some of the signs that a guy likes you over text include sending random messages, selfies, asking for advice, and wishing for the two of you to be together in person 

Guys can be pretty straightforward in such cases. It’s the shy and reserved ones who take time to make the first move. Some guys like a good chase and will show you all the signs they like you but they won’t make the first move. They will wait for you to do it.

Therefore, if you receive all these signals from a guy you like, go ahead and confess it if you can’t wait any longer or if you are afraid of him losing interest in you. And as they always say, the first step toward the future you want is sending that “I like you” text message.