When a man is drawn toward a woman, he spends most of his nights falling in love with the idea of being with her. When you’re around, he will subtly show all the signs he is attracted to you through his etiquette and gestures. He may not be vocal about his feelings and that’s why we’re going to help you become Miss Marple and detect his secret endearment for you.

There are five major types of attraction: sexual, emotional, physical, aesthetic, and emotional. Out of these five, a study has found that aesthetic attraction (physical appearance) is the main factor that fascinates people toward another person. This guy’s attraction could also stem from the fact that you are one bewitching woman.

On the other hand, sometimes these attractions overlap. However, one thing will be clear by the end of this article. He is either attracted to you or he’s not. Let’s find out!

19 Surefire Signs He Is Attracted To You

Attraction is the feeling of being intensely drawn to someone without knowing why or how. It’s not love but it’s not something shallow either. It’s a desire to make that person your romantic interest. If you’re going out with a guy and you don’t know whether or not he is attracted to you, take a look at the below signs he finds you attractive.

1. He can’t take his eyes off you

One of the subconscious signs of male attraction can be seen in their eyes. The way he makes eye contact, the way he looks away when you catch him staring at you, and the way his eyes sparkle when you walk past him. It’s like his eyes are glued to you.

This consistent and prolonged eye contact is often a strong indicator of attraction. This lingering gaze shows his heightened level of interest or fascination and it’s a non-verbal cue that he finds you captivating. It’s one of the involuntary signs of attraction.

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2. He is chivalrous

Being chivalrous traces its roots to ancient times. It means having qualities and behaviors associated with medieval knights. In a modern context, it often refers to a man being courteous and honorable toward women.

Research shows that many women, even those who desire equality, want a man to be chivalrous.

Some of the chivalrous characteristics include:

  • Opening doors for you
  • Offering a seat or pulling the chair
  • Assisting you with putting on or taking off your coat is a chivalrous act
  • When walking together, he will position himself on the side closer to the road
  • Carrying things for you

3. He makes you feel comfortable

When a man makes you feel comfortable, it often indicates that he is attentive to your needs and respectful of your boundaries. This is one of the most powerful signs of male attraction.

This act of making you feel comfortable can manifest in various ways, such as:

  • Active listening
  • Maintaining an open and non-threatening body language
  • Creating an environment where you feel safe expressing yourself
  • Trying to establish an emotional connection

4. He loves to make you laugh

Shared laughter often strengthens bonds and creates a positive, enjoyable connection between individuals. It’s one of the signs of attraction between a man and a woman when laughter is endless. He won’t miss an opportunity to make you chuckle.

At the same time, he will be mindful of his jokes. This is a strong indication that he likes you and has feelings for you.

His sarcasm won’t be offensive and rude. He knows where to draw the line. His desire to bring joy and laughter into your interactions shows that he values your happiness and enjoys spending time in your company. He reciprocates your interest

5. He posts about you

This is one of the most evident signs of strong attraction from a man. Even though the two of you aren’t officially dating yet, he will still post pictures with you with cute captions while celebrating moments of joy and happiness. He is expressing his affection publicly. This proves he has a genuine interest in you. He is letting others know that he is proud and happy to be associated with you.

Nadia, a 26-year-old law student from Massachusetts, says, “I knew he liked me more than just friends when he started posting our pictures. It was so adorable. That’s how my friends found out about him. We had an unspoken mutual attraction at that time and as time went by we became official.”

involuntary signs of attraction
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6. He invites you to big events

If a guy consistently invites you to his significant events, it is a strong indicator that he values your presence and wants you to be a part of important aspects of his life. This gesture represents his desire to share meaningful and memorable experiences with you. He wants you to feel a sense of inclusion and importance in his personal world.

Whether it’s his parents’ 50th wedding anniversary or his sister’s wedding, he will always ask you to be his plus one. This is one of the positive signs a shy male coworker likes you. Other guys who aren’t seriously attracted to you won’t do this. Therefore, it’s clear how much this guy likes you.

7. He shows healthy jealousy

When someone is attracted to you, they will show healthy jealousy intentionally or unintentionally. This emotion involves a mild and reasonable response to situations that could potentially threaten a relationship. Therefore, he will be pretty protective if he seriously has feelings for you.

Similarly, this guy is just acknowledging his feelings without letting them spiral into possessiveness or control. For example, let’s say you still have dating apps installed on your phone. He won’t force you to uninstall them.

However, he will bring it up and say that it bothers him.

8. He compliments you

It’s one of the involuntary signs of attraction when a man uses compliments for a woman. Words of admiration escape his lips when he sees you. Most guys don’t go beyond looks. They will just compliment a woman’s appearance because they have a sexual interest in them.

On the contrary, a man who is emotionally attracted to you will give compliments on your kindness, hard work, strength, personality, and empathetic nature. This consistent affirmation is often rooted in his deep admiration for you and shows his undying love.

signs of strong attraction from a man

9. He tries to look good for you

When a man makes an effort to look good for you, it’s a strong sign that he values your opinion and wants to present himself in a positive and aesthetic light. What you think of him matters. He wants you to see the best version of him.

This behavior shows his desire to make a good impression in your eyes, and it’s one of the signs a man is attracted to you sexually.

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10. He stimulates vulnerability

Vulnerability is the state of being open, exposed, or susceptible to emotional or physical harm in front of a loved one. It’s like you are exposing your real self and a man who is attracted to you will create an environment where you feel safe to talk about your emotions. He will:

  • Encourage you to be open about your thoughts and emotions
  • He won’t hesitate to share his personal feelings, concerns, and insecurities
  • He won’t judge you
  • He won’t use your vulnerabilities against you

By fostering such vulnerability, he is trying to establish trust, emotional intimacy, and reliability in your love life. Many guys do this to earn a woman’s confidence. And this emotional attraction will soon develop into sexual attraction.

11. He respects your personal space

Your boundaries will be respected by a man who is truly attracted to you. He will let you have your personal space and won’t force you to spend all your time with him. He will understand and honor your need for physical and emotional boundaries.

This is a good sign that shows how much he values your autonomy. Plus, he will be mindful of creating a space where you feel respected, valued, and accepted. Some more signs that he respects your boundaries include:

Signs that a man respects your boundaries include:

  • He won’t pressure you into doing things you are  uncomfortable with
  • He will be considerate of your feelings and emotions
  • He will apologize when he unintentionally or intentionally crosses a boundary

12. He will engage in your interests

He will see if you have any similar interests. If yes, then he will make sure he tries to make Friday night plans surrounding them. But if your hobbies don’t match, he will at least try to partake in your interests and learn more about them.

It’s a way of building an irresistible connection based on shared experiences and common interests. It’s clear that he is totally invested in the relationship.

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13. There is no place for ego in your dynamics

Let’s say you are at a point where you’re unofficially dating, but there have been no relationship talks. You hang out often and there is no awkward silence. Even if the two of you fight, you amicably resolve your issues without insulting or patronizing each other.

Both you and him don’t have egoistic and toxic tendencies like stonewalling each other after a fight or waiting for the other person to text first.  He tries as much as he can to resolve conflicts by mutual respect.

14. He tries to hold your hand in public

This is one of the cutest signs he is attracted to you. He will hold your hand in public. He won’t cross the line and indulge in excessive PDA but he knows what’s allowed and what’s not since the two of you aren’t exclusively dating yet.

In addition to this physical contact, his preening body language and behavior in public will also be a clear indication of his love for you. He will pull the chair for you.

He will sit in close proximity with you and he will lean in your direction. These are some signs of body language a guy is attracted to you.

Furthermore, he will let you choose your meal instead of selfishly ordering for both of you. Lastly, he will insist on paying the bill. These are some of the signs a man is trying to win a woman’s heart.

15. He is always ready to meet you

He won’t just be initiating contact to spend the night with you. That’s one of the signs a guy is lusting after you. When a guy is attracted to you for your personality and is genuinely interested in you, he will make weekend plans to meet you.

In fact, he will be ready to meet you any time during the week. He’ll turn down his friends and will prioritize spending quality time with you. His readiness indicates that he values your company and is eager to be present in your life.

16. He is there for you when you’re down

During your lowest, he will lift you up. He will make tea for you and will encourage you to talk about your troubles as you sip on peppermint tea. That’s the kind of guy who genuinely likes you. It’s with him that you won’t mind sharing your personal details—about your childhood, insecurities, traumas, and weaknesses.

He will crack the best jokes to make you feel better. He will become your support system and will encourage you to pursue your dreams. If your guy is the same as this, it’s one of the subtle signs he is attracted to you.

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17. He flirts with you

His flirtatious behavior is one of the biggest signs he is attracted to you. His flirty nature will prove that he is sexually attracted to you. Listed below are some of the signs he is flirting with you:

  • He will be feeling nervous and self-conscious during the first couple of meetings with you
  • He will be making eye contact with you longer than usual
  • He will frequently smile and engage in playful behavior
  • He will use physical touch like touching your arms or your waist
  • He is attracted to you when a guy mirrors your movements
  • He will try drawing attention to his lips by biting or licking them
  • He will pay close attention to what you are wearing, how you sit, and how you walk
Signs of attraction between a man and woman
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18. He wants you to meet his friends and family

He will be feeling nervous to bring this up to you but the moment he asks you to meet his friends and family, it’s one of the signs you aren’t just his friend anymore.

Perhaps he sees a potential future with you and wants to integrate you into his broader social and familial circles. This is a sincere attempt at his desire for a more serious and lasting connection.

Joanna, a single mother from New York writes, “I was pretty devastated after my divorce. I thought I would never find love. I was wrong. The guy I am going out with has asked me to attend his brother’s graduation party this week. I couldn’t be more excited. I am already falling for him.”

19. He always makes the first move

From initiating conversations to planning hangouts, he will always be the one to make the first move. Furthermore, he will even try to kiss you with your consent obviously. When this happens, it’s one of the signs the two of you are coming physically closer to each other. Basically, he is putting in all the effort he can to make you see how much you mean to him.

Key Takeaways

  • When a man is attracted to a woman, he will show it in his actions
  • Some of the signs he is attracted to you include paying attention, remembering tiny details about you, and flirting with you
  • He will maintain an open body language and he will make sure he introduces you to his friends and family

When you are attracted to someone, you want to spend every second of your life getting to know that person. Perhaps that’s what he wants too. So, if you’ve gotten enough hints from him, then it’s a huge deal.

Confront him about this and tell him about your feelings. Men love it when women make the first move once in a while. Make him happy and ask him out if you are also equally attracted to him. Take the leap and experience a fairy tale romance.