All relationships go through hell. Only those who fight through it as a team reach heaven. We have all experienced resentment, anger, and sometimes even fuming hatred toward our partners. It’s nothing to worry about. However, it’s worrisome when you see all the signs the relationship is over for her. It can be difficult to reignite the spark that has died. But it’s not impossible. 

With times changing rapidly in the modern era, relationships have become more complex than ever. Conversations have become lengthy texts that one of the parties doesn’t fully read and comprehend. Arguments end when one of them blocks the other. Physical connection has become hooking up. Those three magical words are casually thrown around. In such times, you can never predict when your relationship is falling apart and when your girlfriend has moved on to a different page. 

15 Tell-tale Signs The Relationship Is Over For Her

A dying relationship will always ask for help. It’s on you to spot these warning signs early on in the relationship so you aren’t blindsided and have to go through an ugly breakup. Listed below are some signs your relationship is coming to an end. 

1. She seems distant 

In a healthy relationship, you will feel emotionally, physically, and intellectually connected with your girlfriend. However, when your relationship is coming to an end, she will be distant and detached from you. Her attention is always elsewhere. You are talking to her about something very important, and you feel like she is barely listening. This is one of the signs she will soon break up with you.

Perhaps she is bored of this committed relationship and wants to date other people. Or maybe you just need to put in a little more effort and rekindle the romance. Love may still be there. But it is hidden under layers of stagnancy. Have an honest conversation with her and ask what she would like you to do and how you can keep her happy. 

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2. She keeps nagging

There is a famous saying that behind every nagging woman, there is a man who is not doing what he is supposed to do. So, nagging is a telltale sign of her unhappiness. However, constant nagging is never a good thing. Research has found that having a nagging partner can significantly shorten your life. 

Here are some of the nagging sentences every wife/girlfriend uses when she is miserable in the relationship:

  • “You always throw wet towel on the bed”
  • “This is what I expected from you”
  • “Why are you so stupid?”
  • “You can’t be trusted with any duty or chore”
  • “Can you carry out this task without any problems for once?”

The first sign your relationship is over could be these words. So, never ignore them. Get professional help and ask your partner if the two of you can join couples therapy. 

3. She turns every disagreement into a conflict 

It starts as a disagreement, turns into a conflict, and then a full-fledged fight that last for more than two weeks. And what happens after the fight? She doesn’t ask for forgiveness.

Instead, she gives you the silent treatment irrespective of who started the fight. Her aggressive or confrontational behavior will be unbearable. This isn’t a healthy way of fighting. This behavior erodes trust and soon you will hesitate sharing your feelings with each other.

Now, here is something you can do to save this failing relationship. According to a study on conflict management, there is a sentence you can say to stop the constant disagreements and fights — “I’d actually like to focus on all things we agree on.”

Of course, you can tweak this sentence as you like but once the two of you start focusing on what you agree on, she will realize that you, as a partner or a husband aren’t always wrong and that you can agree with her on many things. 

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4. She ignores your relationship problems 

There are evident relationship problems in your relationship. You want to sort them out but your girlfriend would rather sweep it under the rug. Being on the same page together is one huge component of a happy romantic relationship.

she dismisses all problems

The two of you wanting two different things is never a good sign. You want to talk things over but she doesn’t. You want to put all the problems behind you but she is happy to let them be as they are. The fact that she is ready to let the problems breed should bother you. This is one of the warning signs a relationship is over. 

5. She is indifferent toward your feelings

When she is indifferent toward you, it means she doesn’t have strong feelings or interest in you one way or the other. It could be a sign that she is not particularly engaged or invested in your relationship or interactions. Here are some concrete signs she is indifferent toward you and your feelings:

  • She doesn’t initiate conversations or activities with you and will only respond when you reach out to her
  • Her responses and interactions are devoid of enthusiasm, energy, or excitement, making it seem like she is just going through the motions like a robot 
  • When she does communicate, her tone will come across as neutral or even disinterested. It will lack the warmth and affection that are typical in more emotionally invested relationships

6. She has stopped being emotionally intimate with you 

When there is a clear lack of emotional connection between the two of you or if she kills communication when the topic is deep, it’s one of the subtle signs your relationship is over. It’s crucial for partners to connect on an emotional level by sharing their vulnerabilities, weaknesses, insecurities, traumas, fears, goals, childhood experiences, and everything else. 

Even studies have proved that emotional intimacy is strongly connected with relationship satisfaction. The more you connect with your partner on an emotional level, the more happy and content you will feel in your romantic relationship. 

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7. There is no physical intimacy

Sex is an important and fulfilling part of a relationship. It is required to turn a temporary feeling into a permanent one. When you are physically intimate with your partner, it serves as a means of connection during times of conflict or disagreement.

Furthermore, it can boost self-esteem and body confidence, as they can make individuals feel desired and attractive. Touching releases hormones, namely oxytocin and serotonin. They get activated in the human body which is responsible for making a person fall in love. 

It doesn’t just have to be about your sex life. It can be any form of physical intimacy like hand-holding, cuddling, kissing, and hugging. These things are very important in having long-lasting relationships. However, when your girlfriend refuses to even touch you, it’s a bad sign. There is no common ground and you are headed in different directions. 

She is no more emotionally intimate with you
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8. There is awkwardness when you are with her

There was a time when you two were comfortable with each other’s silences. You had healthy boundaries and sorted out issues with clear communication. But now, times have changed. You feel a certain awkwardness when you are with her.

This particular awkwardness has suddenly taken birth because of a lack of familiarity. You feel like you don’t know her anymore. You don’t know how to behave or what topics to discuss with her. 

According to relationship experts and licensed clinical psychologists, here’s what you can do the next time you feel awkward with your girl: Take a deep breath and initiate a conversation that you are certain she will be a part of. For example, if she likes watching movies, talk about a recent movie you saw and what you liked about it. This way, not only are you filling silences but you are also making her talk to you. 

9. You feel alone even when she is present 

In healthy relationships, you never feel alone even when your partner is miles apart. Conversely, feeling alone even when you are in each other’s company is a sign your relationship is not progressing.

She isn’t communicating with you, sharing her feelings with you, or even letting you know that she loves you. There is no usual fun banter like before and you don’t know what you did to deserve this cold behavior from her. 

Here’s what you can do when you feel alone in a relationship:

  • Have an honest conversation with her
  • Ask her is she is feeling the relationship is going too fast for her
  • Share your feelings and concerns, as well as listen to her perspective
  • If she points out your flaws, accept it 
  • Try to show her that you can become better 

10. You feel unloved, unheard, and unseen in the relationship 

It’s essential for both partners to feel loved, acknowledged, accepted, and valued in a relationship. As a boyfriend, you may be trying very hard to be a supportive man in your relationship.

However, even after everything you do for your woman, it is still not enough. Your girlfriend has started to make you feel invisible. You feel miserable about this, it is natural. You know each other’s feelings well but you aren’t able to empathize with one another. Perhaps you are able to see from her point of view but she can’t.

You are doing everything you can to understand her. But she isn’t even thinking about you in the first place. If she did, you would feel her love. You aren’t feeling loved because you aren’t on her mind and that is one of the biggest signs your relationship is beyond saving. Both of you need to seek professional help if you want to come out of this mess. 

11. She isn’t ready to compromise 

Compromise is a fundamental aspect of healthy and successful relationships. It ensures that both partners have their needs, desires, and preferences considered. It creates a sense of balance in the relationship, preventing one person from dominating or constantly getting their way.

If your better-half refuses to compromise and acts like an entitled person, it’s one of the clear signs she doesn’t care about you. It is a sacrifice when only one person in the relationship is compromising.

Could it be possible that you are forcing yourself to love her? Think about it because she is using her dominance to gain control of the relationship. She doesn’t want long-term stability because she doesn’t have any future plans with you.

Relationships have to be balanced. Otherwise, you will end up becoming a puppet to her whims and demands. It’s high time you speak up for yourself and treat yourself with the self-respect you deserve. 

She does not want to compromise because she does not want to save the relationship
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12. She doesn’t appreciate your efforts

You buy flowers for her. Meh. No reaction. You took a day off from work to spend quality time with her. She doesn’t seem interested or happy. You buy a thoughtful gift for her without any occasion. Just a token of love. She doesn’t appreciate that either. You do all the household chores just so she can relax. It’s nothing great for her.

Whatever you do, will never be up to the mark if she has made up her mind to leave the relationship. There is no meaningful connection anymore and nothing m can make her happy. Your shared future plans are crumbling in front of your eyes. 

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13. She criticizes you in every possible way

When a long-term relationship is over, it’s usually because of criticisms as they can be detrimental and harmful. It can lead to a variety of negative consequences for both individuals and the relationship as a whole. When you constantly receive criticism, it can severely impact your self-esteem and self-worth. Over time, it can even make you feel inadequate and unloved. This isn’t physical abuse but it’s emotional abuse that can damage a person.  

According to research, constant criticisms can result in heightened stress, anxiety, depression, and even bipolar disorder in some people. If you find yourself in a relationship characterized by constant criticism, it’s crucial to address the issue. But if she doesn’t want to talk about this, then it’s one of the early red flags that the relationship can’t be saved. Ask yourself if such a relationship is even worth saving? 

14. You don’t spend quality time with each other 

Spending time is one of the four love languages that helps in nurturing the bond between couples. But if your significant other refuses to spend time with you, it’s one of the key signs that she is bored of you. You are the only one person who is doing everything to save this relationship. You are just not her priority anymore and you are feeling relationship frustrations because your partner isn’t trying to understand you. Your relationship will not last if you don’t spend quality time together. It’s as simple as that. 

Now, let’s say she agrees to spend quality time with you. You are having engaging conversations with her but she has suddenly stopped talking because she doesn’t agree with you. Now, the whole quality time is ruined.

You are still talking but you aren’t the main focus of attention anymore. Her attention is dwindling between you, the TV screen, and her mobile phone. She will be physically present but mentally absent. This is one of the signs you and your partner don’t share a deep connection anymore. 

15. She breaks your trust 

This one is the most obvious sign that she isn’t the right person for you. She did something to break your trust. It could be emotional or physical intimacy. It could be Snapchat cheating. It could be anything trivial or significant.

But whatever it is, one partner did the worst possible thing to the other. Life is extremely tempting but she can’t get away with breaking your trust. It’s a conscious choice and that is unacceptable. 

This clearly shows that she is no longer interested in pursuing a relationship with you. Rebuilding trust is a long process. It will take forever for her to gain your trust back. She knows this and yet she chose to do it. This isn’t just off putting but it’s also a dealbreaker for many. If you are unable to get over it or if you are going through emotional or physical abuse, you can seek professional help. 

Key Takeaways 

  • When a relationship is over for a woman, she will avoid having honest conversations with her man
  • She won’t compromise or put any effort into keeping you happy. This is one of the signs that your relationship won’t work in the long run
  • A woman who doesn’t want to pursue a relationship anymore will constantly criticize her partner and will make you feel like you don’t deserve her 

Women can be confusing sometimes. She could still love you but be unhappy in a real relationship. She could still care about you and want the relationship to end. If you are confused and don’t know how to go about this situation, it’s best to have an open conversation about it where she can pour her heart out. You can do the same. After all, a great relationship doesn’t happen because of the love you had in the beginning, but how well you continue building love until the end.