Is someone thinking about you? Out of the blue do you ever feel like someone is talking about you or wanting to contact you? Like someone is trying to reach you out telepathically? I have often been there, and most of the times my intuition has been correct.

How do you sense if someone is thinking of you? You get that fuzzy and warm feeling when you think of someone; it is as if you can feel their energy. This is because you share a telepathic connection with that person.

Research does not defy the existence of telepathy, the connection of one mind to another mind, but it does warrant more research on the topic. However, many of us have found ourselves in a spot where we can feel someone constantly thinking of us, in either good or bad ways. We can sense we are in someone’s thoughts.

How Do You Know If You Have A Telepathic Connection?

Before we move on to decipher the spiritual signs someone is thinking of you, let’s understand what a telepathic or psychic connection is.

A study on telepathic abilities defines Telepathy as “the communication of impressions of any kind from one mind to another, independently of the recognized channels of sense.”

Telepathy is when two people transmit thoughts or feelings without actively interacting with each other.

So while we may find it easier to pick emotions and intentions of others in our close quarters, the telepathic abilities will manifest the same in longer distances as well.

But how do you know if someone is on your mind are they thinking about you? Here are a few pointers: 

  • Your intuition tells you so: Those psychic abilities tell you of what is to come. Or, knowing intuitively what someone is going to say or do before it actually happens. How often have you had this gut feeling? This seemingly uncanny intuition is a strong sign sent out by your subconscious mind, and that too for no apparent reason whatsoever
  • You share intense and vivid dreams: If you and someone close to you have shared dreams or seen similar landscapes in your dreams, then it is one of the psychic signs hinting at a deep connection. When you are connected by destiny, telepathic messages like this are often relayed in dreams
  • You feel deeply connected to them: When you share a telepathic connection, you feel synchronized with your soulmate, even though you are geographically distant from them. Your spiritual connection brings you closer as you feel them around and can experience their positive vibes surrounding you

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15 Strong Telepathic Signs That Someone Is Thinking of You

Have you ever been caught off guard by a sudden surge of strong emotions that seem to stem out of nowhere? Did it ever happen accidentally that you get a call or text from someone you were thinking of just a few minutes ago? Or, you experience an unexplained physical touch or tingling sensation when there is really no one around?

Well, spooky it might sound, but it is in reality one of the telepathic signs someone is thinking of you. Let’s take a look at other signs someone is thinking of you through the hidden crevices of telepathy. Get ready to be astounded!

1. Sudden mood swings

You are going about your day when there are sudden bouts of an unexplainable, overwhelming feeling. You suddenly start to feel low and dejected where you had been dancing with joy a few minutes.

Such situations are often snubbed as mood swings. Mood swings are common and are often brushed aside as a trivial play of hormones, but it could really be a sign someone is thinking about you. 

Your subconscious mind whispers to you that someone is thinking or talking about you. The person’s energy meddles with yours, and, poof! your feelings and emotions undergo a sudden change.

It could be negative energy or positive; it is uncertain. However, what is certain is that your intense feelings are the result of someone close to you thinking about you. 

2. Strange, uncontrollable eye movements

We’ve all had our eyes go insane at some point in time or another. But what we have never realized is that those random eye twitches and movements happen for a reason. That sudden itch in your left eye is nothing but a message from the universe saying that you are missed and loved.

Your soulmate is rapt in your thoughts, and it is your mind picking up telepathic signs he misses you. 

However, we do not deny the possibility that the person thinking of you has been badmouthing you. It could be their negative thoughts disturbing your sense of calm and peace, creating ripples in your mind.

Yet, do ascertain other potent causes of your eye itching, like allergies, stress, insect bites ,or a serious eye condition.

3. Physical sensations when someone is thinking of you

Your body could be sending out signals denoting psychic manifestations of a person’s thoughts. Random hiccups, itchy nose, twitching eyes, sudden burning sensations–these are nothing but telepathic signs you are in someone’s thoughts. Your body reacts as a natural response to someone else’s thoughts on you. 

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Have you ever choked on something while eating? Or water accidentally going down the wrong pipe, leaving you coughing and gasping for breath? Or biting your own cheek while relishing your meals?

These are more than just mere coincidences. Your mind is creating tension to draw your attention toward people who could be thinking or talking about you, spewing negative thoughts. 

law of attraction signs someone is thinking about you
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4. Subconsciously smiling or blushing

It is one of the most positive signs that your soulmate is not only thinking of you but is also sending lots of love your way. If you ever catch yourself smiling or blushing for apparently no reason, then you know your partner wants to communicate their love for you without using their words.

This might make you feel loved and cared for, encouraging you to reciprocate the feelings, all telepathically. 

You can sit in a quiet place, reflecting on the emotional bond you share and expressing your romantic feelings for them. You will be amazed at how easily you can send and receive these heartfelt messages.

5. You can sense someone else’s emotional state

Bursting into laughter or shedding tears, all for no reason, could be a result of picking up on the emotional state of the person thinking of you. You are distressed when they go through a tough patch.

Their feelings and emotions rub on you and your mental state, no matter how distant you two are. Girl, if you feel them even when you aren’t close to them, know that you have a strong and unbreakable telepathic connection with them. 

It always feels good to know that you are being thought of or missed. Because the telepathy between you two is so strong, you feel for them and experience the state they are in. You become more sympathetic, stepping into their shoes, and feeling all the feels with them. 

6. Sudden bouts of sneezing

In some cultures, it is said that your nose starts getting itchy or you start sneezing in succession when you are being missed or thought of fondly.

It suggests that someone is fondly thinking of you, reliving the time you’ve spent together. It could also manifest itself in frequent coughs or the repeated urge to clear your throat. So if you are drinking water again and again, it could be because someone out their is really trying to touch base with you.

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However, cut some slack if the sneezes or coughs are caused by dust or pollen allergies that need medical attention. If there is no such triggering factor, then we can vouch you are in someone’s thoughts. 

7. You see a white feather floating around

Feathers are considered to be emotive symbols, particularly the white ones. If you come across a white feather drifting around carelessly, chances are that your special someone is thinking of you.

In some countries, white feathers are also taken to mean guiding angels or people who have gone too far away from you.

Warm feeling when you think of someone
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They are watching over you, assisting you in every possible way, and ensuring your happiness.

So the next time you see a white feather afloat, know that the universe is trying to tell you that ‘You are being taken care of’. You are in the thoughts of your guiding angels, who are relentlessly working toward your happiness. 

8. You get goosebumps

Well, we all get goosebumps and sudden chills because of the dip in the temperature. It can also be an outcome of witnessing some exciting events, hair-raising memories, or even adventure sports.

But, goosebumps occurring on the body for none of these reasons mean that somewhere, someone is manifesting you

This physical sensation has an emotional connection. But if there is none when you are experiencing goosebumps, then chances are that you are being remembered. When someone thinks of you, their positive energy gets transferred to you, and hence, you get goosebumps.

Maybe they like you or are attracted to you. While it is excruciatingly difficult to connect with someone through goosebumps, the person recalling you might have a psychic source that enables them to link and foster a connection. What a hair-raising fact this is, ain’t it?!

9. A butterfly settles on you  

It is believed that butterflies can connect with the spiritual world. They are energy bearers who readily respond to positivity. A butterfly hovering around and settling on you is more than a mere coincidence. It is one of the telepathic signs someone is thinking of you. The strong telepathic connection results in the butterfly perching on you. 

These nectar-feeding insects are spiritual beings that carry messages about change.

So when a butterfly lands on you, it is actually transmitting energies sent across your path by your special someone. It can be love and blessings sent by someone who has passed away recently or by spiritual beings like a guardian angel. 

10. A sudden burst of hiccups

Imagine you are on a coffee date with your BFF, and suddenly you start getting hiccups. So much so that you can’t even talk, and all that comes out of your mouth is the funny ‘hic!’.

Well, the scenario might sound embarrassing, but there is a certain meaning hidden behind your seemingly unexplained hiccups. And no, you can finish gallons of drinking water but these hiccups will persist.

Out of the blue hiccups are indicative of someone badmouthing you or speaking ill about you. 

What’s more fascinating is that you can really find out who the person is. Just be observant of your surroundings and keep an eye out every time you get hiccups. If you see a person whose presence is common on all occasions, know that they’re the ones behind it!

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But, before you distance yourself from them, make sure your hiccups are not due to excessive eating or drinking, eating too quickly, or any health conditions. 

Dream contact with someone
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11. You have a dream contact with a person 

Dreams are not always figments of active imagination. They often carry hidden messages and meanings. Dreams are more susceptible to telepathic connections. All kinds of energies are free to contact and affect you since you are in a deep slumber and completely at rest.

If you repeatedly see a specific person appear in your dreams, it is one of the signs someone is thinking about you at night. 

They might be missing you and fondly remembering you. Their active thoughts trigger a psychic connection, which helps them connect with your subconscious mind.

Keep a tab on your dreams; you can note them down in a journal right after you wake up in the morning. You will soon be able to decode patterns and interpret your life situations.

12. You feel a burning sensation

You know someone is thinking of you romantically if you feel a sudden burning sensation on your cheeks or ears. The inflammatory burning sensation could be accompanied by an instantaneous flush of red.

The tingling sensation is not because of the weather or any medical condition; it is one of the telepathic signs someone is thinking of you.

If you experience an unexpected rush of blood on your cheeks—a rush that makes you feel warm—then someone is ill-talking about you. So it is believed!

The same feeling on the ears, on the other hand, means your soulmate is thinking of you passionately and longing for you.

Try to focus on the energy and vibe you get upon experiencing this flush. This might help you understand whether the energies carry positivity or negativity. 

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13. You get hyperactive

Have you ever felt bubbling with energy out of the blue? An unexplained surge of uplifting excitement? Have you ever been so active and upbeat that your thoughts felt scattered and all over the place?

All these seemingly random experiences are explainable! Yes, the psychic world holds answers to these.

These are nothing but signs that indicate someone is thinking of you intently. Your subconscious mind has picked up their energy, because of which it gets restless and energized.

If someone is talking about you, their energy gets transmitted to you. The positivity their thoughts exude gets rubbed onto you, uplifting your mood and spirits.

It is a strong telepathic sign that someone out there is thinking about you and sending you good vibes and best wishes.

14. Synchronized behavior or occurrences 

Imagine you are out shopping for groceries when a chocolate on the shelf reminds you of a person. They instantly occupy your mind, haunting it with memories of all the time you’ve spent together. You check out of the store and boom! You meet them right at the exit! 

If you have been having such ‘Hey, I was just thinking about you today!’ moments more often, then it is because of your heightened sense of psychic abilities.

It is more than a mere accidental meeting and also a strong telling sign that you share a strong bond with them.

Getting a call or text from someone when you have been thinking of them is another strong intuitive hint. You have just manifested someone to text you!

Bonus: Notice how you two even finish each other’s sentences, effortlessly. Yes, you are connected by the cosmos and this does not need a proof.

15. Endless thoughts about them make you feel their presence

Thoughts of a person enter your mind and refuse to budge. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, this person is on your mind 24*7.

You might be at your work desk with your nose buried in a pile of files, or you could be strolling in the park listening to music or carelessly lazing at home watching a movie, but they are still on your mind.

This could be because the same is happening with them—you have been on their mind, and the feelings and energies get reciprocated. That’s how true love binds two people, together, despite the physical distances.

Sometimes, you can also feel like you can see or hear them. You are so engrossed in thinking of them that you actually start feeling their presence around you.

Infographic On Telepathic Signs Someone Is Thinking Of You

Infographic on-telepathic signs someone is thinking of you
Infographic on-Telepathic signs someone is thinking of you

Key Takeaways

  • When you are tuned into your emotions, you can sense the signs of a telepathic connection with someone
  • Many psychic signs like the ones listed above can be felt when someone is thinking about you
  • Telepathic ability hasn’t been scientifically proven, but experts believe it is linked to a strong sense of intuition
  • If you find yourself distressed with thoughts of someone, it is wise to seek help from a therapist

Many such telepathic signs are happening to us every other day. All we have to do is open our senses to receive these psychic signals. These signs are right there in front of you, hidden in plain sight.

Just open yourself to the possibilities of energies and vibes, and you will get a heightened sense of psychic abilities that will help you connect with the person thinking of you. Until then, keep watching this space to learn more about soulmates and connections!