My grandmother used to say that whenever your nose itches, it’s because someone special is missing you. Similarly, there are quite a few telepathic signs he misses you if you are in a romantic relationship but he is far away.

Sometimes you may experience some unexplainable things that happen and you don’t understand why. That’s because you are feeling someone’s thoughts reach you.

Whether it is an ex, a crush or someone you really want to be with, it is possible to feel some signs you are on their mind. And we are here to help you out with the same. In this article, we’ll talk about all the psychic signs someone misses you. Read along and find out. 

Is Telepathy Real? 

Telepathy is when you can communicate with someone else who is far away without using the regular modes of communication like phone calls, verbal communication, or text messages.

It is also known as mind-to-mind communication owing to the fact that it transfers sensations, feelings, and thoughts from one brain to another.

According to research, the act of transferring thoughts from one brain to another is possible now.

In fact, the same research tells us that 58% of Americans have said that they have felt telepathic experience at least once in their life.

Telepathy isn’t like talking to someone over the call and gossiping about your coworkers. It’s when you send someone a subtle message that you are thinking about them through the help of the universe. The universe is mysterious, sure!

Is It Possible To Sense When Someone Is Thinking About You? 

The universe sends us signs everyday. In our sleep, in our everyday conversations, in the sky, and in the daily happenings of our life.

Even though there is very little scientific basis to this, you can still sense when someone thinks about you everyday. 

You can feel their thoughts and emotions surround you in the most gratifying way. It’s as if they are with you and they are protecting you from bad things.

Whether it’s your crush, an ex-partner, or your current flame, yes, it is possible to sense if someone misses you secretly.

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19 Telepathic Signs He Misses You

It’s one thing to say openly that you are being missed. But men are not great with saying things and usually find it hard to confess. As such, knowing the cosmic signs he is feeling the void without you would come to your rescue.

It’s a special feeling when someone misses you without any words but uses only emotions. It tells you how special you are in this person’s life. Let’s take a look at all the telepathic signs someone is thinking of you even when you are miles apart. 

1. You dream about them often

Why do we dream? Scientists say that we dream to:

  • Process emotions
  • The brain is trying to store memories
  • It is expressing subconscious wishes and desires

But one of the psychic signs someone misses you is when you dream about them often. Even if you haven’t spoken to this person in years, they will randomly appear in your dream one night.

This means that they are thinking about you and there’s still some unresolved feelings between the two of you. 

2. Your appetite changes 

If someone misses you, your appetite will change because you are experiencing the absence of this person. This person has parted ways with you and you are left with a feeling of loss. 

On the contrary, there are chances you may start eating a lot more than usual if someone really misses you. You may stuff your feelings with food. This is called emotional eating.

Such changes in the appetite is a reaction to someone missing you or thinking about you. 

You feel you are missed

3. You see angel numbers 

Can someone miss you even if they are not in contact with you? Of course. You can miss someone even if they aren’t alive anymore.

But one of the obvious signs of telepathic communication between two people is when you see angel numbers again and again. For example, when you see angel number 222 often, your soulmate is trying to reach out to you. 

Some other angel numbers related to love and longing include:

  • 111 – Someone new is looking out for you 
  • 000 – Someone is sending you an “I love you” message
  • 1111 – A loved one is trying to guide you to good things in life

Don’t ever think that angel numbers are just random numbers that keep showing up in your life. They have meaning.

They are a message to you and you need to decode them if you want to find out all the signs of telepathic communication from the universe. 

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4. Your eye twitches 

Many TikTok videos went viral recently because of this very reason. If someone is on your mind and you are on theirs, your left eye will start twitching. It will be involuntary twitching and you won’t know what’s happening to your eye. 

“My eye twitching started about three months ago after a year into my journey. I started noticing when I think of my twin, my left eye twitches. When I think about anything intuitive I feel the twitch is confirming what breakthroughs I have on this journey”, writes a Quora user who has been involved in a twin flame journey for many years. 

5. You suddenly get goosebumps

One of the telepathic signs he misses you is when you experience a sudden chill or goosebumps on your body. Someone is surely missing you and you have to figure out who it is. 

The thing is, when you ignore the universe’s signs, it will keep getting more transparent day by day.

The more signs you witness, the clearer it will become that you are on someone’s mind. Perhaps this person is dreaming about being with you and imagining a future with you. 

6. You think of them and they text/call you

You can’t deny this as this happened with every single one of us. We think of someone and: 

  • They text you or call you that very moment
  • They will send you a meme
  • A mutual friend will bring this person up in a random conversation 

That’s when we use the phrase, “you’re going to live for a million years. I was just thinking about you”.

It’s as if there is a telepathic communication between two people that takes place in that moment. It’s more than just a coincidence. 

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7. You always feel restless

If someone misses you secretly, you will feel restless even when you have nothing to worry about. Your personal and work life are going well yet you find yourself becoming uneasy at times. This is because someone is missing you and you don’t know who it is yet. 

8. You keep bumping into them

Once can be a coincidence but meeting a specific person on various occasions is the universe signaling you that there’s something more to this dynamic. This is also known as the law of attraction.

If you want something badly and wish for it with the purest of hearts, you will attract it sooner or later.

So, if someone is hoping to catch a glimpse of you with all their heart, they will use the law of attraction to manifest a meeting with you. 

9. You get hiccups often 

Hiccups and love have long been associated with each other. Many things trigger involuntary responses in our body. Hiccups are one of them.

When you get hiccups, you’ve often heard people around you say that someone special is talking about you or missing you.

It is not just an old wives’ tale. In fact, in many cultures, it is believed that hiccups are a sign of true love.

A particular folklore tells us that you can go through a list of people in your head who could possibly be missing you. If you get it right, the hiccups will stop. 

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10. You see a pink feather 

One of the telepathic signs someone is thinking of you is when you see a pink feather as it is considered as a symbol of:

  • Unconditional love
  • Peace and healing 
  • A good rapport and harmony 
  • Good luck 
  • Divine support
Seeing a pink feather is a sign he misses you
Image by freepik

Therefore, when you stumble upon pink feathers, it’s because someone is sending you love, peace, and support through telepathy.

Also, in some cultures, white feather is also considered special as it symbolizes love and divine protection. So, if you find white feathers, someone is trying to protect you from far away. 

11. You reminisce happy memories 

When someone misses you without contact, you will start thinking about all the good times you shared with this particular person. Recalling good times will also:

  • Reduce your anxiety 
  • Disrupt your negative thought patterns
  • Remind you of how important this person is to you
  • It strengthens your relationship with this person 

Studies have found that when you recall happy moments, you have lesser chances of being depressed and sad. Perhaps this person is trying to telepathically protect you from sadness. 

12. You sneeze a lot

This myth is more common in East Asian cultures that someone is missing you when you sneeze a lot. Here are some details about the sneeze:

  • One sneeze means someone is sending you positive vibes and happiness
  • Two sneezes mean someone is miffed with you and is trying to bring negativity in your life
  • Three sneezes mean that the person who is thinking about you is in love with you 

In other cultures, sneezing five times in a row means that someone is thinking about you. The next time you sneeze, remember that someone is trying to send you a message telepathically. 

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13. Suddenly their favorite song plays on the radio 

If someone is on your mind are you on theirs? Yes. You are thinking of them, they are thinking of you, and bam! A special song plays on the radio.

It could be the song you first heard when the two of you had your first kiss or the song you used to listen to for hours on loop.

You’ve danced to this song and it became your precious memory. You parted ways with them but suddenly the radio starts playing this song and a wave of memory hits you.

You don’t need any more signs he thinks about you everyday. This is proof enough that he is still missing you. 

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14. You feel a phantom touch 

One of the subconscious signs he misses you is when you feel their touch.

Let’s say that you are alone at home cooking dinner or watching TV. You feel like someone is holding you from behind and giving you a back hug.

There is no one around you but you can feel someone holding your hand, playing with your hair, or stroking your back. If this has happened with you, then someone is sending you a telepathic message full of love and blessings. 

15. You have a stomach ache

When you miss someone, you often feel an aching in your chest. Similarly, lovesickness can cause your stomach to hurt.

If someone really misses you when you’re not around, you will feel sick like something is wrong with your stomach. This particular person is thinking about you and wants to reach out to you. 

16. You feel like they are guiding you

When you feel stuck in your life, try to close your eyes and think what this person would do in a similar situation. Their voice will guide you and they are transmitting their advice telepathically.

This is also known as twin flame telepathy where two partners are away from one another but their voice guides them telepathically. 

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17. You encounter certain animals

When you cross paths with certain animals like:

  • Bats 
  • Fireflies
  • Owls
  • Butterfly 

It can be a sign that someone is thinking of you. Animals have been viewed as spiritual guides for a very long time. So, if you spot fireflies or butterflies, it’s because someone is missing you with all their heart. You are indeed very special to them.

18. You find natural objects

There are many natural objects like: 

  • Stones
  • Cat’s fur 
  • Branches, stems, or leaves 
  • Pond or a river
  • Rainbow 

When you randomly come across these objects, it is because someone is sending you love and warmth. They are missing you and perhaps they are manifesting your return in their life. 

19. You experience a visual imagery of them

For instance, you are scrolling your phone and watching reels on Instagram, you feel like someone just passed by. You will feel their presence all around you and you will be able to see that they are talking to you.

It will be blurry but you will know who this person is. This is one of the strongest signs from the universe when someone misses you.

Key Takeaways 

  • Telepathy is real and it takes place due to the law of attraction where you manifest someone to happen and it happens with your positivity and support 
  • Some signs that someone is missing you include feeling their presence, talking about happy memories, and getting hiccups often 
  • When you see angel numbers and natural objects, that’s also some of the signs someone is trying to connect with you telepathically 

You may think that telepathic signs someone is missing you may not have scientific backing but they are real. It may seem abstract but you need to trust your inner instincts during such times.

If someone crosses your mind often, check on them. They could be hurt or they could be in a bad phase of life and want you back. If you miss them too, you can sort out your past issues and start fresh. Good luck!