Love, right? It makes your world go around. When a woman is in love, it can be seen on her face. However, that’s not the same with men. They can be mysterious, shy, or lacking in self-confidence to be upfront about it. If you are wondering if a guy likes you romantically or not, you are at the right place. We have come up with all the obvious and clear signs he has strong feelings for you.

Some of these signs can be subtle, some can be on your face, and some disguised as affectionate, friendly actions. These signs will not reveal themselves unless you pay very close attention.

Since men are less likely to talk or open up about their feelings; if you are keen to know whether someone thinks of you romantically, this list will come in handy. Once you read it, you will have a fair idea if a guy is in love with you, and then perhaps you can make the first move.

23 Subtle And Prominent Signs He Has Strong Feelings For You

The eternal confusion of, “He likes me. He likes me not”, can make a person go crazy. However, you do not want to assume anything and ask upfront making a fool of yourself. A guy who likes you will never give you mixed signals, yet his inability to confess his feelings will confuse you.

By comprehending the signs he has romantic feelings for you, you will be able know what he has in his mind. Given below are some elusive and tangible ways ïn which guys give hints they like you. Read o!

1. He is curious about you 

The fact that he is genuinely curious about you is a strong indicator that he has his feelings for you and he wants to know you better. It is not just who you are now, he also wants to know what made you, you . He will ask you about:

  • Your childhood
  • Your parents
  • Your teenage years, your job
  • Past lovers 
  • Your fears
  • Your likes, dislikes and even your whims and fancies

He is asking all this because he wants to know everything about your life, experiences, opinions, and judgments. Research says that curious people have better relationships and they felt more attracted toward their partner when they showed curiosity.

Therefore, curiosity is a positive sign in a guy, as it often reflects his deep desire to connect on a deeper level and invest in your life. This is one of the signs he has strong feelings for you. If he didn’t like you, he wouldn’t care about you at all. 

2. He gives you his undivided attention

A guy who is genuinely interested in you will try to develop an emotional connection with you, and attention is the first step toward the same. Attention is, indeed, the most basic expression of love1.

His undivided attention for you is one of the evident signs he has fallen for you. No matter how ridiculous or boring your story is, he will be all ears for you. He will show genuine interest in what you have to say. His reply won’t just be “Hmmm”, “Yeah”, or “Oh, I see”.

He will use a confident, knowledgeable, and neutral tone to reply to your stories. Also, he will ask open-ended and follow-up questions. He will make sure he doesn’t interrupt when you are talking. And most importantly, he won’t judge you for your narrative and perspective on things. 

3. He frequently contacts you

Want to know one of the signs he has strong feelings for you through text? Here it is. He will frequently contact you. From good morning messages to dropping sweet, “Hope you are having a good day” texts, he will keep letting you know that you are in his thoughts. Plus, he will send you funny memes. And all those reels.

Someone who is just a friend won’t do this. He isn’t here to play games or give you mixed signals. It’s clear from his actions that he is paying attention to everything that’s happening around you because he has caught feelings for you. He’ll probably confess when the time is right and he has overcome his fear of rejection.

4. He is always smiling when you are around 

He is blushing, smiling from ear to ear when he sees you at a party or at the office. His face lights up at just the mention of you. You can make him smile even on his worst days. It seems you are always enough for him.

This is one of the subtle signs he has real feelings for you but is hiding them. He is really into you and he just can’t stop smiling. You can see it in his face that he enjoys talking to you. He finds excuses to look at you. So, if you like him back, then you can reciprocate his smile and take things ahead. 

Subtle signs he has real feelings for you
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5. He is consistent 

This is one of the little things that matter when gauging whether a person likes you or is just passing away his time with you. A man will be consistent when he has strong romantic feelings for you. He won’t just text or meet when he wants something from you, but he will prove you are always on his mind.

His affection, warmth, and interest in you will remain the same over weeks, months and even years. And if he hasn’t confessed his love for you after being consistent for so long, it’s one of the obvious signs he likes you but is afraid of rejection.  

6. He remembers trivial details about you 

Your cat’s birthday, how you got that scar in your knee, your favorite food as a kid, and where you studied. He’ll remember all the trivial and big details about you.

You may wonder how he remembers every little detail about you, but that’s what love is known to do. So why does he not say so upfront? It is evident he cares a lot about you and the things that matter to you.

One reason could be, he is afraid of getting hurt again. Perhaps he has had a painful experience last time he felt love for someone. He won’t tell you about his feelings unless he is absolutely sure you love him back. 

7. He introduces you to his loved ones

“Is he in denial about his feelings for me?” , you might wonder. Possibly, yes. You don’t go around introducing random people to your friends and family, do you?

Hence, if you have already met his loved ones on more than one occasion, it’s one of the signs he has strong feelings for you. 

8. He makes you laugh out loud

Humor is a very attractive quality in a man. Humor is associated with positivity and a lighthearted attitude, which can make people feel more comfortable and happy in someone’s presence. In addition to that, research says that shared laughter might be a pathway toward developing a more long-lasting relationship. And yes, it is also a huge indicator of compatibility in a relationship.

The more he makes you laugh, the more enduring your relationship is going to become. And he is purposefully trying to create humorous moments because he wants you to feel comfortable in his presence. He is making an effort to keep you amused and entertained. It’s clear he is catching feelings for you and hoping for the same from your side.

he keeps you happy and makes you laugh

9. He exudes positive body language 

Positive body language from a guy is one of the signs he has strong feelings for you. It indicates various things, including interest, comfort, and engagement in the interaction he is having with you. Here are some examples of positive body language to look for:

  • Sustained and genuine eye contact 
  • A warm, genuine smile, and an overall positive attitude
  • Standing or sitting with an open posture, such as relaxed arms and not crossing them
  • Leaning slightly toward you while talking signifies engagement and a desire to be closer, both physically and emotionally
  • Subtly mirroring your gestures, like matching your body language or expressions
  • Light, respectful touches on the arm or shoulder 

10. He shows kindness 

When a man consistently shows kindness, it’s a sign he cares about your well-being. He will show empathy toward you. He will be considerate of your feelings, preferences, and boundaries. Furthermore, he will give you compliments, offer help, and do thoughtful things for you, which can make you feel appreciated and valued.

He wants you to see how much he cares for you and wants you to feel happy and special He doesn’t do this for his other female friends or other girls. This side of his is reserved just for you. You are the only special person in his life. He is going the extra mile to make you fall for him.   

11. He supports your dreams 

Supporting your dreams shows that he respects your independence and values your personal goals and aspirations. This is one of the not-so-weird signs he’s falling for you. Also, he will provide encouragement, motivation, and positive reinforcement to help you pursue your dreams. What else would make you go “Aww” with love?

He will take an active interest in your ambitions, asking about your progress and offering assistance or advice when needed. And let’s say you are going through challenging times, he will be there for you no matter what. He will offer you emotional support, practical advice and even financial help if such a need arises. Do not delay girl, talk to him about your feelings today!

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12. He celebrates your accomplishments 

Celebrating each other’s accomplishments is a sign of a healthy and nurturing relationship. It not only strengthens your connection but also creates a positive environment for personal growth and achievement. This is exactly what he is doing by celebrating your big and small achievements.

He is sharing your joy and pride with himself. How sweet is that! He is like your biggest cheerleader. Encouraging and motivating you to do more, you will often find him rooting for you. There is no doubt he has strong feelings for you.

Most importantly, he will celebrate your failures. He will pick you up when you fall down. He will adapt to changes in your life or routine that may be necessary to pursue your dreams.  

13. He respects you

Respect is vital for long-term romantic relationships2. One of the signs he wants to have a serious relationship with you is when he shows utmost respect for you and your time. Here are some more signs a respects you:

  • He will acknowledge and respect your personal, physical, and emotional boundaries
  • He will appreciate your life choices and won’t try to control or manipulate you
  • He will take your feelings into account when making decisions that may affect both of you
  • He treats you as an equal
  • He takes responsibility for his mistakes and apologizes sincerely when he has hurt your feelings or made a wrong decision
  • When he knows he messed up a situation, he will make sure to make up for it

14. He actively takes part in your interests 

If you like gardening, he will ensure he learns a few tips and tricks about this habit. Then, he will talk to you about it.

The same way, if you like reading, he will partake in conversations about writers and literature. He will take time out of his busy schedule to meet you at an art event because it’s important for you. These are some subtle signs he has genuine feelings for you.

You aren’t just one of his closest friends. You are someone he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Why else would he learn about Van Gogh and Shakespeare if he only saw you as a temporary girlfriend? You matter to him and that’s a pretty big sign. 

15. He shares his secrets with you

signs he has romantic feelings for you
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Most guys hesitate before sharing secrets with someone they are interested in. Mainly because they are scared that she will run away after hearing them. But only the brave ones who want to show their true side to their potential girlfriends show trust and faith.

If he suddenly tells you all about his dark side and the things he has done that he is ashamed of, it’s one of the signs a guy likes you but is intimidated that you will reject him after hearing all this. Everyone has secrets. Everyone has done horrible things in the past. He chose to trust you. That’s what matters. 

16. He will stimulate vulnerability 

One of the signs of strong feelings for someone is when you initiate vulnerability. Similarly, if he stimulates vulnerability, it means he is trying to create an atmosphere where you feel safe and comfortable opening up and being your authentic self. He will share his weaknesses and insecurities so you can confide in him and do the same.

Vulnerability in relationships paves the way for a secure, safe attachment. It is taking a risk, but when someone initiates vulnerability, it shows the lever of trust they have on you.

By being vulnerable with you, he is creating a sense of trust and authenticity, fostering emotional intimacy, and promoting empathy  and compassion. Plus, he is trying to indirectly tell you won’t be judged. It’s one of the most meaningful moments of a relationship and it’s a sign that he is testing you to see if you love him as much as he loves you. 

17. He gives you affectionate nicknames 

By giving you affectionate pet names, he is showing you that he is fond of you and desires to create a special connection. He is showing you expressions of endearment and affection while trying to create intimacy and closeness. He is signifying that he has a unique connection with you that he doesn’t have with other women.

It’s one of the strong signs he has feelings for you as he is expressing his feelings for you without always using words. The nickname itself can carry emotional weight. Appreciate his intention behind the nicknames. If you want to indirectly tell him that you like him back, give him a cute nickname that he will love. 

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18. He tries to look good for you 

He will improve his sense of dressing for you. He will smell good and he will have his hair styled perfectly, just the way you like. He will hit the gym frequently, if you have ever mentioned you want your guy to have a six-pack abb! He will sweat it out, all for you.

He will take you out for dinner and make frequent eye contact with you. When a man makes an effort to look good for you, it often indicates that he cares about making a positive impression and wants to be visually appealing to you.

He wants to woo and impress you and maintain that impression throughout the relationship if it progresses. The fact that he is taking time and effort to look good for you should tell you a lot about his feelings. Don’t undermine this romantic gesture. It’s a sign that he sees you as his life partner. 

19. He gets jealous when you talk to other guys

If he suddenly acts weird when he sees you talking to other guys, it’s one of the signs he has strong feelings for you. He loves you and hates it when you trust someone else more than him or if you start spending time with someone else. He will be heartbroken if you ever turn him down for someonne else. This shows how much he loves you and how much it’s hurting him that someone else is in your life. 

Jealousy is often an indication of hidden feelings of love3, but too much of it can suffocate the other partner. Be wise to differentiate healthy jealousy from possessive jealousy.

20. He doesn’t bring up other women in front of you

When a man avoids talking about other women in front of you, it shows how much he respects you, your feelings and boundaries, as he doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable or insecure by discussing other women. If this isn’t the most romantic thing on earth, then you need to reevaluate what you consider as romantic. 

His decision not to talk about other women also indicates that he views your relationship as exclusive and is committed to maintaining that exclusivity. Why will a guy avoid you if he is developing strong feelings for you? He will never do that. He will avoid other girls but not you. 

he says he loves spending time with you

21. He talks about his future with you 

Luna, a 26-year-old medical student from Seattle, says, “He says he loves spending time with me and talks about his future with me. He didn’t particularly mention me in it but he hinted that we would have a peaceful life together if I chose him as a life partner. I like him but I am waiting for him to make the first move.” 

If your guy has also spoken about his future with you, it’s one of the most obvious signs he likes you. If he is serious about you, then he will do this even if you are in a long-distance situationship. He won’t shy away from admitting his feelings for you. 

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22. He shows what emotional maturity looks like 

Emotional maturity in a man involves the ability to bounce back from setbacks and handle adversity with grace and composure. He won’t run away from difficult conversations and will express his emotions clearly. Some more signs of emotional maturity are:

  • He will admit when he is wrong 
  • He will respect your boundaries 
  • He will tolerate ambiguity and uncertainty without becoming overly anxious or reactive
  • He will be patient with you 
  • He will validate your feelings 
  • He doesn’t expect perfection from you 
  • He understands relationships are complex 

Men are emotionally mature with women they love and respect. It’s one of the qualities that women love in a man. If his hero instincts, maturity, and adoration toward you has swept you off of your feet, it’s time you show some signs as well by giving him sweet compliments or by making your love lives official to the public. 

23. He will be protective of you 

Every woman deserves a man who will protect her physical and emotional well-being. He will make sure you are comfortable and secure in unfamiliar situations. Furthermore, he will offer emotional support and comfort when you are feeling vulnerable, upset, or distressed. He will stand up for you and defend your reputation when you are being criticized and attacked. 

It will be a bit strange if he starts doing these things to a woman he doesn’t like. So, don’t overthink it. He likes you and he cares about you while respecting your autonomy and boundaries. It’s a positive aspect of a nurturing and supportive partnership. 

Key Takeaways 

  • A man who has feelings for you will respect you, your boundaries, opinions, and feelings
  • When guys catch feelings, they want to dress well for their crush and they will make them laugh 
  • Some more signs a guy likes you include showing his vulnerable side and sending you text messages even when he is busy 

When a guy has strong feelings for you, it becomes evident with the combination of above-listed behavior, actions, and emotions. He will do everything he can to let you know that he likes you in a romantic way. But if you are still unsure about his feelings, it’s best to be open about it and ask him directly.