So you recently broke up. Breakups, almost always tough, however do hold a promise to a better future. And while it is natural to miss your ex even though you don’t want to get back together, sometimes we simply can’t let go. It is as if coincidences and sudden happenings keep reminding you of your times with our ex. As if the ex is right there, except when they are not. Perhaps, you are noticing the signs your ex is manifesting you. And what is that?

Though considered pseudoscientific, successfully manifesting something that one desires using the power of their subconscious beliefs is a human power. Largely popularized in Rhonda Byrne’s 2006 novel, The Secret, the power of manifestation is agreed upon by many. Based on the concept of Law of Attraction and ‘Like Attracts Like’, the manifestation of something or someone is not unheard of. 

If your ex is manifesting you or if they are trying hard to get you back, you will notice coincidental signs taking you back to their memories, no matter if you have moved on. And if you believe in prayers, we don’t think you need to doubt the power of manifestation.

So how can you tell if an ex is actively trying to reconnect with you? Read on, observe and you will have your answer.

14 Tell-Tale Signs Your Ex Is Manifesting You – Feeling The Connection

Ofcourse, something must have pushed you to look for signs your signs your ex is manifesting you; perhaps it was something from these 14 signs:

1. They are not there, except they are everywhere

Let’s get to the first obvious sign of manifestation, which most of us have felt (speaking from personal experience) when we did move on from a relationship that was dear to us.

So you two broke up over something that was more important than the relationship. You grieved, you moved on, and suddenly they bumped into you in the supermarket in the area you just moved into.

You order a pizza and the person on the other end offers the same choice of toppings your ex has always wanted. You find yourself wearing the color they liked, even when you hadn’t planned for it. It feels as if they are just here, with you.

These are the very first obvious signs your ex is manifesting you. These are not just ‘by chance’, my dear, this is the universe sending you signals because someone somewhere is simply seeking you with your memories together.

2. There is that persistent gut feeling

Your conscious mind debates that what you are thinking is not true, but your subconscious mind simply cannot let you think otherwise. Okay, we get you.

This is not completely reliable, but did you know A survey that was conducted in May 2002 by executive search firm Christian & Timbers reveals that fully 45% of corporate executives now rely more on instinct than on facts and figures in running their businesses.1

So your intuition is telling you that there is some connection happening with your ex but logic dismisses all these as mere coincidences. Or is it just your imagination?

Possible, but only if you can say ‘Naah’ to the rest of the signs that scream that your ex is trying to get you back in their life.

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3. You don’t want to, but you still keep on thinking about your ex

All the fat from the tub loads of ice cream seems to be going to waste when you simply can’t stop thinking about your ex. Everything reminds you of your ex, their peeves and their presence.

You try hard not to think about them, you try to channelize your thinking to other productive things, but you are unable to do so. Your mind keeps drifting toward your ex, no matter how much you try otherwise.

If you have heard about the Law of attraction, you should know that,  “The universe and everything in its existence is composed of energy and vibration, this is also the process of Law of Attraction (Nelson, 2006).

Backing to this theory, and what is happening with you, it can be  safely said that someone is trying to make their thoughts about being with you a reality.

4. …And you even dream about them

Not just your thoughts when you are eating, working, enjoying a drink with your friends, or even when you are with a potential partner, your ex seems to be hijacking your dreams as well. You lay down to rest all exhausted from wondering why can’t you stop thinking about your ex and wham!

A Hawaiian holiday with vibes so lovely and colorful sipping vodka with the same person you so badly want NOT to think of. Well, the universe communicates to us in strange ways.

Are dreams signs? Do they mean something? Well,  Author Tom Robbins once said that dreams don’t come true; they are true. And if what you are dreaming is true, it indicates what you are really feeling, and what is possibly there in the future. Ignore if you want, but if you find them insistent perhaps it is time to accept your ex is manifesting you. However,

  • If the dreams make you feel happy  and joyous, perhaps you could take some time on reflecting what caused the breakup and consider getting back together
  • If the dreams make you anxious and angry, you move forward with all your energy

This, my friend is an obvious sign your ex is manifesting you with all their heart. Don’t believe us? Take a moment to go through these real success stories on manifesting an ex on Reddit.

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5. Things happen, that cannot be explained

You just bought some snacks and the total comes to be the numbers that represent your ex’s birthdate. The car just ahead of yours has a license plate that reminds you of the date you first met them.

For instance if your ex’s birthday falls on 15th October, you keep seeing  the number 1510, whether as time, date, license plates and even bills. The numerical sightings of numbers that remind you of someone could be just a coincidence, you say? We don’t fully agree.

Angel numbers related meaningful coincidences from the universe indicate your ex is missing you. Some of the definite signs include-

  • You keep on seeing angel numbers like ‘222’ or ‘777’
  • You switch on the radio and the first song that plays is the one you always listened to together
  • Pink feathers, even if not real keep appearing in your path
  • Even though you’d gotten rid of all their stuff, you suddenly start finding their stuff around, that ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S.’ t-shirt you thought you didn’t have anymore
  • That random whiff of the body spray he always wore, every now and then

Well, yes, these things that remind you of him cannot be logically explained, but perhaps are  a message from the universe that someone is manifesting you with all their might. The universe is likely conspiring you two to stay together.

6. Your emotions are everywhere

When someone is trying to manifest you, their energies may prompt you to feel sensitive, or overwhelmed. The same energies may also fill you with a sense of loss, and at times may just be feeling nostalgic, reminiscing your times with them.

If your ex’s  and your energies match, you would notice frequent mood swings  –  one moment all sad and anguished over losing them, another moment smiling through a song because it reminded them of you. And all this for no apparent reason.

Now this may be hard to believe, but this sudden play of  emotions is due to the fact that your ex is trying to get you back into their life. When they constantly think about you, the Universe becomes their messenger and merges your energies, leading you to feel sad and happy at the same time.

7. They are on your Social Media

The Universe is doing all the things above, but what is your ex doing? The person manifesting you is definitely making some efforts so that you feel drawn toward them. They are making you think of them by actually dropping likes and comments on your social media. That’s their way to gain your attention, to stay on your mind without being direct about it.

Suddenly notifications appear on your phone that your ex liked that new picture you posted, or that quote on love you shared 2 years back. Suddenly, all your social media handles are popping notifications with their names.

Your ex is even on your social media

Did you raise an eyebrow or curl up your lips? Did their name trigger some happy memories in you? Do you feel your ex is trying  to reconnect with you? Yes, your ex is probably trying to reconcile and so is vying for your attention, through your social media channels. Your next steps should be determined in your best interest and how you really feel.

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8. Or they stalk you online

Perhaps the breakup wasn’t a polite one and you unfriended or blocked your ex. But suddenly, you notice them liking or commenting on pictures and statuses where your friends tagged you.

Or the pages you follow most and comment on have their comments and likes too, just around yours. This may make you uncomfortable as well, but one thing is for sure, your ex is trying everything in their power to get your attention.

And since they are trying hard, you have to buckle up and decide what you want.

9. You reach out to your phone to take the first step

Some psychic intuitions are so strong that one may feel compelled to do something they are not even thinking of. When you have a connection with someone, what they feel and do can have a profound effect on how you conduct yourself.

You may suddenly find yourself looking up your ex’s number on your phone and thinking to yourself if you should touch the phone button. Or you may draft a message, saying a simple “Hi, wassup” but yet not clicking the send button.

There is a strong, intense and sudden urge to make that first connect, even though a plan  like his wasn’t on your mind, say 2 hours ago?!

There is just this weird feeling, that your ex is missing you badly and trying to manifest you back in their lives. In case you have this weird sense, you can:

  • Choose to actually text or call them and see their reaction, if you too want to get back with them, like probably on their birthday, using the day as an excuse
  • Choose to ignore all of this if being with them means being unhappy. Here also, your intuitive abilities will guide you to the best

You probably feel a strong desire to contact your ex, but make sure you are not doing it out of desperation and without weighing the pros and cons.

10. Their name, everywhere

It was social media, it was the pictures, the insta posts of your friends, the pages you liked. And now it’s your friends who can’t stop taking the name of your ex!

Every conversation has some mention of them and you just get to know they have reached out to your friends last week. And maybe they bumped into some of them at work. Random? We don’t think so. 

And you may also see signboards carrying his name! Yes, that ‘Emanuel’s Pizza’ is hitting you with the memories and turning your eyes misty, then maybe you still are also no over them.

This is a clear sign your ex is definitely manifesting you, it is upto you how you want to take things forward. With a positive mindset, you can weigh how you feel and what you want and take a decision for yourself.

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11. They try to reach you

Your friend just told you how she bumped into your ex last week at work. And tells you he asked about you and whether you have the same phone number. She casually asks if you have blocked them, giving you all the positives about being friends with an ex.

Or how things just happened and now they are invited to your friend’s birthday party at the yacht next weekend. You feel surprised, but then connect the dots and realize they did send a ‘Hi, How you’ to your voicemail just 2 days ago.

Well, they went to the voicemail intentionally, because they were not ready to have a conversation as yet, they just wanted you to be reminded of their existence.

Signs of an ex reaching out to you include-

  • A casual “Hi” message from them
  • Their comment on your recent Insta story
  • Getting in touch with your friends, albeit coincidently
  • Sending flowers to your family
  • Frequenting places you frequently visit
  • Calling you for something absolutely casual 

If such incidents repeat frequently, there is no way you two aren’t going to see each other, but whether you will reconnect is another story. Do a little introspection yourself, have you been trying to manifest a text from them?

12. You realize, they are your Soulmate

The Washington Post says soulmates are for real, for humans. According to a Marist poll, almost 3 in every 4 Americans believe in soulmates, which is roughly 73% of them.

If you believe that soulmates exist, you would agree that on finding them it is natural to give them an elevated position above everyone else. That is to say, they are most valuable for you. And ideally, they should be your person.

If you see your ex as someone truly special, hold them in high regards, and feel they are your person above everyone and everything else, your mind perceives them as your soulmate.

And if your ex is also feeling the same, the positive energies he sends out reach you and get mingled with yours, creating vibrations in your brain and heart. Perhaps a sign to acknowledge and accept what is yours, and yours only.

13. And…some supernatural signs

If  an ex is Channeling high vibrational energies  into manifesting you, you could feel some supernatural signs as well. Well not scary, but certainly hard to explain. All the vibrational energies directed by your ex manifest themselves as whispers when you are alone.

You may just feel someone was sitting there with you in an empty chair in the coffee shop. You may hear some voices, or some song may just randomly play elsewhere. You may just feel your ex is right there on the bed with you, when there is nothing.

Sounds spooky, eh? Hearing things or imagining people when the reality is different does sound scary, except it’s not. Okay, a bit but once you understand your ex trying to get you back, it will be easier for you to accept these changes.

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14. That surreal feeling of déjà vu

Déjà vu, French for “ already seen” is an eerie experience that makes you feel you have done or seen something before when in reality you are experiencing it for the first time.

Say you have moved on from your ex, are in a foreign city visiting a place you have never seen and when you get there it hits you. As if you have been here before, and the feeling vanishes as quickly as it came. A particular moment was probably imagined by your ex and you in which you felt a sense of déjà vu. 

You switch on the television and that TV show reminds you of some cozy times with your ex. Change the channel and the sound of your favorite song in your ears, which holds the key to many beautiful moments with them. Repeating sequences like these can be powerful signs of someone trying to manifest you.

The feeling can also be experienced when you are in a  new relationship and something just makes you go ‘I know this! I have done that before!’ When you have no concrete memory of the same, it is safe to conclude that your ex is manifesting you!

15. You feel like being watched over

Well, not exactly, but if you are feeling as if someone is constantly watching over you, it could be a sign that your ex is manifesting you. Saving you from tripping over that rope, suddenly making you get up from a chair that’s just hanging on 3 legs just a few minutes before it collapses, sensing their presence when you are alone are all signs of someone directing all their focus and energies to you.

And that, my friend, takes a lot of genuine effort and pure feelings.

Signs your ex is manifesting you

So Your Ex Is Manifesting You, What Next?

Now that you are convinced your ex is trying to get you back, you have to decide your course of action. You might feel happy about the fact that your ex is missing you and wants to have you  back in their life, but the more important question is whether you want to be back with them or not. Perhaps you need time to figure out what you want.

The Universe will keep on communicating the signs with you, but it’s not that you have to give in. Address the issue with a clear, unbiased mindset; rather than going with the flow. It has to be you, your choice and your decision ONLY.

Manifestation does work, but it is also a two way street. If you do not want to go down that path again, it’s time to take charge of your destiny. All the signs may point your ex is trying to manifest you in his life, but your readiness to reconnect is most important.

Choosing the right path for yourself is your responsibility.

In order to not get bothered by your ex manifesting you, surround yourself with positive people and thoughts, meditate, participate in social activities and live your life to the fullest. Let positive energy rule you and guide you further.

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Make a conscious choice to let past relationship stay where they belong, in the past. Focus on your personal development, and if you find yourself thinking about your ex, perhaps it is time to focus your energies elsewhere.

Infographic On Powerful Signs Your Ex Is Manifesting You

Infographic Signs Your Ex Is Manifesting You

Spiritual guidance will be genuinely helpful. Look for a gifted advisor who can share and help you with unique insights on the matter. Your ex will get the message of your free will.

And in case you were also waiting for this, then send the same energy back to them to let them feel their manifestation is working to their desires. My personal experience with manifestation is that it works, in strange ways and stranger coincidences.

And lastly, we wish you all the very best in whatever path you choose for yourself.