With the rise of social media platforms, dating sites, and instant messaging apps, it has become easier to connect with new people and engage in secret interactions. Snapchat cheating is yet another , but a very common way of being unfaithful to your partner. As if there were less temptations! 

That being said, Snapchat is a famous social media application that allows users to send and receive photos, videos, and messages that are typically short-lived and self-deleting. In the past few years, it has gained a humongous popularity among younger demographics due to its unique features. Infact, In terms of active users, Snapchat ranks 12th in popularity as per this source.

Snapchat users can send photos, videos, and messages to their contacts, which are designed to disappear after a specific period, typically a few seconds after being viewed. This feature adds an element of privacy and encourages more spontaneous and temporary sharing. In addition to that, there are so many filters, lenses, and augmented reality effects that users can apply to their pictures. 

The reason why we so confidently say that Snapchat has ruined marriages is because we have evidence.

According to Snapchat cheating statistics that polled the social media habits of habitual cheaters, it was found that 23% of them preferred Snapchat. Well, one may think of Snapchat as a cheating app, which principally may not be true. But, Snapchat has definitely given cheaters something where they can flirt all they want, without their partners knowing about it.

So, without further ado, let’s explore how the Snapchat app has become a major cause of betrayals, broken hearts, and breakups and some crucial signs for you to stay alert. 

What Is Snapchat Cheating?

If you think sleeping with someone who is not your partner is the only way of being unfaithful to them, then you couldn’t be more wrong. There are several other types of cheating that are as disastrous as the others. The types include emotional, financial, cyber, micro-cheating, and fantasizing about someone else. 

And if you are wondering how people cheat on Snapchat, here it goes. Snapchat has evolved over time and expanded its offerings beyond disappearing content. One can secretly message and share pictures and graphics with other people, just from their cell phone. Sexting is not unheard of when we speak of cheating on Snapchat.

Snapchat also allows a user to flirt, thanks to the new filters with cheesy effects. And all this without their partner getting any whiff of it, even if they use the same social media app. These attractive features help a lot in covering up a person’s infidelity. Therefore, sneaky Snapchat tricks of engaging in secretive or inappropriate behavior violates the trust and commitment of a romantic relationship

Sometimes, the casual flirting and sexting paves the way for an emotional affair, and your partner begins to take more serious interest in their Snapchat partner. Emotional cheating is often deemed worse than physical cheating.

When emotional intimacy is directed towards someone else, the bond between the committed partners weakens, leading to feelings of distance, loneliness, and isolation. Your partner sharing intimate details with a third person is enough to break your heart. Let’s figure out how you can catch a  boyfriend/girlfriend cheating on Snapchat.

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11 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On Snapchat 

When you are in love with someone, you tend to blindly trust them. Ergo, you never check their phone. That’s how a cheating partner gets away most of the time. If they are cheating on you emotionally, they could also be cheating on you physically. So, pay attention to the below Snapchat cheating signs and find out if you are just paranoid or if your partner is sneakily cheating on Snapchat. 

1. They are on their phone a lot

One of the biggest signs of a Snapchat cheater is when they spend a lot of time on their phone. They don’t seem to be interested in having a conversation with you. They don’t want to go out for a drink. They don’t help you clean the house. They do nothing but stare at their cell phone, take pictures, and tap on the screen. All of these things indicate that your partner is cheating on Snapchat or basically any other app.  

If you notice that your partner spends an excessive amount of time on Snapchat, particularly during odd hours or when they’re alone. This could indicate a heightened interest in the platform and potential interactions with others. Who are they texting at such odd hours? It’s definitely not a coworker or a friend. It has to be someone they recently met and have developed a connection with. 

2. They are unusually secretive about their phone

When you are in a relationship with someone, you usually share your passcode with each other. It’s not a compulsion but it’s something you do out of love. You even ask them to check your text messages when you are busy. However, if your partner has suddenly become secretive about their phone, then that’s your Snapchat cheater sign. Listed below are some ways they could be strange about their phone:

  • They guard their phone
  • They frequently change their passwords
  • They disable message previews on lockscreen
  • They try to hide their screen when you are with them
  • They swiftly switch to other apps when they see you walking toward them 
  • They delete their browsing history, call logs, and messages
  • Your partner has secret Snapchat account

3. They get defensive when you ask questions 

How to catch a snapchat cheater? By noticing their responses when you question their strange behavior. Your partner’s defensiveness is stemming from feelings of guilt or shame about their behavior. They may fear the consequences of being caught or confronted, leading them to use defensiveness as a defense mechanism. 

Additionally, they may interpret your questioning as an invasion of their privacy or a challenge to their independence. They might feel the need to protect their secret Snapchat affair and become defensive in response.

4. They have emotionally distanced from you 

A relationship thrives on vulnerability and emotional attachment. When that is being withheld by one person, it’s either because they are mad at you or someone else is meeting their critical emotional needs. With the help of sneaky Snapchat tricks like disappearing messages, they could be having a deep conversation with someone. Emotional detachment in your relationship is just the tip of an ice-berg.

This is why Snapchat is called the cheating app because the ephemeral nature of Snapchat’s content allows users to send photos, Snapchat conversations, or videos that disappear shortly after being viewed. 

This feature potentially reduces the risk of evidence being discovered by a partner. Snapchat app has made iit easier for individuals to engage in covert communication or share inappropriate content without leaving a digital trail. 

5. They are always snapping pictures 

Your partner is always taking pictures. That’s nothing to worry about. We all take pictures. However, where are they posting these pictures? Not on their social media accounts. They aren’t sending these pictures to you either. They aren’t sharing them anywhere.

And the worst part is that they haven’t even saved these pictures. You just hear the camera sound when they take a picture. All these things clearly hint at partner snapchat cheating. They are taking pictures on Snapchat and sending them to someone by cleverly making use of the disappearing features. 

6. They have suddenly gotten a makeover 

How to catch cheating on Snapchat? Notice your partner’s sudden interest in getting a makeover. They have gotten a new haircut, hair color, they have done their brows, facial, and even got a manicure done. What’s the occasion? It’s not their birthday. You aren’t going on a trip either.

Then why the sudden need to transform their look? It’s because they want to use Snapchat to find potential partners. They can only do that by looking their best in pictures. Cheaters always reinvent themselves when they start forming a new connection with someone. Your partner could also be doing the same. Always be on your toes when something like this takes place in your relationship. 

7. They don’t send pictures to you on Snapchat 

You know that they are on Snapchat most of the time. They take pictures on it. Their snapchat account shows a higher score that’s evidence enough to prove that they are on this app very frequently. However, you aren’t at the receiving end of their snaps. The question hangs like a sword in the air.

Who are they sending these pictures to? They could be sending them to their best friends as well. But you can’t completely neglect the idea of a potential romantic partner. You can’t completely ignore emotional infidelity. You can’t turn a blind eye to them sending cheating Snapchat messages to a new flame. 

8. There are changes in their social media accounts 

If your partner is involved in emotional or physical cheating, then their social media activity, including their posts, likes, and comments, will undergo a significant shift. They may become more engaged with certain individuals or appear to interact more intimately with others through public exchanges. 

In addition to that, they will stop posting pictures with you. And if they have deleted pictures of you from their feed, it’s a warning signal for you to take action. They are trying to show that they are single. Moreover, go through their follow list and see if they have recently followed someone attractive. If yes, then that’s the person your partner is cheating on you with. 

Girlfriend cheating on snapchat
Image Source: Image by Drazen Zigic on Freepik

9. They have a new Snapchat best friend “Super BFF”

How to tell if someone is messaging on Snapchat a lot? Check their Snapchat account and look at their chat list. Even though the messages disappear, the level of closeness they share with this person will be revealed. Thanks to sneaky Snapchat tricks. The app has a feature called “Best Friends” or “Friend Emojis” that allows users to indicate their level of interaction and closeness with their Snapchat friends.

These emojis are displayed next to the usernames of friends on the chat screen or profile. The emojis can change based on factors like the frequency of communication and mutual interactions. If you see a red or a yellow heart next to someone’s name, it’s a clear sign that they are Snapchat cheating on you.

10. They seem to constantly find faults in you

You were perfect for them a few months ago but now all they do is find faults in you. Your nose is too long, you are too annoying, you nag them a lot, and your fashion sense sucks. Tsk tsk tsk! Classic signs of cheating.

They have found someone else who is perfect in their eyes. In addition to that, constant fault-finding, criticisms, and accusations are ways to exert control in the relationship.

They are trying to take a hit at your self-esteem so you think you are unworthy of their love and thank them for staying with you despite your shortcomings. This is gaslighting. They want to keep you confused and anxious all the time. Don’t fall for this. 

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11. They don’t want to sort things out

If you want to be in a healthy relationship, you need to sort things out instead of stonewalling each other. If your partner insists on letting things be as they are, it clearly shows they aren’t interested in maintaining a peaceful bond. On top of that, unresolved issues can lead to a breakdown in communication between partners.

This can result in misunderstandings, increased conflict, and a lack of understanding between each other’s needs and perspectives. Your partner is aware of these things yet they don’t lift a finger to resolve your relationship problems. It’s a sign your girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating on Snapchat. 

3 Ways To Catch A Partner Cheating On Snapchat 

When you have all the prime reasons to suspect your partner of betrayal, you need to catch thm red-handed. Here are some helpful ways to catch a Snapchat cheating partner:

1. Take a look at their Snap Map

You can easily catch a cheater by taking a look at their Snap Map. If you are still friends with your partner on Snapchat and they have their Snap Map feature enabled, then you can easily find out where they have been. You can view their location on the map. It will display the user’s Bitmoji avatar on a map, indicating their current location or their last known location if the app is closed.  

2. Install cheating spy apps on their phone

This is one of the smartest ways to find out if your partner is Snapchat cheating on you. Get a Snapchat spy app or iPhone spy app installed on their apple or android device. Cheating spy apps work in stealth mode on the target phone. Rest assured, you will gain access to their phone without having to worry about getting caught.

You can check out apps like Spymaster pro, SpyBubble, or Highster Mobile. You just have to log in to the spy account through your laptop or mobile phone and you are good to go. You will be able to read their Snapchat messages, check their social media apps, hear their phone calls, and even go through their pictures and videos. And there is no way they can deny this evidence!

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3. Check their phone and Snapchat 

While invading someone’s privacy is generally not recommended, but if you suspect infidelity and have valid reasons to be concerned, you may consider discussing the possibility of checking their phone with your partner. You also need to monitor your partner’s Snapchat account.

Check their Snapchat friends list, Snap streak, and their Snapchat conversations with unfamiliar contacts. If you find something suspicious or solid Snapchat cheating evidence, then confront them with a cool headed mind. 

Key Takeaways

  • Snapchat cheating is sending explicit or suggestive photos or videos to someone other than your partner, or engaging in flirtatious conversations with someone else 
  • Some of the signs your partner is Snapchat cheating on your include being secretive about their phone, being emotionally distant, and showing a decreased interest in your relationship 
  • You can install cheating spy apps on their phone to spy on Snapchat and find out the real truth. The spy apps can be installed on both iPhones and Android

Snapchat cheating is as serious as other forms of infidelity. Your partner has broken your trust. And the scars left by infidelity run deep, forever changing the dynamics of a relationship and leaving behind a trail of pain and mistrust. Don’t give this incident the power to diminish your self-worth and self-esteem. Therefore, in times like these, you need to prioritize self-care and self-love. Nothing else matters.