You’re in love right now and you think everything is perfect. Your relationship feels like it will survive every turbulence but suddenly you are seeing signs your girlfriend likes another guy. You don’t know who this particular person is but you feel like there is someone else in the picture and that’s bothering you a lot.

Are you suspicious because she is smiling at her phone? Does that mean your girlfriend has a crush on another guy? No. Not at all.

She could be looking at cute cat memes and finding them funny. We are all addicted to watching memes and laughing at our phones. Everyone is guilty of this.

First rule: Don’t jump to any conclusion yet. You can worry about it if you start seeing all the below signs your girlfriend likes another guy. 

How Do You Know If Your Girlfriend Likes Another Guy? 

Sometimes you get a gut feeling that your girlfriend might have a newfound interest because she seems aloof and distant. Let’s figure out if it’s just in your head or whether your girlfriend is really displaying all the subtle signs your girlfriend likes another guy:

1. She makes sudden changes to her appearance

If your girlfriend is texting another guy and has secretly developed feelings for him, she will try to impress him with her looks as much as she can. She will try to appear more attractive to charm him.

She will spontaneously get a haircut or she will dye her hair to a color her new crush likes. You must start paying attention to such subtle signs if she isn’t such an impulsive person. What prompted her to change her appearance? Possibly the arrival of a new guy. 

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2. She changes her phone passcode

It’s time to dig deeper when she suddenly changes her phone passcode and acts all weird when she gets a message. Here are a few more secretive mobile phone habits that indicate her deception:

  • Your girlfriend spends a lot of time on her phone. It’s like she is always glued to her phone screen
  • She will hide her social media activities and will do suspicious things like turning off comments or hiding you from her stories 
  • How to tell if your girlfriend is flirting with another guy? She will have a new secret account where she talks to her
  • She goes to another room when she gets a call 
  • She doesn’t let you touch her phone 
  • She has downloaded dating apps where she talks to other guys

“If she’s seeing someone else or texting another guy, you have wasted your time on her. Just step back and retreat fast. Ghost her as there is no point going through all the investigations. She’s cheating for sure. Ask her to show her mobile or you are out. If she wants you she will give in or.. you will do as you want to do”, writes a Reddit user on partners and their secretive behavior.  

3. She is distant 

She used to love spending quality time with you but not anymore. You feel like she would rather spend time with her friends than go on a date with you.

This new distant nature of hers could make you suspect that your girlfriend is flirting with another guy. Maybe. Maybe not.

She could be having personal issues or any other mental health problem. Try to ask her why she isn’t ready to spend time with you anymore and figure out the actual reason behind it. If she refuses to answer your question, it’s one of the clear signs your girlfriend likes another guy. 

4. She is avoiding your friends and family members

Even though she has met your family members before, she is reluctant to meet them now.

Also, she has stopped bringing you along when she goes to meet her close friends and cousins.

This could be one of the signs your partner is falling for someone else. She has someone else in her life and she wants her friends and family to know them. Why else would she stop inviting you to her family events? It’s because she doesn’t want to lead you on. 

Joseph, my cousin who lives in Manhattan, wrote to me recently, “I’ve been with my girlfriend for over a year now. We have met each other’s families before but now she makes excuses to get out of family dinners. It was her sister’s graduation party last week and she didn’t bother inviting me. I don’t know why she’s suddenly trying to cut me off.” 

Signs she has someone else in her life

5. She isn’t as thoughtful as she used to be 

Have you spotted the signs your girlfriend has a crush on another guy? Let me paint a picture. She used to worry about you. She’d check on you, asking whether you were eating well or sleeping well. She even used to ask you how your day was at work and what your plans are for the next day.

Everything has ceased and she is giving you a cold shoulder when you ask her about her day. . 

Some more signs that prove that she isn’t as thoughtful as she used to be include:

  • She forgets important dates and occasions 
  • She doesn’t care about your feelings anymore 
  • A decreased effort to show kindness
  • She doesn’t communicate effectively 
  • She fails to keep her promises 
  • She has a selfish behavior 
  • She doesn’t show any effort in solving internal conflicts and misunderstandings 

These are the signs your girlfriend likes another guy. Hence, her rude behavior. She finds the new guy charming and now she doesn’t want a relationship with you.

6. The 3A’s have ceased to exist 

Appreciation, affection, and admiration. All 3A’s have ceased to exist in your romantic relationship because your girlfriend is bored of you and has a not-so-innocent crush on someone else.

In the modern age, all couples display appreciation, affection, and admiration toward their partner as studies claim that it provides a higher relationship satisfaction.

When these things are missing, you end up suspecting something is wrong in the relationship. She could be having an affair or not.

But what matters here is that when you are the only one practicing all good things in the relationship, it will diminish your self-esteem as you won’t get anything in return. One-sided relationships do not work well for anyone.

7. She is always hanging out with her “friends”

Does she have new friends she is always hanging out with? If yes, then there is a strong possibility that your girlfriend is talking to someone else.

This person belongs to the opposite sex and isn’t just friends with her. She has a new crush she is trying to get close to.

Natural attraction is normal when you meet someone new. Let’s say you meet a new colleague and you find them attractive. That’s common, and not something to be worried about.

It’s wrong when you give in to your temptations. There’s a sudden shift in her attitude when she comes back from this meet-up. She is even more rude to you and acts like you don’t deserve someone like her. This is one of the major signs your girlfriend likes another guy and it’s only a matter of time before she replaces you. 

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8. Physical intimacy takes a dip 

Along with developing a huge emotional distance between the two of you, you will also witness your sex life vanishing in thin air.

First, the frequency reduced but now she has completely stopped being physically intimate with you. Why? Is she fulfilling her sexual needs elsewhere? Some physical signs your girlfriend just slept with someone else can be:

  • Hickeys, that she is trying to hide with make-up
  • Because she is cheating, she is fidgeting when you are around
  • She averts her gaze when you look at her
  • She acts nervous and looks lost
  • She is fiercely protective of her phone

Physical contact is one of the most important aspects of a committed relationship. Research has found that it builds a sense of closeness between couples and brings them together while fostering trust between them.

She could be struggling with other issues but it sure doesn’t look like she is suffering. She is having fun with her friends and you’re the only miserable one here. 

9. She stops talking about the future 

Couples who are serious about each other discuss their future plans. That is how long-term relationships progress. Your girlfriend used to do the same.

From where she wants to get married to where she wants to retire and settle down, she’d discuss it all. However, if she has stopped talking about the future, it’s probably because she doesn’t see you in it, anymore.

You need to communicate openly and find out what’s wrong. Is it something you did or she found someone more interesting than you?

This sudden shift in her shows that it could be the latter as it’s one of the signs your girlfriend likes another guy

pull away from a guy to make him want you
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10. She is always complaining and criticizing 

The things she used to love about you now seem to bother her. So, she is always complaining and criticizing everything you do.

For example, you buy her flowers but she is expecting more. Like a memorable gift or a fancy trip to a foreign land. Her unrealistic expectations have paved the way for her whining. Where is this coming from? Perhaps the new guy is setting the bar too high. 

Plus, she will criticize your looks, the way you sit, talk, and chew food. Everything will be noticed by her and she will find it all repulsive. “A breakup would fix this. If your partner treats you like you aren’t good enough, then you have your answer. Just imagine, you could be with someone who loves you just the way you are with flaws and everything. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?”, writes a Quora user on girlfriends who keep criticizing their partners. 

11. You catch your partner lying to you 

How do I know my gf is seeing another guy? When she lies to you.

“Where were you?” “Oh? at the office.”

No. She was at the pub hanging out with someone else. She’s talking to someone else and she’s lying about it. You’ve caught her in a lie. This is another sign she iis cheating on you and has perhaps just slept with someone else. 

David, my best friend from New York recently went through a breakup. He said, “I knew my girlfriend is talking to another guy behind my back when I found out she is going to a certain cafe a lot. The credit card statements and my girlfriend’s behavior when I confronted her said it all. I ended it with her right away.” 

12. She gets overly defensive when you confront her  

Following on from the previous point, your romantic interest will start acting defensive when you confront her about those lies.

According to renowned couples therapist John Gottman, defensiveness is one of four behaviors that predict the end of a committed relationship. Similarly, your girlfriend will do the same. She will act like she is feeling uneasy. What will be more shocking is that she will accuse you of invading her privacy.

She will try to manipulate and gaslight the entire situation and make you the villain for spying on her. Don’t fall for this trap. When you find out your girl is in a new relationship and is even micro-cheating on you, move on. 

signs your crush doesnt like you over text
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13. Her body language is negative 

Your girlfriend’s negative body language will convey her discomfort, hostility, and disinterest in this relationship. She could feel guilty for this but her actions don’t support that theory. So, these are the negative body language you need to keep an eye on:

  • Crossing her arms
  • Not making prolonged eye contact 
  • Frowning and scowling
  • Her jaw is always tightened when you speak 
  • She sighs and rolls her eyes when you say something romantic

These are some of the negative body language conveyed by a person who isn’t interested in you anymore. 

14. She seems unhappy with you 

When she is around you, she is always sulking. She doesn’t seem happy like she used to be. She was a cheerful woman once but now she has a poker face and has become a completely different person. This shows that she is no longer interested in you and the relationship is over for her.

If you spot all the signs your girlfriend likes your friend or some other guy, you may be devastated right now. Read along and find out what you can do about it. 

What To Do If Your Girlfriend Likes Another Guy? 

In romantic relationships where you find out your girl has a crush on someone else, it is important to approach such a situation with emotional maturity, honesty, and respect for not just yourself but also for your partner. You probably still love her so it’s best to not abuse her or go all haywire on her. Instead, here are some steps to consider:

1. Accept this rejection

You just found out that your girlfriend is cheating on you and is talking to someone else. So, allow yourself to feel the range of emotions that come with this revelation.

You could be feeling hurt, betrayed, and disappointed. A wave of insecurity is going to sweep you in. Don’t let that happen. 

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2. Communicate openly 

Have an honest and calm conversation with your girlfriend about your feelings and concerns. It can be a difficult conversation but avoid blaming or accusing her.

Use “I” statements to express your emotions and hurt feelings. Plus, focus on sharing your own perspective and listen actively to what she has to say. 

3. Set boundaries and focus on yourself 

After communicating with her, consider establishing boundaries in your relationship to protect your emotional well-being. If you’ve decided to pursue this relationship, then ask her to not talk to him again.

Try building trust from scratch by trying trust-building exercises. And if you’ve decided to break it off, then take time to prioritize self-care and focus on your own personal growth and happiness. 

4. Evaluate the relationship 

Assess whether this relationship is meeting your needs and whether it is healthy and satisfying for both you and her. Ask her if she is willing to do her part of reviving the relationship. If not, then back away. That’s what most relationship experts say. Such a person is not worth your love and adoration. 

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5. Respect yourself

Don’t ever forget that you deserve to be with someone who respects and values you completely and wholly. If your girlfriend’s feelings for another guy are causing you a lot of distress or if you feel like this relationship is not healthy anymore, it’s time to move on.

Practice self-care and seek support from a relationship coach because a fresh perspective will help you heal and move on. 

Infographic – Signs Your Girlfriend Likes Another Guy

Infographic on Signs your girlfriend likes another guy
Infographic – Signs Your Girlfriend Likes Another Guy

Key Takeaways 

  • Life presents everyone with temptations all along. If your girlfriend gives in to them, you will see all the signs your partner is falling for someone else
  • Some of the signs include ignoring you, lying to you, and changing her looks to impress the new guy 
  • When another guy makes your girlfriend laugh and she falls for him, don’t let rejection affect your self-esteem. Focus on moving on if that’s what you want 

Irrespective of the decision you make after finding out all the signs your girlfriend likes another guy, it is essential that you approach this with empathy and respect. Even though your partner likes someone else, it will be good for you to treat her with the same level of trust and respect as you did before.

However, if you can’t wrap your head around this situation, try seeking support from dating coaches and counselors. They will help you navigate this in a better way.