You broke up with your partner and now they are with someone else. You can feel it in your gut that you’re both unhappy after this separation. You are seeing signs your ex is unhappy in new relationship but you just don’t know if you can be certain about it.

Fret not! We are here to tell you all the signs your ex is pretending to be happy and whether your ex regrets leaving you or not.

People part ways for various reasons. Sometimes it’s infidelity, incompatibility, or just two people who fall out of love. But only when you are apart, you miss their presence. You miss the way they adored you. You want to smell their hair and you desperately wish you could go back in time and rectify your mistakes. 

This can only happen when your ex is as miserable as you. Read this article and you’ll find out if your ex is genuinely hoping to get back together with you or if it’s just your wishful thinking.

How Do You Know Your Ex Is Unhappy In Their New Relationship? 

It doesn’t matter whether the breakup was mutual or not as it is bound to create gloominess and sadness. In fact, studies have found that romantic separation can cause actual physical pain and it takes a lot of healing before you decide to move on. 

So, if your ex has moved on at the flick of their wrist, there are chances of them being unhappy in this relationship. Let’s take a look at all the signs your ex regrets dumping you or being dumped:

1. They keep checking up on you 

One of the most obvious signs that your ex is not over you is when they find excuses to contact you.

  • Just wanted to see if you’re okay
  • I am still using your Netflix account. Is that fine
  • Just wanted to let you know that I’ve removed our pictures from Instagram
  • When can I drop by to give your things back? 

These are some of the excuses they will make to stay in touch with you. To back this theory, a study has found out that unresolved romantic conflicts are one of the reasons many couples decide to stay friends even after the breakup.

This shows their real feelings and that it’s only a matter of time before they drop more hints of getting back together. 

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2. They’ve gained or lost weight 

This common lifestyle change that happens when you are going through a separation. You aren’t able to eat.

Scientifically, the body produces the hormone epinephrine, (also known as adrenaline) in direct response to the onset of grief. Hence, the weight loss.

If your ex looks like they haven’t eaten anything since you broke up, it’s one of the signs your ex-girlfriend is miserable and your ex-boyfriend is heartbroken and isn’t able to let you go. 

On the contrary, emotional eating also takes place when you are not in a good place. People try to fill their void with food and it can lead to a massive weight gain.

Even though your ex is ready to start dating other people again, their weight will tell you a lot about their real feelings. You are clearly wasting your time trying to get your ex back

3. They’ve been working a lot or skipping work

This is one of the things I did when I was going through a breakup. I dived myself into work. I kept working 12 hours a day and it deeply affected my mental health.

If your ex is also doing the same with their life, it’s one of the obvious signs he’s not happy with his new girlfriend or she is not happy with the guy she’s dating. 

On the other hand, if they have shut themselves up and avoid going to work, it’s because they aren’t ready to face the world yet. They are going through a lot of pain and they are faking this new happy relationship.

They are trying to hide their affected self-esteem by entering a new relationship but the fact that they are skipping work says a lot about your ex’s unhappiness. 

4. They’ve stopped going out 

They don’t hang out with their friends anymore, they don’t meet their colleagues outside of work, and they are even missing family events.

They say that they are casually dating someone but they don’t meet them often. That’s not how relationships work and it’s one of the clear signs your ex is not over you yet. 

They’ve basically become a hermit and they’ve cut ties from the outside world by staying in most of the time.

Your ex is binge-watching sappy rom-coms, eating ice cream, and stalking you on all social media platforms. They don’t know how to control their own life anymore and this screams that they aren’t in a good place. 

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5. They expose themselves to alcohol

Research has found that when a romantic relationship ends, most people turn to alcohol. In fact, their alcohol intake increases as it helps them forget their woes for a night.

Some people even go to the extent of indulging in substance abuse. This is not healthy or advisable by health professionals. It’s best you stop thinking about your ex right away.

If you hear from your mutual friends that your ex-partner is drinking a lot these days, it’s one of the clear signs your ex is unhappy in new relationship.

They should be having fun with their new partner but this drinking is only causing a hindrance to their personal growth and to the growth of their relationship. 

signs your ex regrets breaking up with you
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6. Their hygiene has taken a dip 

When you start dating someone, you want to look your best for them. However, if your ex is looking miserable in all the nicest places with their new lover, it’s one of the signs their new relationship is not what they wanted. For example:

  • They have stopped dressing up
  • They care about what anyone will think of them when they show up shabbily 
  • Their fingernails aren’t trimmed 
  • They eat takeout food 6 days a week 

But when you talk to them, it’s like your ex’s happiness knows no bounds. That’s because they are trying to make you jealous. Their hygiene speaks volumes about their current situation. 

7. They haven’t returned your stuff yet 

The jacket you left at their place, your favorite blanket, and your inhaler. Everything is still at your ex’s place. You returned their stuff but they haven’t returned yours. This proves that they aren’t happy with their current partner and have hopes of reconciling one day. 

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8. They share sad posts on social media

It will be pretty evident that this new partner is only a passing illusion when your ex starts posting sad social media posts. They will post-breakup quotes and will try to indirectly tell you how depressed they are. They’ve finally realized your worth and they will try to do whatever they can to catch your attention. 

Also, they will keep checking your social media updates. They will like and comment on the pictures you share even though they are in a rebound relationship now. Nothing will stop them from stalking you. 

9. They are trash-talking about you

This one can be a little tricky. Your ex talks badly about you unnecessarily when you’ve been nothing but polite after the breakup but they are fiercely spreading gossip about you.

Ever heard the song “Attention” by Charlie Puth? Yes. That describes your situation perfectly. You’ve been running around throwing that dirt all on my name… you just want attention.

Your ex also wants nothing but your attention. They are in a new relationship now yet they are craving for you to reach out to them.

If you don’t like that your name is being maligned, call out. Tell them it’s making you uncomfortable. If they loved you truly, they will back off. If they don’t, it’s one of the signs your ex never loved you

10. They drunk dial you often

Your ex will drink a lot and they will call you up on odd hours. When you ask them about their personal life, they will try keeping new relationship a secret. But you already know. Your mutual friends have told you about it.

This shows that they are miserable without you and would do anything to win you over. “Alcohol helps people do the things they really want to do, it removes psychological barriers”, writes a Reddit user on why people drunk dial after a breakup.  

11. Your ex apologizes for their mistakes 

One of the signs your ex is miserable without you is when they tell you they are sorry for their wrongdoings. People accept their mistakes for two reasons:

  • They either want closure
  • Or they want to get back together 

Judging by your ex’s actions, it doesn’t look like they want closure. It looks like they want to reconcile. They feel miserable about their situation and they won’t say it to your face.

Of course, they have their ego and that’s why they chose to be in a rebound relationship as soon as they broke up with you. 

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12. They get jealous when you mention a potential date

You met them coincidentally and you start talking about this amazing person you met on a dating app. Watch how their face turns.

They will become jealous and they will try to stalk this new person on social media. Young adults get jealous quickly and it will reflect on their actions. Here are some more signs your ex is jealous of the person you started dating:

  • They will make negative comments about your partner or your relationship
  • They will show up in they know you’ll be with your partner and act like it’s a coincidence 
  • They will try to make you feel guilty for moving on

According to dating and relationship coaches, when you find out that your ex-partner is jealous of your new relationship, it’s one of the signs your ex is bitter about this whole thing. 

signs he has no feelings for you

13. They’re jumping from fling to fling 

Last week they were seeing someone else and this week they’ve found someone new. This behavior is commonly associated with self-destructive behavior followed by a breakup. If they are genuinely happy, they would stick to one person. 

They are just trying to find someone who will match you and your level of love, honesty, and affection. They are comparing every single person they meet with you. You’ve set the bar too high and this is clearly one of the signs your ex is still in love with you

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14. They’ll ask if you want to reconcile 

“Should we give us another chance?”. Your ex will definitely ask this question if they are hoping to get back with you. If you also want to see your ex’s happiness, then give them another chance.

They are done jumping from one relationship to the other and have realized how much you matter to them. 

15. They’ll tell you they’re unhappy 

Your ex keeps contacting you for silly reasons. In one such conversation, it slips from their mouth that they are unhappy. Moreover, they will try to give you hints.

For example, they will tell your mutual friends how much this breakup has affected them so it can reach your ears. They are either trying to win you over or guilt-trip you. 

These are all the signs your ex is unhappy in new relationship. But how do you know for sure that your ex regrets leaving you? Read along and find out.

How Do You Know If Your Ex Regrets Leaving You? 

You could be thinking that your ex had moved on but the signs they are portraying says the opposite. Here are some sureshot facts that reveal her disappointment and regret over leaving you:

1. They recall the happy times

One of the most obvious signs your ex is ashamed of breaking up with you is when they aren’t able to let go of good times. When you meet her to return her stuff, she will talk about the happy memories.

She is hinting at unresolved feelings by talking about how the two of you spent your first anniversary together. When a person has moved on, they will never dwell on past memories. If your ex keeps revisiting the past, it’s one of the signs your ex is marble without you. 

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2. They make efforts to impress you

Why would an ex try to impress you? What you think should matter the least to them but here your ex is bending over backward to impress you. They will hide all the signs your ex is in a rebound relationship just to get closer to you.

They are available at 3am to help you process your feelings. They offer emotional support. They ask if you don’t mind spending time together to reach closure, which is just a coverup to impress you. 

3. They try to flirt with you 

If the two of you are at a party, your ex will try to flirt with you by doing the following things:

  • Playing teasing you or cracking joking during conversations
  • When your ex-boyfriend compliments you on your appearance and personality 
  • They will initiate physical contact like touching your arm or leaning in close
  • They will maintain prolonged eye contact 
  • Trying to initiate a sex chat with you 

They are in a new relationship but your ex hiding his new relationship or her new relationship to win you over by flirting with you. 

4. They stay updated on your life 

Where you had dinner last night to who you are currently dating and when was the last time you met your parents. They know it all. Along with stalking your social media accounts, they will also inquire about you with your mutual friends to find out what’s happening in your life. 

5. They show vulnerability 

Your ex is unhappy with their new partner. Hence, they try to be vulnerable with you. They will tell you about the difficult times they faced after the breakup. If their current partner is mistreating them or fighting a lot, they’ll confide in you. At this point, they don’t really care about their self-esteem and just want to get back together with you.

Key Takeaways 

  • It’s difficult to move on from a breakup. Some people enter a new relationship yet they miss their former lover
  • Some of the signs your ex is unhappy in new relationship include stalking you, sharing sad posts on social media, and apologizing for their mistakes 
  • They regret breaking up with you if they show vulnerability and recall the happy times 

It’s best to heal first before you deal with an ex-partner’s feelings. Whether or not you want to get back together is secondary. You first need to cope with the breakup. Then, offer friendship if they are open to the idea of being friends. But if you also wish to get back together, try to work out on the problems that led to the breakup in the first place. Once that’s settled, you can start afresh. Good luck!