When Jenny broke up with her boyfriend and they both decided to go their separate ways, she was totally devastated. She couldn’t come to terms with the fact that her relationship was over. Being sure that her SO was also feeling the same, she started to look for signs that her ex has left the door open for reconciliation.

Have also suffered a breakup recently but think it couldn’t end like this, not so soon? You are sure your ex cannot be completely over you and wonder if there is some way to rekindle the relationship again.

Your life support hinges on a million-dollar question: whether your ex still has feelings for you.

Grappling with all these mind-numbing emotions can be overwhelming. To make things easier for you (read: to help you understand your ex-boyfriend’s feelings after the breakup) we have listed here signs your ex is leaving the door open for you. 

What Are The Signs Your Ex Is Leaving The Door Open? 

Your world has been turned upside down by the breakup that left you with the ever-persistent question: is it all over, or there is still a positive light of hope? Perhaps the breakup was in haste, something that happened without you two giving a good thought on it.

Is it just wishful thinking that your ex wants you to contact them once you have cooled down or it is just your desperation playing games with you?

Well, there are surefire signs your ex wants you back but is scared and unsure of what you want. Let’s explore the post-breakup possibilities and scour through 17 good signs your ex is leaving the door open for reconciliation. 

We are here to guide you (and everyone else) through the signs that your ex is not yet ready to cut ties and slam the door shut. Not as yet.

Read on and you will be able to see through the subtle signs your ex wants you back and has left the communication channels open before the relationship ends and breathes its last.

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1. There are open communication channels

If you see your ex contacting you all too often, take this as a green signal that they want to reconsider the breakup. They are not the kind who believe in the no-contact rule. It is a significant indication that your ex is open to a reconciliation in a few months’ time, once they feel emotionally ready.

An ex who can’t keep himself off you and keeps coming back to you through calls, texts, or even DMs, suggests that he is not ready to cut contact with you. You will notice the below:

  • He sends you forwarded memes or ‘good morning’ messages
  • He calls you on-and-off, even though his calls might be short and casual
  • Your friends have told you he enquires about you
  • You often run into him at places you frequented together

No matter how deep or superficial the conversation between you two is, what really matters is that you are constantly in touch. This points out the significance of your presence in their life. They know its value and hence are not shy of acknowledging your worth.

2. Their behavior is flirtatious

You might perceive signs that your ex is still attracted to you and wants you back. Though he continues to be indecisive about his feelings, he finds you sexually attractive, which is well evident in their behavior. You will feel your ex is still into you and he will eventually come back.

They openly flirt with you and indulge in playful banter that shows signs of their affection for you. Their fondness for you lingers on and rubs off their behavior. It could be a good sign that they find you hard to resist and are still inclined toward you.

However, there is no guarantee that it will lead to their interest in rekindling the relationship–it can also be translated into their urge to have a no-strings-attached relationship! But flirting is surely a sign your ex is still attracted to you.

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3. They spend time with you

A man who gives you his quality time has more than a thing for you. If you see him find excuses to spend time with you—over tea in the evenings, while working out in the gym, or on the weekends—know that it is a good sign for you.

Your ex is spending their time with you because they attach value to what they gain from it. It is not an expense of time for them; rather, it is an investment where the returns are highly valued! 

Check if you notice any of these:

  • Physical proximity. Your ex is always within reach
  • He often drops by to ‘say Hi’ or to ‘see you’
  • You guys meet spontaneously
  • He suggests casual meet-ups
  • Coffee outings get increasingly frequent
  • Movies and walks in the park are no longer lonely. He joins you in everything

If these look like the scenario you are in, understand that your ex is leaving the door open to stay connected with you. 

signs your ex wants you back but is scared

4. They fondly recall the good times

Another sign that your ex is leaving the door ajar is their nostalgia for the time you two have spent together as a couple.

Even though you had issues and differences in your relationship (this is why you are no longer together as a couple in the first place!), all that he talks about are good and happy memories.

There is no regret, no negativity, no remorse, no grudges or hard feelings to mention. It is all a rosy picture of the yesteryears that he fondly recalls and gets nostalgic about. 

It is a clear indication that your ex is not ready to move on from his past relationship and is still waiting for you. Nostalgia can be a powerful force that creates a yearning for what is foregone. Your ex longs for the good times spent with you and wants to relive those moments.

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5. They make efforts to meet you

You would find your ex initiating meetups. They would drop hints that you two should meet more often, and would find excuses to ‘co-incidentally’ bump into you.

It could be a coffee, a walk in the park, or even when you are out shopping for groceries. Your ex’s willingness to meet you hints at their lingering interest in you. 

Is your ex ending the relationship with a promise to not only keep in touch but meet and hang out as well? Did he set an exact date to catch up with you?

If yes, then this could be one of the signs your ex is leaving the door open. They are unsure about their feelings and know that they might have a change of heart for which they are keeping this door open to accommodate the change. 

6. They show an interest in your love life 

His curiosity about your romantic pursuits is his way of gauging if you are still available for him. He keeps on asking about your dating life to see if there is any hope for you two to get back together to rekindle the lost love.

Signs that your ex is always concerned about your dating life include:

  • Always asking you if you have a new partner
  • Asking you if you are in a new relationship all too often
  • Your ex discreetly (or not so discreetly) inquires about your love life
  • They will casually ask you about your current relationship status
  • They will often check on you over the weekend, asking about your plans

His curiosity about your romantic pursuits is his way of gauging if you are still available for him. He keeps on asking about your dating life to see if there is any hope for you two to get back together to rekindle the lost love. 

Signs your ex wants to get back together

7. They are jealous and possessive 

Nothing spells lingering love more clearly than an ex who is insecure, jealous, and possessive.

They love you undoubtedly but, for their own reasons, do not want to commit to you. They do not want you to be someone else’s soulmate.

They see a lifetime partner in you and are not ready to see you with someone else. They want to stay friends with you but deep inside they aren’t over their love for you. 

  • You mention a guy that you are seeing and they get possessive of you, advising you not to trust the new guy
  • They discourage you from dating anyone
  • They get furious/upset for seemingly no reason when they see you getting closer to any other person

Despite the bad breakup, your ex has not lost feelings for you. If you’ve been wondering what are the signs that an ex is still interested after a breakup, then this is clearly one of them!

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8. You two are connected on social media accounts

When you two were together, your pictures were all over your social media handles as #couplegoals. You two never shied away from PDA, nor from updating your statuses to ‘committed’ or ‘in a relationship’.

Now that you aren’t seeing each other anymore, the old pictures are still there. The statuses haven’t gone back to ‘single’ or ‘it’s complicated’. Things are the same as they once were, even if he knows he messed up.

If your ex continues to be your friend on social media and likes or comments on your pictures, then take it as a sign that usually makes an ex come back. They are not certain about the relationship coming to an end, as they have a continued interest in you. 

9. They maintain contact with your friends and family

An ex who is open to reconciliation will stay connected with your close circle of friends and family.

Moreover, they will talk about you in front of your mutual friends. They would try to seek your attention by meeting your near and dear ones. They are trying to figure out your feelings on the breakup, and getting back together. Yes, it is one of the signs your ex wants you back but is scared.

‘Why is my ex keeping the lines of communication open with my family?’ you may ask.

It is their way of pitching themselves to people close to you in a bid to influence your opinion of them. Don’t be surprised if you find more people involved (read: your bff and colleagues) in helping your ex rekindle the love. 

So, what does it mean to leave the door open? 

  • Your ex would attend shared events where they know they’ll find you
  • They make it a point to meet people close to you
  • They attend your family gatherings
  • They talk about you (portraying you in a positive light) to everyone 

In case you are in touch with your ex’s friends, trust them when they say he talks about you fondly! 

10. They talk about the future

If you see your ex discussing their future plans (with or without you) it means they hold you close to their heart. Most people open up about their future only with their close ones. That they find the ‘close’ circle in you is a significant hint that the door to the relationship is not shut yet. They still count you as one of the well-wishers and trust you with their innermost thoughts and ambitions. 

Your ex could be leaving room for the possibility of your paths crossing once again if they talk about their future plans. Even though you might not necessarily be a part of their future, they want to share with you how and where they see themselves in the years to come.

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11. They are concerned about your well-being

Your ex would worry about your health. They will constantly keep a tab on your whereabouts, not to spy on you, but to ensure your safety. They want to see you happy and healthy and can go to any lengths to ensure this.

Their concern for you makes them offer assistance and help every time you are in need. Their lending a hand and being there for you denotes they still care for you and are affectionate toward you. 

  • You are moving houses, and your ex shows up just in time to help you
  • You are sick and they drop in with some flowers and a bowl of steaming chicken soup to make you feel better
  • You have a deadline to meet and they work over the weekends to see you through the project 

Their actions speak louder than their and present their true feelings for you.

Signs Your Ex Is Leaving The Door Open For Reconciliation
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12. They still act like your partner 

Being with you, spending quality time, and supporting you has become a way of life for your ex. They cannot imagine being without you and so they continue to act as if you two are still in a relationship.

This is undoubtedly one of the subtle signs your ex is leaving the door open for reconciliation. This is a huge sign that they cannot forget you. It could also mean that they like you but do not want to stay committed to you due to reasons unknown. 

Do you find your ex pretending as if the breakup never happened? Do they continue to act like your partner? Do you see them spending time with you and helping you as before?

If yes, then chances are that your ex harbors feelings for you, even though they might be unsure of them. 

13. They are consistent in their efforts 

An ex who shows up without fail every single time is more than just an ex. They are consistent with their efforts for a reason, because consistency is the key to leaving the door open for the future. They are genuinely interested in reconnecting with you and, hence, are putting their best foot forward.

Since they are so eager to revive the relationship, they might even own up to any mistakes committed on their part. They will acknowledge their wrongdoing and be willing to make amends. Take all of these as important signs that your ex is ready to work on the issues or differences that led to the breakup and maybe undo the same as well. 

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14. They try to make you jealous 

Your ex is already rooting for reconciliation, so they would want to create the same desire in you. They want you to regret the decision to part ways and make you want to reach out to them, urging for a reunion. And how do they do that? Your ex will test you by making you jealous.

  • Your ex will post merry and cheerful pictures on their social media accounts
  • You will find your ex boasting about the girls they are seeing or dating; it could also be their new partner or any casual flings 
  • It would seem that your ex is living their best life despite the bad breakup

While all the things done in this taste might seem immature and illogical, the motive behind them is to make you feel jealous and regret losing out on him.

15. They still hold on to some of your belongings

When people leave, it is the material things that fill in the void by taking us back to the sweet memories.

If your ex is still clinging on to some of your belongings, then read it as one of the signs your ex is leaving the door open. It suggests that they are not ready to let go of you and the past relationship. 

It could be any of your belongings, like a small piece of jewelry, a card or note that you gave him, old pictures of you two, your pen, or even your handkerchief.

These seemingly small things hold a big significance for him reminding him of the good times spent together. If your ex is hoarding such things for their sentimental value, know that there is ample room for reconciliation. 

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16. They appreciate you and support you 

Receiving compliments and appreciation from your ex is a sign that they still value you and your qualities. If you notice them silently admiring you or being vocal about it, understand that they know your worth.

Their appreciation is a way of acknowledging what they are missing about you. It could be your looks, fashion sense, your professional behavior, your dedication to your ambitions, or anything–they are in awe of you and not yet prepared to shut the door slam. 

As an extension of their appreciation, you might even find them being extremely supportive of your dreams. They will be your loudest cheerleaders, egging you on to achieve your goals.

They will actively support you to help you realize your dreams and overcome challenges. It signals their commitment to you and their longing to get back into the relationship. 

Your ex will get all nostalgic

17. They are emotionally vulnerable with you 

If you see your ex-

  • Being emotionally vulnerable
  • Opening up to you regarding their life problems
  • Acknowledging their fears and insecurities
  • Discussing any issues bothering them 

Then it is a sign that they are craving for the emotional support you provided them. They cannot let go of you as they find a comforting presence in you. 

This might happen over a late-night call or a casual meetup, the seemingly light-hearted conversation will veer toward the serious and profound expression of innermost thoughts and feelings. It is a subtle sign that they want to leave the door open for future reconciliation. 

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What Should You Do When Your Ex Leaves The Door Open?

Now you know which signs to look out for to find out if your ex is leaving the door open. You need to approach the situation with caution and empathy. First of all, gauge your own feelings–are you ready for a reconciliation, too? Whether or not you are interested in a rebound relationship, you must keep the following things in mind:

  1. Reflect on your feelings. Before you take any action, introspect and know your feelings. See if you want to get along again and whether the past issues leading to the breakup can be resolved. It’s crucial to be sure about your intentions
  2. Communicate openly. We cannot emphasize enough on the need to communicate openly and honestly with your ex. Share your concerns, listen to theirs, and arrive on the same page to understand where both of you want to see the relationship going
  3. Respect the boundaries. Respect the boundaries, both your and your ex’s. Both the people involved need to feel honored and respected. Reconciliation should not be forced if either of the partners is unwilling
  4. Go slow. Building a relationship, especially after a breakup, needs time and patience. Do not rush into a decision. Allow each other the time and space to heal and recover. 

Navigating the post-breakup landscape is a complex journey filled with emotional twists and turns. The signs your ex is leaving the door open for reconciliation are not guarantees, but they can provide hope and insight into your shared history.

Remember, every relationship is unique, and reconciliation is a path that should be traveled with care and consideration. Whether you choose to walk through the open door or keep it closed, the most important thing is that you make the decision that feels right for you and your future. Make a decision and do not keep wasting your time waiting for your ex.