Ah, love! It’s a magical feeling that can make even the toughest of hearts go weak in the knees. If you have fallen for a man, and are trying to get some insights to his personality through his zodiac sign, it’s a smart move. Knowing your man’s zodiac traits will help you understand their behavior and thought process. And here, we will tell you how to decode the signs of a Taurus man in love with you.

Taurus men, the hard-working Bulls who are known for their loyalty and sensuality can be shy and keep their feelings under the wraps for the longest time. But if you are able spot the signs a Taurean has decided you are the one for them, believe me, you’re in for a treat!

So how does a Taurus man behave in love? These earthy and dependable creatures may seem reserved at first, but once they fall head over heels in love with you, there’s no turning back.

This zodiac sign is known for its unique blend of passion, sensuality, and steadfastness in relationships. If you find your Taurean man sending you mixed signals, leaving you confused if he’s as smitten as you are, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 17 sure signs a Taurus man is in love with you, featuring some popular Taurean men along the way!

17 Sure Signs A Taurus Man Is In Love With You

Taurus men, a fixed Earth sign, are born between April 20 and May 20 and are ruled by the planet Venus. They possess a unique blend of qualities that set them apart.

Mostly known for their stability, practicality, dependability, and sensual nature, when a Taurus man decides you’re the one, he will make you feel the most special. Even though a Taurus man expresses little, there are some sure-shot signs of a Taurus man in love. 

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1. His actions speak louder than his words

If you are on your way to pick up signs a Taurus man secretly likes you, then observe his actions. He’d rather be tongue-tied when it comes to expressing his love, but you can notice his feelings for you in his actions. 

This sun sign is affectionate, and when a Tauras man falls for you, it will be explicit in his meaningful gestures. A Taurus man values small details and genuine actions over long declarations of love, and you will notice just the same.

From small gestures like surprise gifts to small acts of kindness, his actions will speak volumes about his love for you. They will always be up for going that extra mile to make their love feel special and loved. 

2. He is a shy guy

Those born under the bull sign are adorably shy and awkward. Don’t take them to be namby-pamby; they are confident and self-assured with others. But when it comes to matters of the heart, they tend to be shy and slow as a snail. They will not say “I love you” till the longest of time.

The early stages of dating a Taurus man might be too awkward, thanks to their uneasiness. Do not expect much on your first date for your Taurean man might as well be fidgety and on the edge!  

  • The otherwise cool and confident dude will get nervous when you are around
  • If a Taurus man falls for you, he leaves no stone unturned to woo you and win you over
  • A Taurus guy in love will pull all the strings to make sure that you, the girl of his dreams, find the perfect date in him

A Taurean man does not want to rush into things, they will observe first, taking things slowly to be absolutely certain of you. Better sure than sorry, as they say.

3. You are his top priority 

Those born in April love their partner wholeheartedly. When a Taurus man is in love, you become his number one priority. Wondering if a Taurus guy loves you? Notice how he priortizes spending time with you over and over again.

He’ll specifically carve out time for you, though he will not show it. You can sense a how a Taurus man feels for you if he initiates making plans in advance to spend quality time with you.

Call them for a coffee, and see them making time for you, even if they are running a busy schedule. Your Taurean guy will do everything he can to ensure that you feel cherished and loved. Your happiness is a big deal for him.

Don’t forget that Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Expect to feel deeply loved because if a Taurus man is in love with you, then you are no less than a queen to him.

Just look at David Beckham’s devotion to his wife Victoria; it’s a prime example of a Taurus man’s unwavering commitment to his partner. 

How to get a taurus man to chase you
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4. Your Taurean guy gets touchy-feely with you

Yes, we aren’t kidding. The body language of a Taurus man in love will clearly give away his true feelings for you. Their love language is one that brims with physical affection. Subtle actions of physical touch, (though never making you feel uncomfortable) is how they will make you feel loved.

How do you know if a Taurus man is catching feelings for you? Notice his smile when catches a sight of you. Pay attention to his demeanor when you are around. That nervousness is a huge sign he is crazy about you.

They belong to the Earth sign and are sensual beings who love physical intimacy. Cuddling, snuggling, hugging, holding hands, or finding excuses to come in contact with you –  a Taurus guy shows love in these forms.

When a Taurus man hugs you frequently and finds it difficult to keep his hands off you, constantly looking for ways to be close, it’s a clear sign that he’s fallen hard. Take a page out of Channing Tatum’s book, a charismatic Taurus who exudes passion and affection.

5. He patiently understands you

Taurus men are known for their patience, and when they’re in love, they become even more understanding. So what can be some of the hints a Taurus man is in love with you? Be on the lookout for the following: 

  • Your Taurus man in love listens to you without judgment
  • He always has a supportive shoulder to offer
  • He is empathetic and gives you the time and space you need 

Take a cue from Mark Zuckerberg, one of the popular Taurean men known for their calm demeanor and understanding nature. 

6. He prefers intimate, homely dates

A Taurus man in love is a deeply sensitive person who feels safe in his comfort zone. Do not expect him to plan camping trips with you; he’d rather spend time at home, snuggling with you.

Even if it is a married Taurus man in love with another woman, be assured he has fallen for you if he prefers to spend quality time with you in a cozy space rather than indulging in wild, passionate extra-marital sex in a hotel room.

Cook a big breakfast together
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You know a Taurus man is truly in love with you when you find him doing any (or all) of these with you:

  • Game nights at home over hitting the club
  • Binge-watch nights with a drink or two
  • Cooking sessions, laced with love and naughtiness
  • Reading books to/with each other
  • Morning dates, snuggling and making breakfast for each other in pyjamas
  • Or simply engaging in deep conversations

A typical homebody, your Taurus guys is content and happy with the simple pleasures of life. A Taurus man prefers intimate, quality time with the people they love, no frills attached.

7. He is chatty with you

Taurus men are usually private individuals, very reticent and quiet. But when a Taurus man decides you’re the one, he would be the most eloquent with you.

He would throw the doors to his heart open for you and have freewheeling conversations with you. He gets more conversational, chatty, and communicative with you. A Taurus man expresses his love by telling you everything he has on his mind.

Some of the signs a Taurus man secretly likes you can be: 

  • He shares his daily activities with you
  • You know every single detail about his day
  • He discusses his innermost feelings, thoughts, and desires with you
  • Random compliments for you will be a routine

If you are crushing hard on this man, and these signs are enough to know he likes you back.

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8. He invites you into his world

Men from the second sign of the zodiac like to keep their life private and covert, but how does a Taurus man behave in love? Well, when they’re in love, they want you to be a part of their world. They walk you into their inner circle. This is one big sign that a Taurean guy has strong feelings for you.

He’ll introduce you to his close circle and loved ones, showing that he’s serious about the relationship. You might come across this even during the early stages of dating a Taurus man because if he is seriously into you, he will take you home to meet his family.

Taurean men are family oriented, and if they see you as a long haul, they would want to know and see how you and his close people gel up together. Their approval, your comfort with them will cement his dedication and commitment to you.

A case in the study is Henry Cavill, a Taurus who values his privacy but has let a select few into his inner circle.

9. He values stability and long-term commitment

Stability is crucial for Taurus men, and when they’re in love, they envision a future with you. Just like their celestial animal, the Bull, they are hardworking, determined and tenacious.

A typical Taurus man is not interested in casual hookups or superficial connections. Stability and security mean a lot to this fixed Earth sign, so a committed relationship is what they want.

Most Taurean men are one-woman men and would rather like to see you through to the end. They stay true to their words and are known for keeping their commitment. If you love this man too, give him the assurance and see how he proves his reliability.

So what can be one of the most poignant signs a Taurus man secretly likes you? If he starts discussing long-term plans, such as buying a home or financial security, it’s a sign that he sees you as his forever. George Clooney, a steadfast Taurus, sure knows a thing or two about commitment and building a solid foundation.

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10. He is a man of actions

Don’t take a Taurean man to be full of a faff. He believes in doing instead of talking. He might not shout it out from the rooftops declaring his love for you, but when he does drop the L-word, he does it in the most meaningful ways. 

From small gestures like surprising you with thoughtful gifts to grand acts of love, his actions will speak volumes about his sincere feelings for you. Make a note of his efforts if you want to know whether a Taurus man is in love with you:

  • He makes efforts that are visible
  • He expresses his interest in you 
  • He is deeply concerned about you

When a Taurus man chooses you, he will never be superficial to you. He will show his true, raw self to you, and give you all his attention to win you over.

How does a Taurus man behave in love?

11. He is extremely supportive

Taurus men are cheerleaders for their loved ones. When he’s in love, he’ll support your dreams and encourage you to reach for the stars. An unwavering support is what defines their love for you. 

  • He will have your back during the toughest of times
  • He will motivate and encourage you at every step of your life
  • He will cheer you on your smallest of achievements

Look at David Beckham, a Taurus who has been a pillar of support for his wife Victoria’s career.

12. He plans for the future with you 

A Taurus man in love will make plans for a shared future. A Taurean guy is not letting you go if he sees his future with you. And because they are practical beings who would not get into a serious relationship unless they are sure of you, they might even test you for your loyalty and devotion to them.

  • Whether it’s talking about starting a family or discussing career goals, he envisions a life with you by his side
  • He values your opinions on all the financial matters
  • You know where he sees himself in 5 years

A great example of this is the talented actor Chris Hemsworth, a Taurus who cherishes family and plans for the future.

13. He is fiercely loyal to you

Loyalty is a defining trait of Taurus men, and when they’re in love, their loyalty knows no bounds. They are loyal, trustworthy, and level-headed, yet they are a feminine sign who simply are a hit with women.

Taurus men are often successful, with a down-to-earth attitude that appeals to many women. Their charm is irresistible so you will often find a Taurus guy surrounded by women, trying to get his attention.

However, if this man has made up his mind to be with you, he will not have any eye for the other women. He will hold you close or gaze at you lovingly in all the chaos to make you feel secure and giving away his feelings for you.

When a Taurus man decides you’re the one, he:

  • Will have eyes only for you, no matter how tempting the options
  • He will always have your back
  • He will always keep your secrets a secret
  • You see him investing time and effort into building a solid foundation with you
  • He will make it a point to be present and involved in your life, enveloping you with a sense of security and stability

14. He takes care of you

Born under the bull sign, nurturing nature shines through these men when in love. A typical Taurus man will always treat you with care and respect. This hopeless romantic will express his love through small gestures of kindness and care, making you feel humbled by their presence in your life.

They are a good bet since they’ll take care of you, whether it’s by making you a warm cup of tea when you’re sick or surprising you with picking the next venue for your date together, it will be these small romantic gestures that will indicate his genuine feelings for you.

Yes, no gala, grand declarations of love, but simple things that will leave a lasting impression on you. You know a Taurus man misses you and loves you when:

  • He remembers every little detail about you. It could be your pet cat’s name or your colleague from your last workplace
  • Taurus men have an eye for detail, and they notice everything about you
  • When they’re in love, they remember the small things that matter to you. From your favorite flower to the tiniest preferences, he’ll make an effort to show that he pays attention

I once dated a Taurus guy, and he even made sure I got extra cream with my coffee whenever we went on dates. He charmed me with this simple gesture, every single time. To him, love was in the little things and he was always very observant of the little details that mattered to me.

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15. He will trust you

A Taurus man’s level of trust in you determines his feelings for you. If he loves you, he will blindly trust you. Taurus men are themselves very dependable, just look at George Clooney! So it is natural for them to invest all their trust in their partner. 

If you see him sharing his anxieties and insecurities with you, know that it is not typical of these shy creatures. They confide in only a selected few, and if you are one of them it means that they hold you high.

Your guy is going to be very honest and transparent with you, giving you a glimpse of his innermost thoughts and desires. 

signs a taurus man secretly likes yo
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16. His gifts/gestures will be a sensory treat

A Taurus man in love has a massive appetite for sensual pleasure and the finer things in life. They have a strong desire for extravagance and great things and being controlled by Venus, opulence is natural for them.

Taurean’s sensual nature also extends to their romantic relationships, where physical touch and intimacy play a significant role.

Because of their deep appreciation for life’s pleasures, they want to share those experiences with you if they are smitten. From candlelit dinners to weekend getaways, he’ll spare no expense to create sensory-rich moments together.

Look to the romantic side of David Boreanaz, a Taurean actor who knows how to indulge the senses.

17. He will be overprotective of you

A Taurus man in love becomes your fierce protector. He’ll stand up for you, defend you from any harm, and make sure you feel safe. A Taurean man in love may also come across as a bit possessive and clingy, but that is a part of how they express their love.

This might be a red flag for a woman who is fiercely independent. You may try to initiate a dialogue, but Taurus men are also known to be stoic and stubborn. However, if this trait is something you get drawn to, than look no further.

Think of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, whose strong and nurturing nature mirrors the protective instincts of a Taurean lover.

  • He holds you close when you two are in a public place
  • He goes to great lengths to ensure your happiness and well-being
  • He is possessive of you and cannot stand you talking to/hanging out with other men

When a Taurus man reaches out to you, it is usually certain that they have made their mind to have you as their equal partner in life.

If you’ve noticed these 17 sure signs in your Taurus man, congratulations! It’s evident that he’s madly in love with you. However, you must also remember that every person is unique and has individual characteristics.

Even though these traits are commonly seen among the Taurean men, there is no ‘one size fits all’. Irrespective of their zodiac sign, enjoy the journey of love with your man and embrace the beauty of a relationship built on loyalty, sensuality, and unwavering commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions On Taurus Men

1. How To Make A Taurus Man Obsess Over You?

Taurus men usually find their best matches in Pisces. However, you can foster a healthy and meaningful relationship with a Taurus man founded on the pillars of mutual respect, honest love, and understanding. Focus on being genuine with your emotions and stick to your commitment. 

2. What is a Taurus man’s weakness in love?

While Taurus men have many strengths, they also have some weaknesses in love. One common weakness is their tendency to be possessive and jealous. They may struggle with insecurity, seeking reassurance from their partner. Open communication and reassurance can help address these concerns and build trust in the relationship.