Okay, ladies and gentlemen! Did you notice some signs someone is hiding something on their phone? If yes, then It’s time to become Sherlock Holmes and decode your partner’s sneaky phone behavior.

In today’s day and age, smartphones aren’t just gadgets. They hold our important messages, meetings, pictures, videos, and even our deepest darkest secrets. We sleep with our phones next to us and that’s the first thing we look at after waking up.

They could just be scrolling Instagram watching cat reels but you feel it in your gut that they are talking to someone else behind your back. They seem aloof and distant. They have frequent mood swings and you don’t know where they’re coming from.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at all the subtle and obvious signs someone is hiding something from you.

How Do You Know If Someone Is Hiding Something On Their Phone?

All of us have weird phone habits. Some people take their phone to the bathroom, whereas some get under the blanket till sunrise watching silly YouTube videos.

And most importantly, we’re all overprotective of our devices for various reasons. Is your partner’s reason for a juicy involvement with someone else? Thanks to digitalization these days, online cheating has become more and more rampant.

In fact, research has found that 33% of internet users go online just to see if they can find someone they can cheat and have sexual relationships with.

If you think there’s something going on behind your back, listed below are all the questionable phone activities by boyfriends and girlfriends.

1. They’ve changed or set up a passcode

One of the most alarming signs someone is hiding something on their phone is when they suddenly lock their phone with a password.

Where is this need stemming from? It’s also distrustful when they suddenly change their phone passcode.

You now no longer have access to their mobile phone. You’ve known this person for a long time now and they’ve told you their phone password before out of trust and love.

Their need for a new password indicates three things:

  • They need more privacy
  • They don’t trust you anymore as they have installed banking apps and other important apps on the phone
  • They don’t want you going through their phone and finding out something that could potentially damage the relationship

This is where you need to understand why they’ve decided to make this new change.

Conversely, most people in healthy relationships share their passwords with each other.

But why has your partner changed their passcode out of the blue? Are they hiding something? Most probably.

Try to ask them casually what their new password is. If they refuse to tell you, they definitely have something to hide.

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2. They sit away from you when they’re using their phone

Body language can be an important tool in figuring out if someone is hiding something on their phone.

Your partner will never sit next to you when they are using their phone. They will angle their body away from you or will get up and leave to the next room altogether.

This is definitely suspicious phone usage and you need to dig deeper, perhaps they are seeing someone else.

Some more guarded body language by a person who is hiding something on their phone include:

  • Placing the phone screen downward when they are with you so you don’t see their receiving notifications popping up
  • They will run back to the room if they’ve left the phone somewhere near you
  • They will take quick glances at their phone to see if someone has texted them or not
  • They display nervous energy when you try to look at their phone screen

These are some of the phone activities that will bring out negative body language in a person. Be wary of them if you are overly protective of your mental health.

Your partner is hiding something from you

3. They use their phone at odd hours

How can I find out if my husband is hiding things on his phone?

Your wife or your husband is hiding things on their phone when their phone beeps at unusual hours.

It wasn’t like that before. Now, they never leave their phone unattended and their phone is always on silent.

In addition to that, their phone habits have become extremely dubious.

For example, you are sleeping and they tiptoe their way out of the bedroom in the middle of the night to use their phone.

You don’t know what they are doing but they have a mobile phone in their hand. This is how to tell if your SO is hiding something on her phone.

4. They have extreme mood swings

Your partner is on an emotional rollercoaster and you don’t know why. When you ask what’s going on with them, their answer is just “Oh, work problems”.

But you can feel that it’s not their work. It is something else. Here are some ways mood swings could be connected to lies and deceit:

  • If your partner is cheating on Facebook or doing something they shouldn’t be doing, they may experience feelings of guilt, anxiety, or stress. This will make them feel restless and result in mood swings
  • They are experiencing so many emotions and they don’t know how to process them
  • If they truly are hiding something from you, they will be distracted most of the time and this will lead to mood swings

These are some of the behavioral signs they are doing something they feel guilty about. They don’t want you to know about it and are worried sick wondering what if you find out.

If this person has an irrational temperament without any reason, you need to find out the reason behind it.

5. They use disguised apps and app hiders

After finding out from a friend that your partner is on dating sites, you started snooping around to find out if there’s something on their phone.

But you don’t find anything. That’s because they are tech-savvy and could have used:

  • Disguised apps
  • App hiders

These disguised apps typically have a different and unnoticeable appearance. For example, they may appear as a calculator, a note-taking app, or a harmless game.

But the truth behind the facade is that these apps could store things like photos, videos, and text messages.

It’s a known fact that cheaters hide messages and everything else. In such cases, they are probably cheating on you on dating apps.

On the other hand, app hiders allow its users to easily hide the apps that they don’t want anyone to know. You can’t launch these apps through the regular app menu. They are usually password-protected and your partner would have other ways to use the app.

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6. They keep their phone clean

A person who is hiding someone from their spouse would ensure there are no chances left that they can get caught. They will keep their phone clean and wipe out:

  • Call logs
  • Text messages
  • Browser history
  • WhatsApp messages

Why? What are they hiding? It’s impossible that they don’t search anything on Google or don’t get any phone calls. This is a sure-shot red flag.

Patrice, my childhood buddy, wrote to me the other day, “I feel like my partner is hiding something from me.

“He deletes all his WhatsApp messages and displays secretive behaviors like not letting his phone out of sight. I’ve made up my mind to check my boyfriend’s phone but I am worried I’ll find something heartbreaking there.”

sneaky phone behavior signs
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7. They won’t let you touch their phone

Another sneaky phone behavior is when your partner doesn’t let you touch their phone because they are afraid you may open a Pandora’s box. Their phone habits suddenly changed, they have new friends they meet often, and now they aren’t letting you touch their phone.

Here are some other possible reasons your partner isn’t letting you touch their phone:

  • They are cheating or sexting someone else
  • They are talking to friends you don’t approve of
  • They want to draw boundaries
  • They want you to respect their privacy

If it’s infidelity, then notice their phone face. If they are smiling, blushing, and even laughing out loud while staring at their device, they surely aren’t watching TikTok videos. They are talking to someone else and they have an emotional connection with them.

8. They’re online but they don’t reply to your messages

You see their WhatsApp status as online but they don’t reply to your messages. You even see them online on Instagram but they aren’t watching reels.

This proves that they are not on the phone for what you think. You can sense foul play in such situations.

Have an honest conversation with your partner and find out what’s going on. Don’t directly jump to conclusions and assume that they are having an affair with someone else.

Instead, use “I” statements to reveal your feelings and concerns.

9. They get angry when you find something on their phone

The classic blame shift. Your partner will blame you for checking their phone without their consent.

They should be sorry for hiding something from you but they try to manipulate you by making you the villain.

They will accuse you of invading their privacy and suddenly you’re the bad person. What about the things they’ve been hiding in their phone? That’s even worse.

Therefore, don’t let them manipulate the situation. Hold your ground and this is one of the dating red flags you shouldn’t fall for.

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10. Their social media looks suspicious

If you are suspicious your SO is not being transparent with you, check their social media accounts. Some suspicious social media activities include:

  • Hiding you from their stories
  • Restricting you from accessing their account
  • Turning off the comment section
  • Removing you from their “Close Friends” list
  • Turning off notifications for a particular app like Snapchat or Facebook

When you spot these key signs and other behavioral changes, you have no other option but to check your partner’s phone in such cases.

Once you find something solid, don’t react hastily. Be calm and talk to your trusted friend or family before pouring down hell upon your partner.

Key Takeaways

  • When someone is hiding something on their phone, it will reflect on their body language
  • Some crucial signs of sneaky phone behavior in relationships include going out of the room when they receive a message, cleaning their browser history, and changing their password
  • Find the perfect place and time to confront your partner about this. Have an open communication, stick to your point, and listen to their perspective but don’t blindly trust their lies and deceit

It doesn’t matter whether it’s their persistent need to delete calls or their sudden shift in mood when they receive a text. What matters here is their intent.

They have a negative intention to hide something from you and that’s not a good thing in healthy relationships.

They are concealing something from you when relationships are all about transparency and trust. If you have a strong gut feeling that there is something bigger than you can imagine, confront your partner about it.