Ah, the beautiful affirmation of your worth and significance when a guy sees you as remarkable. Some men are shy in their approach, whereas some are fierce and obvious in their behavior when they are romantically interested in you. Regardless of their nature and personality type, you will find at least a few signs he sees you as someone special if you’ve managed to enamor him with your wit, charm, and allure. 

Perhaps you just met him on a dating app, or you’ve been on a couple of dates with him, or maybe you have been friends for a long time. Nonetheless, it’s common to be naturally curious about his feelings for you. 

You could be wondering whether he only sees you as a friend or if he wants to establish a deeper connection. If that’s your situation right now, then scroll down and take a closer look at all the signs you hold a special place in his heart. 

What Does It Mean When Someone Sees You As Special? 

When someone sees you as special, it goes beyond mere admiration or affection. Your conversations won’t limit to “You’re cute”.

It signifies that this person has a profound appreciation for who you are as a person. They recognize your unique qualities, talents, and virtues that set you apart from other people they’ve met. It indicates that they value your presence, opinions, and contributions in their life.

When someone sees you as special, it represents their desire to have a meaningful and strong relationship with you. They want to show genuine care, admiration, and affection toward you. They will make you feel cherished, loved, and deeply appreciated.

What Are The Signs He Sees You As Someone Special? 

The difficulty in these situations is that you can’t directly ask him if he likes you. You can’t snoop around and ask his friends either because you don’t want to come off as desperate. Don’t worry. We are here to decode all the clues he considers you truly special:

1. He likes spending time with you 

One of the first signs you’re truly special to him is when he expresses his desire to spend time with you. Also, he will:

  • Verbally declare how much he enjoys being around you by just talking about random things
  • Prioritize spending quality time with you rather than playing video games at home
  • He thinks you’re special and that’s why will look for ways to stay in touch after he drops you home
  • Even in group settings, he looks for opportunities to spend time with you, like perhaps picking you up for a party, or accompanying you to the ladies room

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2. He cares about you 

How do you tell if a guy is mesmerized by you? He will care about you.

He won’t stop paying attention to you when you are speaking and he will memorize every single detail you’ve slipped out. Some more obvious signs he cares about you include:

  • Texting to find out if you have reached home safely 
  • He is at your doorstep with chicken soup when you fall sick
  • If you are walking down the road, he will walk on the outer side of the road to protect you
  • He takes part in your hobbies and interests. They say how he treats you is how he feels about you and it couldn’t be more evident in this case
  • He will pick you up from where you want. You are at the bus stop or stuck at a restaurant with no ride back home, he will arrive like a knight in the shining armor 

3. He tries to be vulnerable 

Vulnerability is the key to building trustworthy relationships. According to studies, it is one of the foundational facets of fulfilling relationships. If he talks to you about personal things, it’s one of the subtle signs a guy is infatuated with you. 

This is something that ties two people together and the fact that he is overcoming his fears by opening his soul to you is a major indicator of his strong feelings for you. He will ask personal questions to encourage you to be vulnerable as well. 

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4. You’re always his plus-one

Graduation parties, alumni meet-ups, sister’s wedding, nephew’s Bar Mitzvah, and best friend’s anniversary party. You are always his plus-one. He makes sure you don’t plan anything that day so he can take you out with him.

This is one of the definite signs you’re special to him. His actions reveal that he wants to take this connection to a deep level. 

5. He is there through your ups and downs

From happiness to sadness, through thick and thin, he is always there for you like a rock. This is one of the major signs he wants to build a deeper connection with you. He picks you up when you are down and motivates you to do better in life.

It’s like he has become your personal cheerleader and that’s a clear indication that he is interested in you and is envisioning a long-term relationship with you. He won’t let you back down no matter what. 

how do you know you are special to someone
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6. He likes to surprise you

When a guy sees you as someone special, he will go out of his way to surprise you and make you happy. He will buy you gifts, cook for you, plan spontaneous holiday trips, and he will also learn your love language to make you feel like a top priority in his life.

Also, he will make sure his compliments brighten your day. These are some of the unmistakable signs that show you’re more than just anyone. This guy secretly likes you and you are his sweetheart. 

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7. His inner circle knows about you 

From his close friends to his family members, everyone knows how dear you are to him. It’s clear to them that the guy likes you and the kind of effect you have on him.

They meet you at family events and birthday parties as more than a friend. Also, they will try to give you subtle hints about his love for you by teasing you with him. This is one of the tell-tale signs you mean a lot to him. 

8. He respects you 

If you are special to a guy, he will be respectful toward you. For example:

  • He will respect your time and boundaries
  • He will care about your emotional well-being 
  • He won’t make fun of you in front of others 
  • He doesn’t mind learning this from you
  • He makes you feel important 
  • He maintains open lines of communication 

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9. He displays 3 A’s toward you 

You are more than just a friend if you find him representing the 3 A’s: 

  • Admiration 
  • Appreciation 
  • Affection

He will admire you for your beauty, personality, your altruistic nature, and even your flaws. He will appreciate your presence in his life and he will display gratitude when you take time out of your busy schedule to meet him.

Lastly, he will show platonic affection. He will smile at you, he will pay the bill after a meal, and he won’t break your trust. These are some of the evident signs he sees you as someone special. 

Signs he is interested in you romantically

10. He supports your dreams 

Sometimes men can be so engulfed in their own work and ambition that they forget to encourage the women in their life regarding their dreams and goals.

But a guy who sees you as special, will be supportive of your goals. He will go out of his way to ensure you are always motivated and will be your biggest cheerleader. To him, you deserve the very best in life.

He will celebrate your achievements and failures alike. He won’t make fun of your dreams and certainly won’t make you feel like a loser when you go astray. Here’s relationship advice when you come across such a guy: keep him. 

11. He asks you for your opinions 

How do you know you are special to someone? When he starts asking you for advice. It shows and he is eager to know your perspectives and thoughts.

He may or may not agree with them but the fact that he is asking for you to share your opinions means a lot in relationships. 

This shows that he wants to let you in on his personal space and that’s one of the certain signs he is interested in you romantically.

If your guy does these things, he is a gem of a man and he is worth fighting for. This is one of the signs a guy sees you as someone special.

12. He gets jealous sometimes 

According to studies, mild jealousy is related to higher relationship quality when it is expressed in a positive way.

So, if your guy is suddenly all jealous when you mention other guys who dated in the past or someone you met recently, it’s one of the subconscious signs a man likes you. Here are some concrete signs that scream his jealous nature:

  • He is mean to your male friends 
  • He will act differently around other guys you dated in the past or had a crush on
  • He becomes protective of you when they are around 
  • He tries to appear as an important person in your life 
  • He will also try to make you feel jealous 

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13. He tries to make you feel special 

If you are feeling cold, he will offer you his jacket. If you are hungry, he will order your favorite food and when you are out for a meal, he will ensure you are seated at a special table. If you are feeling low, he will entertain you and put a smile on your face. 

Also, he pays attention to your facial expressions just to see if you are enjoying the meme he sent you.

These are some of the subtle gestures he will indulge in to let you know how he feels about you. He is falling in love with you and he just can’t hide it anymore. 

14. He tells you good news before anyone else 

One of the biggest signs he sees you as someone special through text is when he tells you good news before anyone else.

Did he get promoted? You are the first one he types a message for. He finished Game of Thrones? He texts you about its ghastly ending.

You are always the first one who gets to hear his office gossip and achievements. Speaking from personal experience, this is one of the sweetest things a guy can do to make you feel like you matter in his life. 

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15. He makes you laugh 

He is trying to drop hints that he is madly in love with you when he attempts to make you laugh.

According to TIME Magazine’s research, humor is sexy. Women like men who make them laugh, and men like women who laugh at their jokes.

Plus, by making you laugh at his jokes, he is trying to make you feel comfortable in his presence. He wants you to see his jovial side and relish it. This is one of the undeniable signs he is attracted to you

16. His body language is positive 

Studies have confirmed that body language is an integral part of modern communications and relationships.

Furthermore, 55% of communication is done through body language which includes posture, position, facial expression, gestures, physical touch, etc. Hence, if he thinks you are special, he will portray the following signs:

  • Making prolonged eye contact 
  • Being nervous and fidgeting with his hair a lot 
  • Nodding and tilting his head when you are talking
  • Smiling at you
  • Offering you platonic hugs when you are feeling low 
Signs You Hold a Special Place in His Heart
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17. He shows you off proudly 

One of the undeniable signs he thinks you’re beautiful is if he likes and comments on all your social media posts. He will compliment your pictures and will share them on his social media accounts.

Along with that, he will invite you to meet his friends and family where he will proudly show you off as his special friend. This is a very good sign. It shows that he is willing to commit to you and sees you long term

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18. He uses the same slang as you 

You pick up slang words, speech patterns, and mannerisms when you spend a copious amount of time with someone. It shows that you are vibing with this person.

Similarly, if this guy has started talking like you, it’s one of the signs he likes you over text. It shows that he is picking on small details in your communication. Nobody does that as long as they have a huge crush on you. 

19. He loves your goofy side 

One of the biggest signs he thinks about you a lot and wishes to have a romantic relationship with you is when he is attracted to your quirky habits and fun side.

You cry watching sad TikTok reels? He finds that adorable. You snort when laughing? He says that it’s cute. 

He will start enjoying mundane stuff with you like going to the grocery store or cleaning the house because he thinks you are extremely cool to hang out with. This is a big deal.

Not everyone will embrace you how you are. If your guy does it proudly, it’s because he cares deeply about you. 

20. He is a man of his words 

A man who sees you as special will talk the talk and walk the walk. He will stick to his words and promises. He won’t lead you on if he doesn’t believe the two of you can have a healthy relationship down the lane. It takes a mature man to realize such things. 

If he told you he will meet you on Saturday, he will be there on time. No delays and no ditching you for friends.

He remembers details of all kinds which you said one night when the two of you were drunk and will make those things happen. These are a few important signs he values you deeply.

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21. He talks about the future with you 

He knows that no day will be the same as the previous one when you are in a long-term relationship. He knows how to build a future without snatching your individuality.

That’s why he will talk about the future to ensure that you will be treated well in the relationship if you also feel the same way about him. He won’t go into the depth of this conversation but he will drop hints that he wants to be in a committed relationship with you. 

These are all the signs he admires you from afar and thinks you are special. Perhaps he is even ready to give long-term commitment. But if you don’t want that, then you can find a middle ground instead of completely cutting ties with him. On the contrary, if you feel the same way about him, then you can make the first move and go for that kiss. 

Key Takeaways

  • Men and their feelings are easy to decipher because they let it all out through their gestures, behavior, and communication style 
  • Some of the signs a guy thinks you are special include complimenting you, making you laugh, and being vulnerable with you 
  • If you want to take this relationship to a deeper level, then you can reciprocate his feelings and build a new bond with love and trust 

Underneath all his jokes, nervous actions, compliments, and ways of making you feel special lies a strong and unshakable desire to provide love and affection. That’s one of the evident signs he sees you as someone special. Hence, he is going above and beyond to make you feel like you belong in his world. This recognition will also be the reason for your high esteem and confidence. Treasure this special attention and cherish every single moment you spend with him.