You’ve been together for a while now but a recent fight, a small misunderstanding, or perhaps an instance of disrespect has made him pull away from you. You feel like he is showing signs he has no feelings for you all of a sudden, especially after spending so many intimate moments together. Now, it looks like they mean nothing to him.

He has cut the tether of his emotional connection with you and here you are..still hanging on to the hopes of him falling in love with you again. It can happen if you spot the signs he has lost feelings for you early in the relationship and do something about it. 

23 Clear Signs He Has No Feelings For You 

Of course, there are chances of you overthinking every move of his after a quarrel but it’s not a coincidence when he displays the signs consecutively and constantly. He could be moody for a while but showing an insolent attitude intentionally is not okay.

It’s his way of letting you know that he has no feelings for you. Scroll down and read all the other signs he is no longer interested in you:

1. His communication is monotonous 

Honest communication sits at the center of committed relationships. However, when you stop talking to your partner, you pave the way for anger, miscommunication, resentment, and hostility.

Studies have found that women are more attuned to the behaviors of partners in daily interactions. Based on the evidence, it’s clear that when there is even the slightest communication issue, you will be the first one to take notice of it.

If you don’t, here are some signs your partner’s interactions are becoming monotonous:

  • He will use generalized language to represent the situation. For example, he will use statements like, “You always do this”, “You never listen”, or “Why do you always” 
  • He runs away from serious conversations 
  • He laughs when you try to prove him wrong 
  • He is always on his phone when you are talking 
  • He tries to change the topic if he is uncomfortable with it 

When he stops communicating his real feelings, it’s one of the first signs he doesn’t like you anymore. He would rather play games in his free time than sort out the problems you two have been having. That shows his little to no interest in pursuing this relationship. 

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2. He maintains emotional distance 

He will always keep you at arm’s length. It will be upsetting for you, especially if he wasn’t like this before. He once opened his heart and soul to you. He spoke about his fears, insecurities, his childhood traumas, and whatnot! 

Now, you have become a stranger. This sudden emotional distance he is trying to create is one of the things a man does when he starts losing interest. 

He won’t let you in on his personal space even if you beg him to. He won’t be vulnerable with you even if you make the first move and share your feelings.

He will try to dodge the topic entirely or just nod his head when you are being vulnerable but he won’t show empathy or try to console you. 

3. He zones out when you’re talking 

Taking a glimpse of his watch, sighing when you are speaking, or rushing you to finish the topic because he is getting late to meet his close friends. These are some of the things he will do when he is losing interest in you.

Ask him what you said two days back and he won’t remember a single thing about that conversation. 

“I start to talk about a movie, he glances at his phone. Ok, I shrug it off. We talk a bit more, he checks his phone again. Next, I tell him I played D&D after he went to bed, and he checks his phone again. Now I am hurt by this rudeness and my anxiety is on another level because of this”, shares a Reddit user and how this has taken a toll on their self-worth.  

4. He ditches date nights 

Your relationship flourishes when you go on dates and spend time together. A report has confirmed that those who participate in regular dates or at least try to plan date ideas together have greater levels of marital happiness, stability, and sexual satisfaction than those who don’t.

Your bond deepens as you create an opportunity to have shared interests and laugh in each other’s company. However, if he keeps ditching date nights to hang out with his friends, it’s one of the clear-cut signs he doesn’t love you anymore.

His romantic feelings have taken a dip and that’s why he would rather be with his buddies than be with you. He doesn’t want to keep the passion alive even though you just recently started dating.

This is the time when only you should be on his mind. If you’re not, then it’s one of the warning signs he is not into you and that all the romance will fizzle out soon. 

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5. The relationship feels one-sided 

According to certified relationship coaches, one-sided relationships are when there is an imbalance of power between couples. For example, you are the only one carrying the relationship on your shoulders. Here are some signs:

  • You are putting in more effort than your partner 
  • The love, support, and respect is flowing from only your end 
  • He isn’t giving anything in return. Not even his time 
  • He is not reliable anymore 
  • You apologize even when it’s not your fault 
  • Your needs aren’t being met but you fulfill theirs 

When this happens, the relationship comes to a standstill. You won’t move ahead until this situation is sorted. If he is not willing to change his ways, it’s one of the biggest red flags in dating. 

what to do when a guy is confused about his feelings for you

6. He has stopped being curious about you 

Which shows are you watching? What did you have for dinner last night? How is your grandmother? Did you get that job you applied for? Have you reached home safely? Do you share a healthy relationship with your parents?

You will never hear such questions from a man who has lost interest in you. He won’t be concerned about you or the things that are happening in your life.

Research has found that curiosity builds intimacy, proving that it’s a loving relationship when two people are curious about each other’s life experiences, feelings, and future plans.

He might also think that he knows everything about you and doesn’t need to show curiosity anymore. But relationships don’t work that way. He has to learn new and old things about you to keep the romance alive. 

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7. It’s all about sex 

When he surprisingly initiates contact with you, it will be for his selfish reasons. And it’s not even physical intimacy anymore. It’s just sex. He doesn’t care about your needs and desires. All he will care about is his sexual gratification.

This is one of the biggest signs he has no feelings for you. A guy who loves you truly will also care about fulfilling your needs in bed. 

“It sounds like he just doesn’t consider your pleasure important, which is a red flag. That’s a mindset found in men who are generally sexist. They believe sex is just about the man’s orgasm and that the woman’s orgasm isn’t relevant”, writes a Reddit user in response to a woman’s woes regarding her husband’s disinterest in fulfilling her needs. 

8. He stops posting about you on social media 

In today’s times where social media plays such a significant role in everyone’s lives, it’s essential to introduce your partner to the world on social media.

On the contrary, if he doesn’t post anything about you, it’s one of the subtle signs he has no feelings for you and that your casual relationship won’t last forever.

He is trying to tell the world that he is single and you don’t exist in his life. That’s heartbreaking and you need to confront him about this. 

9. You feel like an afterthought in his life

Sometimes a man makes you feel like an afterthought by choosing other things over you. He would rather go to his colleague’s party than take you out for dinner. But when that plan gets canceled, he will come back to you as if he is throwing you a bone.

He will make you feel like an option in his life. This is one of the clear signs he doesn’t love you anymore. 

In other cases, he will do most of the things a loving partner would do reluctantly. He would take you out and do the things you ask him to do yet you will feel unloved because he will leave most of the decision-making for you to handle because that makes his life easier.

He will make you feel like you are the only adult in this relationship and that he is only doing this out of compulsion. 

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10. He doesn’t get jealous anymore 

You get jealous when he talks about other girls, but he doesn’t show the same healthy jealousy when you talk about other guys. It can mean two things:

  • He feels secure and he trusts you blindly 
  • He isn’t emotionally invested to care much about you or the relationship 

If it’s the former, then you have nothing to worry about. If it’s the latter, it’s one of the obvious signs he doesn’t like you anymore. 

11. He doesn’t validate your feelings 

According to research, emotional invalidation is when your partner refuses to acknowledge or accept your feelings. It’s the dismissal of emotions.

To take it one step further, your feelings will also be met with mockery sometimes. These things can make you question your self-esteem.

It wasn’t like this during the early stages of your relationship but things have changed now. He doesn’t make you feel seen or heard. It’s all about his feelings and his problems. It’s clear that you have a selfish partner.

12. Your opinions are disregarded 

Each human has different perspectives and opinions but that doesn’t mean your opinions have to match with your partner’s. But it also doesn’t mean that your partner can disregard them. This can make things worse in your relationship. 

He can agree to disagree but completely disregarding your thought process completely as if you aren’t smart is disrespectful. He is either trying to show that he is smarter than you or he is trying to control you by forcing his opinions on you. 

13. No more PDA 

He used to make eye contact, hold your hands, kiss you, and play with your hair in public. Now, he doesn’t even sit next to you. What does it mean? Does he not want people to know that you are in a relationship? Is he ashamed of you? Is he just conscious or shy? 

He will show love through text by sending heart emoji but keeps it low-key in front of people. These are some of the things you will be left wondering, which will eventually cause overthinking. This lack of PDA is one of the signs emotional intimacy is deteriorating in your relationship. 

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14. He threatens to leave you 

If he gives you any kind of ultimatum or threatens to dump you just because he is angry at you, it’s one of the obvious signs he has no feelings for you whatsoever. Many relationship experts refer to this as emotional abuse as it evokes feelings of anxiety.

If this is taking a toll on your mental health, it’s best to keep your calm and ask questions for clarity. You can use these statements as examples:

  • Do you think saying such things will help us right now? 
  • What can I do to support you? 
  • Please don’t say things you can’t take back 
  • Can we pause this fight and go for a walk instead? 
signs he is no longer interested in you
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15. He doesn’t try to make you happy 

When your partner tries to make you smile or laugh, it shows that a guy likes you. He loves you enough to care about your happiness. He will pay attention to everything to say and won’t make you feel like a burden.

He will buy you flowers and thoughtful gifts to cheer you up on a gloomy day. When he doesn’t take care of your feelings in the same way as you do, it’s one of the clear signs he doesn’t love you and that he will never marry you.

16. No affection, acceptance, or appreciation 

If he loves you, he will appreciate and accept you for who you are. A real man who genuinely loves you won’t amplify your flaws and make you feel insecure about your weaknesses. He will embrace you without any judgments.

A study has found that appreciating and accepting in relationships can enhance emotional well-being and communication between partners. 

Plus, he will show utmost affection toward you, such as kissing your forehead, teasing you, holding hands, cuddling with you, and cooking for you. Or he will just give you beautiful compliments to shower you with appreciation. When he doesn’t do any of these things, it shows his lack of interest in you. 

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17. He exudes negative body language 

A loving partner will showcase positive body language when he is in love with you. When he doesn’t love you, he will: 

  • Roll his eyes when you are speaking 
  • Sigh all the time 
  • Furrowed eyebrows 
  • Avoid eye contact and any kind of physical contact 
  • Cross his arms 
  • Stare at his phone to ignore you 

These are some of the examples of negative body language even though you have a physical relationship with him. That’s all about it. Nothing beyond that. 

18. You seem to often rub him the wrong way 

Everything you do irritates him now. You suddenly seem to sit, speak, and eat the wrong way. You feel like there is nothing you can do to please him. It’s not you here. It’s him. He is unhappy and he is blaming this on you.

When a guy shows how miserable he is in the relationship, it’s time to walk away because it is one of the obvious signs he has lost interest in you. He doesn’t find you attractive or charming, which is why he is choosing to pick at you and find faults in you. 

19. He gets annoyed when you cry 

Imagine being with someone who gets annoyed when you show him your real emotions. That’s his immaturity. He is showing he isn’t mature enough to handle adult emotions. “Find another boyfriend”. That’s what Redditers have to say about such men.

If the tables were turned, would you get annoyed when your boyfriend is crying? You would move heaven and earth to ensure he feels better. What does he do to cheer you up? He gets annoyed. This is not a real relationship and he doesn’t care about your feelings. 

20. You are just an obligation 

You are not a priority anymore. It’s his family, work, gym, alone time, friends, and then you. You are just another chore he wants to get done with. It’s one thing to prioritize family and work emergencies over you but choosing to sweat it out at the gym every single time isn’t an acceptable “self-love” reason.

Here are some strong signs your partner isn’t prioritizing you:

  • He makes you feel like you don’t matter to him 
  • He shows indifference in the relationship
  • You are the only one making plans but those plans are based on his terms and conditions 
  • He disrespects you in private and in front of friends and family members 
  • You feel used 
  • He doesn’t introduce you to his inner circle 

He has to learn how to balance everything or this relationship will be in a dead end soon. Don’t leave stuff hanging. If this is bothering you, open up and speak. 

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21. His behavior is hot and cold 

Hot and cold behavior is when he is being affectionate and attentive one moment, then distant or indifferent the next. For example, you are on a date with him and he is responding positively to all your compliments and words of affirmation.

But by the end of the date, he becomes distant and unresponsive. Trust your gut feeling here and start paying attention to his patterns. 

This behavior will continue for a few days without clear reasons. Relationship experts like Alicia Muñoz say that giving mixed signals can have a negative impact on a person’s mental health.

He will fall in love with you one moment and then act like you are the one chasing him the other. This is one of the signs he is confused about his feelings and doesn’t know how to handle them. 

things a man does when he starts to lose interest

22. You catch him lying 

This one should never be taken lightly. Little white lies are sometimes okay in romantic relationships but big black lies are not acceptable. It can completely shake the foundation of a relationship.

Trust once broken is impossible to get back. Hence, when you catch him lying to you, it’s one of the important signs he is losing interest in you.

What’s even more sad and heartbreaking is that he will try to gaslight you by acting like it’s not a big deal. He will try to downplay the situation and he will repeat the lies because he doesn’t care about protecting your feelings.

Why would he if he has no feelings for you? You have to decide whether you want to put up with his lies or not. 

23. You find out he is on dating apps 

Your friend tells you that they matched with your boyfriend on a dating app. Shocking, isn’t it? This happens when a man falls out of love. Perhaps he is talking to someone else or he is going on dates and meeting other women. If monogamy is what you prefer, then you need to get to the bottom of this. 

These are some of the crucial signs he has no feelings for you. Are you going to sulk about it or are you going to make him pay for breaking your heart? Hold your horses. Don’t make such a big decision hastily. Read along and find out what you can do during such upsetting times.

What To Do When He Is No Longer Interested In You 

What to do when a guy is confused about his feelings for you? Firstly, reach out to your friends and family. Talk to them and find out what they have to say about this. If you aren’t satisfied, then talk to relationship coaches. Their external viewpoint will offer insights into what you are missing. Here are some other things you can do:

  • Reflect on your feelings and understand that this relationship has become one-sided. He is hurting you and making you question your self-worth 
  • Communicate openly and honestly. You can try to revive his lost feelings by communicating properly and not placing blame on anyone
  • If he doesn’t change even after expressing your feelings, accept the situation as it is. He won’t change no matter what because he doesn’t love you enough to make you happy 
  • When a guy says he has no feelings for you, focus on self-care. It’s not easy finding out that the love of your life doesn’t love you anymore

If you have let go of him, then it’s best to create boundaries and give him space. Establish a no-contact rule and embrace new opportunities in life.

Key Takeaways 

  • Men fall out of love just as much as they fall in love 
  • Some of the signs he is no longer interested in you include disregarding your opinions, not appreciating you, and ditching date nights 
  • You first need to accept that things have changed and there is a possibility that your boyfriend has outgrown this relationship

Seek closure and move on. That’s the best thing you can do when you find out your boyfriend isn’t interested in you anymore. You can’t force someone to love you. It should happen naturally. Besides, he is not the only man in this world. You will soon find someone better. Good luck.