Have you ever tested a potential partner just to know how they’d do in adverse circumstances? Well, then you shouldn’t be surprised to know men do that as well. However, since not everyone has the same set of qualities they look for in a partner, it can be different for different people. And Astrology can give you a lot of insight as to how a particular zodiac sign personality thinks and feels, what is their pet -peeve and what is absolutely non-negotiable for them.

On the same lines, with this article, we delve into the signs a Sagittarius man is testing you.

Sagittarius is the last fire sign in the sun sign list. Perhaps that’s what makes them so interesting. This ninth zodiac amongst the twelve are a passionate blend of adaptability and curiosity but what makes them even more high-octane is their love for traveling and having a flirty nature.

If you are dating someone belonging to this zodiac wheel, and want to keep them forever, gaining some insights on what they really want in a partner and what makes them tick will help you immensely.

How To Know If A Sagittarius Man Is Testing You

Born between November 22 and December 21, their ruling planet is Jupiter, and words like “No” and “Enough” don’t exist in their dictionary. That’s why it’s no surprise that there are so many famous Sagittarius men owing to their extroverted and confident nature. Celebrities like Brad Pitt, Bruce Lee, and Charlie Puth are from the fire sign. They go big or go home.

A Sagittarius man is charming and almost always knows how to win a woman’s heart. It’s obvious why you have fallen for him. He can light up any room and his infectious laughter is enough to melt your heart. Perhaps he has shown the signs he likes you, but is suddenly acting different, as if he wants to make sure you are the one for him.

He will test you to see if you feel the same way about him too. Check out the points below to find out if a Sagittarius man is fighting his feelings for you by testing you:

1. He will test your loyalty

One of the obvious signs a Sagittarius man is serious about you is when he assesses your loyalty. Every person wants to be with someone who won’t betray them. Your Sag guy is also doing the same because he doesn’t want to end up with a broken heart. He will test your loyal nature by:

  • Sharing personal details with you just to see if you keep them to yourself or use it as gossip with your friends
  • Asking relationship questions that revolve around priority, commitment, and compromise
  • Having deep conversations about childhood, future, and career
  • Opening up about his past relationships to see whether you judge him or see him as a person capable of growth and learning

These are some of the signs a Sagittarius man is testing you and your loyalty. They will make sure they put you out of your comfort zone with these questions to see if you are smart enough to tackle such instances with honesty.

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2. He will test your flexibility

As mentioned earlier, Sagittarius guys are very adaptable and flexible. Naturally, they will want someone who is equally flexible and will mold themselves if the situation demands. If things get tough, he wants someone who will stick by him.

He will test your flexibility by spontaneously planning a date or even going to the extent of introducing you to his friends and family when you don’t look your best.

Life will never be the same and things will change constantly. If he has a steady job today which impressed you, then he will try to tell you that he is planning to quit his job and start a new business to see if you are willing to adapt to this idea of him letting go of steady income.

That’s one of the reasons behind Sagittarius man testing you. He wants to make sure you are strong enough to handle any roadblock responsibly and with integrity.

3. He will test your adventure spirit

Sagittarians are one of the most adventurous zodiac signs ever. They are wanderlusts and this is perfectly captured in their symbol, the centaur archer who is shooting a bow and arrow.

They love going on adventurous trips like trekking, exploring new places, and tasting new cuisines and they will see whether you are open to these new activities or not. If you are narrow-minded and hesitate to try new stuff, you will never be with someone who is prudent and boring.

If you want a long-term relationship with a Sagittarius man, it’s best you learn how to be spontaneous and have fun without forcing yourself. You need to get out of your comfort zone from time to time and prove to him that you aren’t a couch potato. Show him that you have the ability to enjoy life by being fearless and lionhearted.

4. He will test your patience

There’s more than what meets the eye when a Sagittarius man tests a woman’s patience. He is trying to determine whether you are a pushover or if you will stand your ground when the situation arises. It’s not because they want to dominate or control you. It’s just to see if you will fight back when you are being wronged. Here are some ways a Sagittarius man tests your patience:

  • He will act rude and ignore you in front of his friends to see your reaction
  • He will cancel plans at the last moment
  • He will have a good debate with you to challenge your opinions and test your confidence
  • He will plan a surprise vacation to see if you enjoy being free and spontaneous
  • He will test your patience by asking for repeated favors

When a Sagittarius guy is testing your patience, he is expecting you to stand up for yourself without being toxic or without trying to blow the matter out of proportion.

5. He will test your emotional maturity

Emotional maturity is one of the important aspects of a lasting relationship. It’s when a person is able to understand, manage, and express their emotions effectively by being self-aware, empathetic, and with good communication skills.

Most Sagittarius men want to be with someone who is emotionally mature and won’t hesitate to ask for help when it’s needed. Some more signs he will test your emotional maturity are:

  • He will test if you are empathetic
  • If you can recognize and share feelings
  • If you can build healthy relationships
  • If you take responsibility for your actions
  • Whether you set healthy boundaries or not
  • If you like to solve conflicts in a healthy manner

You can develop emotional maturity with dedication and practice if you want to have a healthy relationship with a Sag guy. This is not a bad thing because he is doing what’s best for you and him in the long run.

6. He will test you by introducing you to his inner circle

When a Sagittarius man introduces you to his close friends, he could be indirectly checking if you are okay with giving him his personal space without getting overly possessive. He wants to check if you are someone who keeps constant tabs on his boyfriend and wants every little detail of the conversations that take place between you and your boys. Let him do his own thing and don’t try to fit in forcefully.

Sagittarius men love their freedom over everything else and he won’t be okay with a romantic partner who is controlling and selfish. If you want to be in a committed relationship with him, it’s best you let him enjoy his space and independence. Don’t let him feel like he is being suffocated by you.

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7. He will be vulnerable with you

Vulnerability is another strong factor that keeps the relationship strong. It helps in building trust, strengthening reliability, and fostering a deeper connection between partners. One of the obvious signs a Sagittarius man likes you more than a friend is when he lets out all his fear and secrets.

He will show vulnerability and will analyze if you are strong enough to face your fears and be vulnerable with him. Once you open up to him, he will ask thought-provoking questions to find out if you are emotionally shallow. Also, he will see if you will use his vulnerability against him when the two of you are in a fight.

sagittarius man watching you

8. He will gauge your intellect

Intellectual compatibility is one of the things a Sagittarius man will assess if he is in love with you and wants to take things to the next level. He will notice if you can have stimulating conversations with him.

If you share common interests, then that’s a great thing. You have something to vibe over. On the contrary, if your hobbies and interests don’t match, he will see if you are open to adopting new interests that will fit well with both you and him.

He is not wrong to do this because when both partners are intellectually compatible, they can challenge each other intellectually, learn from one another, and grow together. This intellectual compatibility often leads to deeper emotional connections and helps in creating a stronger bond.

9. He will bring up hypothetical situations to see your response

These are some of the silly hypothetical situations he will create to see how you respond to them:

  • What if I lost my job?
  • What if we broke up?
  • How would you react if I texted my ex-girlfriend happy birthday?
  • What will you do if your ex-boyfriend wants to reconcile? Will you go back to him?
  • I know you like dogs but what will be your reaction if I insist on getting a cat?
  • What if you find out I have a huge debt in my name? Will you help me clear off my debts?

If a Sagittarius man is playing you, he wouldn’t be asking these questions. He is serious about you and wants to see how you will manage the situation if such things happen in real life.

A Quora user perfectly explains why such questions are valid, “It is not unreasonable because a person’s thoughts on a hypothetical situation reveal their underlying value system which will inevitably flavor their behavior in the non-hypothetical situations that will come along.”

10. Are you just another “Yes Man”?

A Sagittarius man hates people who will nod their heads to anything that’s being said. That’s why he will play the Devil’s Advocate to find out if you will counter him or not.

This is one of the signs a Sagittarius man is watching you and he will test you to see if the two of you will have a healthy relationship in the future. He wants to know your honest opinions and doesn’t care about you accepting whatever he says to get his approval.

You should be capable of having a friendly debate without disrespecting or hurting the Sag guy’s feelings. Don’t parrot his own perspectives back to him. Be creative. Think out of the box and show him you are different. Are you strong enough to stand up to your arguments? If yes, then you are going to have a great time with this person.

11. He will test your open-mindedness

He will test your independence and open-mindedness before committing to you. He will introduce topics or ideas that challenge your conventional thinking and societal norms to see your reaction. He will:

  • Share personal experiences that reveal unconventional aspects of him to see you react. He is not going to like it if you are a judgmental person
  • A Sagittarius man will express differing beliefs or opinions on various topics to see to find out if you are able to have conflicts by being respectful

Once you pass this test with flying colors, you will earn his trust and he will feel emotionally safe around you. This is one of the evident signs a Sagittarius man is fighting his feelings for you.

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12. He will test physical compatibility

According to research, sexual compatibility is important in relationships because it directly influences relationship quality between couples and it also enhances physical and emotional intimacy between them. Y

our Sagittarius partner wants to ensure that both you and him experience physical pleasure without any coercion. He wants to fulfill all your sexual needs while creating an irresistible connection and a deeper emotional bond through shared experiences of pleasure and vulnerability.

He will talk about exploring sexual fantasies. The main objective here is to see whether any of this makes you feel uncomfortable. Plus, he will try spending time with you where there is no sex invoice. Just two people casually hanging out and talking about random things.

13. Sags hate clingy and jealous women

Are you one of those clingy women who can’t stand the thought of their partner staying away from them for even an hour? If that’s you, then no Sagittarius man will ever date you. They like their freedom more than anything else. If you are feeling threatened by his female friends, then that’s your problem.

But you can still request him to draw female friendship boundaries. Meanwhile, you need to work on your clingy nature and make him feel liberated by trusting him, respecting his boundaries, and encouraging him to focus on himself and maintaining communication. If you react negatively when he is out with his friends and you aren’t included in his plans, he will push you away.

14. He will check if your goals align with his

A Sag man will be consciously testing you to see if your long-term life goals align with his. For example, he may want to settle down and have kids five years from now. What if you don’t share the same perspective?

If you don’t want what he wants, he will politely break up with you and move on. He is just looking for his soulmate. If that’s not you, then he will give you his honest opinion that this won’t work.

15. Are you well-equipped to handle disagreements?

Every couple needs to realize that disagreements and fights happen in every relationship. You can’t run away from it. He will sometimes intentionally fight with you to see how you react during arguments. If you scream, throw things, and try to hurt him verbally/physically, that’s not what he is looking for.

Sagittarius men aren’t aggressive fighters. They are expressive and will politely keep their point without hurting, offending, or insulting the other person. That’s one of their core values: to fight without hurting anyone’s feelings no matter how angry they are.

These are all the Sagittarius man’s tests that you may go through if he secretly loves you and wants to pursue a relationship with you. If you don’t know how to react to these tests, read along and find out.

How To Respond When A Sagittarius Man Is Testing You

When a Sagittarius man is testing you, it is important to respond with confidence, honesty, and a sense of adventure. Here are some tips on how to handle it:

1. Be authentic and improve your communication skills

Stay true to yourself and be genuine in your responses. Sagittarius men appreciate honesty and authenticity, so avoid trying to be someone you are not. Don’t try to change yourself just because you are afraid that he won’t like the real you. Secondly, Sagittarius men value communication, and straightforwardness, and those who don’t play games.

2. Be self-sufficient

Sagittarians are usually attracted to those who have their own interests and pursuits. That’s why you need to maintain your individuality without letting go of your passions. You also need to be supportive of his career and dreams without letting it affect your life.

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3. Reveal your fun side

Sagittarius guys have an adventurous spirit and they love to explore new things. Likewise, your Sag guy wants to be in charge of his own life. So, if you want to be in a relationship with him, then embrace new experiences and opportunities for growth spontaneously.

4. Let him have his space

A Sagittarius man cherishes his individuality and liberty. Give him the space to follow his passions without feeling constrained or confined. Allow him to converse with other ladies without showing your jealous side. However, if these things bother you, try to discuss this casually without creating a big scene.

5. Have a positive attitude

Sagittarians are attracted to cheerfulness and optimism. Maintain an optimistic attitude, especially in difficult situations, and focus on finding solutions rather than concentrating on the issues. If a Sagittarius man is not interested in you and continues to test you, be upfront, set limits, and tell him his actions hurt you.

Infographic On Signs A Sagittarius Man Is Testing You

Infographic On Signs A Sagittarius Man Is Testing You
Infographic On Signs A Sagittarius Man Is Testing You

Key Takeaways

  • Sagittarians are extroverts. They are kind, loyal, smart, and have a penchant for traveling
  • Sometimes they may test a woman to assess how compatible they will be down the lane if they happen to embark on a romantic relationship
  • A few signs a Sagittarius man is testing you include observing your weaknesses, intellect, and emotional maturity
  • If you want to win his heart, you need to give him space and show your easy-going nature

Sagittarius men can sometimes cross the line and be harsh in the name of “testing”. It is vital to speak up if you feel threatened or insulted. On the contrary, if you appreciate this cat-and-mouse game, you can also start testing him. This will increase the rush and excitement in the relationship. Wishing you luck!