Men can be complicated sometimes. They aren’t always strong and tough. Owing to their internal fears, emotional barriers, and past traumas, they may be scared to confess their feelings. The guy you are talking to may show all the signs a man loves you but is afraid of being rejected. He could also have a phobia of commitment and the thought of being loyal to one woman. However, one thing is for sure. He has strong feelings for you but is afraid to admit it. 

According to research, it has been found that men have poor social support and they often restrict their feelings for various reasons. They crave emotional support but they are too afraid to ask for it. Sometimes it’s societal conditioning that prevents them from being open, real, honest, and vulnerable. Other times it’s their own fear of being rejected that stops them from confessing even after falling in love. 

Do Men Get Scared When They Fall In Love? 

Most guys aren’t usually scared of love. However, when a man is afraid to love you, it’s because they are scared of the more powerful emotions that tag along with it. It’s even more dreadful for the men who aren’t emotionally equipped to handle them. He may also worry about his independence. What if he starts feeling trapped in the relationship.

Furthermore, the idea of trusting someone else completely could be frightening for him. When researchers studied the difference between men’s and women’s ways of trusting people, it was found that women’s trust is more enduring than men’s in the face of untrustworthy behavior.

Therefore, if the man you are seeing went through a betrayal of some sort in the past, there is a possibility that he is still not over it yet and that’s reflecting in your relationship dynamics with him.

Apart from this, men are also afraid of being vulnerable. It may terrify them to be emotionally invested in a person who may use their vulnerabilities as ammunition against them. So, yes. Men are sometimes scared when they fall in love. That’s why they may consciously choose to not tell you about their true feelings.

signs a man loves you but is afraid

16 Telltale Signs A Man Loves You But Is Afraid To Admit It 

Everyone has a unique way of showing their love. A man who is in love with you but seems like he is afraid of telling you is also the same. Listed below are some signs a man loves you but is afraid to admit it. It will immensely help you especially if you have also fallen for him. 

1. You catch him staring at you

One of the first and most common signs a man loves you but is afraid of you is when you catch him staring at you. Let’s say the two of you are at a social gathering. He will quickly divert his gaze and act like he wasn’t really looking at you. This shows that he has strong feelings for you.

When he is madly in love with you, you will be the only person in the party he has eyes for. Since he is afraid of getting rejected, he will keep his love to himself and won’t open up and talk to you much. 

2. He is nervous around you

If he acts differently and is nervous around you, it’s one of the signs he wants you but is holding back. Here is what nervousness looks like when he tries to spend time with you: 

  • He won’t be able to stop fidgeting. He will play with his hands, adjust his clothes, or tap his fingers which indicates his restlessness
  • He will avoid making eye contact with you
  • He will laugh at all your jokes 
  • He will be overly polite, using formal language, or over-apologizing
  • He will blush at everything you say 

These are some of the indications that he is trying too hard to make a good impression. He wants you to know that he likes you but he won’t be the one to make the first move. 

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3. He makes time for you

Despite his busy schedule, workload, and family commitments, he still makes time for you. That’s one of the evident signs a guy likes you but is intimidated. If he is stuck at work, he won’t forget to drop you a message. He will let you know that he is busy but he is still thinking of you. If he is hanging out with his female friends, he won’t give you any chance to feel insecure. He will draw female friend boundaries the moment he falls for you. 

It’s clear that he is falling in love with you the same way you are falling for him. If he was just a friend, he wouldn’t bother taking just a few minutes out of his busy schedule to text you. New relationships can be scary and he is afraid of getting hurt. Perhaps that’s why he is still not ready to take it to the next level. 

4. He gives you mixed signals 

When a guy is unsure of his feelings for you, he will give you mixed signals like:

  • Blows hot and cold behavior: He will alternate between being very interested and then distant without any apparent reason. He acts like he is your best friend then suddenly you don’t exist for him 
  • Flirting and ignoring: He will flirt with you one moment like you are in a romantic friendship and then ignore you the next, leaving you unsure about his true feelings
  • Inconsistent communication: He will have open communication with you for a while but then he will suddenly go silent for days or weeks
  • Curiosity and indifference: Sometimes he shows so much curiosity in getting to know you better. He wants to know everything about your childhood, love life, and about your family. Conversely, he also acts uninterested
  • Conflicting body language: His body language might not match his words; for example, he might lean in close while talking but avoid eye contact

5. He notices everything about you

From the way you laugh to what dress you wore the first time you met him, he will remember every little thing about you. This is one of the signs a guy is hiding his feelings for you. He will notice how many rings you are wearing or which drink you ordered. This is one of the signs he likes you but is nervous to confess. 

This proves that he loves spending time with you, getting to know you, making prolonged eye contact with you, and asking you open-ended questions about your life. You have his undivided attention and he makes you feel like the most important person on earth. 

he compliments you
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6. He is always there for you 

He is your knight in the shining armor. He is your hero. Your savior. You just have to ask him and your wish is his command. This is one of the obvious signs he has romantic feelings for you. Furthermore, he acts eager to help you out. He is ready to bend over backward to make sure all your needs are being met. If you are having a bad day, he is at your doorstep with Chinese takeout and a bouquet of fresh flowers. When you are feeling down, he constantly asks what he can do to make you feel better. 

He will understand your emotions, mood swings, and is empathetic toward your struggles. In fact, he will show genuine concern for your well-being. He will actively participate in problem-solving and decision-making, demonstrating that he already sees you as a partner even though he hasn’t officially asked you to be his girlfriend yet. This is a good sign that shows he loves you deeply and a subtle way of revealing his true feelings. 

7. He is your biggest cheerleader

One of the positive signs he likes you but is afraid of rejection is when he becomes your biggest support system. He will support your dreams, goals, and ambitions. Even when you are facing failure, he will try to lift your spirits. He will actively engage in conversations about your goals and provide positive reinforcement, encouragement, and motivation to pursue them. He will celebrate your success as his own achievements and will push you to become better at your craft.  

He will offer help and support without being asked, whether it’s providing resources, offering advice, or assisting practically in achieving your goals regardless of whether or not he has the same ambitions as you. And this one is a dead giveaway that he isn’t just one of your best friends — he will express his belief, confidence, and faith in your abilities and talents. These are some of the signs a man loves you but is afraid of rejection. 

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8. His friends and family know about you 

They know you exist but they just don’t know what you classify as in his life. They also know that he has a special place for you in his heart but he just feels scared to admit it. He will even go to the extent of introducing you to his loved ones. He will invite you to important events like his sibling’s wedding or his parents’ anniversary celebration. 

9. He shows jealousy

When you bring up other guys or your other male friends, he will seem uncomfortable. He will act visibly uncomfortable when you mention spending time with someone who is better-looking than him. Notice how his mood drastically changes when you talk about or hang out with your male friends, showing signs of agitation, frustration, or sadness. This is one of the signs he is afraid of losing you. 

Also, he will start making negative or sarcastic comments about your male friends, indirectly and subtly questioning their intentions or the nature of your relationship with them. Instead of moving forward in your relationship by confessing his feelings for you, he will suddenly show interest in your male friends, asking specific questions about them or trying to be overly friendly, which might be a sign of insecurity.

10. He is protective of you

When a man is protective of you, he will demonstrate care and concern for your mental and physical health. Here are signs that indicate his love from his protective nature:  

  • He takes measures to ensure you are safe, whether it’s walking you home, making sure you arrived safely, or checking on you when you are out alone
  • It’s one of the biggest signs he has strong feelings for you but is scared when he stands up for you and defends you in different situations, whether it is in social settings, at work, or in family matters
  • How to tell if he likes you? He will start talking about your strength when you feel like you have lost it all 
  • He intervenes if someone is making you uncomfortable

There is a thin line between protecting you and isolating you. So, a man who truly loves you will respect your relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. He will encourage you to have connections outside your relationship with him and will actively try to get along with the people important to you.

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11. He values your opinions 

When a man values your opinion, it shows that he respects you and wants to have a healthy relationship down the road. Even if he doesn’t necessarily agree with you, he will respectfully agree to disagree instead of just invalidating and discarding your thoughts. Also, he will express his gratitude if you guide him toward success and a positive path. 

Jada, a 28-year-old physiotherapist from New York, says, “A confident guy is nervous around me but I know he likes me. He cares deeply about my opinion and doesn’t judge me for my perspective. He even validates my feelings and makes me feel seen and heard. I don’t want to wait any longer. I am going to propose to him tonight.” 

12. He compliments you often 

His words will make you feel like there are violins being played in the background. He will go beyond just complimenting your physical appearance. He will give you the best compliments about your kindness, your resilient nature, and how secure you are in your space. You aren’t just anyone in his life.

You matter the most to him and he wants to make you feel special. These things hint that he loves you but he is scared of a relationship. Perhaps he is afraid of getting hurt again or he is simply commitment phobic and he is scared that he will break your heart. 

he has romantic feelings for you,

13. He tries to look good for you

A man who loves you and wants you to fall for him will make an effort to present himself in the best possible way. He will pay attention to his attire. He will be self-conscious and will ensure his beard is properly trimmed and his overall appearance is neat. He is very much into self-awareness and will maintain good personal hygiene. He will pay attention to his physique as well as his mental health.

He will eat well and workout regularly to show you that he can balance everything easily. Plus, he will display chivalrous behavior, such as holding the door open for you, offering you his coat when you are cold, or pulling out your chair. His thoughtful behavior is one of the obvious signs a guy likes you but is scared through text and in person. 

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14. Your presence means a lot to him 

Just being there for him is enough to make him smile. He expresses gratitude for showing up to his birthday party. He thanks you for meeting him on a busy day. He says he feels blessed to have someone like you in his life.

His eyes light up when he sees you and he prioritizes spending time with you over meeting his friends. This is one of the signs he has strong feelings for you but is scared that he won’t be able to live up to your expectations. 

15. He respects your boundaries

Following on from the previous point, as much as he loves spending time with you, he will also make sure he gives you your personal space. He wants you to have your alone time and do the things you love in private. He wants you to have your individuality.

He won’t influence you. He won’t force his thoughts on you. And he won’t withhold his affection when you contradict his statements. He will respect your physical, financial, emotional, intellectual, and dating boundaries. These are some of the important signs a man loves you but fears rejection. 

16. He initiates deep conversations with you 

This one’s a biggie. A man who loves you but is afraid of being rejected will open his heart to you. He will share everything with you. His strengths, weaknesses, his insecurities, embarrassing life moments, and heartbreaks. He will let you in on his darkest secrets. He will ask open-ended questions to get to know you better and he will encourage you to be vulnerable with him.

He will keep all your secrets with him and won’t gossip about it with his friends. He will protect them with his life. He will talk about the future vaguely but he will hint at you being in it. Sweet, right? If a guy loves you, he will make you feel content. You will feel it in your heart that he has feelings for you but he isn’t able to fully admit it due to his past traumatic experiences. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Men can sometimes get scared when they fall in love because of various reasons like past instances of betrayal, abuse in childhood, and being afraid of commitment 
  • Some signs a guy loves you but is afraid of getting hurt include complimenting you often, coming to your rescue when you are in trouble, and becoming your biggest support system 
  • He will also act nervous around you and he will give you his undivided attention 

Love can be complex but humans don’t have to be. Just because a man is a little skeptical of confessing his feelings doesn’t mean you will let things go. You can make the first move and assure him that you won’t hurt him. Tell him that love is supposed to make people feel empowered. Go ahead and tell him what’s in your heart. Build a healthy relationship with trust, mutual respect, and emotional intimacy.