I kissed my boyfriend of a year on our date last weekend. There, I did it! And, since then, I’ve been biting my nails off and spending sleepless nights looking for the signs the kiss meant something to him. It was our first kiss, and boy, did it drive me crazy!

Not because I can’t stop thinking of it, but because it could mean SO many things, all different from one another! I mean, what can you tell from a kiss? It could mean he has genuine feelings for me and sees it as a serious relationship. Or, it could be a friendly kiss, suggesting he wants to be just friends.

OR, in the worst scenarios, does he regret the kiss, calling it just an accident? I don’t know.

Though I was a bit nervous, I certainly carried emotions for him and went ahead. And there I was, looking for all the green flags and subtle signs that his kiss was meaningful.

I understand you could be in a similar dilemma. Now that I’ve learned from my experience, I am going to share how to know that the kiss meant as much to him as it meant to you. So hear it up from someone who’s been there and done that:

The Importance Of A Kiss When You Are Dating

The dating phase is when you get to know your partner. Based on how your talking stage goes, you do get an idea where the relationship is headed. You either see it developing into a romantic relationship or understand that it is just a fling.

Whatever your future plans are, when a guy kisses you unexpectedly, you want to know it was just an impulse or holds a deeper meaning. What can you tell from a kiss? Well, a lot if you pay a little bit of attention. A seemingly perfect kiss is significant because:

  • It marks the transition to an emotional connection: A kiss is not just physical contact. Rather, it hints at a deep connection. Your relationship has graduated from being a mere physical attraction to an emotional connection
  • Kissing in the dating phase conveys love and affection: And all signs green, especially when it comes to romantic relationships
  • Kissing denotes a sense of security: The lip-locking act can foster intimacy as it develops trust and security in relationships
  • A kiss can tell you a lot about how the guy feels for you: When a guy kisses, it reflects his true feelings. A rushed, rough encounter can signal his lack of seriousness whereas slow kissing is a good sign, denoting his strong feelings for you
  • Compatibility check: Kissing during the dating phase can help you gauge whether there is physical compatibility between you two, making it a dealmaker or a breaker
  • Makes for a beautiful memory: A good kiss with someone you adore will always remain in your memories, no matter what happens with the relationship further down the road
  • Makes way for the next phase: A kiss between partners indicates they are willing to explore the next base of their relationship. They are ready to explore physical intimacy, with each others’ consent; of course
  • Sexual anticipation: If you both have enjoyed locking lips with each other, you would be looking forward to explore each other on a deeper, intimate level

So, there is a lot a kiss can tell you about yourself, your partner, the relationship, their intentions and your preferences. While a kiss is a defining moment for you both, this is also the time to lay any dating boundaries, physical or emotional to avoid mixing up expectations.

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How Do You Know The Kiss Meant Something Real To Him?

First things first. Which team are you on—‘My boyfriend is acting weird after we kissed’ or ‘he can’t stop kissing me’? Or, are you one from the ‘he kissed me and now nothing’ team? Find an interpretation of all these and more here.

The kiss could tell you a whole lot about the guy you are dating and his feelings for you. So, what does his kiss tell you? Read on and find out! 

1. Your gut (and your heart) finds it special

Understand your feelings first. Did the kiss give you all the feels? You know, like the true love kiss feeling? Listen to what your heart has to say. Acknowledge and validate your feelings. If deep down, you feel the kiss really meant something, then it sure did.

For me, this was a clear sign. I found myself admitting, ‘I feel something every time he kisses me. It is as if I see the sparks flying!’. If you enjoyed kissing and are still thinking about it, it did mean a lot to you. You find it

A word of caution here: distinguish your feelings from your desires. Your heart might not feel what it desires. You might want the kiss to mean a deep connection, while your heart might not feel the same. Also, respect his feelings. If the kiss did not mean as much to him as it meant to you, honor their feelings and boundaries. 

2. He says he enjoys kissing you

While most guys act weird after the lip lock, some are open about their feelings. If your guy comes to you and tells you how much he enjoyed kissing you or that you are a good kisser, know that he is smitten with you for sure. It goes without saying that the kiss meant a lot to him.

While others (like me) are left scratching their heads wondering how to know if he enjoyed the kiss, you are one lucky girl. He is absolutely, definitely, certainly enjoying kissing you, and there is no looking back for the two of you.

And girl, if you haven’t told him already that you equally enjoyed kissing him, now is THE time to go ahead! 

Subtle Signs That His Kiss Was Meaningful
Image by ArthurHidden on Freepik

3. He shows signs of healthy jealousy

Now, we don’t mean that you’d be seeing a green-eyed monster searing with jealousy, but hey, these would be clear and healthy enough for you to pick up. He would feel insecure about you seeing other guys.

It wouldn’t go well with him if a guy hits on you or when you talk about the hot guy you saw in the dorm the other day. Such instances of feeling insecure are clear indicators that he cares for you and wants to be with you. 

Being a possessive boyfriend is one of the signs the kiss meant something to him. He has developed a strong connection with you and is not willing to give up on you. Had the kiss been just a fling for him, he wouldn’t care who you talk to or go on a date with. 

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4. He doesn’t play games or give mixed signals

If the kiss holds no ground for him then he would continue with the cat-and-mouse game. He’ll keep you guessing his intentions behind the kiss.

You’d find yourself wondering, ‘Was he drunk?’ or ‘Was it just an accident for him?’. Ask yourself: Did he act weird after the kiss? or, did he just laugh it off? 

On the other hand, if the guy thinks about the kiss or, better still, continues kissing now and then, then it’s a win-win situation for you. He has no intention of playing with your feelings. He wants the real deal.

He is sure about his genuine feelings for you and is willing to take the relationship to the next level. Instead of giving you mixed signals like the other guys, he would be direct and consistent with his words and actions. 

5. He texts you immediately

What could be a better tell-tale sign than this?! It is an absolute no-brainer when the guy not only keeps talking after the kiss but sends you a text right after the date. 

If he talks about the date and mentions the kiss, you know what it means, right?! it’s like he is saying, ‘Hey, I had a great time today!’. He can’t seem to have his fill of you and is missing you from the moment you leave. He is undeniably, passionately attracted to you.

He can’t keep himself away from you and instead prefers to be open about his feelings and excitement after that special first kiss with you. 

On the contrary, if the text looks evasive, it is again a clear indicator that he is a bit awkward or unsure about his feelings. In either case, remember to respect his feelings. At least, he showed up and admitted instead of ghosting you completely.  

6. It was a passionate kiss

How exactly the kiss went matters more than the fact that it happened. What did the kiss feel like? Was it a soft kiss or a passionate kiss? Was it a French kiss or a friendly kiss? Did he kiss you slowly, or rushed through it? Think of all these subtle nuances to decipher what the kiss meant to your BAE.

Next, think about how did he reach out for you? If he grabbed you by your waist or hip and kissed you pressing against the wall, it could mean lust. But, if it was a slow kiss with gentle and tender touches, making sure you’re comfortable, it reflects his true feelings for you. 

Don’t worry if you’re thinking ‘My boyfriend only pecks me. What does this mean?’. It’s all in the body language and eye contact. If you see him smiling while kissing, take it as nothing less than a long kiss. It is one of the signs of a passionate kiss. 

7. He chose not to tell his friends about the kiss

He is not one to kiss and tell! We girls often talk and discuss our intimate and special moments with our BFFs. But, when it comes to men they are more guarded about their special moments. Unless it was a kiss meant just for fun or as a dare, he would keep mum.

He would not choose to spill the tea and keep his feelings to himself. And really, if he is pretty serious about you, what’s there to brag or boast about? He would let the world know when the right time comes. 

Remember, silence can speak a thousand words. So if you are looking for signs the kiss holds deeper meaning for him, check if his friends mention or drop any hints about the kiss you two shared.

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8. He looked a bit nervous while kissing

As I said, it’s all in the body language. One of the signs the kiss meant something to him will be evident in his body language—whether he is a bit awkward or nervous. This nervousness is not because he is a bad kisser; rather it is because the kiss means the world to him. 

In hindsight, I remember I could see my boyfriend getting too fidgety and restless. Clear enough, he looked anxious. However, back then I could not read through this sign.

So girl, try to recall what he looked like during the lip lock. Did he act weird or awkward? Was there a ‘Is it okay with you?’ look in his eyes? Did he look embarrassed or unsure? If this kiss meant a lot to him then you would notice:

  • If he kept kissing you slowly, as if time had stood still for him
  • His eyes were closed , and you could sense a state of calm in his movements
  • He moved your hair from your face, softly
  • He holds you close even after the kiss

A guy who has kissed you out of stress or without any feelings would just finish the job and get going. He wouldn’t bother holding you close or being soft and slow. But a guy who is all fidgety, nervous and anxious wants to do it all right and check all the boxes.

His stress is due to the fact that he is too conscious of being called a bad kisser. He wants you both to savor the moment and wants to do his best to make it as special as he can. Rest assured that if he looks shy, it is certainly one of the signs he loves kissing you. 

Subtle Signs That His Kiss Was Meaningful

9. He plans frequent outings

Come on, we all know how integral meet-cutes are in a romantic relationship. If your boyfriend is suggesting going out on dates, coffee meets, strolls in the park, or movies more frequently than ever, it is a clear sign that the kiss meant to him as much as it meant to you. Not only did your guy enjoy kissing you, but is even willing to move ahead in the relationship. 

Had the kiss been nothing for him, he would have gone quiet, missing, or back to being the same as before. He may have even pulled away, so to say. But, if he felt good after the kiss and if it meant something to him, you would notice a change in his behavior.

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Because the kiss was more than “something” to him, he would try to get alone-time with you as much as possible. You will find him trying to steal romantic glances at you, and being more protective toward you. He probably also wants another kissing rendevous as well.

He would ask you how you felt after the kiss and would share his feelings too. This is certainly going to mark the beginning of a serious relationship between you two!

10. He will get you more involved in his life

As a friend, you have always been a part of his life. However, things will change after the kiss (and for the good). If the kiss meant deeply for him, he will get you more involved in his life. Expect to meet his family, his gang of friends, invites to his family get-togethers and office parties, social events he attends, and the like. 

You may ask, ‘What does it mean when a guy kisses you deeply?’. Well, it means he is deeply in love with you and is all set to give you a peek into his personal life. He will discuss his hobbies, life goals, dreams, and aspirations with you.

He will seek your opinion before taking an important decision. Who knows, he might just start discussing his future plans involving you

11. He continues kissing 

Ooh, now this one is really romantic ?. Picture this: your boyfriend reaches out, paying attention to your lips with that lovestruck look in his eyes, and leans in for a sensual kiss that lingers on as he continues kissing. Now, how romantic is that?!

A long kiss is definitely a good sign, rather, it is a great sign. Do not worry if your boyfriend gives you only a peck; he might be too nervous or overwhelmed with his feelings. But, if he keeps kissing you, he is certainly enamored with you. 

A long kiss that continues is a sign that he is enjoying kissing you and that it holds a greater significance for him. What does it mean when a guy kisses you slowly? It means that he wants to bask in your love and enjoy the intimacy for longer. In either case, he feels something for you, girl!

12. He wants to label the relationship

Have you noticed the signs you are unofficially dating? Well, now he wants to make things official. Had he not been serious and committed, he would not have kissed.

If you see your guy trying to label the relationship and give it an exact status within a few days of the kiss, he is pretty much sure about taking things beyond the kiss. Your kiss meant a lot to him and so he wants to define the bond that you two share.

Don’t get disheartened in case he doesn’t, he might want to take things slow or is taking some more time.

While other guys trivialize a kiss, he is not one of them. Things like situationships, being friends with benefits, hookups, and casual flings do not work for him. He is cut out for a serious and committed relationship. 

Signs a Kiss Holds Deeper Meaning for Him
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13. He maintains eye contact with you 

Any relationship expert or dating coach would agree with this one. Strong eye contact means everything in a relationship, particularly the romantic ones. The way he looks at you, looking straight into your eyes, is enough to convey his heartfelt emotions for you. You can guess the intention and meaning behind his kiss just by his body language and eye contact. 

Someone who loves you deeply will look into your eyes and maintain eye contact. Someone who is unsure about his feelings or is there with you just for a casual fling, will not look you directly in your eyes. He will try to steal glances and maybe look away.

However, this is not a bad sign altogether. It could also mean he is not ready to be vocal or expressive about his feelings. 

14. He will stalk you on social media 

One of the most clear signs the kiss meant something to him is his omniscient presence on social media. You put up a story on the Gram and he is the first one to watch it. You drop a Snapchat story and he sees it instantly.

He frequently slides into your DMs for no particular reason. He is always among the first few people to like or comment on your pictures and posts. 

Most likely, the kiss meant something to him and he can’t keep you away from his thoughts. He is still thinking of you and the way he felt after the kiss and so he is following you closely on the social media platforms, with lovestruck-heart-emoji-eyes. 

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15. He discusses the future with you

A guy would never discuss or plan his future with a girl who isn’t a part of it. If he is discussing his future plans with you, that’s because he sees you in it—one of the sure-shot signs the kiss meant something to him. Anyone who is serious about the relationship will not stop at kissing. Things are likely to go forward from there. 

This need not necessarily translate into immediate marriage plans, that’s downright creepy! But, you will be involved in his short-term future plans. He might ask you about your holiday plans and chalk out an itinerary that suits you both.

Or, he might invite you to his cousin’s wedding next month. He might even ask you about your future goals to check if you two are on the same page.

Key Takeaways

  • Most of the signs the kiss meant something to him are easily discernible in the body language and eye contact
  • Be observant and note his every move to understand his motive behind the kiss
  • Be sure of your own feelings before pinning your hopes on the guy
  • How the kiss goes can tell you a great deal about the guy and his feelings for you
  • Even if the guy doesn’t seem interested beyond the kiss, do not take things to your heart. Instead, honor their feelings and respect the boundaries 

Whether the kiss meant something to him or not is easy to find out. Take this from someone who has learned it from first-hand experience. You just need to be observant and pay attention to the little cues and subtle signs.

However, take these signs as probable indicators of his genuine feelings for you. Before you take things to your heart, it is better to communicate directly and honestly. Even if you do not see the above-mentioned signs and he isn’t really into you, respect his decision. There are many more fish in the sea and who knows, there could be Cupid waiting to strike you with an arrow just around the corner!

Infographic – Signs The Kiss Meant Something To Him

Infographic on: Signs The Kiss Meant Something To Him
Promising Signs The Kiss Meant Something To Him


1. Can a man fall in love after a kiss?

It is possible for a man to fall in love after a physical connection such as a kiss, provided there has already been a physical attraction. However, love cannot be forced or imposed upon someone simply by kissing. 

2. What can you tell from a kiss?

The kiss can tell you a great deal about the person and their feelings. While the genuineness of one’s feelings can be gauged from the way the kiss goes, it has its own limitations. A kiss is a subjective experience and can evoke different reactions and subsequent interpretations.