As someone married to a Cancer man, I can say this with pride that they make the most amazing partners. Ruled by the planet Moon, they are mysterious, unconventional and highly sensitive in nature. If you have your heart set on a man born between June 21 and July 22, it will not be an easy task to woo him.

How to make a Cancer man fall in with you? From my personal experience, I have listed some of the most practical tips on winning the heart of a Cancer man and making him obsessed with you. Brace yourself!

Cancer Man- Personality Characteristics

Born between June 21 and July 22, Cancerians are known to have a tough exterior but a soft, gentle interior. Represented by the crab or a lobster with claws, just as their personality, the ancient occult science of Astrology believes Cancer is a water sign; ruled by the planet Moon.

As such, Cancerians are instinctual, emotional and sensitive beings whose nature is nurturing and embodies motherly love and care. The deep and lunar sign oscillates highly between being protective and borderline overbearing.

As Cancers have strong maternal instincts, they often come across as clingy, needing constant reassurance and have often been called ‘crybabies’.

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Nevertheless, a Cancer man will bring stability and loyalty to their relationships, and love will dwell effortlessly. These homebodies, secure and safe in their shells, are hard to woo if you try too hard or come across as too strong.

Winning over a Cancer man requires a delicate, sensitive approach which is what we will discuss in this article. Hope you find it helpful, just as I did. 

15 Practical Tips To Make A Cancer Man Fall In Love With You

Sensitivity is probably the first quality that is generally associated with this cardinal sign. Cancer men tend to hold on to pleasant memories of home and family, are deeply devoted to their close ones. As sensitive as they are, they simply retreat into their shell if they feel hurt

Shy yet romantic, I would not hesitate to say that they make excellent life partners, but rarely do the chasing even if they like someone.

Come to think of it, my husband has never officially proposed to me. ?

How do you make a Cancer man obsessed with you? By following the below tips which I have divided into three main sections- Attracting the Cancer man, Connecting with the Cancer man and finally, Making him fall in love with you. Lets take a dive, shall we?

1. Attracting The Cancer Man

It is no secret that both men and women prefer attractive partners, especially when it comes to dating and relationships1.

Cancer men, deeply maternal and caring, fall for women who exhibit femininity, grace, beauty, and confidence.

A Cancer male is attracted to healthy, happy women who conduct themselves with poise and elegance. Taking care of yourself is the first and foremost way to attract a Cancer man if you want him to fall in love with you. 

1. Take care of your appearance

To make a Cancer man for you, you need to not only look good from outside, but also from inside. Radiate positivity and happiness, contentment and softness, from within as well.

Cancer natives do place considerable importance on how you dress and look, so ditch that messy bun and lounge shorts and opt for some trendy dresses, light makeup and well-maintained hairdos. To make yourself physically attractive for your Cancer crush, you can try the below:

  • Hit the gym regularly: To attract a Cancer man, make sure you maintain your body and look hale and hearty. Regular workout sessions will make your skin glow and your curves will look pronounced
  • Dress for your Cancer man: What are Cancer men attracted to? Women who are dressed in simple yet sophisticated dresses that flatter their body types. The crabs love the curves so anything that makes you look classy, accentuates those curves, coupled with some fine accessories should make him notice you
  • Wear light makeup: The keyword is light. Don’t put layers of foundation or thick mascaras, just subtly highlight your best features and let your personality do the talking
  • Use the power of scents: To make a Cancer man fall for you, use a particularly sensual scent that he can associate with you. Choose fragrances that have enhanced aphrodisiac properties to simulate desire and sensuality. 

2. Show him your graceful and feminine side

Cancerians are maternally inclined and prefer grace and feminine qualities in women. As nurturers themselves, they want their life-partners to have feminine qualities such as sensitivity, humility, modesty and empathy.

  • Empathize: To attract a Cancer man, show them your empathetic side by listening to them attentively and intently. Make them feel you understand their grief, sadness and disappointment
  • Be sensitive: A typical Cancer man is extremely sensitive and protective of his emotions. Be sensitive not just to their needs, but anyone’s needs in general
  • Put your point across, but respectfully: To get in the good books of a Cancer man, make sure you follow respectable language and a positive body language. Arguing with aggressive body language, tone, or language will make your crab retreat to his shell. Attract the problem, not the person
  • Play the role of a nurturer: Cancerians are drawn to nurturers, so offer them help and care whenever you can. If they see you as someone who supports and cares not just for themselves but also their closed ones, they will indeed be attracted to you
How do you make a Cancer man obsessed with you

3. Exude confidence and independence

Confidence is sexy and is a highly attractive quality even claimed by research. To make a Cancer man obsessed with you, show him a woman who is high on confidence (but not arrogant), and does not need a man to fulfil her basic needs.

  • Show him you are capable of taking big decisions: Let your Cancer guy know you are not scared of making big decisions and do not get overwhelmed in the face of challenges
  • Let your confidence do the talking: Being confident and comfortable in your own skin will attract most Cancer guys. Be self-assured and exude positivity in whatever you do. Plus, a pleasing, welcoming smile will make most likely win a Cancer man’s heart
  • Don’t depend on him for material needs: Cancerians are usually successful people because they tend to value stability in all aspects of their life. And while they can usually provide for you, but you not being dependent on him will increase your chances of getting him to commit to you
  • Show affection without expectation: A Cancer man is unlikely to make grand shows of affection, even when they truly love you. Ask me! However, they themselves do like to be pampered and showered with affection. The monetary value notwithstanding, these Water bearers love to be indulged

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4. Use your eyes

What do people notice in the first instance when they meet someone? Eyes.

Eyes have been reported as the most attractive feature of someone’s face, and are an instant point of attraction for both the genders. 

A Cancer male is attracted to big, deep, expressive eyes that convey warmth, emotion and kindness. As they say, eyes are the windows to the soul and that is what your Cancer man is looking into. 

If your eyes are shining with a line of Kohl, and he can sense you are equally expressive and genuine as he is, there is no stopping him from reaching you out. 

5. Stay simple yet sophisticated

Just as how Cancer men are grounded in their values and thoughts, they want their ideal women to embrace simplicity with a dash of sophistication. Simplicity is alluring, it is sexy and raw, and that appeals to the crab.

Cancer men are men of character, and while good looks will definitely give you a good start with them, it is your simple and raw personality that will actually make a Cancer think of you more than just any other woman.

  • Aspire to be updated about different subjects: As Leonardo da Vinci quotes, Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Cancer guys have a special place for women who are aware of current affairs, can converse with them on culture as well as politics and like to learn new skills
  • Handle all situations with grace and good etiquette: Even when dealing with unfavorable situations, be polite and choose your words with consideration. Respect is very important for Cancerian men and they often test their women on how well they conduct themselves. They particularly like women who are balanced in their approach, classy in demeanor, and act in a composed manner
  • Look stylish and classy: If you want to dress for a Cancer man, look for classy, elegant fits that are neither too revealing nor too conservative, and fit you perfectly well. A rough, disheveled look is a huge turn-off for a Cancer man. To make him notice you, dress smartly with some cool accessories and he is sure to look at you twice
  • Nude and light makeup: Opt for simple nude and light makeup, if you have to. Else, a healthy, soft, clear and glowing skin with bright eyes and a welcoming smile is enough to make a Cancer guy notice you

 2. Connecting With A Cancer Man

If you have successfully caught the eye of a Cancer man, then the next step is to connect with him at a deep, emotional level. Only if you are compatible emotional, he will see you as someone special.

Men born under the Cancer sign seek emotional connection more than physical, and if you are able to make them feel emotionally secure and vulnerable, you will be amazed at how much love they return to you. 

What are Cancer men attracted to

6. Make empathy your best friend 

A cancer native is tuned into the needs of others. 

  • Use “we” instead of “me”: When conversing with a Cancer born, use “we” terms and make sure you are speaking collectively as a couple
  • Practice active listening skills: When a Cancer man is talking to you, make sure you are actively listening to them. Be present physically and mentally and let your body language be open and welcoming
  • Read the room and the atmosphere: Cancer men are attracted to women who can act according to situations and are highly intuitive in nature. Offer your advice and suggestion, but do so in subtle tones
  • Don’t just listen, also share: Just as you practice active listening, also make sure you are equally expressive as well. Be vulnerable with him so this shy man can also open up with you
  • Encourage and support him: If your Cancer man is sad or depressed, offer words of encouragement and support him in his wildest dreams. Show him how much he means to you in as many gestures as in words

7. Choose your words carefully

I can’t stress this enough. Being married to a Cancer man for more than 10 years, I now know how important it is to think before you speak.

Not just with him, but in any healthy relationship, give a thought to your choice of words and tone of voice. Not only that, pay attention to nonverbal cues as well. 

  • Seek and give emotional support: A good relationship is made of two individuals cheering for each other during life’s troughs and crests. What does a Cancer man want to hear when he is considering a long-term relationship with you? That you will be his plus 1 for the rest of his life. Be his emotional support system and bring him stability and emotional security to win his heart forever
  • Mean what you say: And I mean that as sincerely as I can. There is no replacement for genuinity

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8. Keep away from playing mind games

Mind games and healthy relationships don’t marry well. To ensure your Cancer crush sees an ideal partner in you, refrain from playing mind games or employing manipulative tactics as Cancers can react very unpredictably to such advances.

  • Cancerians don’t handle jealousy well: A lot of women play the jealousy game to make a man chase them. You may succeed with other zodiac signs, but not Cancers. Usually possessive in nature, they can easily feel jealous if you are bonding too well with another guy, but will not say or show much. They don’t handle the emotion well and may well react adversely to such emotions
  • No-contact may be met with never-contact: If you are someone who thinks pulling away from a man will draw him closer, let me break the myth for you. It does not apply on Cancer natives. Men born under the Cancer sign pull away when they feel ignored. So, do not expect them to chase you, if you play such games
make a move on a cancer man

9. Make him feel at home

A Cancer man’s heart is full of pleasant family memories and he is traditionally drawn to making a family. As they are deeply attached to the sentimental value of home and family, make sure he feels cozy, comfortable and cared for when he is with you.

Win him with your nurturing nature and homemaking skills so he sees an ideal partner in you.

  • Cook for him: If you are living together, when he is home from work, make some homemade dinner for him. If he is sick, show up at his door with a hot bowl of soup. If he is a colleague, offer him homemade lunch and he is sure to be turned on
  • Spend quality time with him: If you really want to bond with a Cancer native, there is no better way to spend time with him, reading, watching shows or movies, laughing over jokes, having coffee or simply lazing around in your lounge pants. He will be shy at first, but will eventually warm up to having you by his side and will show you an amazing, mysterious side of him
  • Learn about his family and their bonds: It is no secret that Cancer men are highly devoted and family oriented. For a long-term relationship, they would want the woman to blend in his family without any inhibitions. Know about them, their likes and dislikes and bond with them. It is just the simplest way to make a Cancer man happy!

10. Take the lead in romance

Cancerian men can be romantic, however, being shy, they generally hesitate to take the first step. Even when a Cancer man likes you, it will be hard for them to take the lead.

Been there, I strongly suggest you take the lead by creating a romantic atmosphere in an intimate setting if you feel like he wants to confess his feelings for you. They take a long time to spill the beans.

Nothing seduces a Cancer man more than kindness and being a genuine, authentic person. Sure, sexting and enticing him can do their job, but unless he feels emotionally connected with you, he won’t connect physically with you.

How to make a move on Cancer man? By appealing to his emotional side. Infact, Cancer man’s flirting style is also not great. They can be self- conscious, somewhat insecure and cannot process unfamiliarity and unpredictability.

That is why it is in your best interest to do the chasing, but do ensure nothing you do makes your guy feel uncomfortable or pushed out of his comfort zone. They do not react well to these.

Additionally, let him know how you feel subtly and gently, like with a touch here and there, a quick but lingering tap on the shoulder or a sweet, little gesture that touches his soul. They say the most erogenous zone of a Cancer man is his chest!

Flirty undertones could be a good bet but anything over and above could put off your Cancer man. Tread with caution!

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3. Making A Cancer Man Fall In Love With You

What are some body language signs a Cancer man likes you? The change in his behavior. He will be protective about, show signs of possessiveness and ensure even the smallest of your needs are met without having you to say anything.

There’s the hint he could really fall for you and you could live happily with an excellent partner. Just follow the below tips to complete the list of how to make a Cancer man fall in love with you.

11. Don’t try to rush him

Time is your best friend. Be patient, but keep reminding him of your affection in small, thoughtful gestures of love and romance. Make it known to him that you are waiting. Give him his time and space

  • Show him you are ready to commit: You will rarely find a Cancer man testing the waters if he is not interested in permanence. Permanence is what he is looking for and unless you are ready for that as well, don’t try to catch the crab. And if you have made up your mind for him, show him you will be by his side till the end of time

12. Family- always comes first

Keep telling him how much your own family means to you and how you still think traditionally of having kids and raising them right. Emphasizing the importance of family in your life will make him consider you as his partner. Needless to say, this family oriented man will care for your family, as his own family

  • Be there for his family: During happy and challenging times, both. Cancer men are devoted to their families, so you being their in their happiness and times of emotional distress will mean a lot to him
  • Form a close bond with his family members: This essentially refers to getting to know them better so you are not a stranger to them. Get to know their likes and dislikes, and you should be able to blend in seamlessly
  • Win his mom over: It is said most men fall for women who have similar characteristics as their mom. This is a huge clue as to how to make a Cancer man fall in love with you!!

13. Make him feel at ease

Cancerian men are homebodies, nothing excites them more than being home binge-watching their favorite shows and movies with a huge bag of chips and some beer.

  • Arrange at-home date nights: To appeal to the romantic side of a Cancer man, arrange cozy, candle lit date nights at home, or under the stars. Lay out the food he loves, dress in some comfy shorts (lingerie could make him feel you are trying too hard) and let the magic unfold
  • Do not expect him to go pub-hopping or be in the public eye: He will be happy to accompany you to a shopping spree, but just going all out in the public hopping pubs and bars is not his thing. Too many people make him uncomfortable and that’s not the best way to get into a Cancer man’s heart
  • Find something you both enjoy: Being homebodies, they love their comfort zone, but sometimes they can be boring and monotonous. To keep the zing alive (especially for you), figure out some outdoor activities that you both can enjoy together.

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14. Show him how much you love him

Cancer love language is physical touch. When a Cancer man hugs you, (Cancerians are huge cuddlers), they do so intentionally and they mean it.

It won’t be like ‘he just wants to be friends’ and will still get close to you. No.

If they make intentional gestures that are physical, they are falling for you. Reciprocate the affection and you will not be disappointed

spend time with a Cancer Man

15. Tune-in with his nuances

Mood swings. Routines. Family time. If you really want a Cancer Man to fall in love with you, tune into his needs and inhibitions. When he is sad, offer him a lot of emotional support, assuring him you understand him.

He will not share his feelings easily, but assure him you care and are there for him. He fiercely guards his emotions but if he starts to show signs of vulnerability, the guarded man is falling in love. If you act according to a Cancer man’s mood, you will likely see him asking you out soon!

Key Takeaways

  • Cancer men are emotional and sentimental and value empathy and kindness in women more than looks
  • Do not woo a Cancer man if you are not sure of your feelings, they yearn for permanence and are not the ‘friends-with-benefits’ type
  • Nothing appeals more to a Cancer man than a woman who is rooted traditionally, family-oriented and confident in her own skin
  • Your life will be beautiful with a Cancer man by your side, that is assured

Cancer men take care of their loved ones till their last breath, they are devoted to their families and that makes them such a great catch as life partners. They are subtle, but simple and do not have pretentious exteriors. If you have your mind set on a Cancer man, make him fall in love with you and your life will never be ordinary ever again!