If you are looking to mend a broken relationship but do not know where to begin from, these powerful messages to fix a broken relationship may help give it a fresh start. 

Relationships are a tough terrain to walk on. And, when you try to rekindle love or fix a broken relationship, it gets all the more difficult. You look for the right words to say to save your relationship, but they seem elusive.

We understand battling the pain and giving your relationship another chance simultaneously can be a daunting task. However, sometimes all it takes is to write some carefully and thoughtfully crafted texts to fix a broken relationship. 

If you are keen to repair a struggling relationship, then these messages can help you mend broken bonds. If both the parties involved are ready for honest communication, getting over past mistakes can get easier. 

But, how do you do that? What could be the best lines to save a relationship? One that appeals to the heart and promises a fresh beginning. Before you pick up your phone on an impulse to send your partner an evocative text, make sure you read through the following compilation. 

Can You Fix A Relationship By Texting?

If you are someone who looks at the world in either black or white, then let us tell you that the answer to this question lies in a gray zone. You CAN make a broken relationship work again by texting but it also depends on other many other variables. 

A relationship repair is not possible unless it is a two-way initiative. Both you and your partner should be willing to take a step ahead, toward each other. It is primarily on the basis of a mutual understanding that you can repair a struggling relationship.

  • Making amends and rebuilding the relationship requires equal effort and involvement from both partners. If you have been texting them without hearing back, they have clearly burnt the bridges and are not returning. However, if both of you are keen on being together, you can mutually work toward a common couple goal that can help you make a broken relationship work again 
  • Taking responsibility for the damage done is another step toward building a stronger connection. It shows your level of commitment in the relationship besides your awareness of your actions and their consequences
  • A Quora user points out how their mutual decision to not dig the old graves helped them save their relationship. If you keep poking at the same wound again and again, it will never heal. You will be stuck in a stagnant relationship which will be beyond repairs
  • Another user believes steering clear of the blame game can give you a starting point. Instead of slinging mud at each other, choose to speak from your standpoint. It will give your partner a new perspective on the situation. Tell them how you feel, and not how they are responsible for what you feel
  • Having an open communication with the partner is something that everyone agrees upon. We cannot emphasize enough the need to speak your heart out and express your feelings to bring your relationship back on track. Do not pounce upon each other with issues to tackle. Take baby steps; address one issue at a time instead of blowing the entire thing in a go

Just sending texts crammed with empty words will do you no good unless you back them with your actions. Simply promising things without delivering will only throw trust out of the window. Relationships work on a give-and-take model, you should be willing to deliver just as your partner should. 

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A Reddit user seeking advice on repairing relationships aptly sums up the requisites of the repair. To quote the user, ‘Part of repairing the rupture requires 4 qualities: The ability to apologize, understanding that good people do bad things… or the ability to forgive, the ability to ask questions, and the ability to listen without judgment.’ 

This also brings us to consider what all you can do to fix a broken relationship. There is no denying the significance of messages to fix a broken relationship, but there are another couple of things you can do to get the repair done: 

Admit your mistakes: Acknowledging and accepting your mistakes is the first step to mending any relationship. and apologizing for the same shows you own upto them and that you care for your partner. Remember, egos have no place in healthy relationships

Willingness to forgive: To salvage a broken relationship, you must be willing to forgive and let go of the hurt. In fact, couples who practice forgiveness have stronger relationships and experience greater relationship satisfaction. You cannot salvage your relationship if you are not ready to accept human folly and forgive them for the same

Listen intently: Actively listening to your partner’s concerns is as crucial in a relationship as honestly talking. A meaningful communication rests on the foundation of talking about and listening to what you want, feel, and need clearly and accurately

Ask questions: Be curious about your relationship and your partner. What is the one thing they like/dislike the most about you? What is the one thing they want to change in the relationship? Ask them questions, unlearn the old patterns, and learn the newer ones to see your relationship blooming

best lines to save a relationship
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Mend A Broken Relationship With These 31 Texts

Fixing anything that’s broken requires a lot of patience and dedication. And it comes with its own share of complications. But, the thing with fixing broken relationships is that the people involved have an idea of how to draw each other. Sure, it can be challenging but sometimes, all that a broken relationship needs is effort. 

You might be going out of your way to fix a broken relationship with your girlfriend, but even a gesture as simple as sending a heartfelt message can tell them how earnestly you want to rebuild trust and see a better future together

Send them a text when you miss them dearly. Have them start their day with your heartfelt messages that convey your deep feelings for them and the lost intimate bond. Celebrate your special days or milestones with some of the best lines to breathe life back into love. Take a cue from the following:

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1. Give it another try

Going back to something that didn’t work out and giving it another chance seems to be the obvious thing to start with. Asking for a second chance may be tough, but if you are sincere and feel genuinely sorry for your wrong-doings, there is no reason why you shouldn’t demand to restart the relationship. 

Let your partner know how eagerly you want to mend broken bonds. Genuinely request them to give you a second chance. 

  1. ‘I know I have hurt you and I deeply regret that. I accept my mistakes. I wish we could get back together and make new memories while cherishing the old. Can you give me a second chance to prove my feelings for you?
  2. ‘Hey, I was wondering if we could let go of our past mistakes and start afresh. Can we give it another chance and see how things go this time?’
  3. ‘I know breaking off this relationship was one of my biggest mistakes, and I am ready to swallow my pride just to have you back in my life. Can we start all over again?’
  4. ‘I do understand that you will not come running back to me after all the hurt and pain I have inflicted on you. But, do know that I am waiting here for you. And, I am going to wait till the moment you do not return. Please forgive me and allow me a second chance. I promise I won’t disappoint you.’

2. Declare your undying love

A relationship that has been damaged will require your consistent effort. Damaged relationships are best healed with love and restoring trust and intimacy. Usually, a professional approach may prove to be very helpful. Seeking counseling to heal and learning to let go of the past may help.

Tell them that you never stopped loving them. You never stopped thinking about them. Express your undying love for your partner- in words and actions.

Repairing a broken relationship becomes easier when you sense genuine love and care for each other. If you want to send them a message to repair a broken relationship, tell them that you still love them. Unconditionally. 

  1. ‘I wish I knew this sooner that I see my soulmate in you. I did not realize it initially, but now I know and am certain that it was always you. I wish to spend the rest of my life with you and cannot imagine my future without you. I love you, today and always.’
  2. ‘I know things have gone horribly wrong between us. But, I also know that together we can overcome every obstacle. I continue to believe in our love for each other. Let’s start anew.’
  3. ‘I can sense that you still love me. I love you, too, and miss you more with every passing moment.’
  4. ‘Letting go of you has been the biggest mistake of my life. Living without you is like a car on the highway without a driver. I am broken without you in my life. Let’s make everything right again, can we?’
  5. ‘True love can be found over time. And I am ready to give you and our relationship all that I have. No one can ever take your place in my life. I can’t wait to spend quality time with you, making new memories together. Let’s proceed toward a better future together with all the love in our hearts.’
  6. ‘I wished to start anew and was frantically looking for messages to fix a broken relationship. But, you know what? It is my undying love for you that spoke. It came to the fore and I was overwhelmed with a deep, passionate longing for you. I am not weak in wanting you to return. I am stronger in my love for you and I am not letting you go this time.’

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3. Seek an apology and make amends

How to fix a relationship that’s falling apart? With a heartfelt apology. Apologizing can work wonders for your relationship. It shows how earnest you are in making amends.

Tell them that you know you have messed up, done something(s) wrong, and are not going to repeat past mistakes. It hints at your genuine regret and your willingness to adopt a new perspective and work toward a healthy relationship. 

A research states that apologizing sincerely can make your partner consider forgiving you much more willingly than those who never received one.

  1. ‘In hindsight, I never understood your concerns or listened to you. But, I do see them now and want to apologize for all the ill-treatment and insensitivity. I never meant to hurt you. I am sorry if I did.’
  2. ‘I think it’s time to apologize for everything that I did. I was naive and ignorant and never understood what you wanted to convey. But, now I know what you might have gone through. Please forgive me and give me another chance.’
  3. ‘I am sorry for all the pain I have caused you. Let’s talk and find a way to heal together. I am ready to keep my self-esteem aside and work on our differences together.’
  4. ‘Our relationship always meant a lot to me. I miss you and the beautiful moments we shared. I am willing to work through our issues and rebuild trust. Please forgive me.’
  5. ‘I apologize for my wrongdoings. Let’s move past this and rekindle the love that still breathes between us?’
  6. ‘The very thought of losing you unnerves me. Let’s leave all the pain behind us. Can we find a way to forgive and move ahead?’
  7. ‘I have made mistakes, I know. But, no one is perfect. I am ready to learn, make amends, and grow–all with you by my side. Can you please forgive me and join me on my life journey?’

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4. Give them the priority they deserve

Promise them the love and care that they deserve. Promise a better future, not just for you as a couple but for the individual happiness of you two. If you have some serious plans for repairing a broken relationship, then the future must look promising. Let your partner know how important they are in your life. 

Make it a priority to spend quality time with them, and make effective communication the foundation of your relationship. Schedule regular checks on your bond. Coming up with messages to fix a broken relationship would be easier if you stay genuine to your feelings.

  1. ‘I know I have never paid heed to you or cared for you. I was wrong. I have learned to value your presence in my life. I promise you my commitment because our relationship is worth fighting for.’
  2. ‘I never realized that you should have been at the top of my priority list. After self-reflection, I have understood where I went wrong. I am going to make amends and work for our relationship now. I want to do things better this time.’
  3. ‘You know all that I ever had was YOU. Not having you around is a huge loss for me. Would you please let me improve my habits and undo my mistakes? I want to prove how badly I want you in my life.’
  4.  ‘This emotional distance between us is killing me. I have been seeking counselling since the day you left me. Without you, I am an emotional wreck! But now I am committed to changing things for the good. Will you give me a second chance to treat you better?’
  5. ‘I am not going to give you up so easily. I will fight to have you back in my life. You have always been an inseparable part of my life. I am ready to do all it takes to rebuild trust and rekindle love. Can we go toward new beginnings?’
  6. ‘I am not afraid of starting all over again. What is gone, is gone. I am not repeating my mistakes. You have been the queen of my heart, and so you shall reign it forever. Can we please have a meaningful conversation around it to fix it?’
  7. ‘I’ve made innumerable mistakes over the years. Not anymore. I am not going to make another one by letting you go. I am ready to embrace change and mend my ways. I love you and want you to stay with me.’
  8. ‘I love you. And, I know you love me, too. Why should we wait anymore to be together? Let’s move on from our past and decide to stay committed to each other.’
  9. ‘I know you never intended to hurt me, no matter what mistakes you made. I forgive you for everything, for I love you dearly. There are things we need to work on but together we are a team and we can overcome all the hurdles. Let’s put each other above everything else.’
words to say to save your relationship

5. Send them a glimmer of hope

Hope is a powerful force that can sustain life. Rebuild your relationship not on empty promises and fake words in the name of messages to fix a broken relationship. Rather, convey your genuine emotions through powerful messages that shine with the glimmer of hope and promise–for a future together. 

A research on the effects of hope showed that if the partners in a relationship are hopeful about their future, it can help them get past relationship conflicts by allowing a partner to accommodate the other. This outlook paves the way for healthy communication as both partners want to get past the difficult times.

Another research shows how hope-focused counseling for couples improved their relationship satisfaction. So, without much ado, pick up a hopeful message from the list below or write in your own sweet words a message that lights up hope in your partner’s eyes.

  1. ‘It is never too late to restart our relationship if we know and can sense our love for each other. Let’s connect once again and welcome a new beginning.’
  2. ‘A relationship is like a house. If anything in the house burns out, we don’t leave it to buy a new house. We get it fixed. Similarly, we need to fix the cracks in our relationship rather than head toward a breakup.’
  3. ‘I know I was flawed. I accept my mistakes. Let’s now focus on fixing things and improving our relationship. I am sure the best days are yet to come!’
  4. ‘Spending days without you is like a nightmare. We’ve been through a lot of pain and anguish. But I am sure we can together fight it to emerge a winner. Let’s make everything alright.’
  5. ‘Tomorrow is an opportunity to start things anew with hope, positivity, vigor, and unconditional love. Just forget everything that has happened so far and make way for the new.’

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Trust me when I say this, there is no relationship without its share of conflicts and problems. There will be disagreements, fights, and nasty arguments at times. But recognizing the issues that trigger conflict and resolving them through mature, healthy ways is the key to happier, healthy relationships.

Key Takeaways 

  • It might be difficult to fix a broken relationship with a girlfriend, but not impossible. Dedicate yourself to the cause and make efforts
  • Be ready to change, for the good
  • Know the right words to say to save your relationship
  • Start a conversation by sending messages to fix a broken relationship 

It is not easy to make a broken relationship work again. Nonetheless, you can achieve everything if you have the right intention and effort. Give it your best and go all in. True love will certainly find its way into their heart. But for now, set the ball rolling with any of the above messages to fix a broken relationship and hit that ‘send’ button!