There’s nothing worse than an unfaithful partner. It has the power to break you from the inside. That’s why it’s important to learn all the 15 signs your partner is sleeping with someone else so you can be prepared when it happens. It’s also a great way to find out if your partner is already having sex outside of marriage or your relationship but you are unaware of it.

We are not here to scare you or make you paranoid. It’s human nature to sometimes wonder if your wife or if your husband is seeing someone else. And statistics are proof that men in committed relationships cheat. 

How many, you ask? 50-60% of married men have at least once engaged in extramarital sex. 

That’s exactly why you need to be aware of all the red flags mentioned in this article before you pan out feeling like a fool. Trust me, I’ve been there and it took me three long years to get over it. And the icing on the cake is that I’ve been left with a lifetime supply of trust issues. 

15 Signs Your Partner Is Sleeping With Someone Else 

When the person you love sleeps with someone else, it can shatter you because a committed relationship requires honesty and devotion.

Your partner can’t kiss you at home and then go to the office and kiss someone else.

That’s debauchery. But fret not! We have gathered all the 15 signs your partner is sleeping with someone else so you don’t end up spending time with someone who doesn’t deserve to be with you. 

1. Your partner is always unreachable 

One of the biggest signs there is someone else in your partner’s life is when they are always busy and unreachable. They spend less and less time with you as days pass by.

They are either:

  • Working late
  • Busy partying with their friends

This should be concerning if they weren’t like this before. It’s as if their whole schedule has changed and you don’t know what your partner is doing anymore. 

2. They have a new friend now 

Most people don’t see this as a sign but it is a red flag if your partner suddenly has new friends. You’ve never heard of them before but there’s a new colleague or friend that they can’t seem to stop talking about.

They meet them often and they take “business trips” with this person. 

You need to dig deeper in such instances if your partner is having sex outside of marriage or relationship. If you want to clear up your confusion, then ask your partner to introduce you to this new friend.

If they hesitate, it’s one of the obvious signs there is someone else in your partner’s life. 

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3. They are becoming emotionally distant

How to know if your husband has slept with someone else? They are very emotionally distant. They have stopped spending time with you and even if you try to imitate, they get up and walk away. Here are some more signs of an emotionally distant partner:

  • They will avoid being vulnerable or have deeper conversations with you
  • There is an evident lack of empathy on their part
  • They have difficulty in expressing their feelings
  • They prioritize doing activities on their own rather than asking you if you want to join them
  • They shut down or withdraw themselves during a conflict

It’s not exclusive but he/she slept with someone else. That’s for sure. 

4. They display suspicious phone habits

Your partner is having sex outside of your relationship if they display suspicious phone habits. For example, they never had a password for their phone but now they have one.

It’s obvious that they are hiding something on their phone. Perhaps they are having an emotional affair with someone and that’s the reason why they are being so overprotective about their mobile.

Let’s take a look at some more suspicious phone habits: 

  • They always wipe out their history, call logs, pictures, and messages
  • They are always online but they tell you they are busy at work
  • They hide their phone from you. For example, if they are taking a shower, they will hide their phone under the pillow or they will take it with them to the washroom 
  • They receive phone calls and messages at odd hours 

These are some of the signs that your husband has another woman or your wife has an affair. What is so important that they can’t talk on their phone when you are around? They are definitely hiding something. 

Is your husband cheating on you

5. Your partner has a new look 

New clothes, new shoes, a new hairstyle, and a new personality. In fact, they will use new slang and lingos. Do you know what research says about this? When you spend a lot of time with someone, you subconsciously start mimicking them.

You copy the way they talk, their mannerisms, and their hobbies. No wonder your partner is looking different these days.

They are trying to mimic their new partner and their preferences as they want to flatter them. This is a bad sign. 

6. They are suddenly trying new things in bed

If your partner is sleeping with another woman, you will notice some changes in their bedroom activities. They will try new moves in bed. Where did they learn these things from? It’s one of the warning signs of cheating. 

Janet, my dear friend from Oklahoma, texted me the other day, “Is my partner sleeping with someone else? Because my husband has changed in bed. He is trying new things and I don’t know if he learned it from adult movies or by doing it with someone else. I asked him but he got furious and stormed off. My gut feeling says that he is lying about sleeping with someone else.”  It turned out to be true three months later when he left Janet for the other woman. 

7. They are never in the mood for sex

On the other hand, one of the evident physical signs he/she just slept with someone else is when they are never in the mood for physical intimacy. They will use excuses like:

  • I am not in the mood today 
  • I am too tired
  • The baby will wake up 
  • My periods have started
  • I have to wake up early tomorrow 

Sex it’s important for a relationship to thrive. Studies have found that sexual health of the relationship directly affects the relationship quality. But here there is no physical contact between the two of you.

No sign of cuddling, kissing, or holding hands either. You initiate by kissing them but they back away.

You touch them and they push your hand away. It’s because someone else is satisfying and fulfilling your partner’s desires. 

8. They have love bites on their body  

Another one among the physical signs he/she just slept with someone else is when your partner has new marks on their body.

You haven’t given them any love bites because they’ve been running away at the thought of physical intimacy.

Some people are so smart that they will never undress in front of their real partners because they are afraid of being exposed.

If your partner suddenly has hickeys, it’s one of the definite physical signs he just slept with someone else or she just slept with someone else. 

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9. They stop making future plans with you

If your wife or if your husband has slept with someone else, then they must be seeing them behind your back.

Perhaps they have fallen in love with them and like spending time with them. That’s why they have stopped discussing the future with you. 

Here are some other reasons why this has happened:

  • They have fallen out of love 
  • They don’t see you as a compatible partner anymore
  • They want to lead a single life
  • Your relationship goals don’t align with your partner’s 

It can be bothersome if your partner suddenly stops talking about the future. You can try to initiate but if they still resist, it’s one of the signs he is fantasizing about someone else and that’s why they aren’t able to commit to you properly. 

15 signs your partner is sleeping with someone else

10. Their body language is different 

Body language is a great indicator of a person’s feelings. If your husband is seeing someone else, they will display the following body language:

  • According to research, people avoid eye contact when they are guilty of doing something 
  • Being evasive when you discuss their whereabouts
  • Exhibiting nervous behavior when you check their phone 
  • Snatching the phone from your hand 
  • Sighing or rolling their eyes whenever you speak

They’re definitely having sex outside of marriage and you need to open your eyes. 

11. They disrespect you 

Disrespect is one of the things you should never be okay with in a relationship. If your partner constantly hurts you, disrespects you, humiliates you in front of your friends, and uses your vulnerabilities against you, it’s one of the subtle signs he is fantasizing about someone else.

It could also be one of the signs he has multiple partners. It’s not one affair, it’s multiple affairs and he is over you.

He wants you to break up with him because he doesn’t want to look like the villain here. This is a big red flag and you shouldn’t take it lightly.

12. They hide their expenses from you 

If your partner has suddenly become secretive about their expenses, it’s one of the physical signs he just slept with someone else.

Where is the money going? Your partner is not buying you presents or taking you out on holiday. 

Check their credit card statements to find out if they checked in at a hotel or had dinner at a fancy restaurant.

If you both have a joint account, then ask your partner to explain every expense that has been made because it’s your money too. 

13. Your partner smells different 

How to know if your husband has slept with someone else? See if they smell like a woman.

Basically, if your partner is having an affair behind your back, they will smell like their new partner.

It could be a feminine perfume or a manly after-shave. You can also check for lipstick on their collar or notice if they quickly take a shower after reaching home.

These are also some of the physical signs she just slept with someone else or he slept with someone else.

Physical signs he slept with someone else

14. You catch them lying to you 

If a girl or if a guy sleeps around often, you will always catch them lying to you. It will start as little white lies but soon it will become their personality.

Whenever they open their mouth, a carefully curated lie falls out of them.

Where were you? With friends.

What is this mark on your hip? Oh, nothing. I got hit by something I guess.

You can smell their lies. 

Can you feel when your partner has slept with someone else?

“Yes. Trust your gut when you feel like your partner is lying about sleeping with someone else. That’s pretty much the theme of infidelity. But once you have proof, you can confront them without any hesitation”, writes a Reddit user. 

15. They accuse you of cheating 

Classic gaslighting 101. A person who is cheating on you will accuse you of cheating on them. If you spot some warning signs of cheating and ask your partner what’s going on, they will lose their mind.

They will have a holier-than-thou attitude and accuse you of cheating on them. They will gaslight the situation to the point where you start feeling guilty for ever doubting them. Don’t ever let this happen. 

Now that you know all the 15 signs your partner is sleeping with someone else, you need to know what to do about it.

The worst has happened whether or not your partner accepts their wrongdoings. What is your reaction going to be? Read along and find out what to do when your wife or husband is sleeping with another woman.

5 Things To Do For Yourself If Your Partner Just Slept With Someone Else?

If you just found out you’ve been betrayed, it can be heartbreaking. But don’t ever think that cheating back on them is the solution. An eye for an eye will only make the world blind. Instead, do the following things:

  • When you notice all the signs there is someone else in your significant other’s life, take time to process your emotions and allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling
  • This is an excruciatingly painful time. Therefore, seek support from friends, family, or a therapist to help you cope with the situation. Take relationship advice from them and try to move on
  • Focus on self-care activities that make you feel good, such as exercise, hobbies, or relaxation techniques like yoga and other deep breathing exercises 
  • Set boundaries and communicate your needs with your partner. Think about whether you want to move on or give this relationship another chance
  • The thing with infidelity is that it gives the victims trust issues and bruised self-esteem. Do not let this affect you or your self-worth   

Key Takeaways 

  • It’s a universal fact that partners cheat in committed relationships. If not physical, then at least emotional infidelity takes place at least once during the course of the relationship 
  • Some of the warning signs of cheating include being emotionally distant, creating unnecessary problems in the relationship, and avoiding future plans
  • When you find out your partner is sleeping with someone else, don’t react hastily. Talk to your friends and family members for advice and then decide what to do about it
  • Either break it off completely or establish boundaries if you are planning to give another chance 

A relationship without trust is nothing. You may as well break it off and find a new partner if trust has been shattered. However, if you want to give this another chance, then seek couples therapy. If you can’t stand a cheating partner, then part ways without harming them or yourself in this situation. Prioritize your emotional well-being and do whatever it takes to feel like you are not alone.