Nothing hurts more than infidelity in a long-term relationship. While you have been totally invested in the relationship, your boyfriend chose to get a tad too close to his new lady friend. Feeling hurt, angry, and humiliated over being cheated on can make anyone an emotional wreck. Gain control over your emotions and pen down a painful message to a cheating boyfriend. You can either send it to him or use it as an emotional vent to help you accept and acknowledge your feelings.

What do you do when someone cheats on you? You write heartfelt messages to a cheating partner to tell them how their infidelity has inflicted limitless pain on you and is unforgivable conduct. No more crying over a lying boyfriend!

Find your voice, gain emotional power, and start your journey toward recovery and healing with the power of words. What better way to feel heard than to confront them, telling them how you feel? To help you get through this difficult time, we have compiled a list of whooping 51 hurtful things to say to a cheater. So, read through and get your savage on, girl!

Preparing To Tell Your Cheating Boyfriend He Has Hurt You

Confronting a cheating boyfriend might sound intimidating. You are going through an emotional upheaval, feeling betrayed, hurt, vulnerable, angry, and overwhelmed. Your emotions will make it difficult for you to give voice to your pain.

Though this is a normal reaction when things go wrong in a relationship, remember, you are not always going to feel the same. You can heal and recover, just trust the process.

Before you think of the things to say to a cheating boyfriend, brace and prepare yourself. Follow some of our words of wisdom to feel better and retort better! 

  • First and foremost, take care of yourself. Do not respond in the heat of the moment, no matter how much pain you are going through. Be in control of yourself
  • Do not attack your cheating boyfriend, even though this could very well be what you want to do. This would drive them even further away, justifying what they did to you
  • Be firm in your approach. Do not come across as a damsel in distress, begging them to come back. Make it clear that you are no longer interested in them
  • Never make it about the other girl. There is no point in dragging the other woman into the conversation. He has been lying and betraying, so he is the culprit
  • Steer clear of calling names, and giving threats. Behave responsibly and sensibly

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What To Say To A Cheating Boyfriend?

Now, this is where things start getting tricky. What to text your boyfriend who cheated on you? You sure do not want them in your life anymore and are willing to break up. But, is it right to confront a cheating partner over text? Or, do you meet them in person and see them in the eye telling them how much pain they have inflicted on you?

We suggest you do whatever helps you heal and restore your mental and emotional well-being. To help you get started, here are a few cheating messages for him who doesn’t deserve anyone’s love.

goodbye messages to boyfriend who cheated
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Short, WhatsApp Painful Messages To A Cheating Boyfriend

Revenge is best served cold. Or, over a WhatsApp text. Well, seeking revenge on a cheater might not be on our agenda, but, hey, who doesn’t want to give them a taste of their own medicine? No, we aren’t suggesting revenge cheating. Rather, we suggest, going fiercely lethal in your cold and detached attack. 

  1. ‘Dear cheating boyfriend, now that you have shown your true colors, I know how much of a real man you are. I can’t believe I loved someone like you!’
  2. ‘I regret investing my trust, loyalty, faith, and love in a despicable person like you’
  3. ‘You are not the person I thought you were. Thanks for betraying me, I would now think thrice before trusting anyone’
  4. ‘You will never know what real love is, for you are never going to experience it again’
  5. ‘I loved you with all my being and still, you chose to betray me for someone else. I hope you realize how much pain you have given me’
  6. ‘You have not cheated on me; you have cheated on our sacred bond. You have not only broken my heart into a million pieces; you have crushed our happy future together’
  7. ‘Wow, it has been a great time together. Falling for your lies, trusting you blindly only to be stumped with another batch of lies, finding betrayal at every corner, ignoring all the red flags, phew! Guess you’ve really got a lot to pierce somebody’s heart so badly’
  8. ‘No more crying for a toxic person. Even my tears have dried now. Glad to be alone than being with the worst boyfriend’
  9. ‘Dear cheating boyfriend, thank you for showing me what it truly means to be hurt and betrayed by a person you trusted the most’
  10. ‘Once a glass breaks, it cannot be mended. Once a paper is crumbled, it cannot go back to being creaseless. Much like my broken heart that will never be the same again’

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Breakup Messages To A Cheating Boyfriend 

Things get a little easier when you have finally made up your mind to move on. Sending a breakup message to a cheating boyfriend can help you feel more liberated, freeing you from the burden of your emotions.

Channel your anger and hurt, and get closure to the relationship. A simple breakup message can work better for your well-being than a lengthy paragraph full of hatred and resentment. 

  1. ‘I am not left with any feelings for you. Even my hate is seeing through its end. You are as alien as a stranger to me. It is better to part our ways now’
  2. ‘Breaking up with you is easier. Who wants to stay in a committed relationship with a cheating husband only to feel betrayed? Not me!’
  3. ‘You did not even think twice before breaking my heart into a million pieces. And now I won’t think before breaking up with you!’
  4. ‘Everything you did to me–your lies, your betrayal, your mind games–will stay with me forever. Guess, I don’t need you by my side anymore!’
  5. ‘Let’s face it, I do not love you after all that you have done to me. I do not see us together ever’
  6. ‘I sincerely hope the other girl is ready to cry her eyes out when you cheat on her too’
  7. ‘You know what? The hate feels satisfying after knowing how abominable a person you are. I am a good woman who has learned her lesson and now nothing can bring us back together’
  8. ‘I may be a good woman to forgive a cheating boyfriend, but I am not a fool to let him stay in her life’
  9. ‘Dear cheater, I have no words to say to a cheating boyfriend whom I loved. I do not want any cheating boyfriend regret. For a hot stud like you who has multiple love interests, I know there is no place for an ex-girlfriend. So, goodbye!’
  10. ‘Your lies have shattered all the promises of the fairy tale wedding. All the beauty of our sacred bond has been trampled upon. There is no way we can be together again’
painful message to a cheating boyfriend

Savage Quotes For A Cheating Boyfriend

What to say to a cheating boyfriend to make him feel bad? Well, be at your savage best. You have been angry, spiteful, and full of resentment. Simply, unleash the thunder of your rage.

Take a pick from these no-holds-barred savage and painful messages to a cheating boyfriend that deliver the message straight across. 

  1. ‘The only woman to have my trust now is Karma. She knows how to give it back to cheating boyfriends’
  2. ‘I sincerely hope you meet someone just like you–a cheater and a liar. I’m sure your multiple love interests will show you your right match’
  3. ‘When things go wrong for you, (the cheater that you are, they surely will!) you will realize how much pain you have given me’
  4. ‘Dear ex-boyfriend, when a woman steals one’s partner, there could be no better revenge than to let her keep that cheater’
  5. ‘Congratulations to you on finally achieving your temporary happiness in the other girl. While it is only a passing illusion for her, I am glad I escaped from the coldest person and the worst boyfriend ever. Good riddance!’
  6. ‘Nah, a loyal person doesn’t deserve a cheating boyfriend like you. I’d rather let karma settle the score’
  7. ‘I’d rather die single than be with a cheater like you. God save the other girl!’
  8. ‘Before you go on to cheat on any of your multiple love interests, take my word. You gotta delete text messages or you are caught once again’
  9. ‘Good that you made it easier for me to leave you. Only a fool would commit the same mistake again. So goodbye!’
  10. ‘I feel so bad for the other girl. She doesn’t know what she has gotten into’
  11. ‘Dear cheater, do not play mind games with a woman who can play it better’
  12. ‘No more crying. I didn’t lose you; you lost me’
  13. ‘When Karma slaps you on the face, I’ll be there. Just in case she needs my help’

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Goodbye Message To A Cheating Boyfriend

There is always a good in the goodbye. Bid him a final goodbye letting him know that you are not available for a despicable person like him who doesn’t deserve anyone’s love. Some things are better left behind than carried forever.

Dump the emotional baggage along with him and gain emotional power with a liberating goodbye. Take inspiration from our list of cheating text messages: 

  1. ‘Dear ex-boyfriend, how lucky I am to have someone who makes saying goodbye so easy!’
  2. ‘Some goodbyes are hard to remember. But ours is not. It is one of the best things to have happened to me’
  3. ‘Don’t feel guilty for all that you have done to me. Congratulations, you just lost me!’
  4.  ‘Every time you lied, every time you betrayed, it brought me closer to a goodbye’
  5. ‘Thank you for showing me your true self. I know now how much of a real man you are. I know I need not settle for anything less than what I deserve. Goodbye!’
  6. ‘I don’t know what’s better–letting the woman keep a cheater or getting rid of one’
  7. ‘You are a thing of the past now. When a boyfriend cheats, he deserves to be left. I am glad we are not together anymore’
  8. ‘I sincerely hope one day you get treated the way you treated me. I am ready to bid you adieu and find a real man who can value me’
  9. ‘Enough of putting me through the constant drama. The fairy tale is over and so is your happiness’
  10. ‘Saying goodbye has never felt this liberating and soothing’

Hurtful Paragraphs For Someone Who Cheated On You

How to make a man cry for hurting you? Our compilation of painful messages to a cheating boyfriend will tell you exactly that. Send them a hurtful paragraph to make them realize the hurt and agony they have put you through. 

  1. ‘You can never make up for what you have done. I loved you and trusted you. But you never valued me. I gave my all to you and all that I got in turn was lies and betrayal. You have broken down me to an extent that I do not recognize myself. But I will not let you gain emotional power over me. For I am leaving you. For the better. Without you, I am a happier and more content person. Goodbye from your ex-girlfriend’
  2. ‘Cheating is only a temporary happiness. Only a real man knows this and unfortunately, you can never fathom this. You will never know what you have lost. Do you feel like a hot stud now that you have broken my heart and betrayed me? I cannot believe how big a fool I was to allow myself to love a person like you. You do not deserve to be with a good woman for you can never value a loyal person’
  3. ‘Cheating is easy. Why don’t you try something more challenging, like being faithful? Nah, you’d never be able to do that because cheaters are cowards. You always knew what you were doing and you knew that it would hurt me, and yet you chose to do it. Cheating was your choice. I wish someday you get a taste of your own medicine and see what is it that you’ve been serving your multiple love interests
  4. ‘My heart is tired of loving you. I do not want to be your lover anymore. Nor do I want to be your friend. In fact, I do not wish to ever see you in my life again. Even if we ever cross our ways, I want you to look at me and recognize what you had, regret what you had lost, realize what you are never going to get back, and repent and feel guilty for everything that you have done to me’
  5. ‘I loved you way more than I ever loved myself. I trusted you but now your empty words mean nothing to me for your actions have spoken the truth. I have no regrets for loving you because I have learned my lesson. You shall too learn yours when you will be served what you deserve. Remember, Karma boomerangs. You will sow what you reap and you will realize what you gave up on when you cheated’
  6. ‘Cheating has been your choice. It never ‘just happened’. But, the truth is that you have been on the receiving end. You have destroyed your own future by cheating yourself out of true loyalty. I have merely lost a cheating boyfriend. But, you have lost a loyal partner. I am a good woman to forgive you, but I won’t be a foolish one to trust you again’
  7. ‘I trusted you but you broke that trust like a glass breaks into a million pieces. I cannot continue a relationship with someone who cannot value me or my love. It is better for both of us to part ways. I am better off without you. We need to move on, but remember, I am never going to forgive you’
  8. ‘The pain of knowing that you intentionally chose to hurt me hangs heavier on my heart than your betrayal. I gave you my heart but you had to break it. I hate you for that. It is better to dispose of my heart in a citadel than ever thinking of giving it to someone like you. I’d never do that again for I know cheaters are repeaters. I pity the girl who chose you’

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Our collection of cheating messages for him is sure to drive the point home and hit where it hurts the most. You do not owe any iota of kindness to a person who lied to you and betrayed you. Breakups and betrayals are hard to get through. The feeling of hurt, disbelief, and anger can take a toll on your well-being, making you feel helpless.

But remember this too shall pass. Sending a painful message to a cheating boyfriend can help you verbalize your emotions and give a vent. Focus on your healing and recovery and do not let him get the better of you, for it is he who is at a loss!