The agonizing depth of the breakup emotion is perfectly portrayed in the movie Call Me By Your Name. Long after Oliver is gone, Elio is still waiting for a call from his former beau. That’s what we’re going to talk about in this article. Unravel all the signs your ex is waiting for you if you are thinking about a reconciliation. 

And why not? Research has it that about 60% of couples make up after parting ways. If the breakup was a hasty decision or something that you or your SO regret, there are chances they are still hopeful.

If you too are thinking about your ex and are wondering, “Is my ex waiting for me to reach out”, then you will find the problem solved by going through the below signs. If all you want to know if your ex is miserable without you and is waiting for you, then look for the below instances.

What Are The Signs My Ex Is Waiting For Me?

Just as you are struggling to forget your ex and keep wondering if they regret the breakup as well, your ex too would be fighting the feelings. It is not a cakewalk to forget someone who has been an important part of anyone’s life.

When two people come so close together, they build so many memories together. There is hope for the future.

But sometimes, they have to end their relationship. That gives all parties involved some time to introspect and they figure they need to give each other a second chance.

In this article, we will help you recognize the signs your ex is keeping the door open for reconciliation and the ball is in your court now.

1. Your ex frequently contacts you

One of the most obvious signs your ex secretly wants you back is when they start contacting you for various reasons. This could include texting, calling, or reaching out through their social media account.

If they often initiate conversations or respond promptly whenever you text them, it indicates they are still interested in being a part of your life.

They may send a “just checking up on you” text and then take the conversation further. They will ask about your family members, about your pet, and about your work life.

All of these are excuses to have a conversation with you. This is one of the genuine signs your ex is confused and doesn’t know how to deal with their emotions post-breakup. 

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2. They are curious about your life

Following on from the previous point, they will try to find out what’s happening in your life.

Did you leave your job? Are you still friends with your ex’s friends? Are you dating someone new?

They will be curious about everything including your daily activities, hobbies, work, personal life, and professional achievements. They will ask about you to the mutual contacts you share, and this curiosity is one of the signs your ex is checking up on you.

This reveals their desire to stay connected with you. It is a genuine effort from their side to try and make things work once again and it’s one of the classic signs your ex is pretending to be over you and wants you back but is scared.

This curiosity is a positive sign if you also value their presence in your life and want to maintain a connection with them. 

3. They express genuine concern for your well-being 

One of the top signs your ex-girlfriend is not over you or your ex-boyfriend is not over you is when they often express genuine concern for your health.

They want to know whether you are eating well and sleeping well. They are trying to indirectly let you know that they still care about you on a deeper level.

This kind of empathy and emotional investment shows their lingering connection and a desire to ensure your happiness and health. They wish well for you despite being dumped.

They will actively listen, offer understanding, and respond with kindness. They will show genuine care about your emotional state and will become a source of support. 

4. They remember your special days 

Does my ex want me back? Yes, if they remember your special days and important dates, such as birthdays and anniversaries.

They will even remember your sibling’s birthday. It is the deep connection that you both shared. Your ex values the shared history and experiences you had together. 

Jacob, a 28-year-old nurse from Manhattan, says, “My ex still texts me on my birthday. She even congratulated me when I graduated last week. Is she still thinking about me? I hope she is because I still love her and want her back.” 

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5. Your ex will ask you for your advice 

From work-related issues to family problems, they will discuss everything with you. This is one of the main signs your ex secretly wants you back as it shows their true feelings. Some reasons why they prioritize your advice are:

  • They trust you and your judgment
  • They recognize your insights as something valuable
  • They care about your opinions and perspectives even after your romantic relationship with them has ended 
  • They want to maintain a supportive connection 
signs your ex wants you back but is scared

6. They become nostalgic

According to the American Psychology Association, nostalgia is a very comforting emotion. It brings back and stimulates memories of the times when we were accepted and loved unconditionally.

This explains why your ex is constantly reminiscing about the good old days. They will talk about your first date, the time you went on that trip and the first time you kissed. They want to experience the love that they once used to get from you.

Your ex is manifesting you and they think that you are worth waiting for. 

If you are saying “My ex posted our song on Facebook”, it’s one of a good signs your ex-girlfriend is not over you or your ex-boyfriend is not over you yet.

They are trying to remember the happy times and by posting it on social media platforms, they are trying to incite the same feelings inside you as well. They want you to feel the same way about them as you did earlier. 

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7. Showing jealousy is a sign your ex wants to get back with you

Let’s say you’ve already started going on dates but they are still trying hard to accept the breakup. This can incite jealousy in them. Here are some signs your ex is jealous of your new relationship:

  • Intensely staring at your new partner. This prolonged gaze is an indication of their insecurity or possessiveness
  • Their facial expressions will also reveal jealousy, such as narrowing their eyes or tightening their jaw
  • They will keep changing their posture like crossing their arms 
  • Their tone will become aggressive, confrontational, or defensive

If their jealousy makes you or your new partner uncomfortable, it’s best to stay away from them and draw boundaries. 

8. They ask for a meet-up 

Does your ex want me back? Yes. Their desperation to meet you after a breakup shows how much they miss you. They are trying to re-establish the bond that was broken.

They want to see you, give you a hug, talk to you about your life, update you about their own life and things that have happened since your departure. This is one of the obvious signs your ex is waiting for you after no contact. 

If you too have been waiting for your ex to come to you, this might be a good place to start from.

“What’s the best outcome here? It looks like the best possible conclusion is that you meet up, talk for a little while, and leave without much more contact. Is your best-case scenario worth the possibility of your worst-case? From my perspective it isn’t”, shares a Reddit user when asked if it’s okay to meet an ex-lover. 

9. Always ready to help you

If your ex is consistently ready to help you, it shows their caring nature toward you. It’s like they still find it instinctive to offer help and assistance irrespective of the relationship status.

They want to be there for you through all your ups and downs. This proves that they are leaving the door open for reconciliation.

On the other hand, they could also be doing this out of guilt or remorse. Perhaps they are the reason for this nasty breakup and they want to make amends by being supportive. That’s why your ex’s attention is on solving all your problems so they can alleviate their guilt. 

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10. They want to know if you’re single 

Are you seeing someone? What does your dating life look like? Are you on dating apps? Are you looking to start a new relationship with someone?

These are the questions you will be asked by your ex-partner to find out about your current relationship status. They want to know what’s cooking in your love life. 

If you are single, then they will assume that you aren’t able to move on. But if you have started dating, then this could break their heart even more.

Your ex would be heartbroken over you because they have not been able to move on. This is one of the obvious signs your ex is miserable and can’t live without you. 

When I broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years, he did not return my stuff or my keys despite me asking him to. He kept prolonging and often checked up on me if I am dating anyone. I could see the signs he is not over me but still waited a few months to make sure he realizes and works on the reasons we broke up.

Honestly, I feel lucky he waited for me and I could get back with him. That break serves as a reminder to how badly we need each other. We have never taken each other for granted since. 😊

11. They keep tabs on your social media accounts 

They will check all your social media accounts to see where you are going, who you are partying with, and how many new people you started following.

Their stalking skills will surprise you. They will check whether you have removed all the pictures you posted with them. This could be because they want to approach you but are also trying to know if you have moved on already.

This behavior can be a way of holding on to the past and finding a sense of continuity. It’s not a bad thing if you also want them back. However, if their constant stalking is bothering you, then you can either talk to them about this or block them if you are still in that no-contact zone. 

12. They will start to flirt with you 

Your ex will suddenly start flirting with you if they want you back. Their tone will become romantic and flirty. They will engage in playful banter with you and will also use humor to create a more relaxed atmosphere. Some more signs of flirting include:

  • Prolonged eye contact 
  • Subtle physical contact like a light brush on the arm or a playful tap
  • Complimenting your looks, personality, outfit, and overall appearance 
  • Using words of encouragement to motivate you when you’re down
  • Open body language like leaning toward you and facing you 
  • Starting inside jokes with you 
  • Genuine and frequent smiles
your ex regrets dumping you

13. They will be affectionate

Your ex regrets dumping you when they start showing affection. They want to spend quality time with you and they want to provide words of encouragement for you.

They will do acts of service for you and give you thoughtful gifts. 

They will become your knight in shining armor and will try to mend what they broke. For example, if they broke your self-esteem during the breakup, they will try to uplift it by praising you. 

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14. They will start to be vulnerable with you again 

When a person is vulnerable with you, it shows that they trust you enough to open their heart to you.

They are telling you their secrets, weaknesses, fears, and insecurities. They will disclose personal dreams, aspirations, and long-term goals.

By doing this, they are showing their honest and vulnerable side. Why would an ex become vulnerable? It’s because they have no one else they could trust. It’s you and only you. You are the only person in their life that they rely on.  

15. They will say they want to sort out past issues 

If your ex wants to figure things out, it’s one of the classic signs they want you back. They want to clarify all the things that went wrong.

This could also be an attempt to seek closure and move forward. They will even tell your mutual friends that they want to discuss the things that went downhill. 

On the flip side, they could also do this as a way to pacify the situation and reconcile. If that’s what you want, then you can also put your point across the table and sort out all your issues. 

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16. They will apologize for their past mistakes 

Not only will they clear the issues that led to the breakup, they will also apologize for their mistakes. They will take accountability for their wrongdoings. This is a definite sign that your ex is serious about you and wants to retain the relationship.

They could also be apologizing to clear their conscience and they have expressed guilt. This is one of the undeniable signs he loves you deeply but doesn’t say so.

“It’s never too late to come clean and take accountability for past actions. I don’t believe in “too little, too late.” I’m a forgiving guy by nature, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

Nor do I think that it makes me a pushover by not being guarded, jaded, and angry about things said and done months or years in the past. People change, people grow. The ex of yesteryear may be a much different person than they are today”, writes a Reddit user on the importance of apology. 

17. They confess they miss you 

“I miss you” isn’t a light statement even if it is said after drunk dialing you. It is coming from an ex with whom you’ve spent all your happy and sad days.

They still have emotional attachments and positive memories from the relationship. They will also tell you that they are willing to change their behavior and that they are emotionally ready to give this relationship another chance.

These are all the signs your ex is waiting for you to come back. If you don’t know what to do about it, read along and find out.

Should I Take My Ex Or Stay Away In This Situation? 

The decision to take back your ex or stay away depends on various factors, and it’s a personal choice that should align with your feelings, values, and well-being. Here are some considerations:

1. Assess your feelings 

If you are wondering how to react, then first reflect on your own emotions and find out what you feel about them.

Do you still have feelings for your ex or have you moved on? Consider whether you believe there is potential for a healthy and fulfilling relationship. Think about whether this relationship will make you a better person or a toxic person. 

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2. What caused the breakup? 

Examine the reasons why the relationship ended in the first place.

Were there fundamental issues or deal-breakers? Did they cheat on you? Did they insult or hurt you in front of your friends and family members? And how long until your ex contacted you after the relationship ended?

All these things matter when making a genuine effort to get back together. But if the breakup happened because of distance, incompatibility, or work-life imbalance, then you can fix things by addressing the issue and giving it another chance. 

3. Emotional readiness and trust 

Before giving them a second chance, assess your emotional readiness for re-entering a relationship. If there are lingering resentments or unresolved issues, it may be challenging to build a healthy connection.

Furthermore, trust is foundational in any relationship. Reflect on whether there is a basis for trust or if there are lingering doubts that might impede a healthy connection.

signs your ex is waiting for you

My Ex Is Trying To Win Me Over, What Should I Do? 

Deciding what to do when your ex is trying to win you over depends on your feelings, the reasons for the breakup, and your current relationship goals. Here are some considerations:

1. Communicate openly

Communication is crucial for understanding each other’s perspectives. So, have an honest and open conversation with your ex. You should also clarify your own feelings and intentions, and encourage them to do the same. 

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2. Consider personal growth 

Evaluate whether both you and your ex have experienced personal growth since the breakup. Positive changes and maturity can contribute to a healthier relationship. You need to focus on your personal growth and individuality. This will ensure you live happily down the lane. 

3. Establish clear boundaries 

If you decide to explore the possibility of getting back together, establish clear and healthy boundaries and expectations. This can help prevent repeating past mistakes and ensure a healthier dynamic.

4. Prioritize your well-being 

If the idea of getting back together triggers unwanted and negative emotions, it’s best to prioritize your well-being and ask your ex to not contact you again. Stop thinking about the bad things that took place in the relationship and take your much-needed time to battle all the negative feelings by meditating, yoga, and journaling your true feelings. 

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5. Assess future compatibility 

Compatibility is crucial in a relationship because it lays the foundation for a healthy, fulfilling, and sustainable connection between two individuals. This includes shared values, beliefs, dreams, goals, conflict resolution, and building a happy life together. Will the two of you be this compatible in the future? If yes, then you can make efforts to work toward it. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Your ex will display many signs that they are waiting for you to come back
  • Some of the obvious signs include remembering happy old memories, flirting with you, and apologizing for their mistake 
  • You can communicate openly about your feelings and establish clear boundaries if you are giving another chance 

Trust your instincts and gut feelings in such situations. If you have reservations or if something doesn’t feel right, it is important to listen to your intuition. Lastly, avoid making impulsive decisions just to get rid of loneliness and the fear of being alone. Take the time you need to assess the situation, consider your feelings, and evaluate the potential for a healthy and fulfilling relationship.