If you are looking for spy apps for cheaters, we understand what you are going through. While none of us want to be cheated in our relationships, statistics report that about 44% of people cheat on their partner at some point in life. In this digital era, cheating has evolved too. Did you know 18% to 25% of Tinder users are in a committed relationship while using the app1?

And, if you too, have an inkling that your partner is cheating, (or a past betrayal has left you paranoid), you can also use technology to confront and catch your cheating partner. Use this ultimate list of spy apps for cheaters before it’s too late. You need to act smart and fast and find out if there is someone else in your significant other’s life.

You have a feeling that there is someone else in your relationship, but you cannot yet pinpoint it. If you suppress this emotion and blame yourself for being insecure and distrustful, you will be left with a broken heart and a shattered self-esteem. It’s nothing unnatural to wonder if your partner is cheating on you owing to the fact that we are all humans.

Perhaps your partner has suddenly renovated their wardrobe, changed their passcode, or you caught their blatantly less but you don’t have any solid proof to prove infidelity.

All of these instances should never be taken lightly. They are warning signals for you to look for the best spy apps for cheaters and install on their phone.

List Of Hidden Cheating Apps For Android And iOS 

A hunch is not really enough to invade your partner’s privacy and take the risk of losing the relationship once and for all. But if you have noticed the signs of cheating, you would definitely need concrete proof to confront them. Even if you are wrong, you will be at peace if they come clean.

Nobody falls in love and commits to a partner thinking they will have to spy on them. However, difficult plights call for difficult measures. Listed below are some of the best hidden cheating apps for android and iOS users that will help them find out the truth about their partner. We suggest you think this through thoroughly and make an informed decision before using any of them.

1. mSpy

This is one of the most dominant phone spy apps that will help you keep a close tab on your infidel spouse. The app works in the background in a complete incognito mode while providing all the necessary information, such as social media activities, live location tracking, and instant messages among other things. 

You don’t have to worry about your partner finding out about this app because they stay hidden and only you will be able to access their activities that will appear on your dashboard and gets refreshed ever 5 minutes. Plus, it offers easy navigation and seamless monitoring of the target device.

Features of mSpy:

  • You will be able to track their incoming and outgoing calls
  • With the help of this mobile spy app, you can also track their mail
  • You can read their iMessages, incoming and outgoing messages without your partner knowing anything. It provides complete social media monitoring
  • It provides you their calendar and a list of their contact information stored in their phone files 
  • You can track GPS location along with all the places they have been throughout the day, view location history
  • Keylogging is yet another amazing feature offered by this app 
  • Deleted messages and photos can also be checked
  • Tracking your cheating partners social media accounts can also be done
Easy to use You can’t access multimedia files
You can track incoming and outgoing callsCan be used only one one targeted device at a time
Powerful GPS tracking system Pretty expensive 
Friendly customer service Works only when connected to the internet 
Pros and Cons of mSpy App

Supported On: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS

Cost: Free trial with limited features. 

1 month – $48.99/month

3 months – $27.99/month

12 months – $11.66/month

MSpy Spy APP
MSpy Spy APP

2. Spyine 

The Spyine monitoring app is yet another way to keep an eye on your unfaithful partner. Install this on the target phone, and you will be able to track the person’s phone calls, messages, view their location, see their social media chats, monitor app usage, and you can also view their web browsing history. 

In addition to that, it is easy to use. You just have to log in from your phone after downloading the app on the target phone. Follow the sign up process and you are good to go!

Features of Spyine App:

  • Covers incoming and outgoing calls, phone monitoring capabilities include time stamps and call frequencies
  • You can also read deleted messages with the help of their auto-backup feature
  • Geofencing, you can create a zone on an e-map and get notified whenever they enter or cross a defined locatio
  • You can see how much time they have spent on a particular website with the help of time stamps 
  • Monitoring multiple devices simultaneously is offered by Spyine App
  • Learn if your spouse if cheating on you on WhatsApp with Spyine
No need to root or jailbreak You can only see their social media messages and nothing else like who they follow 
Quite user-friendly No keylogging option available 
Can be downloaded on multiple phones Multiple devices could be expensive 
Pros and Cons of Spyine App

Supported On: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS


1 month – $49.99

3 months – $79.99

12 months – $179.99 

3. Spyic

This is one of the iOS and android spy apps that tracks your spouse’s phone activities efficiently. It shows all their social media accounts including IMs like Whatsapp and Snapchat.

Additionally, you can also access their web browsing history, call logs, and screen timings across popular social media platforms.

Besides, it has a simple UI. You just have to install this app on the target phone and create your account with Spyic and catch a cheating spouse without any difficulty.

Features of Spyic spy app:

  • You can track their calls and messages
  • You can access their contacts 
  • SMS and whatsapp chats can be monitored 
  • Geofencing is available
  • Browse exchanged media files
  • You can monitor your partner’s Facebook/Snapchat and Instagram activities remotely. Tracking their social media interactions can help you determine if they are cheating on you on Facebook
  • You will be able to access their photos and videos 
100% invisible in incognito mode Expensive to monitor more than one target phone 
They have a user base in over 150 countries Slow tech support 
60-day money back guarantee Live location can’t be tracked 
Pros and Cons of Spyic App

Supported On: Android and iOS 


1 month – $49.99/month 

3 months $23.33/month

12 months – $9.99/month 

Spyic Phone Spy Solution

4. SpyBubble

Catch a cheating spouse with the help of SpyBubble, a free android spy app that offers 25 unique features. It can almost keep a tab on all social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, call logs, multimedia files, and browsing history and even monitor app usage.

You can access all this with the help of any browser. Plus, the best part about this app is that you can set an alert for a specific location on the map. You will be notified when the target phone is near that area or crosses that.

Features of SpyBubble Cheating app:

  • You can remotely monitor IM chats like Facebook, Snapchat and WhatsApp
  • Remotely record all phone calls made to and from the monitored phone
  • GPS location tracking 
  • It can even capture screenshots without physical access (remotely)
  • Internet activities can be remotely monitored as well
  • Also offer the keylogger feature
YouTube can be scanned Features are not the same in android and iOS
Keylogging featuresNo geofencing 
You can take screenshotsYou can’t view their calendar or multimedia files 
Complete access to their Facebook and Instagram Expensive 
Pros and Cons Of SpyBubble App

Supported On: Android and iOS

Cost: Free trial with limited features

1 month – $48.99/month

3 months – $27.99/month

11 months – $11.66/month

5. Cocospy 

Cocospy is one of the best free spy apps for cheaters and parents can use it as well to track their kids’ activity discreetly and remotely. It has many advanced features to target devices accurately.

You can monitor target users’ social media accounts, and location tracking. This phone tracker app works smoothly and the app justifies its price. 

However, it lacks a few qualities like geofencing and you can’t record phone calls. If these two features aren’t your primary need, then you can definitely go ahead with this one to catch your cheating partner.

Features of Cocospy Spy App:

  • It is undetectable and hidden, and won’t cause any damage to the target phone
  • Shows all the internet history. Even the ones browsed on the incognito mode can be accessed
  • It also offers certain remote control actions, such as blocking apps
  • SIM card location tracking, location monitoring in real time
  • Call logging 
  • The monitoring app Cocospy works on Android devices without the need to root them
Root and jailbreak not requiredNo free trial 
Highly accurateYou can’t record incoming and outgoing calls 
Remote installation possible on iOS iCloud credentials requires to create an account 
Easy to use dashboard Some features are not supported on iOS 
Pros and cons of Cocospy App

Supported On: Android and iOS


$10.99/month for premium plan

$99.99/ month for basic plan

$399.99/ month for family plan 


XNSPY is one of the easiest and safest secret cheating apps that will help you find out what your partner has been doing all day. It is easy to use and works in stealth mode to monitor any smartphone and tablet you may want to track.

You can check their call logs, contact list, messages on apps like Line, Skype, and Viber. Plus, you can record and download their phone calls long after they are done with the call. Worried about your partner is on a dating site/ app? Take the help of XNSPY and know for sure.

Not just that, but it also records the person’s surroundings. For example, it uses the target phone’s microphone to discreetly record the person’s surroundings. 

Features of XNSPY app:

  • GPS location can be tracked with instant notifications
  • The person’s surroundings can be recorded
  • Outgoing and incoming calls can be recorded and downloaded
  • Monitor WhatsApp chats on Android phones and tablets without rooting them
  • Remote control commands like locking phones, taking screenshots can also be done
  • Messaging apps can be tracked, and so can be emails.
  • Keylogging feature available
You can read sent and received messages and emails Slow updates 
Easy to install and create an account Features different on android and iOS
You get alerted when they get a call Poor customer support 
Screen activity recording Slow UI 
Pros and Cons Of XNSPY 

Supported On: Android and iOS


1 month – $30

3 months – $49.98

12 months – $79.92 

XNSPPY Cell phone monitoring software

7. Highster Mobile

A cheating spouse can make you feel insecure and unworthy. Catch a cheating partner with the help of such apps that will let you read their messages and record phone calls and you will have some solid proof against them.

If you are looking for parental control apps or cheating spouse apps, Highster Mobile is one popular name to reckon with.

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The most unique feature about this app is that it lets you take a picture of the surroundings whenever you press the camera button. And that too, remotely. While it does work in stealth mode, if your spouse finds out about this app and they uninstall it, then you will be immediately notified. 

Features of Highster Mobile: 

  • SMS, iMessages and call monitoring can be done even when the phone logs are deleted
  • Stealth mode can be activated 
  • You can check their browser history and know which websites they visit
  • GPS tracking is available and you get notified at regular intervals
  • All photos & videos taken and recieved by the phone are recorded & are viewable
Stealth camera available, which means you can spy the phone and your partner’s surroundings Difficult to install 
One-time payment option available with free lifetime upgrades
User-friendly AI Not user-friendly UI 
Pros and Cons of Highster Mobile

Supported On: Android and iOS


1 month – $29.95 + $3.95 setup fee

3 months- $69.99

12 months – $84.69

 8. eyeZy 

One of the most popular mobile spy apps eyeZy is a great undetectable software that can be installed on your spouse’s device. It is often also used as a parental tool to track kids’ activities. Moreover, whatever you find on the target phone will not be misused by the app. It will be encrypted between you and the other device. 

It effectively captures the keystrokes, meaning each and every word that gets typed on the target mobile will be recorded. The app starts recording the screen whenever a social media app is being used. Yes, that’s how efficient this software is at tracking your partner’s every movement.

Features of eyeZy:

  • All Instant Messaging apps can be recorded
  • Analyzes each outgoing and incoming call timing
  • Shows GPS live location 
  • You can access their pictures and videos
  • Browser bookmarks and browsing history can be viewed
  • 24X7 customer care support
  • Every information remains encrypted between your own phone and target device
Easy and user-friendly UICalls can’t be recorded
In-built screen recording feature No free trial available 
Keylogger Expensive for tracking more than one device 
More than one device can be monitored Jailbreaking can be difficult 
Pros and Cons of eyeZy

Supported On: Android and iOS


1 month – $47.99/month

3 months – $27.99/month

12 months – $9.99/month 

Eyezy phone monitoring app

9. uMobix 

Looking for a mobile spying app that can track your spouse’s android phone or iOS devices? uMobix is one of the secret cheating apps that you can download on your spouse’s phone to figure out who he is secretly talking to.

You can snoop around his social media account and look for something fishy. You can track their location, check out their multimedia files, and take a look at their call records. Track their incoming, outgoing, and even missed or deleted calls with the help of this phone spy app. 

Features uMobix:

  • Keylogger feature is available 
  • Location can be tracked even when their location services are turned off
  • From YouTube to Tinder, all social media apps can be viewed
  • Web history can be browsed 
Detailed phone call reports Only one device can be monitored
Easy to use A little complicated for iOS users
Can be used in stealth mode Could be expensive for many
Has a basic free trial Limited features in free trial 
Pros and Cons of uMobix 

Supported On: Android and iOS


1 month – $59.99/month

3 months – $33.33/month 

12 months – $14.99/month 

10. Spyera 

If someone has broken your trust, you can use the Spyera app This cheating app for cheaters can be used to access their camera and their VoIP call recording feature. Simply install the software on your spouse’s device and then create an account on your device.

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You can access their phone book, call logs, social media apps, and even listen in on their live calls. The best part is that the app is completely legitimate and reliable.

Features of Spyera:

  • You can read their emails
  • Browsing history can be viewed even the ones browsed in incognito mode 
  • Turn on the microphone and listen to the Android’s surroundings or record the videos
  • You can look at their videos and pictures
  • You can record their Skype calls
  • Allows you to spy on all chat applications; popular social media apps
You get alerted when they receive any message Has too many bugs 
Cross-platform support Only 10-day money back guarantee 
Easy to install and use No geofence feature 
Pros and Cons of Spyera 

Supported On: Android and iOS


3 months – $62.99/month

6 months – $47.99/month

12 months – $389.00/month

11. Spyzie

Target device accurately with the help of Spyzie because it’s quite affordable and we live in an unpredictable world and we don’t know what our partners are hiding from us. Download this app on your spouse’s phone and you will be able to look at their call logs, browser history, text messages, WhatsApp and LINE messages, and also their location history. This is one of the best cheating apps for cheaters. 

Whether you are spying on a cheating boyfriend or just want to rest your doubts, going for Spyzie cannot go wrong.

Features of Spyzie:

  • You can look at the time and date they visited a particular location
  • You can access all their photos
  • Browsing history can be tracked 
  • It offers a 60 day money-back guarantee
Rooting and jailbreaking is not required Nothing can be recorded 
You can hide or keep the Spyzie icon as it isNo free version 
Reasonable price Poor tech support 
Pros and Cons of Spyzie

Supported On: Android and iOS


1 month – $39.99/month

3 months – $49.99/month 

12 months – $69.99/month 

SPYZIE spy phone app

12. Hoverwatch 

If your partner is suddenly coming home late and giving you lame excuses for their aloof behavior, it’s time to download this app on your spouse’s device. You can monitor a wide range of basic information including sim card location, network, SMS messages, and calls. 

Features of Hoverwatch:

  • You can access incoming and outgoing calls
  • You can look at their multimedia files 
  • You can view the address book
  • Websites and browser history
Cost-effective Limited features 
Easy to install Not compatible with iPhone 
Free trial version No tech support 
Pros and Cons of Hoverwatch 

Supported On: Android, Windows, and MacOS


1 month – 24.95/month

3 months – $9.99/month

12 months – $6.00/

13. ClevGuard 

Download this Chinese software on your spouse’s phone to see if they are doing any hanky panky business behind your back. When we are speaking about apps to spy on spouse, this one surely makes the cut.

You can monitor their social media apps, read their deleted messages and files, keylogging, real time location tracking, and you can also take screenshots of the activities you are monitoring. 

Pros Cons
Takes just 5 minutes to set up Can’t record calls 
Can’t be detected Only one device can be tracked or monitored 
No need to root or jailbreak Information can be misused 
Pros and Cons of ClevGuard 

Supported On: Android and iOS


1 month – $39.99/month

3 months – $19.99/months

12 months – $9.16/month 

14. FlexiSpy 

Just like the other phone monitoring apps, FlexiSpy is also suitable on all devices and has a user-friendly interface. You just have to download it on a target phone and the app keeps running in the background while collecting all vital details without letting the person know.

You can track your spouse’s location, access all important data, and track their social media activities. In addition to that, you can access their emails, notes, calendar, and browser history among other things. You just have to set up a keyword and location altered and the app will notify you when they reach that specific area. 

Suitable on all devices You have to jailbreak or root your spouse’s phone 
You can set up alerts Most of the features are only for paid version 
You can listen to their surroundings Expensive when compared to other apps
Pros and Cons of FlexiSpy 

Supported On: Android and iOS


1 month – $29.95/month

3 months – $68/month

12 months – $199/3 months

FLEXISPY monitoring software

15. FoneMonitor

FoneMonitor shows you all the data from your spouse’s phone. It doesn’t matter if they are in a no network coverage area or if they have purposely switched off their mobile phone, tracking your partner’s activities can be done at a click. You can still access their call logs, text messages, social media activities, emails, browser history, and media files.

The app doesn’t require jailbreaking or rooting either. It works smoothly in the background without ever letting your partner know that you are spying on them. 

Features of FoneMonitor:

  • Dashboard shows you their last location, battery level, the time they spent on all apps, and GPS
  • You can track the timing and duration of each phone call 
  • You get screenshots of their social media apps 
  • Fonemonitor shows you the entire data of target device without letting them know
  • Get all details on websites visited, time spent and social media activities
  • It’s easy to keep a track on your partner’s whereabouts with FoneMonitor geo tagging and fencing features
No rooting or jailbreaking requiredYouTube and other video heavy apps take a lot of time to load 
Easy user interface The time tracker isn’t accurate 
Can be used on your phone as well You can’t access Instagram messages 
Pros and Cons of FoneMonitor

Spy apps have risen to fame in recent years all thanks to cheating, lies, betrayal, insecurity, and suspicion. With the help of these spy apps for cheaters, you can always be one step ahead of your partner. And as they always say, it’s better to be safe than sorry. We hope you never have to use these secret cheating apps, but it’s better to catch a cheating partner red-handed than endure all their lies and feel worthless when it unravels years later. 


Are cheating spouse apps safe?

Yes. Cheating spouse apps are quite safe as long as you download a well-known app that has lots of positive reviews and ratings. On the other hand, if you download a spy app that could be a scam, you may end up compromising your data.

Are spy apps legal? 

These spy apps are useful as long as the person knows you have installed this software on their phone. It is legal when done properly. However, when you do it without their consent or permission, it can be considered as “wiretapping”.