It’s such a nerve-wracking situation, isn’t it? Having a crush on a guy but you don’t know how to tell if he likes you or not. It’s as if you are a nervous wreck around them. You are constantly in the throes of excitement when they are around but you are also equally afraid of confessing your feelings because you are afraid of rejection. Fret not! We’ve got your back. In this piece, we will tell you all the signs that indicate he is interested in you.

Guys may behave awkwardly at times. They may confuse the life out of you. You won’t know if a guy is playing you or really likes you because he won’t utter a word and act all aloof when you’re around because just like you, even he is worried that he will be met with unrequited love. So, without any ado, let’s get on with the list.

How To Tell If He Likes You — 25 Signs 

When trying to determine if someone likes you, here are some common signs that someone may like you:

1. He gives you attention

One of the obvious signs a guy likes you is when he starts paying more attention to you. He will leap at every chance to meet and have coffee with you. In addition to that, he won’t play games and act like he doesn’t care about your presence. For example, let’s say you’re both at a party with mutual friends. He will make sure he goes out of his way to give you more attention than the rest of them.

Furthermore, he will offer to buy you drinks, he will try to make you laugh, and he will make sure you don’t get bored at the party. And even when you aren’t talking to him and you are talking to your other friends, he will ensure his eyes and ears are all open for you. All these are clear signs that he badly wants you to notice him. 

2. He leans toward you 

This is one of the body language signs you just cannot miss out on. There won’t be any physical contact but he will lean in when he is having a conversation with you. It means he is exhibiting an open and relaxed body language around you. He is letting his guard down. He is inviting you into his personal space. He is letting you know that he is comfortable and wants to form a deeper connection with you.

This move can either be on your face or it can be subtle. Both of them hint at his romantic interest toward you. If you are equally interested in him, then you can lean toward him as well and take things forward. 

3. He makes you laugh

A good sign that he likes you includes giggles, laughter, and happy vibes. He will try to make you laugh as much as possible. He will also smile a lot when you are with him. It’s as if your presence is enough to brighten their mood. In addition to that, a guy who likes you will laugh at all your silly and lame jokes.

Imagine you’re with a group of friends but his sole intention is to crack funny jokes so he can see you smile. So, the next time you are wondering if he likes you more than a friend, then notice the atmosphere he creates when you’re around. He will only radiate positivity, love, and affinity. 

4. He finds excuses to initiate contact 

Unlike other guys who like to be chased and who like to play games, this one will be different. When he initiates conversations or texts you first, he is seeking opportunities to spend time together virtually. This shows he doesn’t have any ego.

He isn’t giving you any mixed signal that he could or could not be interested in you. His actions are straight. He is trying to keep up with the momentum of your “situationship” by trying to initiate contact. On top of that, he will make sure he texts you back as soon as he can when you text him first. 

5. He remembers all the details 

Another good sign that a guy likes you is when he remembers all the big and small details. From the dress you wore when you met him for the first time to which school you went to and other minute details and little things.

It’s actually a rare trait but if he wants to establish a meaningful connection with you, he will remember all the tiny details about your conversations. This shows how deeply attentive he is when you are with him and it clearly shows whether he likes you or just wants a fling. 

6. He mirrors you 

Mirroring is the act of copying someone’s actions, facial expressions, voice tone, and gestures.

For example, you take a sip of your drink and he will do the same. You ruffle your fingers through your hair and you will notice him doing the same. You smile and he smiles. When a guy mirrors your body language, it means he is interested in you.

This is one of the body language signs you cannot miss out on. And according to studies, This is known as “affiliative mimicry” that is known to bind people together. It has been found that it leads to an increase in affection, liking between two people, cooperation, and coordinated joint work. This also indicates his desire to connect and establish a stronger rapport.

7. He will subtly touch you 

A guy’s touch can tell you a lot about his intentions. If his touch doesn’t feel lewd or sexual, it’s one of the signs he is genuinely interested in you and not in your body. When a guy likes you and you like him back, his touch will feel comforting and it will scream his desire for physical closeness.

Some examples of non-sexual touches include lightly grazing your arms, holding your hand, and hugging. On the contrary, if his physical contact repels you or makes you feel uncomfortable, then you need to draw boundaries.

8. He shares his vulnerabilities 

Apart from being physically close, one of the signs a guy likes you is when he tries to be emotionally close. He will spend quality time with you and will reveal all his insecurities, traumas, and vulnerabilities. He is directly letting you know that he trusts you and secretly hopes that you won’t break his trust. 

He will be open to communication and will let you know if something is bothering him. Furthermore, he will ask deep questions about you and your life. He will ensure the two of you connect on a deeper level. All these actions show that he values you and your connection. 

9. His actions speak louder than words 

Anyone can make a dozen promises and a handful of vows to you. You might have been with guys in the past who say one thing and they will end up doing the completely opposite. Words can be twisted and promises can be broken. However, it takes a genuine guy who likes you to fulfill those promises and commitments.

When a guy likes you, he won’t build a house by the ocean with hollow bricks. He will build it with affection, honesty, and care. His actions will let you know that he is in it for the haul and won’t leave you stranded. 

How to know he likes you

10. He flirts with you 

How to tell if he likes you over text? He flirts with you in person and also when the two of you are apart. He will make prolonged eye contact when you are in front of him. Furthermore, he will become extremely flirtatious when the two of you are IMing. He will use emojis, he will send you long paragraphs, and he will give you a nickname.

11. He compliments you 

One of the not so subtle signs a guy likes you is when he often compliments you because it’s one of the ways to express a person’s attraction or interest in another person. If a guy frequently compliments you, especially on your appearance or qualities he finds appealing, it could be one of the subtle ways he is letting you know of his feelings.

Furthermore, a good natured man won’t just say “you look hot” or something that denotes your appearance. When he likes you more than a friend, he will make eye contact and talk about your kind heart, wisdom, talent, and your strengths. He will try to boost your self-esteem and confidence. 

12. He supports you 

One of the psychological signs that he likes you is when he becomes your pillar of strength. He will support your goals, ambitions, and dreams. He shows belief in your abilities and wants to see you succeed in life. He will believe in the concept of “growing and glowing together”.

A guy who responds positively to your growth rather than being jealous of your achievements is the kind of companion you want in your life. Supportive gestures like  providing encouragement, offering assistance, and cheering you on will also positively impact your work life. 

13. He playfully teases you 

Many guys do this to the one they love. They will engage in good natured teasing and lighthearted banter with you. He will maintain eye contact while teasing you and trying to get on your nerves. This is a way for him to create a fun and flirtatious dynamic between the two of you. 

Once he has made a good impression of himself, he will annoy you just to see how you react. All his playful teasing is to prevent you from getting bored. This is one of the important signs that many people mistake for hostility.  

14. He is jealous/protective of you 

If a guy becomes visibly jealous when you interact with other guys or guy friends. He will show signs of discomfort when you mention other potential romantic interests, it can suggest that he has romantic feelings for you. Jealousy often stems from a fear of losing someone’s affection. Hence, he is afraid you are paying attention to someone else. If you like him back, then avoid introducing new people into your dynamics. Show that you are loyal to him by steering clear of other guys.

In addition to that, when a guy likes you, he will show protective behavior, such as looking out for your safety, being concerned about your well-being, or stepping in to defend or support you. These are subtle signs that indicate he cares deeply for you. This protective instinct can arise from romantic feelings and a desire to ensure your happiness and security and shows that he genuinely likes you. 

15. He goes out of his way to make you feel special 

When a guy likes you, he will go out of his way to make you feel special. His efforts will show you how much you mean to him. Here are some ways most guys go the extra mile to make you feel special:

  • He will put thought and effort into surprising you with small gifts, planning special dates, or organizing activities that he knows you would enjoy
  • He will prioritize spending quality time with you and will make an effort to create memorable experiences together whenever the two of you are spending time with each other. He will also plan unique outings or dedicate uninterrupted time to focus on you and your connection
  • He will go above and beyond to help and support you in practical ways. He will be super active in offering his assistance with tasks or responsibilities
  • When you are together, he will give you his undivided attention. He will be showing interest in your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Not only that, but he will also validate them

16. He is nervous around you 

Another body language sign that a guy likes you is when he acts nervous when you’re around because nervousness often stems from a desire to make a good impression and a fear of saying or doing something that might jeopardize the connection. So, notice how he speaks and behaves when you want to know if a guy is playing you or really likes you.

When you are having a one on one conversation with him, he may end up displaying awkward behavior, such as fidgeting with his hands, shifting his weight, or struggling to maintain smooth conversation. Some guys become extra talkative or tend to laugh more than usual when they are nervous, whereas some guys refuse to maintain eye contact altogether. 

17. He is very self-conscious 

If a guy likes you, he will become more aware of his appearance, posture, or behavior when you’re around. For instance, he will constantly fiddle with his hair, adjust his clothing, or exhibit other signs of self-consciousness.

Additionally, he will stumble over his words, mix up sentences, or struggle to articulate his thoughts clearly. And if you want to ensure that he is being self-conscious, try to compliment him and watch his cheeks turn red. It’s a great sign that clearly hints at a guy’s feelings toward you. 

18. You catch him checking you out

If a guy repeatedly checks you out or his gaze lingers on you, it could indicate initial interest or attraction as the mere fact of checking someone out stems from finding them physically appealing. It’s a natural response to notice and appreciate someone’s appearance.

19. He has started grooming himself

If a guy starts paying more attention to his appearance, grooming habits, and personal style when he is around you or anticipates seeing you, it may suggest that he wants to make a good impression and look his best. You will notice that he’s putting more effort into his grooming routine or investing in his appearance.

All these efforts signal that he is trying to enhance his overall attractiveness in your eyes. Some examples include straightening his posture, renovating his wardrobe, or getting a haircut in an attempt to appear more attractive and confident when he is around you. 

20. He always stands/sits next to you

When a guy likes you, he will consciously choose to stand or sit next to you. This could be a way to ensure that he gets an opportunity for increased interaction and engagement. Whether you’re in a restaurant or at a party, he will make sure he sits next to you. 

21. He is curious about you 

When a nice guy likes you, he will be curious about you. It’s a great sign that he likes you or is interested in getting to know you better. He won’t appear nosey but he will try to win you over by seeking an interest in your interests, likes, and experiences.

He will demonstrate a genuine interest in learning more about you. He will want to understand your background, hobbies, or goals, which can indicate a desire to establish a deeper connection. 

22. He stalks you on social media

When a guy likes you, he will be among the first few people to view your story and like your post. He will stalk your feed and will see all the pictures you’ve posted on your social media accounts. Don’t mistake this for obsession.

We have all done this at some point or the other when we start falling in love with someone. It’s normal. It’s unhealthy only when someone starts obsessing over you and tries to control what you post on social media. 

23. He has stopped going on dates with other women 

This is a tell-all sign that a guy likes you. He will uninstall dating apps and won’t seek out romantic partners. The fact that he has chosen to be exclusive with you and focuses his romantic attention solely on you, suggests that he values and prioritizes your connection. It could indicate that he is interested in pursuing a deeper, more meaningful relationship with you.  

By stopping his interactions with other women, he is signaling that he wants to invest his emotions, time, and energy into building a stronger bond with you. It shows a willingness to focus on developing a connection with you without distractions. 

24. His friends know about you 

His close friends and family members will know that he has someone special in his life even before introducing you to them. And when you finally meet them, you will feel like they have known about you all along. It’s a cute sign that reveals his real intention toward you. 

25. He wants to know your future plans 

When a guy likes you, he will want to understand your aspirations, goals, and vision for the future, which can be an indicator of his own interest in potentially being a part of that future. Perhaps he is trying to look for commonalities and compatibility. He is trying to gauge if the two of you can build a solid foundation based on love, trust, mutual respect, and honesty.

He might want to see if your goals align or if there are areas where your paths may intersect. This can indicate a desire to establish a connection based on shared values and long-term compatibility. 

Key Takeaways

  • When a guy likes you, he will maintain prolonged eye contact during conversations
  • Also, he will display positive body language when they are around you. This includes facing you directly, leaning in towards you, having an open and relaxed posture, and smiling or laughing frequently in your presence
  • Some more signs that a guy likes you include treating you differently compared to others. He may go out of his way to do kind gestures for you, such as bringing you a coffee, offering to help with tasks, or surprising you with thoughtful gifts

It’s time to stop stealing glances and make a move if he is too nervous to tell you he has fallen for you. Otherwise, you may lose out on a great guy just because you were too proud and egoistic to do something about it. And once the cat is out of the bag, the two of you can sit down and have open and honest communication on how to go about it in regards to taking it slow or making it exclusive right away. The choice is all yours. We hope you found this article helpful. Good luck!