We are here to show you how to manifest someone to text you in simple and easy steps. Why, you ask? Picture this: You have a crush on someone but you don’t know how to make the first move. You are desperately waiting for a job acceptance or you are simply waiting for your colleague to reply to your email. The waiting can be a little exhausting. What if we tell you you can use manifestation techniques to make things happen.

Manifestations can turn into reality IF you put in the required amount of focus, concentration, clarity, and effort. It’s not that easy but don’t worry. As a matter of fact, we all have heard that like attracts like. So the more you put your energy into something, the more you will attract it.

The thing about manifestation is that you have to involve both your conscious thoughts and subconscious mind. You have to use them to influence your reality. It sounds like a Jove for a mentalist or a psychic, doesn’t it? But it’s not. Limiting your beliefs is the first thing you need to get rid of if you want to learn how to get someone to text you without texting them.

Can You Manifest Someone To Reach Out To You 

My introduction to this viral word, “manifestation”, was when I read Rhonda Byrne’s international bestseller, The Secret. It’s the process of bringing your thoughts, desires, and intentions into reality. It is closely linked with the law of attraction, where positive or negative thoughts can bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life.

In simple words, the law of attraction states that if you think of positive things, that’s what you will receive. You attract what you think, feel, and believe in. 

People who practice manifestation believe that by focusing on what they want and believing it is achievable, they can attract those things into their lives. This can involve many techniques such as visualization, positive affirmations, and maintaining a strong belief in your ability to achieve their goals. So, you have to be firm in your values and beliefs.

To answer your question on whether or not you can manifest someone to miss you and text you relies solely on your determination. It is possible because manifestation is a concept that is deeply rooted in the belief that your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs can influence your reality. However, it’s important to note that this practice is not scientifically proven and there is no research done on the subject.

Here is a general idea of how manifestation is thought to take place:

  • Clarity of desire: This is the first step you need to take when you want to manifest something. Be clear. This process begins with a clear understanding of what you want to achieve. What is your goal? Is it to have a job, a successful relationship, or to have good mental health? 
  • Positive intentions: If you want manifestation to work, you need to get rid of negative things. Positive energy vibrations will attract positive outcomes. Forget about the ifs, buts, and coconuts
  • Belief and faith: If you want to manifest someone to think about you, then you need to cultivate a strong belief that what you desire is not only possible but also attainable. You want this person to text you. It will happen. That’s it. No more questions
  • Gratitude: When you practice gratitude for what you have in the present moment, you will attract more positive experiences into your life
  • Letting go: After setting your intentions and taking action, it is important to release any attachment to the outcome. Let it go. Just trust the process and be open to different possibilities instead of one

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How To Manifest Someone To Text You

Successful manifestations take some time. But you will reach the desired outcome if you are committed to your goals. If you just started having feelings for someone, if you aren’t able to let go of your ex and move on, or if you are just seeking a message from a long-lost friend, then these different techniques of manifesting a love life will immensely help you:

Manifesting Through Sound Mind

Manifesting through a sound mind involves harnessing the power of your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions to create a positive and focused mindset. Here are some different methods you can try and manifest a text from someone who ghosted you using your mind:

1. Be clear about what you want 

Clarity is very important when you are trying to manifest someone to text you. You want this person to texture you. Take deep breaths and answer these questions while being in a meditative state:

  • What is the name of this person?
  • What does this person look like?
  • What kind of conversations do you want to have with them?
  • What kind of relationship do you want to establish with them?

You have to keep constantly manifesting in order for it to reach your desired outcome. 

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2. Get rid of negative thoughts 

If you want to get rid of negative thoughts, then your thoughts need to be aligned with your beliefs and you should know how to manage your emotions effectively. Acknowledge and accept your emotions, but don’t let negative emotions control your actions or thoughts. If you don’t cut off negative emotions, then you will receive undesired outcomes. 

You need to identify any negative or common limiting beliefs that might be holding you back. Then, cultivate a positive outlook no matter how difficult the situation looks. Replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. Practice gratitude for what you have and focus on the good aspects of your life.

Keep your intentions pure 

3. Keep your intentions pure 

This is the third step. If you want to know how to make someone text you first or if you want to know how to get someone to text you back, then your intentions have to be clean and pure.

You can’t have twisted and crooked intentions behind receiving a text from this person. This is because pure intentions emit positive energy. When your intentions are genuine and come from a place of honesty and goodness, your energy is aligned with positivity. It doubles the positive vibration frequency, which can enhance the manifestation process.

There is also an ethical angle to this. Manifestation is not just about getting what you want. It is also about ethical considerations. Pure intentions ensure that you are not trying to manipulate or harm others in the process of manifesting your desires.

It aligns with the principle of “do no harm/evil” and promotes ethical behavior. This is one of the ways to successfully receive a text message from someone you love. 

4. Connect your mind, body, and soul together 

Having a connected soul, body, and mind while manifesting a text immediately is important because it creates a harmonious alignment of your entire being.

  • Your soul is your innermost essence
  • Your body is the physical self
  • Your mind is your thoughts and emotions 

These three aspects have to be in harmony for manifestation methods and techniques to work. This alignment creates a powerful and focused energy field, which is believed to amplify the effectiveness of your intentions in the manifestation process.

Furthermore, a connected state of being often leads to heightened intuition and inner wisdom. Intuition can guide you in making the right decisions, choosing the appropriate actions, and recognizing opportunities that align with your goals

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5. Believe it’s possible 

This is a person you are best friends with or a person you just met and have a crush on. It may even seem impossible to manifest a text from someone who blocked you. But when you believe that this person will text you out of their free will, rest assured, it will happen.

When you believe it, you become more positive. This belief in attaining your goals can boost your confidence. 

It also provides extra focus and clarity in what you want. You become more resilient in the face of challenges and when you are met with obstacles, a strong belief system will help you navigate through difficulties with determination and perseverance. With the help of this, you are less likely to be discouraged by setbacks if you have unwavering faith in your goals.

Manifesting Through Words

Words have the power to make or break it. When you use words with good intentions, you are more likely to see the results. Here are a few ways you can manifest a text from a specific person using your words: 

6. Use positive affirmations

As mentioned earlier, positivity is an integral part of manifestation. It’s the same with affirmations too. How to manifest someone to text you? All you have to do is craft positive affirmations that reflect your desired outcome. Use present tense, positive emotions, and language, and be specific. For example:

  • I am grateful for the positive and friendly text I received from Alex yesterday. I wish to receive a text today as well
  • Every day, Alex and I enjoy meaningful and uplifting conversations
  • I radiate positive energy, drawing Alex toward me with kindness and warmth

There are no rules. You can make your own affirmations. But you have to repeat them daily, ideally in the morning and before bedtime. Say them aloud with conviction and feel the emotions associated with receiving the text as you repeat the affirmations. Follow these steps diligently and you will attract love. 

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7. Start a manifestation journal 

Journals are a great way to write your thoughts and boost your self-esteem. It’s one of the ways you can practice self-love and one of the best answers to your question, “how to manifest someone to text you?”

Start manifesting with the help of writing. Ensure that you write your desire with the same frequency as you would chant the mantras. 

Write statements like, “I am attracting a healthy and loving relationship with Alex” or “I am grateful I met Alex. I wish to explore this dynamic more”. You can go ahead and write your good feelings, your wishes, and experiences with this person in a detailed and elaborate way. Make this a daily practice and you will reach your manifesting goals. 

how to manifest someone to text you

9. Try the whisper method

The whisper method is quite a sensation on TikTok. Here’s how you can use this method to manifest someone to think about you:

  • Close your eyes and sit in a meditative state 
  • Imagine this person and feel their spirit next to you
  • Whisper in their ear three times telling them that they have to text you back like “Reply Amanda, reply Amanda, reply Amanda”
  • End your meditative state and walk out of the room with utmost faith and belief that this person will text you back 

9. Use the 369 manifestation technique

Instead of constantly checking this person’s last seen, try the 369 method. You will be surprised to know that videos with the hashtags #369method has over 112.5 million views collectively on TikTok. This viral technique is quite simple to master. You have to write your desire thrice in the morning, six times during the day, and nine times in the evening. 

You also need to know you aren’t going to receive your desired outcome by just doing this. You also have to take action. For example, when you meet this person, you have to make an effort to impress them. Otherwise, you will never receive their text. You have to show effort from your side too. This is a great tool for manifesting a text immediately. 

10. Text yourself 

Yes. It works. Trust us. We are going to mimic the entire process that you are playing in your head in real life. Store your mobile number under this person’s name. Type out the exact message you want to receive from them and send it to yourself.

Revel in the joy you feel when you see their name pop up in your notifications. Now, save this memory in your head and use it when you are meditating and uttering positive affirmations to yourself. Since this mental image is so positive, you are likely to attract more positivity. 

Manifesting Through Other Ways

You’ve done positive statements, positive energy vibrations, and other manifestations techniques. While they work their charm, here are some other manifestation methods you can try. 

11. Visualize the scenario 

How to manifest someone to text you? Use your imagination. You can also use guided imagery to do this. It involves using your imagination and senses to create a vivid mental picture of this person texting you.

By engaging your mind and emotions in this way, you are aligning your energy with your intentions. This is a valuable tool for manifestation.

While doing the visualization exercise, make sure you repeat positive mantras or affirmations related to your desire. For example, if you are manifesting a text from Alex, you could say, “I am confident that Alex will text me tonight.” Visualize this scenario regularly and you will be met with positivity and success. 

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12. Keep your energy high 

You tried manifestation once, or twice, and that’s it. You lose your motivation. If that’s you, then you will never achieve your deepest desires. You have to be steadfast, rigorous, and persistent in your manifestation process. You have to keep your energy on high frequency and not let anything get to you. 

13. Magic pillow method

This is a great way to manifest if you are a beginner. You can do this with the help of the law of attraction. It’s like you are whispering your desires to your pillow. You can also write an affirmation on a piece of paper using the present tense and keep it under your pillow.

Try this one and you won’t be left with undesired outcomes. Allow your honest vibrational frequency to do the magic. All your wishes will be fulfilled if you follow this technique with determination. 

14. Try the two-cup manifestation method

Attract loving relationships using this two-cup manifestation method. This is the only method that is backed by a little scientific research. Take two cups of water and label one as “dream” and the other as “reality”. Now drink from the cup that has your wish.

To tell you more about this research, Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted an experiment during the 1990s where he took samples of water from the same source, stored them in different jars, and pasted various words on them.

To his surprise, he noticed that the jars with positive words like love, gratitude, and happiness had structured molecules in the form of beautiful shapes. On the contrary, the water in the jars with negative words like hate, loss, and jealousy turned murky and had deformed molecules.

Therefore, this experiment proves that good thoughts can have a positive mindset, whereas bad thoughts can bring negative energy. 

15. Draw a focus wheel 

How to manifest someone to text you? Create a focus wheel using the following ways:

  • Start by drawing a circle in the center of a piece of paper. This circle represents your current situation or belief
  • Divide the circle into 12 equal segments, like the face of a clock
  • In the center of the circle (in the space you have created), write a positive affirmation related to your desire like “I want Alex to text me” 
  • In the other segments of the circle, write a slightly different, more specific statement related to your affirmation. Ensure that these statements are positive, more believable, and more aligned with your desired outcome as you move around the circle

Key Takeaways 

  • Manifestation is the process of bringing your thoughts, desires, and intentions into reality
  • It is done using the law of attraction where positivity begets positivity and negativity brings negativity 
  • With a pure heart, high vibe energy, and good intentions, you can manifest using the whisper method, magic pillow method, and by drawing a focus wheel 

Manifestation is not about controlling this person. Also, avoid being clingy or desperate for their attention. Act nonchalantly when you get a text message from them. Also, manifestation is about cultivating a positive mindset, aligning your energy, and taking inspired actions. You just have to stay positive, believe in the process, and be open to receiving the desired outcome in the best possible way. Lastly, trust the process and have faith that the right thing will happen at the right time.