They say to have a crush on someone is like a powerful mixture of idealization and infatuation. It can wreak havoc on your brain. It’s even more daunting when you don’t know how to know if someone likes you back. Don’t worry. We are here to ease your jitteriness. We will tell you all about their behavior if they feel the same way about you.

Talking about crushes, it’s the most exhilarating feeling ever when the person you like reciprocates your feelings. It’s as if the universe aligns in your favor and every moment becomes a beautiful chapter in your life story.

Just like Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky’s relationship in the teen romance film To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. From having a crush on the hot guy to finally dating him, it’s a bittersweet ride for Lara with a happy ending.

That’s exactly what your love life will also look like if you pay attention to all the subtle physical signs your crush likes you back. Read along and turn your ordinary moments into magical ones.

How To Know If Someone Likes You Back — 17 Subtle Signs 

Some people are very upfront about their love. They confess it right away. On the contrary, there are a few people who consciously hide their feelings because they either lack confidence or they fear rejection.

Whatever the reason is, our list signs someone likes you will help you figure out whether or not this person wants to make you their romantic interest.

1. Their gaze game is on point 

One of the clear signs of mutual attraction is when you and your crush play hide and seek with your gazes. They will make prolonged eye contact with you. But if they are shy, they will look away when you catch them staring at you. It’s a surefire sign that they are attracted to you.

They are checking you out and perhaps they find you immensely hot. In addition to that, research has found that many people experience the highest degree of attraction while making eye contact. This is one of the subtle cues that your crush likes you back.

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2. They squirm and fidget around you 

How to know if your crush likes you back without talking? Closely observe their movements. They will be a nervous wreck around you. They will act nervous and will exhibit restless movements like playing with their hair, tapping fingers, or adjusting their clothing. Some other signs a person likes you but is nervous include:

  • Difficulty articulating thoughts and stumbling over words
  • Nervous laughter
  • Blushing and excessive sweating 
  • A change in their tone or pitch
  • Being overly polite or formal 

To support the above statements, we present to you a research paper that talks about nervousness during the initial phase of attraction. According to the study, participants who had a crush on someone reported that they most frequently experienced nervousness along with increased attentiveness, smiling, staring, heart rate, giggling/laughter, blushing, and difficulty concentrating during this first encounter. 

This is one of the clear signs to tell if someone likes you.

3. They fully engage in your conversations 

It’s a good sign when your crush engages in your conversations with thoughtful responses. This shows how much they like spending their free time hearing you talk. Furthermore, they will place their best foot forward and will provide detailed and thoughtful responses to your problems. They will ask follow-up questions about it and they will respond promptly to your messages.

And when the two of you are spending time apart, they will hear your problems and concerns via video calls and text messages. They will add emojis and GIFs to their messages to enhance the quality of your conversations.

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This is one of the texting habits of someone who likes you back. Conversely, if they aren’t in alignment with your opinions and perspective, they will respectfully disagree with your opinions. They won’t disrespect you or intellectually shame you for thinking in a certain way.  

Indicators of romantic interest
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4. They have a positive body language 

Some more indicators of romantic interest lie in a person’s body language. They will convey their love through their actions, gestures, facial expressions, and their behavior. They will consistently position themselves near you. In fact, they will find excuses to be in close proximity with you. 

Here are some more body language signs of attraction:

  • Genuine smiles, laughter, and positive energy 
  • Subconsciously mirroring your gestures, movements, and expressions. According to psychology, Mirroring body language is a non-verbal way to show empathy and fondness. It signals that you are connected to that person
  • They will stand facing you while keeping an open and relaxed body posture, without crossed arms or defensive gestures
  • Leaning toward you during a conversation 
  • Light physical contact and incidental touches
  • Subtly playing with their hair while talking to you

5. They have the memory of a dolphin 

Dolphins are known to have the longest memory yet known in species other than human beings. Therefore, if they remember important things along with the minute details of your conversations, it’s because your crush likes you back. They will remember what you were wearing the first time you met.

From what your favorite cuisine is to where you studied and which city you used to live in, they will remember everything. They will boost your self-esteem and self-confidence by showing so much affection for you. This is one of the biggest clues someone is interested in you. 

6. They want to get to know you better 

They are curious about you. They want to ask you open-ended personal questions. They want to put in the extra effort, plan game nights, and talk about your vulnerabilities and embarrassing stories. They will want to know your insecurities, weakness, and most of all, your goals and ambitions. This shows they have strong feelings for you.

Jessica, a 24-year-old medical student, writes, “I figured out my crush likes me back when he insisted on sharing our childhood and past relationship traumas.

Nobody wants to hear your misery unless they are someone who deeply cares about you. This is one of the obvious non-verbal cues of interest he showed me when we just started seeing each other.” 

7. How to know if someone likes you? They will tease you 

Detecting romantic interest is easy when they act differently with others. They don’t tease others the way they tease you. This shows their level of comfort, rapport, and interest.

By teasing you, they are trying to develop a shared sense of humor and understanding. You are both at the same wavelength and can appreciate each other’s playful remarks.

“Some individuals may use teasing or playful banter as a way to show affection. This could be influenced by their upbringing, cultural background, or personal communication style.

Teasing can create a sense of camaraderie and lightheartedness, making the relationship more comfortable and enjoyable for both parties”, writes a Quora user when asked about the psychology behind people who show their love through teasing. 

8. They express concern for your well-being 

Let’s say you are talking to them about your weight loss mission. They will encourage you to stay fit. Not because they like to see you a certain way but only because they are concerned about your physical well-being. This is one of the clear signs that they like you back.

Furthermore, by expressing their concern for you, they are trying to showcase a deeper level of irresistible connection

They will also prioritize your mental health. They will be empathetic toward you and will always try to look at things from your perspective. This will foster a sense of trust and mutual support. They will also let you know that you can rely on them for emotional support. Beyond expressing concern verbally, one of the most important ways to figure out if someone likes you back is when they offer practical help or support when needed.

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9. You are sending each other lots of messages 

It started with good morning messages but now the two of you are sharing live updates from the office. You are texting them the entire story of your visit to your grandmother’s place. Your crush texts you all the family gossip.

The chats go on till midnight. It’s like they are the first and last person you are talking to throughout the day. This is one of the classic signs of liking between two people. 

A Reddit user shares how they fell in love with their partner through messages, “My boyfriend and I met on Instagram and we texted for two months before meeting up and I became head over heels in love with this guy. We decided to meet and I don’t regret it at all. And to get him to fall in love with me wasn’t that difficult as he admitted his feelings first. So yes, you can fall in love with a person via text.”  

texting habits of someone who likes you back,

10. They show healthy jealousy 

When you are reading signals of liking from your crush, try paying attention to how they respond when you bring up other people you’ve dated or want to date. Notice if they show benign or non-threatening jealousy, it’s one of the many subtle hints your crush likes you back. 

If you don’t know what healthy jealousy looks like, here are some signs:

  • Healthy jealousy involves open and honest communication about feelings
  • Partners feel comfortable discussing their emotions without fear of judgment
  • People experiencing healthy jealousy are aware of their emotions and can articulate their feelings without resorting to blame or accusations
  • Instead of becoming overly controlling, healthy jealousy can motivate individuals to work on self-improvement
  • Healthy jealousy may prompt partners to offer reassurance and affirmation of their commitment. This will reinforce the bond they share 

11. They respect you 

This is where interpreting non-verbal cues becomes easy. See how much your crush respects you.

Bear in mind that being respectful isn’t just about being polite. It’s way more than that. It’s how they listen attentively when you speak and their willingness to communicate openly.

They won’t run away from difficult conversations and they certainly won’t scream or yell at you when you are in an argument with them.

They will respect your boundaries, personal space, individuality, and autonomy. Your crush knows that human beings are different from one another. Each has its own beauty, brain, and brawn.

Therefore, they will respect your unique qualities, quirks, and differences without attempting to change you. This is one of the great signs that your crush likes you back. 

12. Their friends act weird when you are together 

Both your friends know what’s cooking between you guys. You’re the hot news of the group and they keep teasing the two of you. Their intention isn’t to make you feel uncomfortable or anything.

In a group setting, friends like to tease and annoy each other and that’s what they are doing. Notice their reaction when this happens. If they blush, then this is one of the positive signs they are genuinely interested in you. 

A Quora user shares their opinion on why your crush’s friends are acting all weird, “This is actually an extremely good sign! This means that his friends are accepting you in their group. This also means that your crush most likely likes you back. Just be yourself and keep on doing what you are doing because it seems to be working.”

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13. They will be consistent 

Consistency is always a good sign. If your crush is consistently engaging with you or showing interest, it can be a positive sign. Consistency in their actions suggests that they may be genuinely interested in getting to know you better.

They will initiate or respond to communication. This shows that they love you back but are perhaps afraid to confess their feelings.

They don’t just spend time with you according to their convenience but they are ready to meet you when you call them. Also, they will show interest in your life and will support you through challenging situations. Moreover, their words will always align with their actions. 

14. They will cook for you 

Many people like to give and receive love through food and cooking has become a new love language. Similarly, if your crush cooks for you, it’s a delightful and meaningful gesture to express affection and care.

But why is cooking one of the clues someone is interested in you? It’s because the act of preparing a meal requires time and effort. Therefore, your crush cooking for you suggests their willingness to invest in making you feel special.

You can make it even more special by offering to help them. This will bring the two of you closer because the casual setting of a home-cooked meal can create a comfortable and relaxed environment. You will have more time and space for more genuine and personal interactions.

Your crush cooks for you
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15. They love to make you laugh 

Even though your relationship status is undefined, the way your crush shows their funny you to make you laugh makes it all clear. Laughter is a powerful way to establish a deeper emotional connection. And that’s what they will do.

They will impress you by showing their wit, sense of humor, and wordplay. They are making an effort to create a positive and enjoyable connection. 

When you have reached a stage where you have inside jokes, it signifies a greater level of comfort and connection. If you appreciate their efforts of cracking jokes to make you laugh, reciprocating with your own sense of humor can further strengthen the connection. This is one of the encouraging signs the talking stage is going well.

16. They are kind, compassionate, and trustworthy 

They exude altruism and they won’t shy away from showing kindness, empathy, and warmth toward you.

In fact, a study on altruism has found that when a person exemplifies characteristics associated with compassion such as empathy, kindness, and selflessness, they are more desirable partners. That’s why they are being extra kind to you because they want to look desirable in your eyes. 

Plus, your crush will never break your trust. Trust is a foundational element in any relationship. Your crush’s feelings will ensure that they will always be loyal to you. They aren’t just doing this to make a good impression on you. They are doing this because they want you to be able to rely on them if and when it’s needed. 

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17. They flirt with you 

From making seductive eye contact to giving you cute and funny nicknames, they will try everything to flirt with you. This is one of the evident signs of your crush’s romantic or playful interest. Here are some other forms of flirting people tend to use when they are in love: 

  • Frequent compliments, especially those related to your appearance or personality
  • Using double meanings, suggestive language, or innuendos in conversations 
  • Sexting. This is perfectly normal if you are comfortable and have given consent 
  • Playfully challenging or teasing you in a lighthearted manner 
  • Open body language like giving you hugs and holding your hand 
  • They will look into your eyes and directly ask you out on a date

The signs mentioned above that your crush likes you back will help you make your decision to move ahead a lot easier. If you feel comfortable and the time is right, consider expressing your feelings to your crush.

You can send a heartfelt message or confess your feelings in person. Take it slow and celebrate your connection. On the contrary, if you are still unsure, then communicate with them and find out if they want to take things to the next level. 

Key Takeaways 

  • It’s nothing short of heavenly when your crush finally reciprocates your feelings 
  • The signs they show may be subtle but it becomes clear when they engage with you frequently on social media accounts and keep texting you often
  • Some more signs your crush likes you back include caring about your health, prioritizing you, and respecting you 

Having a crush on someone can be beautiful and scary at the same time. You don’t know whether you will be met with happiness or disappointment. We hope you become a pro in analyzing someone’s feelings with our tips because when your crush likes you back, it’s as if the stars in the sky are rearranging to spell out the words of a love poem written just for the two of you. You wouldn’t want to miss out on that.