Are you ready to don your suit, bow tie, and homberg to display your inner Hercule Poirot? Surely, you are. With the rise of dating apps and social media, it has become much easier for people to cheat and create false personas. Their holier-than-thou attitude shouldn’t fool you anymore. If you want to know how to find out if someone is on a dating site, you are at the right place. We’ve got a few tips and tricks up our sleeves that will save you from future heartaches and regrets.

The popularity of dating apps has been rising – thanks to the easy ‘swipe’ functions that have made meeting people outside your circle so easy. But did you think there were only single people looking to find their partners online?

Well, a study on Tinder users reports that 30% of it’s users are married. And it is no surprise that people who identify themselves as “being in a relationship” also constitute a whopping 12% of Tinder users. We are living in an era where we have specific apps for married people to have affairs, it is but natural to wonder if your partner is on a dating site.

It has become nothing less than a cakewalk to hide apps thanks to all the advancements in technology. Your partner or someone you just started dating may have an online dating profile without your knowledge. They could be using it to chat with other people and go on dates with them. Discovering their hidden dating profiles will be an eye-opener for you. 

10 Ways To Find If Someone Is On A Dating Site 

When it comes to matters of the heart, your ethical considerations and conundrums can take a backseat for a while. You tried to have an open and honest communication with them, but you have a nagging feeling that they could have lied to you. The following points will unravel their disguise. It’s time to peel the truth like an onion! 

1. Search them on dating platforms

You may think you are in one of the healthy relationships of your life but you have no idea what your partner is up to. That’s why they always say that it’s better to be safe than sorry. And this, dear reader, is the easiest answer to how to find out if someone is on a dating site.

How you ask? Just search this person’s username on the most popular dating sites like Tinder, Bumble, Zoosk, Plenty of Fish, and Grindr. You don’t even have to subscribe and spend your hard earned money on dating websites subscriptions for this. You can just browse dating sites anonymously.

Some other tricks you can opt to search your partner on dating websites include:

  • Try to search the same username on dating websites as they have on their social media accounts
  • Find their dating profile by searching for their phone number 
  • However, when people are already in a committed relationship, they tend to hide their real name and give out fake names to get away from background checks
  • If they can act smart, you can outsmart them in such cases. Use the search bar and find someone on dating sites by email for free
  • Just type out their email address
  • Go ahead and do this on all dating app search engines

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2. Act as if you know they are on dating apps 

Okay, this is a gamble but you have to unleash your acting skills for this. If you are extremely convinced that your partner has hidden dating profiles, act like you already know about this. Say something to the effect of, “My brother saw your profile on Hinge. I know you are seeing other people behind my back. Stop lying to me.”

Pay close attention to how they react to this information. If they get all defensive and blame you for cheating on them, ding ding ding! You’ve caught a cheater. If they stick to their grounds and not give away anything, you still have a lot of digging to do.

And if you just started dating this person, then just act nonchalantly and say, “You know, I was using my friend’s dating app to help her get a date. And guess whose profile popped up? Yours! I didn’t know you were still using dating sites.” Let’s see what they have to say for this. 

Confronting your partner On Dating Site
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3. Try reverse image search on Google

Your partner has denied and you don’t know what to do about it but your gut tells you something is off. You tried to search by phone number or email but it’s all in vain. Don’t worry about it. You can check if your husband has a dating profile by doing a reverse search on their images. It’s a technique that will allow you to search for information about an image by using the image itself as the search query.

Here’s how it works: 

  • Instead of typing in text, you have to provide an image of them on the Google search bar
  • The search engine returns results that are related to that image
  • If their picture appears on a specific dating site, it’s clear that they have entered the world of online dating

By doing this, you can see if someone is on Tinder or any other dating platforms. This will show you all the other sites they are on as well. 

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4. Use dating profile search sites 

You’ve done a username search. Reverse image search. Tried to have an honest conversation with them. And you even tried to trick them into believing you have caught them. Nothing worked. But here is another way you can search dating sites without signing up.

There are search engines that can be used on dating apps like Tinder and Bumble to catch cheaters. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? That’s the beauty of technology. Such services exist and they are available for use. Some of them are:

  • Cheatbuster/Swipebuster  – This website/app helps you find if someone is on Tinder
  • BeenVerified – This is one of the online services that acts like a background checking app that digs up a person’s contact information, criminal histories, employment histories, and all social media profiles 
  • Social Catfish – This is an online dating investigation service that finds out a person’s real name and identity if they are hiding behind a fake one
  • – This website helps you find your partner’s hidden online dating profile anonymously by using their email and name on all popular dating sites 
  • Tinderfind – Just like Cheatbuster, even Tinderfind helps you search and find someone who is signed up on Tinder by their name

5. Create a fake account 

You couldn’t find them on Google. Not a problem. Just create a fake account and use a fake name. Don’t add any extra details like phone numbers or link your social media accounts to your fake dating profile. You have to be smart here. You can’t just flick someone else’s picture from the internet and use it on your dating profile. That’s invading privacy laws and it’s illegal. You can’t use your picture either.

You can take the old school way and use pictures of animals, scenery, or a painting. Nobody will run a background check on you and everyone will think you are a romance scammer but that’s besides the point. You aren’t here to get dates and match with hot people. You are here to catch a cheater. Plus, you need to make sure you add other details correctly that will help you search this person easily.

Some other things you need to keep in mind include:

  • Put the same location as they must have used on their profile
  • Create a false persona of yourself. Add your date of birth that’s closer to your partner’s
  • Your hobbies and interests need to match if they are also using same dating apps 
Create a fake account 
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6. Notice their behavior offline and online

The thing about this whole how to find out if someone is on a dating site will only work out if they have only one phone and phone number. What if they have a different phone number for dating apps? You will never find out if they are on dating apps or not. That’s why you need to pay close attention to their behavior. 

Their offline and online activities will tell you whether they are cheating on you or not. Take a look at their social media account and phone usage. If they have suddenly started posting a lot more there but none of those pictures have you in it, it’s obvious they have found someone on a dating site and they have moved the conversation to Instagram and Facebook.

If you were on their homescreen earlier but now they have changed it to something else, you definitely have something to worry about. Furthermore, notice their behavior in person. Answer these questions:

  • Have they suddenly started putting more effort into their appearance?
  • Did they get a haircut recently?
  • Have they suddenly become a social media addict?
  • Did they get new clothes including new undergarments?
  • Have they changed their passcode and refuse to tell you what it is? 

If you answered yes to all these questions, then there is a chance your partner met someone online and has started a summer fling with them. They could also be having many potential partners that you may be unaware of. 

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7. Get help from mutual friends 

How to find out if someone is on a dating site? Ask your friends to help you out. If any of them is on a dating site already, then use their profile to search that person’s username online.

Ask them to change the setting to your location so it’s easier to get potential matches surrounding that person’s area. Try typing their social media username on all the apps to find their dating profiles. 

8. Take advantage of the “forgot password” button

You know your partner’s email ID. Go to one of the most popular dating websites, and click “Log In”. Type in their email ID and click “Forgot Password”. The dating site will automatically send a “Reset Password” link to this person’s email ID. It’s okay if you don’t know their email ID password. You just have to make sure you have their phone in your hand.

The moment you receive a “Reset Password” mail notification, you can be sure that they are on dating sites looking for compatible matches. The thing here is that most apps don’t send a reset password link as long as your email ID already exists in their database. So, if not now, then they have used dating apps at least once in their life. Also, this method won’t work out if they have another secret email ID specifically for dating purposes. 

9. Become a phone thief 

The lengths you have to go to find out the truth! But hey, this is much better than infidelity, serial dating, and one-night stands despite having a steady partner. Wait for the right opportunity and seize your moment. Check all your partner’s devices for infidelity or Snapchat cheating. Steal their phone when they are taking a shower and go through all the apps installed in their phone.

Look for suspicious activities. Check their browser history first. Then, scroll through their gallery. Of course, your partner isn’t so dumb to take pictures with their potential matches and keep them saved on their mobile. Think a little twisted here.

Look for a new name on their call list that isn’t a colleague or a friend. Look for any unusual transactions that could indicate their stay at a hotel. Any new e-receipt of a purchase that you had no idea of. Then, head straight to their mail app and type the names of dating sites. 

10. Download spy apps for cheaters on their phone 

The truth will emerge in just one day with such spy apps. But there is a process to this. You first need to find out which cheating spy app you wish to install. Some popular spy apps that have a free trial version are:

  • Spyic
  • Spy Bubble
  • CocoSpy
  • Eyezy are a few of them

Most of them have free versions but you need to pay and subscribe to avail all their features. Here comes the dangerous part. Once you have selected which app you want to use, create an account. Then, download and install this app on your partner’s phone.

You don’t have to worry about getting caught. The app will run in the background and they will never find out about it. Meanwhile, log in to your account and voila! You can see every single activity of theirs. From whom they are texting to getting a full access to their gallery, you can take a look at everything. Moreover, you will also be able to find out where they are using geolocation. 

Key Takeaways

  • Sometimes people lie about being on dating sites. They could be using it despite being in a serious relationships 
  • You need to be smart here and not fall for their lies when your instinct tells you otherwise
  • You can find out if someone is registered on a dating site for free by searching their email ID, phone number, and username which they have used on their social media profile 
  • You can also try to get help from mutual friends or simply confront your partner about this 

Maintaining open conversations and respecting privacy is fundamental in healthy relationships. But when your partner acts smart and you know they are hiding something from you, you just can’t trust them. On the contrary, if someone’s dating profile pops up in your list of compatible matches, you have to rat them out to their partners. You have to break the rules and be crooked with the crooked. We hope these tips on how to find out if someone is on a dating site help you get to the truth. 


1. Are dating profiles public?

This depends on the user. Users may choose to make their profile public if they want or keep it private. However, most of the people who are married or those who are committed tend to keep their profile private for the fear of being caught.

2. Can I see if my husband is on a dating app?

Yes. You can use his phone number, email, or his username to look him up on a dating app. But, there is a huge possibility of him using a fake name. So, you have to be cunning here and try other ways to find out what websites your boyfriend is on. You can notice his offline behavior or you can install a cheating spy app on his phone. 

3. Can you track a cheating spouse?

Yes. With the help of location trackers, you can easily track your cheating spouse in the real world. On the other hand, you can download spy apps for cheaters to track a cheating spouse.