Long gone are the days when one would assume it’s a date if a girl smiled at you or spoke to you for a good five minutes. The dating culture has evolved tenfold in the last couple of years. You need to find out how to confirm a date before it gets weird. That’s what happened with a friend recently. He thought he was going on his first date with a girl he met on Tinder.

They spoke everyday via text messages and he was falling in love with her. When they finally met, she friendzoned him. He tried to kiss her but she moved away. It wasn’t a date! She already had a crush on someone else and just needed a wingman. That’s why it’s important to confirm a date the day before to avoid encountering such embarrassing moments. 

How To Politely Confirm A Date? 

When you are trying to confirm a date with a girl or with a boy, you always want to sound nonchalant. You don’t want to look desperate, too eager, or needy. Read along and note down these sentences that will make you look like you are just being casual with them:

  1. Hey.  I am really looking forward to our plans on Sunday night. Just wanted to confirm if the date is still on.
  2. Good morning. Excited for our movie date tonight. Mind confirming the show time?
  3. Hello. I hope you are gearing up for your trekking adventure. I sure am. Let’s confirm the trekking route. A date in the wilderness is all I’ve ever wanted.
  4. Hi there. Just dropping a text to confirm if we are all set for Friday night. It’s a date, right? I don’t want any miscommunication between us.
  5. Hey! A cozy cafe, coffee, and conversations await us. Just let me know which cafe to meet you at. Can’t wait to brew some happy memories together.
  6. Knock knock. Let’s turn art into heart-to-heart conversations on Saturday by visiting a museum. Any favorite exhibits you want to drop by first? 
  7. The weather calls for a picnic, doesn’t it? Here’s the location. You just have to confirm when we can spread a blanket and laugh our hearts out.
  8. Aloha! Just dropping a reminder for our beach date. Sandy toes and salty air sounds fun, doesn’t it? I hope you are ready to soak some sun and make some waves.
  9. Hi. Our game night on Thursday ] is about to level up! Confirming the snacks and games. I hope you like gummy bears, nachos, and a lot of virtual bloodshed. Oh, don’t forget to bring your A-game. 
  10. Get ready to buckle up for an epic road trip this weekend. I’ve booked a grand dinner date by the beach. You just have to prepare a playlist to jam on the drive.
  11. Since you enjoy looking up at the sky more than staring down at your phone, I’ve booked a stargazing escapade for you. And after the celestial affair, we can go on a dinner date at a space themed restaurant? 
  12. Warm up your vocal cords for a crazy karaoke night on Sunday. I’ll send a list of venues and you can confirm which one you like the most. I can’t wait to see you unleash your inner rockstar.
  13. I was thinking if we could ditch the outdoors and celebrate the night at home? We can cook our own date meal and explore our culinary sides. I’ll take the savory item and you can cook up a sweet magic. 
  14. There’s a new trend going viral on social media. Couples paint each other to make their date nights more fun. Shall I order some canvas, colors, and snacks for tonight? You paint me and I’ll paint you. 
  15. I know how strict you adhere to your vegan life. Let me take you on a date to the farmer’s market on Saturday. We can sample seasonal treats and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere. 

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5 Tips To Confirming A Date

Confirming a date is essential to ensure that both you and your partner are on the same page and excited about the plans. Here are five tips to effectively confirm a date:

1. Confirm the date a day before by being specific 

How far in advance to confirm a date? There’s no specific rule for that. You can even drop a message a day before or even on the day of the date to lock the meet-up. Hence, when you are confirming a date over text or in person, you need to provide clear details about the

  • Time
  • Location 
  • Day 

Plus, any other relevant information. This will help in making sure that you’re still on her mind or his mind and that they won’t ditch you on the day of the date. Also, this helps in avoiding any misunderstandings. 

For example, instead of simply saying, “Are we still meeting up tomorrow?” you could say, “Hey Sam. I am just confirming our dinner plans at La Grenoille tomorrow at 7 PM. Looking forward to it!” 

2. Show enthusiasm 

When you agree to a date, express genuine excitement about the upcoming date in your confirmation message. This not only conveys that you are extremely interested in this person but it also shows that you would do anything to spend quality time with them. This will build a stronger connection between the two of you. 

Here are some do’s and don’ts of how you need to text your date and how you shouldn’t:

Do’s Don’ts
Express attentiveness. Show that you are a good texted and will respond to their messages in timeDon’t overuse the emojis
Show genuine curiosity about the date they’ve planned and where the two of you are going to eat Don’t send too many texts
Use humor to break the ice Avoid controversial topics like past lovers and childhood traumas. You don’t want to scare them by being so serious 

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3. Be flexible 

While it is important to confirm the details of the date, it is also helpful to be flexible and accommodating in case your date or you plan on rescheduling it. We all know life can be unpredictable, so make it clear that you are open to making adjustments if needed. This is another great way of making sure that you’re still on her mind or his mind. It lets the person know that you are willing to adjust to their timings and lifestyle. 

4. Use more than one communication channel

Using only one mode of communication will easily increase your chances of being ghosted. You will be stood up on your date and that can be heartbreaking. So, depending on your relationship with the person and your usual mode of communication, consider using multiple channels to confirm the date. This could include

  • Text messages
  • Phone calls
  • Social media accounts
  • Emails 

Using different channels increases the likelihood of your message being seen and responded to promptly. 

5. Confirm in advance

Aim to confirm the date well in advance preferably a day or two before the scheduled meet-up. This gives both parties enough time to make any necessary arrangements.

It also ensures that the plans are fresh in their and your mind. Drop a message a day before the date and remind them that you are excited to hang out with them. On the contrary, if you can’t make it, let them know so.

Here are some examples you can use if the date is about to be canceled: 

  • Hello. I am so sorry I am stuck at work. Can we move our date to next weekend? 
  • Hey. Just confirming our date for Friday night. We can reschedule it if something goes wrong 
  • I hope our date is still on. Drop me a text if you are occupied with work 

Key Takeaways 

  • It’s important to confirm a date a day before or the day of the date so you don’t get stood up 
  • You need to be specific where you are going to meet, which day, and what time
  • Stay in touch with your date often and use more than one mode of communication to increase your chances of having a great date 

By following the above tips, you will effectively confirm a date without sounding eager and desperate. Be enthusiastic about meeting them. You also need to show clarity and flexibility so there’s no confusion and miscommunication between the two of you.