Governed by air and ruled by Uranus, Aquarius men are known to be charismatic, charming, and creative. I mean.. Look at Harry Styles and Ashton Kutcher. They are all shades of charming and spontaneous. You will want to know how to attract an Aquarius man if you are dating one or just starting to get to know one.

Born between January 20th and February 18th,  Aquarians are famous for their humanity and humility. They have an altruistic side that no other zodiac sign possesses. They are dedicated to making the world a better place. Regardless of whether you are having a light-hearted relationship with them or a serious one, our tips will nourish your experience of being with an Aquarian.

What Are Aquarius Men Attracted To? 

Aquarius is the eleventh sign in astrology, and it is represented by the Water-Bearer. If you have your eye on an Aquarian, you have arrived at the right place. We have all the tips and tricks to make an Aquarius man chase you without having to do a lot of work.

Since Aquarius men are highly intelligent and independent, they are usually attracted to women who are equally wise and free-spirited. Their curiosity is sparked when they see an unconventional, unique and unusual woman.

Some other qualities they are attracted to include:

  • Open-minded nature 
  • Loyalty 
  • Altruism
  • Confidence 
  • Goal-oriented women
  • Positive attitude 
  • Friendliness 

Aquarius men do not get turned on by usual seductive tricks; to woo a Aquarian man and make him go weak in the knees, you will need more than just a great body and a beautiful face. Read on!

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How To Attract An Aquarius Man — 13 Simple Tips 

Aquarians don’t like it when a woman pull away without any reason. So, if you want to ignore an Aquarius man just to see if he will chase you or not, then don’t bother. You won’t find him anywhere near you.

On the contrary, if you want to flirt with an Aquarius man and make him attracted to you, then the below tips will be immensely helpful. 

1. Be yourself 

How do I keep my Aquarius man interested? By being yourself. By showing your uniqueness. And by being authentic.

It’s high time you stop thinking that an Aquarian will fall for you by copying someone he likes. That’s not going to work out. Do your own thing and be your own self. Dress the way you want and put on makeup as you like.

You will be surprised to know that Aquarians don’t like those who put up an act just to flatter others. Don’t ever think about impressing others if you don’t love yourself.

Furthermore, when you embrace your personality, you showcase your distinctive qualities, opinions, and emotions without any pretense which Aquarius men love. He will be drawn to your self-awareness. 

2. Have a positive attitude 

You will have an Aquarius guy’s attention when you have an optimistic attitude. Avoid sulking, being resentful, or having a negative energy. All of these things are a major turnoff for Aquarians. Get an Aquarius man to commit by inculcating a fresh and positive vibe by using the following tips: 

  • Practice mindfulness by engaging in activities like meditation and deep-breathing exercises
  • Actively identify and challenge negative thoughts
  • Replace them with more positive and realistic perspectives
  • Surround yourself with positive influences, whether it’s people, books, or activities
  • Regularly express gratitude for the things you have in your life
  • Keep a gratitude journal or simply reflect on the positive aspects
  • Find joy in the small things

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3. Be independent 

Do Aquarius men get along with everyone? No. Not if you are dependent on others for simple things. Aquarians get attracted to those who are self-reliable and don’t wait for someone to pull them up. Nothing is more off-putting for a Aquarius man than a woman who does nnot have a plan for herself.

Therefore, if you are looking to be in a romantic relationship with someone from this zodiac sign, then it’s best to become an independent woman in terms of decision-making, finance, and self-awareness. 

Here’s how you can become an independent woman: 

  • You need to acknowledge and take responsibility for your actions and decisions when things go south
  • Establish and set clear and healthy boundaries at work and in your interpersonal relationships
  • Keep in mind that you don’t become a toxic independent person who is headstrong and a hedonist
  • Have and nurture your own hobbies, interests, and goals
  • Show him that you have a life outside the relationship and respect his need for personal space

Lastly, you need to strike a healthy balance between autonomy and interdependence. That’s when an Aquarius man is sexually attracted to you. 

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4. Don’t be the jealous type 

We get it. You have strong feelings for him but note that an Aquarius man and jealousy don’t get along because jealousy is one of the biggest indicators of insecurity. You are insecure that your partner may find someone better than you.

But if your Aquarius man loves you, then he loves you wholeheartedly. He sees you for who you are.

However, if you get jealous when he hangs out with other female friends who are more beautiful than you, then it will look like you don’t have enough faith in him. Your suspicion is a clear indication of your lack of trust in him.

This will drive him away from you. Instead, act cool when he is going out for lunch with his female colleagues. Have a nonchalant attitude about it.

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5. Show your intellectual side 

Your Aquarius crrush is smart. You have to be smart too if you want him to notice you. Show him your intellectual side. He doesn’t care about how many Instagram followers you have or how much club hopping you did last week. Eventually, it all boils down to whether you have a cerebral side to you or not.

Talk about the current events happening in the world. Show him you are interested in politics, technology, farming, or whatever is trending at the moment. 

“Aquarians are sapiosexuals. We need mental stimulation, or we get bored. We like the smart ones”, writes a Reddit user. Therefore, have meaningful conversations with him and show that you are both beauty with brains. 

6. Be easygoing 

Some men like that chase but some really get turned off when they have to bend over backward to get a woman’s full attention. Just be chill and easygoing. Don’t make it difficult for him.

Also, don’t expect your Aquarian man to be perfect. Embrace his flaws and imperfections. Accept that not everything needs to be flawless, and enjoy the process of getting to know him rather than fixating on the outcome of having a romantic relationship with him. 

Some other things to keep in mind if you want to have a relaxed personality around an Aquarius man include:

  • Understanding that things may not always happen on your timeline 
  • Being patient 
  • Resisting the urge to overanalyze every situation
  • Going with the flow 

7. Don’t focus too much on your looks 

As mentioned earlier, Aquarius guys are creative and intellectual people. They do like good looks in a woman but don’t make that your entire personality. They do admire your hair, the way you walk, the way you laugh, and everything else that makes a woman beautiful.

However, don’t make your beauty the sole purpose of your existence because an Aquarius man likes women who can carry both natural and glam looks effortlessly. Sometimes you have to show him your diva side.

Other times, you have to show him the wrinkles on your cheekbone, the scar on your chin that you’ve been hiding with makeup, your gray hair, and all your quirks, flaws, your real characteristics, and your vulnerabilities. 

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8. Treat everyone with kindness 

We’ve all seen what a great footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is. We’ve also seen how he treats every single human with kindness. Similarly, all Aquarians expect people from other star signs to be kind.

In fact, researchers have found that kindness is the most sought-after trait overall whe it comes to relationships. Whether you’re a Virgo, Aries, Leo, or a Scorpio, it doesn’t matter to Aquarians as long as you treat people with respect, love, and kindness. 

9. Be playful and flirty 

Make an Aquarius man miss you by being jolly and coy. You don’t have to be so serious all the time just to show that you are a grown-up mature individual. Sometimes Aquarians like a woman who can be playful and flirty with him.

Flirt with wordplay, banter, and teasing. Use your charm and beauty to your advantage and make him fall in love with you.

For example, here are some ways to flirt with your Aquarius guy and tell him you like him:

  • Make prolonged eye contact 
  • Subtly touch him 
  • Hold his hand 
  • How to attract an Aquarius man through text? Send him flirty text messages 

10. Talk to him about your goals and ambitions 

Have a one-on-one conversation with him about your inspirations, aspirations, and about all your dreams. Plus, ask him about his goals as well. Encourage and support each other. As they say, “Couples who grow together, stay together”.

That’s true love in relationships. Hence, make sure you focus on your work life and motivate him in his ambition too.

How to attract an Aquarius man through text? Be curious about his work life and contribute in whichever way you can. Whether it’s offering advice or making a presentation for him. e there with him, and for him.

All he wants is someone whom he can count on. Become that person and he is all yours. This is one of the qualities that will keep your Aquarius guy hooked onto you. 

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11. Have a sense of humor

Sense of humor is an attractive quality that many people look for in their partner. Likewise, the way to an Aquarian man’s heart is by having a jolly attitude. They like a woman with a good sense of humor who can take a joke and be funny without being rude or mean. 

“If you want to go on a date with me, then a sense of humor is a requirement! It definitely makes someone more attractive. Looks fade, sense of humor will not”, says a Reddit user on the importance of having a funny side in a partner.

Understanding an Aquarius man isn’t difficult when you realize that they want someone who will be compatible with their with and sarcasm. 

12. Don’t play mind games 

One of the most important things to know before dating an Aquarius man is that they don’t like mind games. Your gaslighting, controlling behavior, and manipulation won’t work with him. Don’t focus on your own life and make him follow your rules. Let it loose.

Don’t make him bow down to your will and act like a dominating person. None of these things will work with Aquarian men. He craves genuine mental connection. The moment you play games with him, he will cut ties with you and look for someone who can be real with him. 

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13. Be a good friend 

They say finding friendship in your partner is the most beautiful thing in the world. So, become his friend in your monogamous relationship. Be there for him when he needs you. Advise him. Create fun moments with him. Watch movies together. Play indoor and outdoor games. Be competitive. Dress up and surprise him. He’ll feel special when you do such sweet gestures for him

Giving an Aquarius man space is also one of the ways to attract him. Let him do his own thing. He values his alone time a lot and won’t mind if you want to have yours too. Furthermore, when an Aquarius man is sexually attracted to you, he will want someone who can be a good friend with him once the lovemaking is over. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Aquarius men are creative, witty, talented, and dedicated
  • They want a partner who will share such positive traits with him 
  • Some other things you can do to attract an Aquarius man include being a good friend to him and treating everyone with kindness 

Foster a deep connection with air signs through meaningful conversations, and appreciate his need for independence. Show him affection when he is in the mood for some love. Support his ideas and strike a balance of friendship and shared ideals. These little things can do a lot for you and will create a strong and lasting connection with an Aquarius man. 


1. How to keep an Aquarius man interested in you?

Keep an Aquarius man interested in you by showing him affection and being real. They appreciate women with unique qualities. They also like women who are flirty and have a great sense of humor.

2. What are the biggest turn offs for an Aquarius man?

Aquarius men run away from women who are dominating and controlling. They like to be left alone when they are feeling overwhelmed. They also hate women who are selfish and think appearance is the most important thing in the world. Lastly, don’t break his trust and don’t ever suspect him of being unfaithful.