Taurus women are known for their sensuality, optimism, determination, and confidence. From the beautiful Jessica Alba to the talented Adele and the ever-gorgeous Gigi Hadid, we’ve all seen Taurus women shatter the glass ceiling and how! Looking at how amazing Taureans are, it’s hardly a surprise that you’ve fallen for one and want to know how to attract a Taurus woman. 

A female taurus is very attractive and they are ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. They are emotionally strong and won’t back down even after falling seven times.

They can get through stressful situations with ease and wit. If you want to get a Taurus woman to chase you or make a good first impression, then scroll down and find out how you can win a Taurus woman’s heart.

11 Simple Ways To Attract A Taurus Woman 

“They can be like angels if they truly love you but watch out if a Taurus hates you or is jealous of you… They are relentless in their hate. They also have intense feelings they don’t know how to properly deal with and express. A Taurus can simply hate you if they feel like you’re out of their league”, writes a Reddit user on dating Taurus women. 

According to astrology, Taurus is one of the earth signs which makes them a grounded person. They are represented by a bull which makes them stubborn, resilient, and headstrong. Not to forget that they love to live a luxurious life. 

Not just by materialistic things but also by spiritual things. They want to love and be loved royally too. Hence, if you want to date a Taurus woman, read the below points and arm yourself with adequate knowledge to attract this sensual sign.

1. Give her all the attention in the world

Yes, that’s the first step to seducing a Taurus woman. Give her all the attention and more. When you are attentive toward a woman, it makes her feel good about herself.

Attention makes a Taurus woman feel loved, validated, and appreciated. It gives her self-esteem a boost and makes her think that you will be there for her when she needs your support. Here are some ways you can be more attentive to your Taurus woman:

  • Pay attention to what she is saying instead of interrupting her
  • Express genuine interest in whatever she is saying while maintaining prolonged eye contact 
  • Be curious and ask questions about the things she is talking about 
  • When she is away from you, drop a text or send her a meme to show that she is on your mind 

You can also attract a Taurus woman through text by replying to her immediately. These little efforts go a long way in making a Taurus woman feel secure and safe in your company. 

2. Be confident, charming, and chivalrous 

Confidence is one of the weaknesses of a Taurus woman but overconfidence is definitely not.

In fact, overconfidence is one of the things that makes a Taurus woman mad. That’s why you need to tread the lines carefully and appear confident.

Plus, you need to be charming and chivalrous but ensure that you don’t end up treating her like she isn’t an equal. You can do simple yet heartwarming things like:

  • Opening the door for her
  • Pulling her chair at a restaurant
  • Checking up on her if she has reached home safely

When you do these things, you will automatically appear charming in her eyes.  

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3. Take things slow

Taurus women appreciate when men take things slow. Don’t expect this to be a whirlwind romance because they aren’t into that.

They want an emotionally stable man who knows the nuances of a romantic relationship. While taking things slow, you can try to: 

  • Talk to her. Have an open and honest communication from time to time
  • Keep the conversations light and fun at times
  • Build trust before starting a romantic relationship 
  • Learning about each other’s interests and hobbies
  • Getting to know each other’s mental strengths and weaknesses  

Be gentle with her if she says she doesn’t want to be intimate with you so soon. Respect her decision to wait for the right time.

If she says she wants some time to commit to the relationship, accept her choice. Don’t show your weakness by forcing her to make a decision. Be a strong man and accept her wishes. 

seducing a taurus woman

4. Make her laugh out loud

A sense of humor is unarguably one of the hottest things a man can possess. Even research confirms that in heterosexual relationships, women are often attracted to men who have a good sense of humor.

In return, men are also looking for women who will chuckle at their jokes. That’s one of the things a Taurus woman likes.

If you are trying to date a Taurus woman, try to make her laugh and if she laughs at all your lame and silly jokes, it’s one of the signs you’ve appealed to all her five senses and she’s interested in taking things to the next stage.

She is attracted to you because not every girl will laugh at your PJs and knock-knock jokes. She’ll laugh only when she has feelings for you. 

5. Give her respect

If a Taurus woman ignores you, it could be because she didn’t get the respect she expected from you. Show her respect. 

Here are some things you can do to respect a Taurus woman and have a harmonious relationship down the lane:

  • Acknowledge a female Taurus ideas and inputs, even if you don’t necessarily agree with them 
  • Respect her autonomy and treat her as an equal in all your interactions
  • Don’t downplay her career choices and ambitions
  • Encourage her to achieve her dreams and grow in life 
  • If you are trying to date a Taurus woman, respect her physical and emotional boundaries at all times no matter what 
  • Express gratitude for her contributions, efforts, and presence in your life

When you respect a Taurus woman, it’ll make her feel that you are a reliable man who will honor her as an individual. 

6. Show her that you are independent 

Say goodbye to her if you still live with your parents or if you are still hooked up on your ex and need her to validate your feelings. You are an independent man who doesn’t need anyone’s approval to feel good.

Be self-assured and don’t let past actions define your present. Taurus women don’t shy away from hard work and it’ll be good if you show her your diligent side too. 

Plus, being independent isn’t just about having money and financial stability. It is about how you are able to cultivate self-awareness and emotional resilience to cope with difficult circumstances. This is how to attract a Taurus woman.

However, if you are someone who runs away from conflicts and disagreements then that’s one of Taurus women’s turn offs and they will turn a blind eye to your charms. 

7. Compliment her often 

Get a Taurus woman to chase you by showering you with your admiration and compliments. Plan thoughtful dates and prove to her that you will always show loyalty no matter what.

Taurus is a fixed sign along with Scorpio who appreciates men who are devoted to them. Show them that they will always be your ride or die and watch them fall in love with you. 

In addition to that, say good things about her smile, personality, and her loyalty toward friendships and family members. Arm yourself with great compliments for a woman and use them often.

Tell her how much you admire her patient nature and the way she takes care of her parents. All these compliments will help you build a positive connection and will build a deep rapport with her while enhancing her self-confidence. 

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8. Let her dominate

Taurus women have very strong personalities, which means that sometimes they can be dominating.

Don’t think that it will decrease your manliness if you become submissive. You do not become a weak man when you let a woman call the shots. When you let her be in charge, her romantic side will naturally come out and flourish. 

They are also very stubborn so if you don’t accept their demands and wishes once in a while, there’s a strong possibility of them not being drawn to you as passionately as they would otherwise. It’s okay to let loose every now and then. You don’t have to associate this with your ego or masculinity. 

Appeal to a taurus woman easily

9. Stay grounded

Staying grounded is when you maintain a sense of stability and balance when life throws challenges at you.

Just because you were successful a few times doesn’t mean you will gloat and blow your own trumpet. That is one of the biggest turn-offs for a Taurus woman.

If you are going to become potential partners, then don’t force her to focus on your achievements. Show her that you’ve failed in life and then succeeded.

This will ensure her that you are a go-getter and that you don’t back away from challenges. Show your skills and prove that you are capable of making lemonade out of lemon.

This is how to attract a Taurus woman as it will make her respect you more than ever. 

10. Enjoy the outdoors once in a while

What are some things a Taurus woman loves and cherishes more than anything? A scenic trekking spot, with good food, and romantic company. 

While she appreciates the finer things in life like staying home and cooking, she also loves going on an adventure occasionally. Hence, don’t be so homebound that you forget to appreciate and spend time in nature.

Plan a fun outdoor date and win a Taurus woman’s heart. You can also plan a few games to play like truth or dare, Never Have I Ever, or Pictionary when you are with her. 

You can take her to the park and enjoy a good picnic while eating scrumptious sandwiches. All these things will only make her fall in love with you more. 

11. Be flirty and romantic 

Becoming a romantic man for a Taurean involves expressing

  • Affection
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Appreciation 

They should be done in ways that resonate with your partner. You can’t live in a scheduled rut and expect a Taurus woman to stick by. That will just drive her away from you. Instead, plan sudden surprises and spontaneous acts of kindness that will sweep her off her feet. 

Plus, focus on creating memorable experiences together. Hold her hand randomly, hug her when she is least expecting it, or cook her a meal. Just make sure that you keep the romance alive by constantly nurturing your relationship. 

Flirt with her even if you’ve just started to get to know her. Maintain eye contact and send flirty text messages. This should be your priority. If she flirts back, it’s one of the signs that a Taurus woman likes you. Taurus women love to be touched and kissed. 

“If she touches you AT ALL – she likes you. I am a Taurus woman and I am very mindful of touch. I don’t flirt with just anyone so when I flirt it’s with intention and backed by seriousness”, writes a Reddit user on Taurus women flirting with the men they like. 

Key Takeaways

  • Taurus women are sensual, smart, and sensitive. They want a man who will listen to them and validate their feelings 
  • If you want to attract a Taurus, then try to be spontaneous with your plans. Give her respect and make her feel loved
  • Show her that you are an independent man and that you are capable of facing all your problems with your head held high 

When you are trying to find out how to attract a Taurus woman, you need to be patient, calm, and understanding. You should always respect her boundaries, appreciate her loyalty, and constantly showcase your affection through genuine gestures like buying flowers and taking her out on dates.

With these helpful and simple tips, you will not only capture her attention but you will also cultivate a meaningful connection built on mutual respect and shared values.