If you have been eyeing a guy with this sun sign and are wondering how to attract a Taurus man, this article will help you with all the things you should do and what you should totally avoid. Taurus, the zodiac sign known for their romantic yet stubborn and reserved personalities, is a delight to date.

They are fun, sensual, and yet reliable, making for one of the most romantic partners. But it is not easy to win the heart of a Taurus man because they are very particular about their lady love. 

Seducing the bull can get easier for you if you know how and where to strike. Know the ways of attracting zodiac signs and ace your love game. Find out everything you need to know about Taurus men in love, flooring them, and keeping them!

What Are Taurus Men Attracted To?

To get a Taurus man to commit, you need to understand his likes and dislikes. So, what are the things Taurus men like? If you know what he is attracted to, you can pull him toward you with that irresistible charm.

You will be better able to relate to him and make him feel loved and cared for. He will feel secure in the relationship and will stay by your side for years to come. So girl, make a note of the following, and don’t let that Taurus guy go!

  • Taurus men are all for classic romance and traditional things. They admire and appreciate the finer things in life with a hint of traditional, old-school aesthetics
  • Taurus guys find honesty and genuineness appealing. Authenticity and staying true to the personality and emotions is what they are attracted to
  • Want to win the heart of a Taurus man? Make him feel stable and secure. Show him how reliable and committed you are, and they won’t take their eyes off you!
  • Simple and peaceful relationships can win a Taurus man’s heart. Nothing turns a Taurus man off as much as drama and unnecessary conflicts do. Steer clear of them, girl
  • Taurus males are down-to-earth beings, sensual in nature. He’ll love a good sensorial experience–good food, music, and fragrances

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13 Irresistible Tips To Attract A Taurus Man 

Looking for some practical yet effective tips and ideas to work your magic on a Taurus guy? Look no further. Our love gurus have a list of tips up their sleeves. Know your Taurus man well, understand his personality traits, find out what are Taurus men like, and finally, get a Taurus man to chase you. All with the tips given below: 

How To Get His Attention

Make sure your Taurus guy never has his eyes off you!

1. Look your best

The zodiac sign Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which is an epitome of beauty. When trying to attract a Taurus man, put your best foot, er, face forward. Dress up for your man and flaunt all your feminine charm, for Taureans believe ‘a thing of beauty, is a joy forever’.

Going on a date with him? Wear your most sexy dress and see him getting floored by your beauty. 

Make sure you not only up your fashion and style game, but pay attention to the minute details as well since a Taurus man has a keen eye for the finer things. He will be interested in a lady who is dedicated to herself, is confident, and takes pride in her appearance. Go the timeless classic way, and exude a graceful elegance.

2. Be generous with your compliments 

Who doesn’t love being complimented?! Well, not Taureans for sure! Boost his confidence and reassure him by telling him how he makes your day. Compliment him for his smile or his sense of humor. All this will only tell him that you’re interested in him and will get him interested in you in turn. 

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Be sincere and specific in your appreciation show him that you value him and pay close attention to him. Laud his accomplishments and celebrate his wins, no matter how small. Remember, being kind and generous never goes out of fashion.

3. Appeal to his senses

Taurus men are sensual beings; they enjoy things that appeal to their senses. To attract them, you need to tap into their sensual nature with physical touch, sight, smell, or tastebuds.

Get up and close to them–hold hands, cuddle or snuggle, give warm hugs, or simply tease them with your fingers. Physical sensations will create intimacy between you two and foster a strong bond. 

Set up an appealing ambiance with aromatic candles, mood lighting, soft music, and some sparkling wine. Don your most sensual outfit. attract a Taurus man physically, and you two will have a night to remember.

When it comes to a Taurean’s sexual energy, there is no match better than a Scorpion woman. An erotic Scorpio woman, brimming with her vivacious sensuality, is something that a Taurus man falls easily for. 

4. Show him the real you

Wondering how to attract a Taurus man? Just be yourself! Show him how you are in your real life. A Taurus likes to see things as they are and would really appreciate it if he gets to see the real you.

Unapologetic, fearless, candid–be yourself and shed all inhibitions. Embrace authenticity and genuineness rather than shams and pretentiousness. Forget the adage- ‘fake it, till you make it’. It won’t go well with a Taurus male. 

Be confident and self-assured in your raw and unfiltered version. Believe in yourself and express your honest opinions. Be at ease and never ever pretend to be someone you are not.

Lay the foundation of your relationship on transparency and you’ll soon notice the signs a Taurus man is sexually attracted to you!

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How To Build His Interest

Now that his eyes are on you, make sure they keep lingering. Grab his attention and rake up his interest with these easy tips:

5. Surprise him with the simple pleasures of life

Surprise your Taurean man with the little finer things that add value to his life. It is not as much about being extravagant or out of the box, as it is about being thoughtful. To win over a Taurus man, you do not need a huge bank balance; all you need is a caring heart that earnestly beats for him.

Avoid creating a fuss over gifting, get him little practical things and he will be relentlessly attracted to you. Check out this list below to get an idea of what a Taurus man likes:

  • Treat him to a batch of freshly baked cookies
  • Make a DIY scrapbook with pictures of two
  • Take him on a romantic dinner date and talk your heart out
  • A scented candle to appease his senses
  • His favorite perfume or book 
  • Go on a picnic and spend time together
  • A personalized hoodie that warms him up with your love
  • An engraved keychain to remind him of you
  • A cheesecake that you’ve made for him

Small acts of kindness that hold sentimental value mean the world to Taurus men. No matter which gift you decide upon, just stay true to your feelings.

make a taurus man addicted to you
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6. Give him his personal space

Though Taurus men love being needed, they still enjoy their personal space. Respect their boundaries and allow them some breathing space that they might need to recharge and process their emotions. Dating a Taurus partner, you might want to spend every waking moment with them. But this is only going to turn a Taurean off. 

Be available to your guy without being clingy. Do not smother them or overwhelm them with your presence hovering over them like a helicopter! Giving him space will show how well you understand him and his feelings, and that you care for his emotional and mental well-being. You can :

  • Encourage him to pursue his interests
  • Let him hang out with his gang of friends 
  • Give him his me-time to relax
  • Step back and respect his boundaries

7. Let him do the chasing

Want to get a Taurus man to chase you? Let him do just that–chasing. Let him take the lead. Taurus men tend to love chasing their lady. Their stubborn personality makes them show interest in things they seemingly can’t have. He believes in the traditional role where he can take the lead. 

Play hard to get, shroud yourself in a mysterious cloak, and give him suggestive looks but appear occupied. Try to attract a Taurus man through text by not responding to him immediately. Curb that itch to be always readily available to him.

A word of caution here: tread this line with prudence for Taureans do not like pretentions or mind games. He will appreciate that you are honestly not easily accessible and will come running after you to get your attention and love.

8. Go all out on romantic gestures 

Taurus men are romantics at heart. To win the heart of a Taurus man you have to match up to their idea of love and romance. Indulge in romantic gestures, express yourself more freely, and let your actions speak for your love. Show him that you value him. 

Let your love for him shine through your gestures. 

  • Give him surprises, gifts, and sensorial experiences, and show him that you care
  • Express your gratitude for having him in your life with words of affirmations
  • Get him a romantic gift when he is least expecting it
  • Keep in touch throughout the day, sending him texts or love quotes

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9. Lure him with luxury 

Taurus men absolutely adore everything luxurious; they are all for the sensorial pleasures of life. Be it walking through art galleries or dining at the finest restaurants, guzzling at the best of breweries, or shopping at the premium stores, the Taureans do it all with elan. So, how to attract a Taurus man who loves all things fine and luxurious? Well, with luxury! 

Things are a little easier for Libra women for if anyone understands luxury as much as a Taurus guy does, then it has to be a Libra woman. The two zodiacs bond amazingly well over this shared love for luxury.

For both of them, a perfect date is all about good food, good music, some artsy paintings, and a lot of fun! But, women from other signs need not be disheartened. Now that you know of this li’l secret for attracting this zodiac sign, you can do it as well as a Libran! 

How to seduce the bull
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How To Make It Last With A Taurean Man

Relationships last till eternity, they say. So why not make some effort to not only win his heart but to keep it forever? 

10. Promise him stability

A Taurus man loves it when a woman brings stability and serious commitment to a relationship. They expect you to be reliable and worth their trust and love. Being ruled by the Earth sign, Taurus men value a strong foundation and reliability.

Show him how responsible you are, whether it be your profession, family relationships, or personal values. Being steadfast can make a Taurus man addicted to you.

Keep your word, be punctual, make an effort in the relationship, make him feel secure, and support him by being with him through thick and thin. This will help build a connection founded upon mutual trust and reliability.

Do not ever nag him! Instead of making him feel jealous, make him feel secure in a comfortable life. Your dedication, commitment, and unwavering attitude can impress the bull and win the heart of a Taurus man. 

11. Lend him emotional support

Taurus men tend to look for a partner with a nurturing side. They hardly open up about their insecurities. Offering him a safe place to express his fears will only bring you two closer to each other. Your nurturing side can make him feel heard and understood which will attract the bull. 

  • Stand firmly by their side lending them unflinching support during their highs and lows
  • Empathize with them and offer mental and emotional support to make them feel secure in the relationship
  • Support his dreams and aspirations and be his loudest cheerleader
  • Understand his concerns and motivate him to push himself

Remember, you need to be his best friend before becoming his future wife. Becoming his confidante will further make his feelings strong for you.

12. Make him feel like a hero

Taurus men love being a hero for their lady. Be the damsel in distress to this knight in shining armor! Er, not really, lest you come across as clingy or over-dependent. Just make him feel needed. Show him that you really need him and his assistance. Seek his support and let him know you need his help. 

Though Taurus guys find a self-assured and confident lady (read: Scorpio woman) irresistible, they still want to feel valued and needed. Trigger that hero instinct in them to connect with them at a deeper level. 

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13. Go slow

A Taurus man likes to take things slowly to process their emotions and feelings. Do not rush him into committing without being sure of his feelings for you. Taurus sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and affection. They value relationships based on loyalty, commitment, stability, and friendship. 

  • Focus on fostering a concrete relationship by spending time with each other
  • Go for long walks, share honest opinions, and get to know each other better
  • Be dependable and consistent in the relationship to give him a blanket of security
How to get a taurus man to chase you
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Key Takeaways

  • Taurus men love sensual experiences. Engaging and intriguing their senses will give you two common ground 
  • You can win the heart of a Taurus man with your loyalty and support. Empathize with him, nurture him, and stand by him
  • Give him the traditional things–timeless beauty, fun dates, romantic gestures, classic love game of chasing–and he will be smitten with you
  • Stay original and honest. Find a friend in him, only to find your beau in him

With this, we wind up our list of to-do’s to win over a Taurus man. Taurus men are practical and grounded having a deep belief in loyalty and stability. They can be an ideal partner and great lovers. All you need to do is give your best to the relationship and stay true to your feelings. The genuineness of your emotions will help you two connect and build a relationship that lasts forever. 


1. How do you get a Taurus man to choose you?

A Taurus man will look for a partner who makes him feel secure and stable in a relationship. Being real, honest, and loyal can make him choose you. Bonding over shared interests can help you connect emotionally and bring you closer.

2. How do I make a Taurus man fall in love with me?

Appeal to their senses and offer them support–be it in their work life or personal issues. This will suggest that you not only have common interests but have their best intentions at your heart. He will notice your nurturing yet sensual side and fall for your charismatic charm.