If you have your eye on a Scorpio man at the moment, then you need to know how to attract a Scorpio man to make things interesting between the two of you.

Scorpions are born between October 23rd and November 21st. They are known for their brave, loyal, and ambitious nature. Look at some great figures like Ryan Reynolds, Bill Gates, and Ryan Gosling. They are some of the classic Scorpions who represent all the traits of this zodiac sign.

Scorpio is a water sign and they can sometimes be passionate, deep, and mysterious. They are represented by the symbol of its namesake. Plus, the most important thing for a Scorpio personality when they are dating someone is that they want someone who will accept them for who they are. 

So, when you cross them or hurt them, they will come at you for it. They’ll surely want vengeance. Scroll down and find out how you can get a Scorpio man’s attention without looking desperate and clingy.

Understanding A Scorpio Man 

Understanding a Scorpio man’s mind and heart can be interesting yet intriguing and complex considering how mysterious and tight-lipped they are.

They possess a unique personality and their emotions are deep, which make it even harder for you to flirt with a Scorpio man. Here are five key pointers to help you understand him better:

1. Scorpio men are intense 

Scorpio men tend to be passionate, intense, and emotional. They have developed a thick skin and they don’t give in to failures easily. They look at life with deep emotions and have a strong sense of purpose in everything that they do.

They feel every emotion deeply and most of the time, it takes them a while to go back to normal after an intense emotional episode. 

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2. They have a mysterious nature 

Scorpio men are known to have a secretive and mysterious side as they often keep their true feelings, emotions, and thoughts guarded.

If you want to make Scorpio man chase you, then you need to know that they aren’t open books. They will do small talks with you but it will be a task to open up emotionally. 

3. They are loyalists 

If you are dating a Scorpio man, it is one of the best things that will ever happen to you because they are extremely loyal men. They don’t play around with a woman’s feelings.

If they like you and are naturally drawn toward you, they’ll say it to your face. If they don’t like you, they will be honest about their feelings. Similarly, a Scorpio man will always be attracted to a woman who is honest and won’t keep secrets or play mind games with him.

4. They are ambitious and driven

If a Scorpio man has goals, he will move heaven and earth to conquer them. They want everyone to know who they are by making an example out of their own life so others can learn from them.

He will give his undivided attention to his goals in life. And if this means staying away from women, he will do so without any hesitation. 

5. They are sensitive 

Beneath their tough exterior lies a deep well of emotions and sensitivity. They are often introspective and that’s one of the main reasons why they like to seek meaningful connections.

They aren’t interested in ‘just sex’ and that’s why you won’t see many Scorpio men having meaningless relationships. If that’s what you are looking for, then look elsewhere. A Scorpio man won’t agree to a friends-with-benefits kind of situation if he genuinely likes you

Understanding these traits will help you find out how to attract a Scorpio man. It will also help you figure out how a Scorpio man thinks, feels, and behaves in various situations, such as in relationships, career pursuits, or personal growth. Now, read along and find out how to make a Scorpio man obsessed with you.

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How To Attract A Scorpio Guy 

Scorpio men have layers to their personality which can make it difficult for their potential partners to decode them. They know they are attractive and have qualities to make women go weak in the knees. But fret not.

We are here to guide you and tell you how you can pursue a long-term relationship with them effortlessly. Read along and find out how you can try making a Scorpio guy fall for you. 

1. Be faithful in your pursuits 

A Scorpio man’s dream woman should always be faithful in her pursuits. It can be your dreams, familial relationships, friendships, or romantic relationships.

Always be loyal. If you have any history of partaking in infidelity or cheating, then be prepared to say goodbye to your Scorpio man.

In this case, seducing a Scorpio who is already in a relationship won’t come to fruition because they think cheating is one of the personality traits that make a person look weak and insecure.

If you don’t plan on being loyal to a Scorpio guy, don’t waste his time by chasing him. Show that you are passionate about him and that you will always be truthful toward him. 

2. Don’t be pretentious and fake

One of the easiest ways to win a Scorpio’s heart is by being authentic because they have an energy that is always real and positive. Thus, you need to match your energy with theirs by being your real self. No masks, no faking, and no pompous behavior. 

Here are some tips on how you can be real while talking to a Scorpio man:

  • Don’t try to pretend to be someone else just for the sake of impressing him. You just have to be yourself by embracing your true personality, interests, and values. 
  • Maintain a positive outlook at all times. Think of this this way – positivity is often contagious and creates a pleasant atmosphere. There is a strong possibility that your positivity will make a Scorpio man fall in love with you 
  • Respect his boundaries, both physical and emotional 
  • Avoid exaggerating or lying about yourself or your accomplishments 

Instead of trying to impress him with things that are not true about you, try to find common interests and values that will create a strong bond between the two of you. 

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3. Own your energy 

Make a Scorpio chase you by owning your energy. Take care of your physical and mental health. Don’t be unhygienic and find joy on your own.

Don’t expect your Scorpio guy to make you happy or have high expectations from him.

You need to understand that you are responsible for your happiness. This is one of the personality traits that Scorpio men find immensely attractive.

When you own your energy, you will naturally attract his energy without having to do anything about it. 

Win over a scorpio man by owning your energy

4. Show that you are emotionally mature

If you want to know what kind of woman attracts a Scorpio man, then you need to know that it’s mature women who make the best partners for Scorpion men.

Similar to most strong character men, even Scorpio men love women who are self-aware. 

Listed below are some ways you can become an emotionally mature woman if you are talking to a Scorpio man and want to impress him: 

  • Firstly, learn to manage your emotions in healthy ways by practicing techniques such as deep breathing, mindfulness, or journaling
  • Increase your level of empathizing with others by putting yourself in their shoes and understanding their perspectives and emotions. This helps in building deeper connections and resolving conflicts in the future 
  • Learn to express your emotions and thoughts in a healthy way 
  • Take responsibility and apologize sincerely when you do something wrong
  • Don’t stonewall your woman after a fight and learn how to resolve conflicts without playing the blame game 

Scorpio men appreciate a woman who knows how to carefully handle a problematic situation without making a d big deal about it. Make a Scorpio guy fall for you by showing him your wise and intelligent side.

5. Don’t be clingy 

Don’t we all hate clingy people? Scorpio men are the same.

They hate desperate and needy women who don’t know how to be independent. What goes wrong in relationships sometimes is that partners lose their individuality.

They just become a shadow of their partner and forget their real self. They become needy and dependent on each other.

This is a Scorpio man’s nightmare. They don’t believe in that “one soul, two bodies” melodrama.

They will never be in a relationship with someone who always wants to be dependent and demanding. He won’t give you attention 24×7 because Scorpio men aren’t cut out for it. 

You need to understand that they have their dreams to pursue and if you try to come in the middle of it, they won’t hesitate to sever ties with you. 

6. Always appear caring, confident, and charming

If a Scorpio man dropped you home first, then text after a while and ask if he reached home safely. This is how to attract a Scorpio man through text as these little efforts of care and concern go a long way.

Also, you need to appear charming in front of your Scorpio guy. Use open and positive body language to showcase your charm and approachability. 

Furthermore, win a Scorpio man’s heart by standing tall, smiling warmly, and always maintaining a relaxed posture.

Don’t talk negatively about yourself and make it look like you don’t believe in yourself. Confidence is very attractive and it will draw him toward you.

When he does something for you, say thanks. Plus, have deep conversations and be kind. All astrology signs including air signs, fire, earth, and water signs appreciate kindness in their partners. 

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7. Show that you are beauty with brains

Would a Scorpio man waste his time? No. Not on a woman who thinks the earth is flat and has no opinions of her own. 

If you want to make a Scorpio man chase you, then show him your intellectual side. Let him know that you are up-to-date with the current events and can hold a conversation without making it look like it’s forced.

Furthermore, you should dress well to make a good impression. Men are naturally drawn toward women who are beautiful. That’s called aesthetic attraction.

Therefore, put on some makeup if you like and look your best. You also need to practice good posture to appear confident. And you always need to smell good.

8. Praise him

There’s a thin line between praising someone and buttering some up. Don’t get confused between the two.

Make him like himself by complimenting his looks, personality, and sense of humor. Encourage him when things go south. Be his support system.

You can also move beyond superficial compliments and talk about the way he smells, the way he talks, and the way he takes care of his cat. 

Observe tiny details about him and casually mention them in your conversations. This will let him know that you are attentive when he speaks.

This will take your connection to a deeper level. Lastly, avoid backhanded compliments and sarcasm at all costs. 

Making a scorpio man fall for you

9. Don’t play games with him

Mind games are detested by Scorpio men. Don’t indulge in hot and cold or play hard to get kind of behaviors. That’s a big turn-off for them.

If you don’t like him, say it. If you are interested in him, don’t beat around the bush and make the first move.

Men belonging to the Scorpio sun sign will value your honest nature owing to the fact that they don’t like it when the woman they like hides her feelings.

So, don’t keep your feelings hidden and expect him to read your mind. Plus, avoid being toxic. Don’t try to manipulate or gaslight him. This will directly land you on their block list. 

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10. Flirt with your Scorpio man 

Attract a Scorpio man by flirting with him. Don’t force it. Keep it natural, fun, and light-hearted. Here are some tips on how to flirt effectively:

  • Take over his heart with a genuine smile and make eye contact to show your interest and friendliness 
  • Be touchy with him. For example, light playful touches on the arm or shoulder can create a subtle connection. But if he is not comfortable, stop it right away because flirting is only fun when it’s enjoyed by both parties
  • How to attract a Scorpio through text? Send memes, and pictures, and ask questions. This will show your genuine interest in getting to know him better
  • Scorpios love conversations. Take advantage of this and try to keep him interested in you by having meaningful conversations 
  • Listen actively when he is speaking 
  • Use positive body language by leaning in slightly toward his direction 

Attract a Scorpio man by flirting with him by using the above pointers and by maintaining an open posture.

Key Takeaways

  • A Scorpio man is known for his ambitious nature, sensitive personality, and deep feelings 
  • He is drawn toward women who are independent, emotionally mature, and wise
  • If you want to make a Scorpio man fall for you, you need to appear confident, have deep talks with him, and praise him every now and then 

A Scorpio man deeply in love is a sight to behold. He loves deeply but he hates being betrayed. If you want to receive a Scorpio guy’s love, then you need to be genuine, empathetic, and kind.

Start focusing on building genuine emotional connections without letting go of your own individuality, passions, and dreams. Go ahead and make the first move if you are ready to embrace his intensity and depth. Good luck!