How does a Taurus man test a woman? Taurus men, owing to their zodiac sign, and their loyal personality traits, often test a woman to see if she will stay with them through thick and thin. They like to play safe and when they are serious about a woman, they tend to test them to save them from possible heartbreaks later.

Taurus is a fixed earth sign represented by the bull. Taureans are strong, stubborn, practical, hard-working, and sometimes dependable. That’s why they look for a woman who won’t lead them on, especially if they have fallen head over heels in love with this person.

If you have been dating a Taurus guy for a while, then it’s safe to say that they may be testing you to see if you are compatible with them.

A Taurus man acts interested in certain things just to gauge you. It’s just their tactic to see if you will stick around for a long time. They are constantly noticing you. That’s why in this article, we have craftily curated all the points that will help you pass their tests with flying colors.

13 Ways A Taurus Man Tests A Woman

You are more than friends with a Taurus man, you don’t know whether this man is ready to commit to you or if he is just whiling away his time with you. However, if you notice your Taurean love interest testing you, be certain he is considering you long-term.

Almost all Taurus men test women, and put them through challenging situations. To find out how a Taurus man evaluates a woman, read along and follow our cosmic guidance on how to tackle such situations. We hope this helps you!

1. He’ll test your patience 

One of the ways Taurus men assess a woman is by checking how patient she is. If she is extremely patient, then that’s one of the positive affirmations for him to move forward in this relationship.

When you have a romantic sunter with a Taurean man, he will test your patience for the following reasons:

  • Testing patience often highlights how effectively the woman will communicate her feelings, concerns, and needs. Basically, the love philosophy here is to check if she has enough communication skills to tackle all the relationship problems 
  • When a Taurean is checking a woman’s feelings, he is trying to identify how she will act under stress and pressure. He is analyzing her default response patterns 
  • Some men test women’s patience to see if they are authentic and genuine, even under problematic situations 
  • They do not want to rush the relationship, they are cautious when it comes to being with someone. You may even notice Taurean men not asking you to meet for days at a stretch even if the romantic vibe was there.

They do so to assess themselves and their feelings for you as well. Taurus men do not want to commit unless they are absolutely sure. What to do when a Taurus man’s testing tactics are draining your patience:

  • Recognize your feelings and emotions. Understand why his testing tactics are affecting you and how they make you feel drained
  • Have an open and honest conversation with him. Express your feelings calmly and explain how his actions are affecting you
  • Set boundaries and communicate that if this is his way of spending quality time with you, then he is toxic. You need to set boundaries immediately 
  • Clearly communicate your needs in the relationship. Talk about how you would like to receive verbal praise to feel appreciated. Use supportive words for him as well and tell him you want more physical intimacy and physical affection 

2. He’ll check if you are materialistic 

Money, luxurious gifts, and properties. He will check if you consider him your personal cheerleader or your personal bank, where you can withdraw as much money as you want. Taurus guys are very smart and usually figure out this kind of selfish behavior.

They will know if you are with them to spend meaningful time on a date or if you are just here to get a meal out of this date.

They will shower you with gifts, and see if you are over-demanding. Here are some actions of a Taurus man that clearly reveal that he is testing you:

  • He will give you thoughtful gifts or plan vacations to gauge your response. If you seem overly focused on the material value of gifts rather than the sentiment behind them, he might interpret that as materialistic
  • Discussions about money, expenses, and financial decisions could reveal your attitude towards material possessions. He will ask you questions to ascertain your financial stability and whether you are with him only because of money. If you prioritize material gain over other aspects of life, he might take note
  • If you frequently mention status symbols, expensive brands, or the need to project an image of affluence, he will definitely see it as something he would not want to get into
  • Taureans might intentionally create situations that require adjustments to a simpler lifestyle. As an Earth sign, they are one of the most financially stable signs of the zodiac. But they may pretend to have nothing, or lose an opportunity. When you respond negatively to such situations instead of offering support, they may cut you off as your priorities will not match
A taurus mann will check if you are materialistic
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Find out below how to react when your Taurus partner notices your money-minded nature:

  • Skip decadent meals and try to cook something for him at home
  • React positively even when he is sharing about his failures 
  • Be financially responsible
  • Don’t be obsessed with quality gifts and shiny gifts. Learn Taurus love language and use that to your advantage
  • Assure him that even sweet nothings are enough to celebrate relationships and life’s milestones
  • Your main personality point shouldn’t scream that you are a gold digger. Come across as a woman who works hard for a living and knows the value of money 

3. Assess if the two of you are compatible 

When a Taurus man falls for a woman, he will check if the two of you are compatible in a healthy way.  As passive feminine sign, a Taurus man listens and soaks everything in.

They keep on making mental notes as they listen, because they normally have a tendency to tto react, and not act.

As they keep storing all the information, they keep making charts of how well can you  work as a couple for a long-term. Here are some things he will do to assess your compatibility if you are a Scorpio woman or a Pisces woman: 

  • Taurus men will consider whether you both have any common interests and hobbies 
  • He will evaluate the depth of your emotional connection 
  • He will ensure that you and him are compatible enough to fight fair, resolve conflicts in a civil manner, and how to move on amicably from disagreements 
  • He will also evaluate your physical closeness with him. Your sexual intimacy will be evaluated along with other non-sexual aspect of the relationship such as warm hugs, physical touches, hand holding, and acts of services for one another 

When the man you love acts interested and then disappears because he thinks the two of you aren’t compatible, then you need to do the following things:

  • Ask them to meet you and discuss your future plans and relationship goals 
  • Explore each other’s family backgrounds. If it doesn’t match, then find at least one commonality that will help you bond over 
  • If you have fallen head over heels in love with him, then try to adapt to his lifestyle. You don’t have to change your identity and individuality. You just have to share a few common things in order to be compatible with one another
  • Delaying physical intimacy won’t do you any good at this time as he will also take into consideration if you are compatible in terms of sexual intimacy 
  • Make romantic declarations that show how much you value this person 
  • Celebrate the differences 

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4. He’ll put you through a loyalty test

Do Taurus men test loyalty? Yes, they do.

If his love philosophy is loyalty over royalty, then a Taurus man will put you through a loyalty test before making big romantic declarations. He tests a woman to know whether you are attracted to name, fame and money. A Taurus man testing a woman for her loyalty will do the following things: 

  • Does a Taurus man like a jealous woman? He does and he will create scenarios where he will try to trigger jealousy out of you. If you react as per his expectations, then you will pass the test
  • During challenging times, he will evaluate if you stand by him and support emotionally and encourage him
  • He’ll text or call you when you are busy just to see where he is on your priority list
  • He may even act like he is pulling away to see if you date anyone else, or remain loyal to him

If you are a fire sign, it may be challenging to navigate how to respond to a Taurean’s loyalty test. Here are some ways you can win him over:

  • If he is trying to incite jealousy, then be jealous but don’t go overboard and act like you are possessive 
  • Look at the finer things that make this relationship worth it 
  • Try to build trust by indulging in trust building exercises 
  • Discuss each other’s opinions on one-night stands and other things that aren’t allowed in monogamous relationships 
  • If you have male friends, then set boundaries with them. Similarly, make sure you also maintain boundaries with them
  • Drop a message whenever you are busy just to let him know that you are emotionally loyal to him 

5. Check if you are willing to commit

Are you with him just for fun or are you willing to go the long mile? Taurus men want to be sure of your commitment to them. Along with physical contact and intimacy, emotional connection, and whether you have a great dating chemistry, he will also see if you are with him for the long haul using the following ways:

  • He will bring up marriage, kids, and settling down every now and then to gauge your response
  • He will insist on spending quality time with you
  • He will offer you emotional support in times of need and expect the same in return when he is in distress
  • He will ask you about your future goals and aspirations to check if they align with his.

If you are ready for the next adventure of your life and want to commit to him, then show it to him:

  • Respond positively when he talks about the future 
  • Show that you are free-spirited and spontaneous by agreeing to meet him whenever he wants
  • Express clearly that you don’t like to play mind games and that you are ready to take the next step in this relationship
  • Show your loyalty and commitment to him by telling him how you envision a future with him

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6. He will analyze your emotional maturity

Emotional maturity is very important in a person. That’s how you recognize whether this person is the right one for you. When a Taurus man chooses you, he will analyze your maturity by:

  • Putting you in situations that require you to be mature
  • He will notice whether you stonewall him after a fight or if you are willing to sit down and clear all the misunderstandings
  • He will gauge how well you manage your insecurities and if you are able to come over it
  • He may not commit himself till he feels you are reliable and are looking for a stable relationship

If he is testing your emotional maturity, do the following things:

  • Develop a growth mindset. Tell yourself that you want to grow personally, emotionally, and financially 
  • Understand your emotions
  • Accept your mistakes 
  • Show empathy and kindness 
He Will check if you are ready to commit
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7. He will see if you are worthy of his trust

He has a secret. But can you keep it? That’s the million dollar question. He will test you to see if you are trustworthy. 

  • He will share his deepest secrets to see if you can keep them to yourself
  • He will be vulnerable with you 
  • He will share all his insecurities, childhood traumas, and self-esteem issues 

Not everyone is smart enough to understand a Taurean’s tactics. Become smart and show that you are worth it by:

  • Taking his secrets to your grave 
  • Being empathetic about his problems, failures, and traumas 
  • Be a hopeless romantic. Start being vulnerable with him and share your failures with him 

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8. Drama queen test 

Some men hate the “men need to pay on dates” kind of a woman. Being the Earth sign, Taurus men like to have stability and dependability in their relationships. They don’t like divas who think the world revolves around them. A drama queen test will look like:

  • He’ll test you by acting like he forgot to bring his wallet. He will notice whether you are ready to pay for the date or at least if you are willing to split the bill 
  • He will see if you blow small things out of proportion 
  • If you keep complaining, throwing tantrums, and acting like this man doesn’t deserve you, then he will consider you a drama queen and won’t hesitate to leave you

If you don’t want to come across as a drama queen, then here are some things you can do:

  • Stop gossiping, complaining, and throwing tantrums at every opportunity you get 
  • Take him on date nights and pay the bill once in a while
  • Get his ego stroked by verbal praise, buying expensive gifts, and by participating in expressive activities that reveal your love for him 
He will test if you are a drama queen
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9. He’ll also consider your physical features

This one can come as a surprise, but believe it or not, this happens to many people. Physical attraction is one of the most important things people consider in a partner. 

  • A Taurus guy will see if you are good looking enough to be his partner 
  • He will see if you have a soft, sultry, and feminine voice
  • He will see how your physical gestures are while you walk, sit, and communicate. He will carefully assess your body language as well 

If you don’t like him testing you based on your looks, then you can talk to him about this and let him know that this feels like he is disrespecting you. On the contrary, if you want to be assessed based on your physical features, then you can:

  • Wear the dresses he likes and show up on dates with style
  • Be the confident and independent woman that you are
  • Be more aware of your body language and physical gestures
  • Get ready and take pictures when the two of you are away. Make this as your own unique love language

10. Same shared values and beliefs test

Whether it’s a Pisces partner or a Taurean partner, he will want to discuss your values and beliefs to gain a better understanding of whether the relationship will work out or not. Here are some indicators to watch out for:

  • He will engage you in meaningful conversations about topics like family, ethics, religion, and life goals to understand where you stand
  • He will ask you to share your opinions on things like politics and other serious dilemmas 
  • He will enquire about your beliefs, work ethics, and other sensitive issues
  • He likes to laugh, but he will only laugh if the humor is inclusive. So he will check what amuses you more – witty and sophisticated humor or vulgar and rude jokes

Would a Taurus man lead you on? Yes. He may lead you on and then worry if the two of you will be on the same page when it comes to values and beliefs. Gift-giving and pleasing won’t work out during such times. Here are some ways you can respond when such things crop up during any phase of the relationship: 

  • When he subtly discusses all these things with you, be direct and respond to his queries with confidence
  • Openly discuss your fundamental beliefs
  • Be your authentic true self and discuss your future aspirations
  • Be consistent with your values

11. He will see if you are an independent woman

Are you a dependent woman or are you someone who likes to be in charge of herself? If you are a Virgo woman or a Gemini woman and have all the passive feminine signs, then a man will definitely test your independence at any point during the relationship. Here are their preferred ways of testing your independence: 

  • If you are a financially independent woman, he will check whether you are serious about your career and how ambitious you are about growing in life
  • He will also check how good are you with your money, whether you splurge or save
  • If you are a Leo woman, who is known as the most ambitious sign, then he will observe your ability to make decisions on your own when life throws big hurdles your way
  • He will pay attention to whether you are an overly needy person or if you can handle alone time on your own 

If you feel like a Taurus man is checking how dependent you are on him, then show him your independence by:

  • Letting him know that you are very much serious about your career and that you aren’t planning to just be a housewife
  • Show him that you are all about balancing it all. You can spend time with him, do your job, and also give equal importance to your friends and family
  • Show him you can handle your finances well
  • Prioritize self-care and show that you love yourself first 

12. He’ll check if you are overly emotional 

Being overly emotional is also a turnoff for many guys.They run away at the thought of handling an overly sensitive woman. 

  • He will see if you frequently cry or become teary-eyed in various circumstances, even if they seem relatively minor
  • How do you respond to criticism? Do you take offense, or do you work even harder to better yourself? If you don’t handle criticisms well, then he may consider you as overly sensitive 
  • If you don’t know how to handle conflicts and end up stonewalling him, then he may think you are extremely emotional and can’t handle serious situations in a logical and rational manner 

If you really are an overly emotional person, then try to:

  • During challenging life situations, pause and reflect 
  • Don’t hastily react when things are overwhelming
  • Practice deep breathing and mindfulness 

13. He will test if he is on your priority list 

Is it work, friends, family, him, or someone else? Physical closeness doesn’t mean anything if a Taurus man’s primary love language is attention and acts of service. He will only go ahead with this romantic relationship if you make him feel like he is the top priority in your life.

  • When a Taurus man courts a Libra woman or a Scorpio woman, he will observe how much time you dedicate to spending with him and whether you actively engage in meaningful conversations and activities
  • He will note who initiates communication or plans. If you consistently reach out and show interest, it could signal that he is your priority
  • He will also notice whether your actions and words align consistently 
  • If you introduce him to your friends, family, and social circle, it will suggest that you value his role in your life 
A Taurus man will check if he is your priority
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Show him that you prioritize him by:

  • Take advantage of your partner’s love language and try spending quality time with him 
  • Get a Taurus man addicted to you by taking into account opinions when making serious life decisions 
  • No matter how physically close you are, you need to establish a deep emotional bond. You can do so by openly communicating with him that he is valued and cherished by you 

Why Do Men Test Women?

People, regardless of their gender, may test their partner for various reasons. Men, more often than not, test their significant other due to their own insecurities and doubts about themselves or the relationship itself. They may test their partner to see if they are truly valued and loved, seeking validation.

Furthermore, some individuals use testing as a way to assess how well they and their partner handle challenges or disagreements. This can help them determine if they are compatible in the long run. Men also test the women with whom they are involved to get an idea of what they can get away with and what will be off the list. 

Perhaps they have had traumatic past experiences that have caused trust issues in them. This is making them test their partner’s loyalty and honesty. Also, being vulnerable in a relationship can be scary. Testing can sometimes serve as a defense mechanism to avoid opening up fully and risking emotional hurt. And when people’s love languages don’t align, they start wondering if their partner even loves them in the first place. These are some of the common reasons men test women.

Key Takeaways 

  • Taurus men need words of affirmation and other love languages to affirm that you love them 
  • Some of the signs a Taurus woman is testing you include independence test, vulnerability test, and loyalty test 
  • They will also see if you have the same values as them along with testing your emotional maturity 

A relationship car breaks every now and then. Both of you have to become mechanics to restart it again by putting in a huge amount of compromise, understanding, and letting go of trivial problems instead of harboring resentment and hostility. If this Taurus man doesn’t stop testing a relationship even after you have successfully passed all the tests, then he is just a narcissist doing this for fun. Run away as soon as you can before it gets toxic.