What do Liam Hemsworth and Zayn Malik have in common? Their star sign. Both the handsome hunks are overly ambitious capricorns. They are mature and hardworking, and they want to achieve greater heights in life. And if you are dating someone whose zodiac sign is a sea goat, you need to find out all the ways how does a Capricorn man test a woman.

Capricorns are born between the 22nd of December and the 20th of January. They belong to the last earth sign, and they are governed by Saturn. Our helpful tips on how to win the heart of a Capricorn man will prepare you in the long run, especially if you see yourself in a long-term relationship with him.

They have many attractive traits that will make any woman fall head over heels in love with them. Without further ado, let’s take a look at how Capricorn guys test their women and how you can come out with flying colors.

Why Do Capricorn Men Test The Women They Love?

Capricorn men are driven and ambitious. They have an image of themselves in their head of where they want to see themselves in the future.

They do everything they can to achieve that status. It doesn’t matter whether they are the most talented person in the room but they will still try hard to become the best version of themselves.

They are passionate, unrelenting, and realistic. They see things for what they are. There is no sugarcoating when they speak. Also, they are quite sensitive.

Let’s take Zayn Malik’s life as an example here. He has all the traits a Capricorn man has. As his manager Sarah Stennett puts it, he is “incredibly sensitive, but also very alpha.” That’s the case with most Capricorn guys.

Capricorn men, like men from other zodiac signs, will test a woman for various reasons. It’s a sure shot way for them to assess their partner’s:

  • Compatibility
  • Trustworthiness
  • Emotional maturity
  • Stability
  • Communication skills
  • Boundaries 
  • Ability to handle challenges
  • Independence

Therefore, he’ll test the woman he is dating just to make sure she fits well with his lifestyle and mindset.

How Does A Capricorn Man Test A Woman

When a Capricorn woman or a Capricorn man respects you and loves you, he isn’t just doing this for fun. He genuinely loves you. But the problem here is he doesn’t know if he can trust you enough with long-term commitments. That’s why they resort to testing women before it’s too late.

1. He will test your loyalty

When a Capricorn man loves you, he will expect you to be loyal. That’s the first thing he checks because they are fiercely loyal people too. They pride in their loyalty, honesty, and trustworthiness and they expect the same in return.

They value stability and commitment which makes them reliable and faithful partners. Once they commit to you and the relationship, there is no turning back.

“We are extremely loyal, that’s definitely true, but you have no idea how much it is actually hurting us. I will do everything for the people I love even if it hurts me, I will make them happy even though I am 2 seconds away from cutting myself, I will put all of my needs away for their needs”, writes a Reddit user who belongs to the Capricorn zodiac sign.

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2. What’s your patience level?

Just like other earth signs like Virgo and Taurus, even Capricorn men are patient. They are subtle about everything they do and believe in the haste makes waste policy. Therefore, they like a woman who is patient and won’t like women who have a violent nature.

They are an ardent believer in non-violence, and you will always see them as calm and composed gentlemen. They could be going through a rollercoaster in their head, but they won’t show it outside.

Furthermore, a Capricorn man as a boyfriend will approach situations with a calm and steady demeanor, which contributes to their ability to handle challenges with resilience. They are least bothered about impressing others.

what to do when a capricorn man ignores you

3. He will see how independent you are

Does my Capricorn man really love me? The answer is yes if you are self-dependent. You need to be emotionally and financially independent if you want to impress them.

Also, Capricorn is one of the cardinal signs and they are driven and ambitious themselves and they often admire and appreciate similar qualities in their partners. They tend to respect women who are:

  • Self-sufficient
  • Have clear goals
  • Those who are capable of managing their own lives independently

You will notice him walking in the opposite direction while the two of you are out buying groceries. This doesn’t mean he is ignoring you or is ashamed to be with you. He just wants to see how comfortable and confident you are in your own skin. This is one of the Capricorn man tests that you need to pass if you want a serious relationship with him.

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4. He will see if you can handle difficult situations

On a scale of 1-10, how well can you handle problematic situations? Are you the one to run away and hide or are you someone who takes a deep breath, faces problems head on, and tries to find a solution?

If you belong to the latter, then you may enter a new relationship with a Capricorn guy because that’s the kind of woman they like. They think it’s one of the early signs of a good relationship if one can manage difficult situations with ease. They like it when you can stand your ground in the face of distress.

This is one of things a Capricorn man likes and dislikes in a woman. This is important for him because it helps them gauge how well you can handle turmoil in your relationship with him.

For example, let’s say the two of you engage in a quarrel. He won’t look for a woman who will stonewall him and give him the silent treatment. Instead, he wants someone who can sit down and communicate in a civilized manner without raising their tone.

5. Can he rely on you?

Reliability in a romantic and healthy relationship refers to being consistent, trustworthy, and accountable. It involves fulfilling commitments toward your partner, keeping promises, and being there for them in both good and challenging times. This is why Capricorn men generally appreciate reliability in a partner.

They value women whom they can trust and depend on. So, if you are dating a Capricorn guy, then try building a foundation of trust and consistency. Reliable people in a relationship provide a sense of security and stability, fostering trust and a deeper connection between partners.

6. He will check if you have a masculine or feminine side

Capricorn men like women who are good listeners and those who live their own life according to their wishes. In addition to that, they will check if you fall more under feminine or masculine side.

For example, femininity is often linked to traits like nurturing, intuition, empathy, and collaboration. On the other hand, masculine energy is associated with qualities such as assertiveness, independence, logic, and strength.

The trick here is to identify which side your Capricorn man will prefer. Some may appreciate a more traditional feminine energy, characterized by nurturing and emotional qualities, while others might be drawn to a partner with a more assertive or independent energy, which can be considered masculine. Notice his preference carefully and see what nature he prefers in a woman.

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7. He will see if you are a needy/clingy person

Who likes a needy person? Nobody. Similarly, even Capricorn men run away from women who want their attention 24×7. Such partners can create imbalance and strain in romantic relationships.

Capricorns don’t like to feel suffocated in their love life. That’s one of the main reasons why they go for women who understand boundaries and do not violate them.

“If my Capricorn boyfriend wants time away, I’d simply allow him time away to hang with his mates, or be by himself because us Capricorn women also want space. We hate being trapped into something especially when our partner is clingy towards us”, writes a Quora user when asked if Capricorns are clingy.

8. How mature are you?

One thing Capricorn men desire in their partner is emotional maturity because it reflects a person’s ability to navigate and understand their own emotions while also considering the feelings of others.

If you are a mature, honest, and educated woman, then you will handle difficult situations with patience, empathy, and effective communication.

Don’t give him the cold shoulder or roll your eyes when you are present with a problem. This will be a dealbreaker for him. If you are not mature, then he will lose interest in you soon. He will think you are still a 16-year-old girl who can’t handle the issues of a serious relationship.

what is a turn off for a capricorn man
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9. He will check whether you are a supportive person or not

As mentioned earlier, Capricorns are highly ambitious people. They want to achieve their goals, no matter what. Therefore, they want the emotional support that’s required from a partner.

Your Capricorn partner will expect you to be encouraging and understanding of his dreams. If you do that, then he will undeniably be attracted to you. It’s a plus if your goals also align with his.

How can you support him? Supportiveness can manifest in various ways like:

  • Offering emotional encouragement
  • Picking him up when he is down
  • Being a reliable partner
  • Sharing in the pursuit of common objectives
  • Being his cheerleader

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10. Do you play mind games?

Playing games are immature according to Capricorns because they value honesty, direct communication, and authenticity in relationships. If you play mind games with him, it will contradict his principles. It will give birth to confusion and communication issues. It will undermine the trust he has placed on you.

If you want to go ahead and use manipulative and gaslighting behaviors, then you are headed toward destruction. It will cause great discomfort to him and he will be left frustrated. He will use this as an excuse to dump you, and rightly so.

This is your first sign to not be manipulative when Capricorns. Keep your best foot forward and speak as it is without distorting reality.

11. He will gauge whether you are a good listener or not

How does a Capricorn man test a woman through text? He will see whether you pay attention to his messages or not. They prioritize women who listen to them. That’s why the best match for a Capricorn man is a woman who can lend him an ear.

They appreciate partners who are good listeners as they value meaningful communication and connecting on a deeper level.

Being attentive and responsive to their thoughts and feelings can contribute to a stronger emotional connection. If you don’t know how to become a good listener, here are some things you can try:

  • Put away distractions and focus on him
  • Maintain contact
  • Don’t interrupt him
  • Show empathy
  • Ask open-ended questions
  • Control your reactions
  • Don’t be judgmental

12. He will assess your loyalty

A Capricorn man likes a loyal woman. As simple as that. They don’t like women who flirt around with others, especially if they have invested a lot in the relationship. He will be devoted to you as long as you are devoted to him and he will protect you as long as this protective nature is reciprocated.

Never think that you can fool him and be in a one-sided relationship where he is the one who is putting all the effort in while you enjoy the perks of being in a healthy relationship. Capricorns are way too smart to fall for your traps. If you want to attract a Capricorn, show him your loyalty.

13. It’s a turn-off for Capricorn man if you are frugal

If you are frugal and stingy, then you are one of the worst matches for a Capricorn man. They are keen about materialistic things and run away from those who put an invisible lock on their wallets. He’ll find you detestable if you show any signs of penny-pinching behavior.

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14. He will test your compatibility

All kinds of compatibility including intellectual, emotional, and sexual compatibility. For example, if you and him are both adventure lovers who love holidaying at the mountains, then this may immensely attract him toward you.

If you exude all signs of compatibility, then he will definitely want to be in a relationship with you. This shows that he is a fun guy and wants a partner who knows how to have fun.

They are practical and goal-oriented individuals. Hence, they seek partners who complement their lifestyle and contribute positively to their aspirations. If they like to experiment in bed, then they would want a partner who shares the same mindset. Also, it will be a turnoff for a Capricorn man if you can’t have intellectual conversations with him.

15. Can you handle stress?

Capricorn men often love women who can handle stress with composure and resilience and how does he express his love? By lifting your spirits after a stressful situation. You and him are a good match if you maintain your perspective even when you have problems all around you. This demonstrates your emotional intelligence and your ability to navigate difficulties with a level head.

These are some of the ways he’ll test you. It’s not a bad or a good thing. He is just safeguarding his mental well-being before giving his all to the relationship. If you want to know how to respond to his tests, scroll down and find out.

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5 Ways To Respond To A Capricorn Man Testing You

Responding to a Capricorn man’s test involves maintaining authenticity, honesty, and composure. Here are some things you can do if you think your man is testing you:

1. Stay true to yourself

Firstly, stay calm when you find out you are being tested. It won’t be easy but you yelling and screaming isn’t going to help. Next, be genuine in your responses as Capricorns value authenticity. Don’t try to change yourself just to please him. Plus, when a Capricorn man respects you for who you are, he will accept all your flaws and weaknesses.

It’s fine if you tweak one or two of your habits but changing your entire personality just so a Capricorn man can stay in your life is stupidity. It will be one of the most complicated matches if you throw your old self to appease a man.

when a capricorn man respects you
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2. Communicate clearly

Capricorns prefer straightforward communication instead of beating around the bush. Transparency is very important when it comes to long-term relationships. Tell him if you are dating other men or if he is just a backup plan for you. Tell him about your expectations, traumas, and insecurities.

Tell him you want to make your relationship public by posting pictures on your social media accounts. If you lack ambition, then communicate that as well. Be an open book if you want a serious relationship out of this.

3. Show reliability

To make a Capricorn man want you, demonstrate your trustworthiness by being consistent and following through on commitments. Also, try to understand and respect his need for personal space and time alone. Capricorns appreciate partners who can balance closeness with a respect for boundaries.

When a Capricorn man asks for some alone time, give it. Don’t pester and coerce him into spending time with you. This is how you become reliable in his eyes. Otherwise, you will drive him away.

4. Understand his intentions

What do you do when a Capricorn man ignores you? Understand his intentions and clarify them by asking questions. Ask him if he is looking for a casual or serious relationship and if he is looking for monogamy or polygamy.

Be upfront about everything. From your expectations to your intentions and money management, if he is interested in you seriously, then he will answer all your questions. There shouldn’t be any unambiguity in the relationship. This may make him pull away from you.

5. Show your real side

If you are a go-getter, then show him that side of yours. If you are an introvert but he is not, then this may cause a personality clash. But it’s okay because you are being authentic. Plus, it’s not that big of a deal.

No problem is so big that open and honest communication can’t solve. So, sit and talk about things that bother you.

Show him your lifestyle, let him in on principles, values, and beliefs, and when he does something to offend you, speak out right away. And when you are faced with a challenging situation, remain composed and level-headed.

Key Takeaways

  • Capricorn men are hardworking, loyal, and career-driven and they sometimes test women to see if they are compatible with them or not
  • Some of the ways a Capricorn man tests a woman is by checking her patience level, her maturity, and her way of handling stressful situations
  • You can respond to his investigations by talking to him and showing him your real side

Navigating your relationship with a Capricorn man involves authenticity and clear communication along with a balance of support and independence. However, if you feel like he is crossing certain lines by testing you, it’s best to confront him about this and tell him you feel offended. If he respects your feelings, then he is a keeper. If he doesn’t, then there are plenty of other fish in the sea. Good luck!