Looking for signs your ex will give you another chance indicates what you had was precious. You and your ex had a wonderful relationship. But you reached an inevitable end .

You want to get back with your ex and wonder if they are willing to take you back. Fortunately, if your boyfriend or girlfriend also feel the same, you will notice some subtle signs your ex will give your relationship another chance. 

Breaks ups can be tough. There’s a specific gap between breakup and healing where both partners wish to get back together. Sometimes, breakups are a result of silly, egoistical issues and the couple realizes it after the dust has settled down.

I had once broken up with my boyfriend over a petty issue. His absence and some introspection made me realize what a fool I’d been. Thankfully, he also understood my folly and gave some really solid indications that he will take me back. I did not waste time, and have no regrets years later.

If you have a gut feeling your ex will come back, you will surely spot the signs mentioned in this article.

How Do You Know If Your Ex Wants To Try Again? 

An ex may try to get you back for various reasons. Perhaps they feel guilty for hurting you or they may also be feeling lonely and want to be in a relationship again.

Or simply, they may feel you are the one for them and they don’t want to let you go without trying again.

If you are also looking at ways to reconcile with your ex and take the lessons from past mistakes, take a look at all the strong signs your ex is interested in you again. 

1. You know the breakup was a hasty decision 

Yours was a healthy relationship and the two of you were very compatible. The breakup happened in the heat of the moment and now you both regret acting on your anger.

You didn’t fall out of love with them and you certainly didn’t cheat on each other.

But the argument got so tense that one of you blurted it out of your mouths and ended up ruining a perfectly happy romantic relationship.

If that’s what happened with you, be the bigger and better person and ask if your ex wants to catch up and sort out everything in order to start fresh. 

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2. You are still on talking terms 

One of the realistic signs your ex will eventually come back one day is when you both couldn’t stick to the no-contact rule.

The breakup happened but the two of you are still talking and checking up on each other via text messages and video calls. Talking to your ex still after parting ways is a positive light.

They check up on your emotional well-being often and even offer to help you navigate through difficult days.

This shows that both the parties are still concerned about each other and are ready to let go of past mistakes.

There’s a special connection between the two of you and that’s why you need to start addressing past issues before you two become estranged. 

3. They show interest in your life 

Relationships end and begin everyday. But what matters is your resilience and patience to wait and heal before making any hasty decision.

Similarly, if your relationship ended but your partner still asks you questions like: 

  • Are you dating anyone new? 
  • Did you adopt any new pets? 
  • How is your sister’s health now? Is she recovering from the accident? 
  • How is your work life going? Are you still working for the same company? 

When your ex asks such inquisitive questions, it’s one of the signs your ex is interested in a relationship with you again.

They want to have a better understanding of your life now so they can adapt to it and prove that they can be a better partner. 

signs your ex is still interested in you

4. They make efforts to make you happy

One of the strong signs your ex is not over you yet is when they make efforts to keep you happy and prove that they are capable of personal growth.

There was once a time when they didn’t lift a finger to put a smile on your face but now they’ve realized their mistakes and want to win you over no matter what. Actions speak louder than words and they will prove it to you. 

They are addressing past issues by making themselves a better person. This is one of the strong signs your ex is not over you yet.

Your ex will eventually come back and if you feel the same way about them, then you can reciprocate their actions and let them know how you feel about them. 

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5. They apologize for their past mistakes 

The breakup happened but there’s still lingering feelings between the two of you.

Plus, your ex’s true emotions will reveal on their own when they apologize for their past mistakes. They take accountability for the part they played that led to the breakup.

On the other hand, one of the signs your ex is waiting for you is when they appreciate you for apologizing for your misdeeds. Let’s say you made a mistake and that’s why the relationship ended. When you realize your mistakes and apologize, your ex will accept your apology. 

6. They haven’t removed your pics from social media 

You start posting pictures with your partner on your social media accounts when you are in a happy relationship. However, you delete them as soon as you break up with them.

That’s like the first step of moving on regardless of whether you were in a long distance relationship or if you were living together as a couple. 

The fact that your ex still hasn’t taken down any of your pictures says a lot about their feelings.

It’s one of the signs your ex will give you another chance after no-contact. It seems like they have intentions of reconciling with you. 

7. Your ex expresses regret over the breakup 

Perhaps you just texted your ex “Happy Birthday” but the simple wish gets translated to a long discussion regarding the breakup.

If you are looking for signs your ex will give you another chance over text, this will be it. You can sense they regret the breakup and want to mend the relationship again.

They will send you heartbreaking messages like:

  • “I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, and I realize now how much I regret our breakup” 
  • “I didn’t fully appreciate what we had until it was gone, and I regret letting it slip away”
  • “I miss you more than I ever thought I would, and I regret not fighting harder for us.”
  •  “I wish I could turn back time and change the decisions I made because I regret losing you”
  • “Every day without you only confirms how much I regret letting you go”

Their words will reflect their sincerity and you will definitely have a better understanding of their feelings once the two of you have an open and honest communication about regret and guilt. 

8. They bring up happy memories (often)

When an ex takes trips down the memory lane often, it is one of the most obvious signs your ex is interested in you again.

Yes, they will remember all your important and special dates especially if it was an old relationship.

They will remember anniversary dates and birthdays. This shows that you are still special in their eyes.

Even your close friends will tell you that your ex is still talking about you when you aren’t around. It’s a clear sign that you may get back together soon. 

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9. Your ex seeks emotional support from you

Will my ex give me a second chance? Yes, if your ex still seeks emotional support from you.

If they’ve had a bad day, they immediately reach out to you for consolation. You are the only one that can comfort them and calm their anxieties. They share a strong emotional bond with you , even when the breakup has happened.

They could go to any of their close friends and share their woes but they keep coming back to their last relationship. They keep coming back to you. Why? Here are some reasons: 

  • Familiarity and comfort
  • They believe that you understand them better than anyone else 
  • They trust you more than anyone else 

Plus, if an ex asks for a favor, it’s one of the good signs your ex is unable to move on from you and depends on you. They still trust you.

On the contrary, if you don’t like this, you can cut contact with them or set clear boundaries. 

10. They show jealousy when you mention other people 

If you are in a rebound relationship, your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend will show clear signs of jealousy.

Your ex will constantly inquire frequently about your new relationship. They will show interest or concern about who you are dating and what you are doing together.

Also, they will make comparisons between them and your new partner either explicitly or subtly to gauge how they measure up or to validate their own feelings. They will even go to the extent of portraying your new relationship as a toxic relationship.

Plus, your mutual friends who are present at the public gathering will also notice your ex’s jealousy. These are some of the signs your ex still has a special connection with you. 

Giving another chance to your relationship

11. The initiate physical contact 

The two of you are at a party and all of a sudden they come closer to you. They will try to hug you or establish some form of physical contact between the two of you.

Some more ways an ex will initiate physical contact include: 

  • Paying attention to your body language and responding in a positive way. For example, if you smile, they will also smile. If you lean closer, they won’t pull away
  • They will slightly touch your arms, waist, or thighs 
  • They will hold your hand 
  • They will post pictures of you on their social media to give out an impression that you are still together 

If the breakup happened and they are still looking for ways to get physically closer to you, it’s one of the signs your ex will come back eventually.

Have an open communication with them if you feel like they are going overboard with their touches. 

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12. They are still single 

Your girlfriend or boyfriend broke up with you a few months back but they still haven’t dabbled into online dating, one-night-stands, rebound relationships, or casual hookups.

They haven’t been on any first date yet. Perhaps they are measuring everyone by your standards. 

Their love life is non-existent at the moment and this shows that they are struggling with the breakup and aren’t moving forward in life.

They still have strong feelings for you and don’t know if you feel the same way too. 

13. They tell you they miss you 

When you revive a text from your ex saying, “I miss you”, it can evoke a range of emotions. It’s not like your ex is testing you or something. It genuinely means that they are feeling nostalgic or lonely.

It also indicates that they want to get back together. It seems like your ex is manifesting you and you are getting pulled toward them.

Perhaps the breakup was a rash decision and they are second guessing it by posting sad reels on Instagram. It’s not like your ex is seeking attention on social media.

It’s just that they don’t know any other way to let you know how much they miss you. So, if you are ready to give them another chance, start by having realistic expectations from them so you don’t mess up another chance. 

Infographic : Signs Your Ex Will Give You Another Chance

Infographic : Signs Your Ex Will Give You Another Chance
Infographic on signs your ex might give you another chance

Key Takeaways 

  • Sometimes people break up without falling out of love and they immediately regret it 
  • Some of the signs your ex regrets breaking up with you and wants to give you another chance include seeking emotional support from you and imitating physical contact 
  • If you don’t feel the same way about them and have moved on, then have an honest communication with them and convey that you are no longer interested 

Navigating the complexities of a broken relationship is difficult but it’s not impossible. And when you spot all the signs your ex will give you another chance, decide what you want to do about it.

The decision to pursue this further solely rests on your feelings. Don’t let them coerce you into saying yes when you don’t have any feelings for them.

Another thing to keep in mind is that whether your ex gives you another chance or not, you need to focus on personal growth, healing, and cultivating meaningful connections. Don;t just sit there waiting for your ex, wasting your time.