Picture this: you are having a rough time at your workplace. The boss just dumped a whole lot of files on you to be finished by evening. You forgot your lunchbox at home, and you had a small tiff with your colleague. Suddenly, your phone beeps, and a heartfelt message from a dear friend pops up. Your heart dances with joy as you forget all the worries of the world and are filled with all the good memories. Such is the positive influence of ‘thinking of you messages’. 

When life gets busy, just a quick note saying the perfect words or simply sending hugs can make your day. For the times when your family members or loved ones are not around and you feel sick loved, the warmth spread by thoughtful messages can bridge the gap.

Whether it’s your partner, a true friend, or a family member, letting them know that you are thinking of them can make a world of difference to them. Why not send them a card telling them how much you miss hearing from them?!

We have compiled a list of thinking of you card ideas for you to take inspiration from. So, take out your pen (real or virtual) and send positive vibes to someone going through a hard time. 

How Do You Show Someone You’re Thinking Of Them?

Why, you have our carefully curated list of thinking of you messages to help you with this! No kidding, the right words can aptly describe your sentiment. Instead of saying, ‘Hey you, you are always on my mind!’ try using quotes to let someone know you are thinking of them. Whatever your gesture, make sure it is expressive of your thoughts. 

  • Send them a card with short thinking of you messages for him
  • Send them a single flower or a bouquet to make their life brighter
  • Text them thinking of you quotes
  • Go old school with a handwritten letter with a cute message and a warm hug
  • Show up on their door with hot tomato soup when they are unwell

If you are not one of the creative fellows who would spin words to come up with romantic ways to say thinking of you, fret not! Catch up with our list of thinking of you messages below and send one of these to your loved ones. 

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Thinking of You Today Messages To Send Right Now 

Missing your loved one and hoping that they would be here with you reminiscing of the good ol’ times? Let them know! Now is the right time to send that how-are-you message to a friend. Only that you do away with the small talk and send them a how-I-feel-about-you message, it is like sending them a squeezy hug, or a cup of hot chocolate on a chilly wintry evening that soothes the soul. These thinking of you messages can instantly forge a connection with them and step out of the screen to touch their heart.

1. “Hey dear! Just dropped in to tell you how I feel about you. You are never far from my thoughts”

2. “Thinking of you at Christmas and praying to Santa to send you as my gift this year”

3. “You know what? My brain can’t quit thinking about you today. You see, I have never been a quitter!”

4. “Sending you a high-five in my mind because I am absolutely engrossed in thinking about you!”

5. “Sending you virtual bear hugs and hoping your day is as amazing as you are”

6. “Sigh! I wish I could teleport myself to your place. Until then, know that I am thinking about you”

Thinking of You Today Messages To Send Right Now 

7. “Just the thought of you is filling me up with positivity right now. You are the source of my zeal and energy”

8. “Do you know you are not alone in your thoughts? I am right there with you”

9. “Not a second goes by without thinking of you. You are in my thoughts and mind the whole day”

10. “You charge my life up with so much sunshine; you are my sun on cloudy days”

11. “You know I am an ‘Overthinker’? That’s because I just cannot stop thinking about you”

12. “You are the first person I think of the moment I wake up. I miss you so much”

13. “Whenever life gets difficult, your thought lets me escape from the tough times”

14. “If my thoughts were colors, then my brain would be monochromatic – colored in only your hue”

15. “Every time I feel lonely and miserable, I think of you and all my worries melt away in thin air”

16. “Distance cannot stop me from thinking of you. You are physically not with me right now, but you are there in my thoughts” 

17. “When I think of you, I think of kindness, wisdom, and love. Thanks for being you.” – Sam Crow

18. “Thinking of you is my favorite thing to do, and I love doing it the whole day long”

19. “Your thoughts are like a little happy dance to my mind, full of joy and excitement”

Thinking Of You Quotes For Your Girlfriend 

Oh, the fuzzy feeling of falling head over heels for someone, there is nothing comparable to this warm, fluttery gush of emotions. It is natural to have them run through your mind like a river cascading in full force and ebullience.

And when you are constantly thinking of someone, you must tell them with cute thinking-of-you messages. Often, words fall short when you try to come up with romantic ways to say thinking of you. To help you express yourself vocally, we have a slew of quotes that can get the message across. 

20. “In case you ever foolishly forget, I am never not thinking of you” – Virginia Woolf

21. “You’ve got a friend in me” – Toy Story

22. “Many a day I catch myself smiling for apparently no reason. Those are the times when I am thinking of you” 

23. “If I had a single flower for every time I think of you, I could walk forever in my garden.” — Claudia Adrienne Grandi

24. “Wishing you strength for today and hope for tomorrow.” — Renee O’Neill

25. “You have invaded my thoughts. But, hey, I am not complaining!” 

26. “Every thought of you is like a little flash of lightning up the dark sky”

27. “My thoughts are like a playlist of the most romantic songs, and you are the track that I play the most”

28. “You are like the protagonist of the story that my mind loves to tell every day, shifting the focus light on you again and again”

29. “In times of grief and sorrow I will hold you and rock you and take your grief and make it my own.” — The Notebook

30. “Just a quick note for you: all my waking moments are with you. In my thoughts, that is”

31. “Thinking of you is like my heart writing a love letter to itself”

Thinking Of You Quotes For Your Girlfriend 

32. “Thoughts about you are like sipping on a steaming bowl of chicken soup on a snowy evening – pure bliss!”

33. “Thinking of you is easy — I do it every day. Missing you is the heartache that never goes away.” — Michael Pryce

34. “I think I’d miss you even if we never met.” — The Wedding Date

35. “My day begins with thoughts about being near you and ends with my wish to see you sleeing next to me”

36. “I don’t know how to fix or comfort a broken heart. But I want you to know that you are in my every thought

37. “Sending you heaps of love, oodles of cuddles, and bundles of hugs.”

38. “Every time I think of my happy times, you are the first person to pop into my head”

39. “Saw two fallen branches in the shape of a heart. Thought of you.” — Stephanie Perkins

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Thinking Of You Messages For Your Boyfriend

Do you know what happens when you listen to a really catchy and peppy song for the first time? It lingers into your head all day long and you can’t help but hum it through the day. Thoughts about your boyfriend are the same.

They will frequent your mind 24*7 and leave you with a glint in your eyes and a smile on your lips. The way he makes your heart skip a beat every time he smiles, the way he intently looks into your eyes, the way he dances goofily just to see you smile – every thought of him is a delight.

It’s time to spread some cheer and happiness in his life by letting him know how you feel about him. Tell him how you yearn for his presence and think of him day in and day out. Take a cue from these romantic ways to say thinking of you:

40. “You are a person to the world but to a person you mean the world. And that lucky person is me” 

41. “Whenever I feel bored or sad, I know what to do. I just need to close my eyes and think of you. Your thought instantly lifts up my spirits and makes my heart flutter”

42. “If every time I thought of you, a star fell, the sky would be empty by now”

43. “May brooks and trees and singing hills join in the chorus too, and every gentle wind that blows send the happiness to you” – Irish Blessing

44. “Between a million yesterdays and a million tomorrows, there’s only one today. And I would never let it pass without telling you I’m thinking of you” – Mitch Cuento

45. “My thoughts are behaving like boomerangs. They keep coming back to you”

46. “Sending you a little reminder: You mean the world to me”

47. “Hey, dear, just dropping in to give you a heads up. I am stealing a few thoughts from my day to dedicate to you”

48. “You are the reason my mind feels exhausted the whole day – because it keeps on thinking about you”

49. “You are the key that unlocks the treasure trove of my happiness” 

50. “My day gets a whole lot better when I think of you”

Thinking Of You Messages For Your Boyfriend

51. “If you ever ask me how many times you’ve crossed my mind, I would say once. Because you came and never left.” — Ritu Ghatourey

52. “I think about you constantly, whether it’s with my mind or my heart.” — Terri Guillemets

53. “Do you know I never ever feel bored, never ever feel lonely, because you are always in my thoughts, morning, afternoon, and night?” — Mitch Cuento

54. “My thoughts have a dedicated lane just for you – the express lane to my heart.”

55. “Thinking of you is like having a mental highlight reel of our best moments.”

56. “When I was thinking of you, I realized all the positive influences you have in my life, thank you.” — B. Rivers

57. “When I find myself thinking of you, it is all the good memories that bring a smile to my face.” — C. Pulsifer

58. “Your thoughts keep my mind grounded in happiness, joy, and all the positive influences”

59. “My body might as well forget and stop breathing for once, but my brain will never forget thinking about you, my love!” 

60. “You are kind of…sort of…basically…pretty much always on my mind”

61. “My heart always smiles whenever I think of you”

62. “Sending you a rib-crunching hug to let you know I am thinking of you. Even though I’ve got nothing much to say, know that I’ve been thinking of you today”

63. “Just a little note to tell you I am thinking and praying for you today because you are special to me”

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Show You’re Crazy About Them With These Messages 

When you are head over heels for that special someone, they are practically every time on your mind. Their very thought makes your heart swell up with joy, excitement, enthusiasm, and yet nervousness. It is as if you are celebrating their existence in your life.

When they hold such a distinctive place in your heart (and mind), why not go all out and tell them that you’re crazy about them? Our collection of insanely fun yet affectionate thinking of you messages will help you express yourself better.

Get ready to let your Significant Other know that you are absolutely crazy about them and they are your constant source of happiness. 

64. “If thinking about you were a full-time job, I bet I would be the most dedicated and hard-working employee ever!” 

65. “A day without you is like a day without sunshine. A life without you is like a life without music. You are the sunshine on my face and the music in my heart.” — Alfiya Shaliheen

66. “Love is missing someone when you’re apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you’re close in the heart.” — Kay Knudsen

67. “If you find yourself smiling, a happy and unexplainable smile, then know that it is because I am thinking of you and smiling too”

68. “I hugged you just now in my thoughts. I hope you felt the squeeze”

69. “‘It is the thought that counts’, they say. Gosh! Guess I’d be counting a lot today then!”

70. “Hey dear, you are on my mind today. The rest of the world is just on my nerves, sigh!” 

71. “Thinking of you is my secret ingredient. I use it every time I need to turn a dull and drab day into an amazing one”

72. “You are my favorite person in the whole wide world and I am thinking a lot about you today”

Show You're Crazy About Them With These Messages 

73. “Hey dear, you are ‘nothing’ to me. Because when people ask me what I’m thinking, I just say ‘nothing’” 

74. “Some people are so much sunshine to the square inch.” — Walt Whitman

75. “Even when life gets busy and demanding, thoughts of you find their way into my mind”

76. “Hey, are you feeling that warm and fuzzy feeling by any chance? That’s just me thinking of you”

77. “My thoughts are like your biggest fan club – always cheering for you”

78.“No matter where I go, or what I do, I’m thinking of you.” —Dierks Bentley

79. “Someone is thinking of you. That would be me!”

80. “I don’t know where you are, but I miss you. I don’t know what you’re doing, but I’m thinking of you.” —London Mond

81. “I think of you so much so that it makes me forget everything else”

Thinking Of You Messages For A Friend

Friendship is all about shared memories, boisterous laughter, and meaningful moments. No matter where life takes you, a true friend always stays close by, promising to walk forever by your side.

Sending a caring message to your best friend is a reminder that you’ve always got their back. It is like giving them a high-five, only that you are physically distanced. Here is our list of part funny, part emotional, and a whole lot of awesome thinking of you messages that you can send to your friend – in person, over text, or written in a card. 

82. “Hey bud, I am thinking of you right now. Just the way Garfield thinks of lasagna”

83. “It does sound a bit cheesy, but I must accept that I’ve got a pretty gouda friend in you”

84. “We’ve had so much fun growing up together, and those memories are the best part of my life”

85. “Hey, I just came across an old photo of ours and was wondering how much I miss you!”

86. “I do not know how and why, but I think of you every day. It comes naturally to me”

87. “Adult friendships are hard. Everyone is busy, and life happens. I’ve learned you gotta text people when you’re thinking of them. A simple, ‘Thinking of you, hope all is well,’ really goes a long way.” — Rob Lowe

88. “A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.” — Bernard Meltzer

89. “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” — Walter Winchell

90. “Let us be grateful to those who make us happy, they are charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” — Marcel Proust

91. “Thinking of you and sending you positive vibes and a little sunshine”

92. “I’m looking for what I call my move-the-body friends. I’m looking for the folks who are going to show up and wade through the deep with me.” — Brené Brown

93. “It is okay to fall apart at times. Tacos are always falling apart and yet people love them”

94. “I just want you to know that you mean the world to me. But, no, I am still not sharing my pizza with you”

95. “Thinking of the crazy adventures we’ve had and the ones that await us”

96. “Even though we are miles apart, you are never out of my heart, my dear friend”

97. “Life is like a journey and having you as my on-road partner makes it even more beautiful”

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Caring Messages To Write On A Card

A handwritten note or card holds a certain special place that goes beyond words. The care, the thought, and the effort that the sender puts into the card show how special you are. So, when it comes to showing that you care, carefully thought-out thinking of you message can make a world of difference.

Birthdays, anniversaries, and celebrations get more special with a card. Pick up from our list of caring messages to bring smiles to your loved one’s faces. So take those fancy stationeries out, and let your heart guide your feelings, and see them come to life on paper as a hearty gesture.

98. “Here is a little dose of sunshine for your day, straight from my heart to yours”

99. “If thoughts had wings, these would straightaway fly to you”

100. “The one good thing about not seeing you is that I can write you letters.” — Svetlana Alliluyeva

Caring Messages To Write On A Card

101. “Somewhere someone is thinking of you. Someone is calling you an angel. The person is using celestial colors to paint your image. Someone is making you into a vision so beautiful that it can only live in the mind.” — Henry Rollins

102. “I love you, and that’s the beginning and end of everything.” —F. Scott Fitzgerald

103. “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” —Audrey Hepburn

104. “All that you are is all that I’ll ever need.” —Ed Sheeran

105. “Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art. … It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.” —C.S. Lewis

106. “If I ever don’t think about you, I think I am not alive”

107. “I was just counting my blessings and thought of sending this card to one of them”

108. “You know who is always in my thoughts? Read the first word again!”

109. “Your thoughts have taken over not only my body and soul but my whole being”

110. “You have no idea how you make my life brighter, happier, and more fun”

111. “Our journey is not perfect, but it is ours. And I will stay with you till the end”

With this, we wind up our collection of thinking of you messages that will leave your loved ones’ hearts full of love, affection, and warmth. Remember, it’s the thought behind these messages that truly counts. Whether you’re sharing a playful quote, a heartfelt metaphor, or a simple reminder of your affection, the act of letting someone know they’re on your mind can make their day. So go ahead, sprinkle some love around, and show your loved ones just how much they mean to you!