You being here, looking for some signs he will come back after pulling away, indicates you are not ready to move on right away. Relationship experts, philosophers, and writers all claim that love is the oxygen of life. But love is never easy and relationships aren’t always sunflowers and sunshine.

While it is natural to feel that you are the reason for a guy pulling away, it is not always so. Sometimes guys pull away for various reasons. He could be dealing with personal issues, perhaps his own life is a mess, or he could also be seeing other women. Sometimes men pull away when they are commitment phobic and sometimes they are simply not into you. Their true reason for pulling away ,you may never know! But there are many promising signs he will come back after pulling away. 

You need to watch out for them so you don’t turn a blind eye to all the signs and ignore them as coincidences. These are the probable signs you’ll get back together even if you broke up. In this article, we will give you some unique insight on how a guy behaves when he wants to return to your life and what you can do when he comes back after pulling away. Go ahead and delve into this article. We are sure this will help you and you will love reading this! 

11 Encouraging Signs He Will Come Back After Pulling Away 

It’s natural to feel concerned when a man pulls away after acting like he fell hard for you. It’s worse if the two of you were in a serious relationship. You are stuck. You don’t know what to do when he pulls away. Relax and be patient. There are chances of him coming back. While every situation is unique and there are no guarantees, there are some encouraging signs he will come back after pulling away: 

1. He initiates contact 

One of the signs your ex is waiting to get back together is when he initiates contact, especially if he had blocked you from all his social media accounts. This is the first piece of the puzzle that you will receive when a guy suddenly reappears in your life after pulling away. And speaking from personal experience, this is always a positive sign. This indicates that he is working through his emotions and wants to reconnect. 

By initiating contact, he is assessing if you are still interested in him or if you will respond positively. Moreover, there could be a sign of uncertainty on his part. Perhaps he wants to see if the two of you could give this relationship another chance. Whatever his reason for reaching out again, just don’t react impulsively. For now, be patient and observe his actions. 

Additionally, he will start following you on social media accounts again. Here are some more signs that that he is trying to initiate contact: 

  • He will react to all your posts hoping your would reply to him , comment on your pictures 
  • You may hear your your friend suddenly bumped into him and he asked about how you are
  • He will start following your friends and family members as well and maintain a cordial social connect
  • He may try to slide in your DMs by sending you funny memes or reels, testing whether you respond or not

Him keeping tabs on your social media accounts is probably to gauge the presence of someone new in your life and take his chances. While this indicates he wants to come back in your life, you need to be sure this is what you want.

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2. He opens up about his sudden disappearance 

This is one of the common signs from the universe that he will come back. Just the fact that he is willing to open up about his sudden absence shows that he is willing to communicate and share his reasons for pulling away. This is an important step in rebuilding trust and understanding what exactly happened. And once you find out the exact reason behind his disappearance, you will be able to assess the situation better.

Here are some instances and things you can do when he opens up about his disappearance:

  • If it was genuinely a family emergency, then you can offer your sympathies and try to get back together
  • And if it was a conflict, disagreement, or any hurtful sentiment done by you, then you both can apologize and try to move on
  • On the contrary, if his reasons sound silly, then that’s bad news. It’s worse if you find out he was seeing or is seeing another woman. In such cases, it’s best to stay cautious and take your time to decide whether you want him in your life or not

In this case, if he insists being friends with you for old times sake, do shake a hand but ensure you do not repeat the mistakes you made earlier. Remain within the firm boundaries of being friends, do not let him use you in a friends-with-benefits situation.

3. He confesses to feeling guilty for leaving things midway

According to research, guilt is an emotion characterized by tension, regret, and remorse about a particular action or inaction. And if your guy is guilty for leaving just a few days after reconnecting with you, then it is a genuinely helpful sign that could indicate that he regrets his actions. It shows he still has some emotional attachment to you and regrets his decision of pulling away.

He acted like he was no longer interested in you. But now, he seems to be riddled with all the “could have been” “should have been” and “would have been” situations. All of these things are making him more empathetic toward you. It is clear that he regrets hurting you.  

Some noteworthy signs that he feels guilty for abandoning you include:

  • Overcompensating by being extremely nice, accommodating, and sweet to you
  • He will try to monitor your life and make sure you are doing okay 
  • He will bring up fond memories of your time together and reminisce them
  • He expresses his guilt to mutual friends 

His reaching out to you and trying to make things better shows that he is trying to be with you, but he is aware of the pain he has caused. His taking ownership of his mistakes does reflect positively, doesn’t it?

He apologizes for pulling away
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4. He apologizes for pulling away 

Apologizing for pulling away is a positive sign as it shows that he acknowledges the impact of his actions on you and the relationship. Here is the ABC for apologies you need to know in such situations – Acknowledgment, Basis, and Consistency. When he apologizes, it shows that he is acknowledging his mistakes. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself when he apologizes for pulling away: 

  • Is his apology sincere, or does it feel forced or insincere?
  • Does he provide an explanation for why he pulled away?
  • Does he take responsibility for his actions and their impact on the relationship?   
  • After apologizing, does he show an initiative to reconnect and work on rebuilding the relationship?
  • Is his behavior consistent with the apology?

Plus, when he provides the basis and reasons for his actions, it’s clearer that he wants to come back after pulling away. Lastly, if he is consistent with his apology, it is obvious he still has feelings for you. It is essential to consider and understand his motive, intention, and the context of the entire situation to get a better understanding of where and how this will end or begin. 

5. He will be emotionally invested in your life again 

You thought he left you because he was losing interest in you, your life, and your love. From spending just a few minutes on the call with you to expressing the desire to spend time with you over the weekend, he sure has come a long way. During the time you spend together, he will want to know what you did when he was away. He will try to establish an emotional connection. He will ask if you are happy, if your work life is going well, and if you met your parents.

All of these things indicate to a certain extent that he is trying to create emotional intimacy between the two of you. This emotional investment suggests that he cares about you, values the relationship, and wants to be a part of your life. He will engage in open, honest, and frequent communication. He will genuinely listen to what you have to say and won’t judge you for your perspective, thoughts, and feelings. 

6. He lets you know that he is single

If he left you for another woman, then he wouldn’t be mentioning this fact that he is single and there is no other woman in his life. He is not just stating his relationship status here. He is indirectly gauging your reaction to see how you respond to this particular information.

Perhaps he dated many women during his absence and realized that he will never find someone like you again and decided to turn this into a long-term relationship. Maybe he realized he is in love with you.

Perhaps he is not interested in dating anyone and is living his life to the fullest. This can surely be a huge sign he wants to get back together with you.

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7. He exudes positive body language 

Will he come back? Won’t he come back? Yes, he will come back if his body language shows he wants to have a live life with you. He won’t if he channels negative energy. Nonetheless, here are some common positive body language cues that may suggest someone’s romantic interest:

  • When someone is interested in you, they tend to maintain eye contact during conversations. According to research, it has been found that arousal is significantly enhanced while participants make eye contact with a live person
  • A genuine smile is a positive sign of your relationship hero. He is letting you know that he is happy in your presence 
  • If he leans towards you when you are talking or sitting together, it suggests that he is engaged and interested in what you are saying
  • When he subconsciously mirrors your gestures and movements, it is one of the signs that he feels a connection with you and is attuned to your actions
  • If he stands or sits with an open posture, such as uncrossed arms and legs, it suggests that he is embracing your reunion. He wants you to know that he is approachable and receptive to communication

8. The number of calls and texts has increased 

According to relationship coaches and dating coaches, attachment theory suggests that individuals who are romantically interested in someone tend to seek more proximity and communication with that person. So, if you notice there is increased texting and calling from his side, it’s one of the ways he is trying to establish and maintain a connection with you. 

A few other explanations behind his increased communication include: 

  • He is clearly expressing his desire to stay connected with you
  • He wants to build a deeper connection with you 
  • He is letting you know that he prioritizes you more than others 

In the early stages of getting back together, there will also be a lot of playful banter, flirting, and teasing as a way to express interest and attraction. If you want him back, you can reciprocate his interests and take things forward. Else, you answer with boundaries.

9. He is always ready to help you 

The way he is consistently ready to help you out shows that he cares about you and is willing to support you. It doesn’t matter if he has free time or if he is swamped with work. The way he jumps to help you shows that he genuinely values you, cares about you deeply, and wants you to know you can count on him. And by activating his hero instincts, he is undoubtedly showing interest in rekindling the romantic aspect of the relationship. 

10. He is being more affectionate than ever

When the guy who has been pulling away starts being more affectionate than ever, it is a clear indication that he is showing interest in you again. He has realized that pulling away was a mistake and is now expressing affection as a way to make amends. Furthermore, the time apart has made him realize how much he values you, your presence, and this relationship.  

Listed below are some of the signs he is being more affectionate than ever:

  • He will initiate more hugs, cuddling, hand-holding, or other forms of physical affection
  • He will give you more compliments and express appreciation for you and the things you do
  • He will make more effort to spend quality time with you, wanting to be close and enjoy each other’s company
  • His inner hero instincts will get activated and he will become more attentive and engaged when you talk, actively listening to what you have to say
  • He wants you to live your best life. He will make sure this happens by becoming more considerate of your needs and feelings, showing thoughtfulness in his actions
he wants to get back with you
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11. He is entertaining the idea of reconciliation 

This is a big deal! When a man decides he wants to get back together with the woman he loves, he will start entertaining the idea of rekindling the relationship. He will try as much as he can to let you know through his words and actions that he is remorseful for disappearing from your life.

Not just that, but he will also be willing to address past issues and concerns that led to his withdrawal from the relationship. Therefore, when a man wants to come back, he will try to improve himself and become a better man for you. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed and uncomfortable with him making a sudden appearance in your life all over again, it’s best to tell this to him straight. And now that you know all the tell-tale signs he will come back after pulling away, scroll down below and take a look at how to respond and behave when he’ll realize your worth after a rough patch. 

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How To Respond When He Comes Back After Pulling Away 

When he comes back after pulling away, it’s essential to respond thoughtfully and considerately by going through your own emotions once. Your response can set the tone for the future of your interaction and potential reconciliation. Before you hastily respond to his initiation, take some time to process your emotions and feelings before responding. It’s natural to have mixed emotions after a period of distance, so allow yourself to reflect on how you truly feel. 

You can also talk to your best friends, family members, or even seek professional counseling if you don’t know how to feel about this entire situation. And once you are clear on how you feel about this, here are some defense mechanisms and ways in which you can behave when he comes back after pulling away: 

  • Open communication: Initiate a conversation to discuss the situation openly. Share your thoughts and feelings about the past and the reasons for the distance. An improved man will believe in the same and will keep his communication lines open
  • Listen to his perspective: This specific advice is for those who can’t see beyond themselves and their perspective. Just allow him to express his feelings and reasons for pulling away. Listening to his perspective can provide insight into his thoughts and intentions
  • Set clear boundaries: When you decide to reconnect, establish clear boundaries for the relationship moving forward. Ensure that both of you are on the same page about what you want and need from the relationship. This will make a big difference in the quality of your relationship moving forward 
  • Take it slow: Rebuilding a relationship takes time. Avoid rushing into things as he’ll pull away again by thinking you want too much too soon. Give yourselves the opportunity to gradually rebuild trust and emotional connection
  • Be honest: Go with your gut feelings and approach relationships carefully. Be completely straightforward about what you need from the relationship and whether you feel comfortable giving it another chance

Key Takeaways

  • Initiating contact could be his way of testing if you are still in love with him or if you have moved on in life 
  • Some of the signs he will come back after pulling away include following you on social media, spending time with you, showing all of the man’s hero instincts to prove he is still worth your time and energy, and being interested in your daily life and activities 
  • If you want to leave him alone when he pulls away, then you can do so. If you want to give it another try, then have an honest conversation about this and keep your demands on the table clearly

While you are wondering should I go back to my ex when he comes back, ensure that you take all the measures to protect your heart and mind. Take care of yourself during this time. Also, you need to be emotionally prepared for the possibility that things may not work out as you hope.

Keep in mind that both parties must be equally invested in making the relationship work. Lastly, pay close attention to his actions and efforts to maintain the relationship over time. Consistency is crucial in demonstrating genuine interest and commitment.