A new relationship, an enchanting connection, the rose-tinted glasses, the intoxication. Thanks to the honeymoon period, you can’t help but feel drawn toward them. Love is blind and lovers cannot see, and that is why it is easy to miss out on the crucial early signs your relationship will not last forever.

Of course, no one gets into a relationship thinking it won’t work, but knowing the signs the relationship you are in is doomed will just help you flag them early. Just in case things go south in the near future, this will save you from a lot of pain and sadness.

The more you get to know one another, the more you realize they are just another ordinary human being with flaws, weaknesses, insecurities, bad habits, and imperfections. In the most extreme cases, you will also find out how toxic they are. That’s why it’s best to protect yourself from future hurt and trauma by not neglecting these key signs. 

What Are The Signs Your Relationship Is Temporary?

Everything about your partner seems intoxicating, charming, magical, and irresistible at this moment. I get that. I was dating this exceptionally cute guy a few years ago, and I couldn’t imagine my life without him.

However, the more we got to know one another, the more I realized he was just another ordinary human being with flaws, weaknesses, insecurities, bad habits, and imperfections. He sure looked like a Greek God but he also had some toxic traits, which eventually led me to dump him.

In a brand new relationship, we often tend to ignore the red flags because we are blinded by love and a promising future. We tend to ignore, forgive, forget, and dismiss these signs as temporary or “passing.”

Whether it is societal pressure or the fear of being single forever, you convince yourself like you are ready to take the plunge and feel like committing but should you rush? Not until you are sure you are doing the right thing with all your heart. When you are with the right person, you will not need to convince yourself, it will just happen organically.

Are you sure you and your SO are on the same page? Or do you spot certain signs that indicate there’s something wrong with the bond you two share? Identifying the red flags early on will save you a lot of pain. Don’t miss these early signs that indicate you won’t have a successful relationship in the future.

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1. Your relationship is all about sex 

It’s nothing unnatural to have a passionate, sexual chemistry. The relationship is new, the sex life is brimming with ‘aahs’ and ‘oohs’. That’s why this specific period is called the honeymoon phase. A strong sexual connection often paves the way to a more intimate relationship, as cited in this research.

You’re feeling euphoric. All those love hormones are going bonkers and making you wonder if this is your “happily ever after”. You have an intense chemistry with them. It’s all hot and heavy. But as time goes by, you start developing emotional connection along with having a great physical intimacy. 

When this emotional connection seems far-fetched even after being with them for 6 months, it’s one of the red flags that means a relationship won’t last. You need to go beyond the passionate whirlwind of lust and get to know each other on a deeper level if you want the relationship to survive. 

2. You aren’t spending time together 

How do you know if a relationship isn’t going to last? When the two of you barely spend quality time together. And when the two of you are in each other’s company, it’s always to have sex. This means your partner values your body more than your heart, soul, and mind.

Or perhaps, you do sped time together, but always talk about superficial things They aren’t interested in learning about you or understanding you. As a matter of fact, partners need to foster a deep level of understanding and empathy if they want to be in a healthy long-term relationship. 

Time is the currency of relationships, and there is no way to invest into a relationship without investing your time. It’s crucial in helping relationships grow, thrive, and sustain as time passes by. You can just sit with each other and have honest communication about your childhood or even about politics. Every little act matters.

On the contrary, if your partner is consciously or unconsciously avoiding quality time in your monogamous relationship, then it’s one of the definite signs he doesn’t think of a future with you.

red flags that mean a relationship won't last
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3. You aren’t on the same page 

You found someone who watches the same TV shows as you do and has the same taste in music. They even like the same food as you do, but is liking sushi and being a fan of Beyoncé enough to have a successful relationship? Absolutely not.

Common interests in these things don’t define their true selves. In a romantic relationship couples need to be on the same page partially, if not completely. A compatible relationship is much more than liking the same things or sharing the same interests.

Your romantic future depends on it. You both need to be compatible in all areas of life, whether it’s financial progress, relationship goals, spiritual values, and, lifestyle habits.

When you aren’t on the same page, it won’t help you develop a stronger connection between you and the other partner in the long haul. It’s a red flag when one partner has certain expectations from the relationship while the other partner is aloof.

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4. Your partner is rude to others 

In the beginning of a relationship, new partners are nice to each other and they are on their best behavior. Don’t be flattered by their attempts to impress you if you just started dating them and neglect how they have been talking to the waiter. Take off those rose colored glasses, and see them for who they really are.

If they are nasty to those around them, it’s one of the signs they will treat you the same down the lane when the honeymoon phase ends. And eventually, it will end sooner or later. Be smart and pay attention to how they treat others.

When asked on Reddit how they can deal with a partner who is respectful toward the partner but doesn’t give out mutual respect to other people, a user replied, “It’s just a matter of time before he starts talking to you like that. He’s not a kind person even though he’s in love with you. He doesn’t have to like other people, but being incapable of being polite to your friends or just ignoring them is a sign of immaturity and cruelty. Anger issues, too, probably.”

And my friend, as your relationship develops and goes further, you might be meted with the same treatment as the rest of the people around them. Be open to these early red flags to save yourself from pain later on.

5. You feel like you can’t fully be yourself 

How long can you pretend to be a perfect angel with no blemishes whatsoever? Some day or the other, you will have to remove your mask. If you continue to be this way, you will end up being in a fake relationship where your partner doesn’t know who you really are. You will keep walking on eggshells around them and the relationship will crash and burn soon.

You will witness conflicts, and there will never be a long-term love with this person. So, if you want a relationship to run smoothly and harmoniously, it’s best to reveal your true self. Here are some signs you are fully being yourself in the relationship:

  • You engage in things you don’t like because you haven’t expressed your likes and dislikes to your partner yet 
  • Your partner thinks you are perfect because you are always pretending to be someone you are not
  • You let your partner assume things about you and you don’t correct them when the assumptions are wrong

Your partner’s expectations from you will soon weigh you down and the bubble would burst.

6. They push and pull 

The push-pull cycle is usually done by narcissists and it is considered as emotional abuse. This dynamic takes place when partners consciously or unconsciously play games with one another. They will shower all their love one moment and withdraw the next. This cycle is toxic and can lead to constant fighting between partners. Such a relationship is unstable, unpredictable, and uncertain.

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There is no transparency and you don’t know if your partner even wants to be with you. You don’t know if you are equally valued by your partner.

Some days they make you believe that you are the best thing to have ever happened to them and some days they treat you like you aren’t worthy of their love. This is no less than being on a roller coaster ride. 

What Are The Talking Stage Red Flags
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7. The relationship feels one-sided 

One of the definite signs a relationship would be short-term is when the relationship is heavily one-sided. You do all the work and your partner is just enjoying themselves. You are investing your love, time, and energy into this relationship but they barely lift their finger to make you feel happy, loved, and valued. If this situation persists, then there will be no sense of balance and reciprocity between partners.

Here are some signs to identify if you are in a one-sided relationship:

  • They make a lot of excuses for their lack of involvement in the relationship 
  • You feel tired of carrying the entire burden of the relationship 
  • They make you second guess your worth in their life
  • They aren’t sure what the future looks like
  • You are accommodating your life according to their whims and desires 
  • Their priorities are different from yours

If you are saying, “I am scared my relationship won’t last”, then there are chances you are making all the plans, giving your emotional/financial/intellectual support to your partner, you’re the only one showing affection, and expressing love.

On the other hand, your partner feels like they are entitled to all this and don’t give out anything in return. Such a relationship won’t last and it will chip away at your self-esteem and self-confidence.

8. There is no emotional intimacy 

One of the deeper issues that define the length of a relationship rests with emotional intimacy. When you aren’t emotionally intimate with your partner, your relationship is bound to fail.

Emotional intimacy is when two people share their shortcomings, vulnerabilities, insecurities, and secrets with one another.

It is important in both monogamous and open relationships because it makes partners feel like they are safe and secure. It paves the way for healthy communication and understanding. Both the partners feel content and satisfied with each other. 

If you don’t know how to inculcate emotional intimacy with your partner, here are some tips:

  • Earn their trust 
  • When they share their secrets with you, don’t misuse them or gossip about them with your friends
  • Avoid judging them 
  • Use words of affirmation to let them know you are proud of them 
  • Listen to their woes and validate their feelings 
  • Try to be more forgiving of each other’s faults 
Signs a relationship is not for ever

9. Your BAE hasn’t introduced you to their loved ones

One of the signs a relationship won’t last in the long run is when your partner doesn’t introduce you to their friends and family. It raises a lot of questions. Are they keeping you a secret or are they keeping a secret from you?

It’s even more alarming if they haven’t shared even a single picture of you on their social media account. This means, they have another world where you aren’t welcome yet. 

When you have introduced them to almost everyone in your life but you don’t even know who your partner’s best friend is, then it is not a good sign.

You don’t have to become friends with your partner’s friends but what matters is that they need to know there is someone in their life and vice versa. If it has been more than six months and you haven’t met any of his friends or family members, it’s an indication that your BAE is in this relationship for a short haul.

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10. There are trust issues 

Trust issues can lead to a lot of resentment and conflicts in a new relationship. Furthermore, the romantic partner on the receiving end of this mistrust can feel lonely and dejected. This may make them do things they wouldn’t otherwise.

They may even cheat on you or end the relationship altogether. Is that what you want? Do you want to throw a good healthy relationship out of paranoia?

It’s one thing to be suspicious when you have some solid proof against your cheating partner. But it’s completely irrational and immature when you suspect your partner of infidelity when you have no proof. If you or your partner has trust issues, it’s high time you learn how to trust each other instead of accusing one another of betrayal. 

11. Your BAE still talks about their ex

This is one of the clear signs your relationship won’t last. If your new partner is still talking to their ex, it means they aren’t over them yet. They haven’t moved on from their past relationship, and that is not good news.

Relationships end for a reason. There’s no point in keeping touch with an ex when you have moved on in life. Your relationship won’t last if they are still hung up on their ex. You might just be a rebound in this case, while they try for reconciliation with their ex.

If they are still stalking their ex on social media or ask about them to their friends, it means they still love them. This doesn’t mean you have to completely cut them off from your life. You can talk to your ex once in a while to see if they are doing well. There is no harm in it.

However, if they are constantly in touch with their ex and keep meeting in secret, it’s a red flag and you need to confront your partner right away. 

12. They purposely pick fights with you

Everything seems to be going fine in your dreamworld and suddenly there is a fight or an argument on the most insignificant thing ever. And if you now think closely, you realize that your BAE picks up flights with you over nothing, especially after they have got what they wanted. 

They don’t want you to text them, or contact them. They will reach out to you when it is “convenient” for them and because you are head-over-heels with them, you would oblige. Sounds pretty selfish to us.

This unnecessary drama indicates your love interest is not really in love with you but is perhaps looking out. Continuous conflict weakens a relationship. This is one of the glaring signs of a relationship coming to an end soon.

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13. They are happy and joyful when you are not around

Does your SO cringe when you enter the room? Does it seem they are more lively and enjoying themselves in your absence? And have you noticed them acting all dull and depressed and talking about mundane things(if they do talk at all) with you while their chatter doesn’t stop when they are with their friends? 

Well, your relationship is certainly headed to splitsville if your partner does not enjoy your company. You don’t get the same treatment or same person when alone with them. If for any reason they are not happy with you, the chances of your relationship lasting long are negligible.

Key Takeaways

  • It takes two to make a relationship last
  • When is relationship is headed towards a breakup, there are always some imminent signs
  • It can be devastating to identify the signs your relationship will not last forever, but recognizing them early on will help you cope with the pain better
  • And remember, there are plenty of fish in the sea

None of the above-listed signs can be neglected. They are big indicators of a relationship’s durability. Talk to them about this and try to bring about a change. Ask your partner’s opinions, thoughts, and their perspective on this and work together as a team. If the are not on the same page as you, it would be wise to walk out and figure out yourself what you want.

If nothing helps, you can reach out to a family therapist or a relationship therapist to help you out.