Unloving someone is not going to be easy, but it is crucial to do so when you spot all the signs he will never come back in your life again. We totally understand. You are feeling as if you are being engulfed by a big storm at the moment. But young lady, this storm won’t disrupt your life. In fact, it has come to clear your path and pave the way for new happiness. 

So many people don’t deal with break ups the right way. They keep hoping that their ex will come back. They waste their precious time waiting for a reunion which will never happen, especially when your ex is truly done with you. Stop chasing a mirage. Open your eyes and look at the signs that scream his indifference in reviving the relationship. But what are the signs, you ask? Read along and find out. 

18 Devastating Signs He Will Never Come Back 

These signs may vary from one relationship to the other depending on the way your relationship ended. However, we have rounded up a list of 18 common signs a reconciliation is never happening with you and your boyfriend: 

1. He hasn’t unblocked you on social media yet 

Social media is one of the biggest indicators of what’s cooking between two people. Many love stories begin and end there. From sending pictures to getting blocked, we have all been through that. However, if your ex hasn’t unblocked you yet, it could be one of the important signs that he wants to move on. Your pictures will only distract him from doing so. That’s why you are still on his block list.

On the contrary, let’s say he hasn’t blocked you yet. But the fact that he isn’t reacting, commenting, or liking any of your stories and posts is an indication that he isn’t interested in you anymore. He has probably already blocked you mentally, and will soon block on social media platforms again. Be prepared for it.  

2. He has completely cut ties with you 

He is religiously following the no-contact rule. He isn’t letting any kind of communication take place between the two of you. When your ex never never contacts you again, that’s his way of telling you that he is done with the relationship and that he doesn’t want you anymore. That’s his way of moving on. And honestly, you can’t blame him either. That’s how heart-wrenching break ups are. 

Furthermore, if he acts cold and distant even when you reach out to him in person, it is a clear sign he doesn’t want to get back together with you. He won’t reply to your messages and he won’t call you back. That’s how sure he is that he wants to stick to his decision of breaking up with you. 

3. He isn’t willing to sort out issues 

Every breakup has a story, a unique reason. Couples call a relationship off for many reasons. Some of them include communication issues, disrespect, infidelity, incompatibility, a lack of chemistry, unfulfilling sexual life, and uncommon relationship goals among others. Most of them can be taken care of if both the parties are willing to talk about it and work through the problem. 

But if your ex isn’t willing to hear you out or isn’t even giving you a chance to keep your point on the table, it’s clear that he doesn’t want you back. Moreover, he won’t even discuss these things with mutual friends either who want the two of you to sort this out. His stubbornness is an indication for you that he is either deeply hurt or he doesn’t care much about you and wants to see other women. 

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4. Your relationship ended on an ugly note

Some of the irreparable damages in a relationship can lead to nasty breakups. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Did he catch you red handed while you were “doing the naughty” with someone else?
  • Was there any manipulation or gaslighting from any side? 
  • Did either of you stop feeling wanted in the relationship? 
  • Did any of you try to sabotage the other person’s image, self-worth, self-confidence, and self-esteem? 
  • Did you or the other person experience a loss of emotional connection? 
  • Were there any signs of financial infidelity? 
  • Emotional and physical abuse? 

If you said yes to any of these questions, it’s obvious why he said he’s never coming back. Speaking from experience, these things can break a person. If you want to be helpful during such times, it’s best to let him heal on his own. And you need to do some healing as well. 

5. He is trash talking about you

There’s gossip everywhere. “Whaaaaat? She did this? She did that? No wonder he dumped her!”. It will be cataclysmic but you have to be strong when your ex lovers go around badmouthing you. He will literally drag you through the mud and will try as much as he can to malign your image.

This is one of the sly moves exes make after a breakup where they will try to act like a victim and poach all your mutual friends to their side. So, if you hear even one tiny gossip about you, then you can prepare yourself for the worst.

He is never coming back and that’s why he is taking advantage of the whole situation by defaming you. Don’t take this to heart. It shows more about his character and not yours. 

6. His priorities have changed 

You used to be the most important person in his life. Now things have changed. It’s his work. Or his family. Even though the two of you have decided to remain friends, he will ensure he doesn’t prioritize you to let you know that his feelings have died and they aren’t coming back.

He is a changed man now and no amount of hangouts and fun outings can change this if he has stopped prioritizing you. He won’t do couple stuff with you like:

  • Watching a romantic movie with you 
  • Holding your hand 
  • Meeting you alone 
  • Showing up at your place unannounced 

7. He has been sleeping around

Whether it is one-night stands or a FWB situation, if your ex has been sleeping around with new partners every now and then, it is a huge sign he does not consider being in a relationship anymore. Additionally, if he has had a previous record of coping with breakups by sleeping over with someone , you know not to wait.

He has been sleeping around
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8. He is emotionally distant

He used to share everything with you. His work problems. Family issues. His mental health state. His insecurities. His past traumas and all the other stuff that’s personal and makes him vulnerable. Now he doesn’t even ask you how you are. And when you greet him and ask him how he is, it’s a plain and cold, “Fine.”

These one word answers and cold behavior are your wake-up call. You need to get your act together. Stop trying to build a connection with him all over again. Your ex doesn’t want to get back together with you. He isn’t ready to forgive your mistakes and it’s high time you accept this. 

10. He isn’t making any effort to get back together 

If he had any intention of getting back together with you, he would show it through his actions. He will communicate openly and honestly. He will ask you to meet him in person. He will be helpful toward you. He will try to win you over. He will be jealous when he sees you with someone else. All of these things are a sign that he still loves you and wants you back.

But if he is indifferent toward you and doesn’t make any effort to get over the conflicts and fights, it’s evident he doesn’t want to carry on this journey with you. Even if he sees you with someone, he barely feels anything.

Maybe he even tells you to move on. Believe him, he has moved on in life and there’s no point of you still hanging on to him. 

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11. He avoids your friends 

If he makes sure he never runs into your friends, it’s a definite sign of him wanting to break away from you and your life. He is barely seen in gatherings hosted by your mutual friends. He does not even respond to their messages or calls. This is a huge sign your ex wants to avoid anything that could make you two face each other.

If the two of you belonged to the same friends group but he chose to let go of them along with you, then the whole matter speaks for itself. 

12. He avoids you

According to relationship coaches, avoidance is often a way people cope with difficult emotions or situations. Ergo, if he is avoiding you, he is trying to distance himself from you emotionally and physically.

When asked on Reddit why exes tend to ignore their partners after the breakup, a user replied, “I’ve ignored all exes after a breakup, whether I pulled the trigger, or they did. There was no need to maintain contact with them. I have friends, I have family,

“I have plenty of emotional support. When I’m building a relationship with someone, the least I can give them is a place in my life not littered with past lovers. Simply put, there’s no room for an ex in my life. Closure is like vomit, it comes from within. The breaking up, that’s the closure. The rest is up to you.” 

13. His body language is negative 

You bump into your ex-boyfriend and just chat. Notice his body language. Does he look happy to see you or does not even stop for a moment. If you notice negative body language signs such as:

  • Avoiding eye contact 
  • Not greeting you with a handshake or a hug
  • Crossing his arms 
  • Sighing when you speak 
  • Rolling his eyes 
  • Not listening to you when you are talking 
  • Using mobile phone as an excuse to ignore talking to you when you are around 

These are some of the body languages that tell you about his guarded nature.You can be assured he has no torch for you. He is just being courteous to you by listening to you, but does not want to. He doesn’t want you in his life anymore. Take the hint. 

14. He returns your belongings 

The hair scrunchies you left at his place, your T-shirt, and your shoes are now lying in your abode. These things signify his unwillingness to look at your things. Perhaps he thinks looking at them again and again is stopping him from moving on.

Or maybe he simply wants to get rid of all your memories and remnants. All of these things can be immensely painful. But it’s better if you accept reality and try to move on with your head held high. 

13. He doesn’t trust you 

If any kind of betrayal was the reason behind your relationship’s doom, then it’s hard to regain his trust. It’s true what they say. Trust takes years to build, a few seconds to break, and forever to repair. He isn’t ready to risk his happiness by giving his heart to you again. What if you shatter it again?

he does not trust you

Trust, honesty, and loyalty are what sustains a relationship. So, if he has clearly mentioned that he doesn’t trust you again, then have it known that he will never give you a second chance to rectify your mistakes. 

14. He is rude and unkind to you

He is mean to you. Tries to make your life difficult. A man who loves you and wants you back will never do such things. Your ex’s unkind nature is a good enough reason for you to move on.

Since his rude and offensive behavior has persisted despite your efforts to communicate and work through the issues, it is best to prioritize your well-being and consider moving forward without them. There is no point in being needy and desperate for someone who treats you poorly. Remember that you deserve to be treated with respect and kindness in any relationship. 

15. He tells you he doesn’t want you  back 

Sometimes when we break up in the heat of the moment, we regret it later. We call up our ex and request them to sort things out. However, if your ex has clearly said he doesn’t want you back, he genuinely means it. Your ex’s harsh words are a warning signal for you to reconsider your actions.

Take our advice before it’s too late. See the signs he doesn’t want you back. And if you are the one who is begging him to take you back, then you will be left with nothing. Not even your self-respect.  

16. He has moved on 

He changed his Facebook relationship status from “In a relationship” to “Single”. He has taken down all your pictures from his social media account. You know he has been around new women. Perhaps you noticed his activities on the dating app. It is a clear sign he has decided to move forward and even if you cringe, nothing’s changing.

If the two of you were married, then he will move out of the house. And, he will send you the divorce papers. He doesn’t care about the future. He doesn’t care about his vows and promises. He has moved on swiftly. It’s high time you do too. 

He Cheated On His Girlfriend With Me
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17. He has started dating someone new

There’s a new lady in his life. He can’t stop talking about her to your mutual friends. He is clearly smitten. He is full of passion. He is even posting pictures with her on social media. He is telling his friends that he is ready to exclusively date her.

This new girl could be a rebound or he could have genuinely fallen for her again. That only time will tell. Meanwhile, he is seeing someone else and time itself is telling you to stop being so hung up on your ex and try to heal yourself. 

Now that you know all the signs he is never coming back, you may be heartbroken. It’s normal. What’s not normal is living in the past and wishing for things that won’t happen again. It happened once. That ship has sailed. Now, you need to practice acceptance. Let’s take a look at how you can accept his departure from your life. 

How To Accept He Is Gone Forever

Accepting that someone is gone forever can be an incredibly challenging and emotional process. But it’s not an impossible one. Here are some steps to help you in this difficult time:

1. Allow yourself to grieve : Give yourself permission to feel and process the emotions that come with loss. It is natural to experience sadness, anger, denial, bargaining, confusion, and depression. Let it hurt. Let it bleed. Let yourself go through the grieving process at your own pace. Feel everything

2. Accept reality: Acknowledge that your ex-boyfriend is no longer a part of your life and that the relationship has come to an end. Things went wrong. You broke up. He has moved on. Accept it as that is the most important step in moving ahead

3. Avoid dwelling on “what ifs” and “could have beens”:  It is natural to wonder about what could have been, but try not to dwell on them. It’s as simple as this — it is what it is. Not what should have been or what could possibly be in the future. It is what it is. That’s it. So,focus on the present and what you can control instead of hoping and wishing for things to be different 

4. Let go of memories:  If he lives in your head rent-free, it’s time to chuck him out. Recognize that this has happened for a reason. There is no point in reliving memories in your head. This will only make it harder to move on. Let go of mementos associated with him and the relationship, for you will never heal if you keep going back to what broke you

5. Cut ties with him:  No more calling him up when you miss him. No more drunk texting him. Block him. Throw away his gifts. Maybe keep the expensive ones. We’re kidding! We know such l situations aren’t easy to deal with so just take one step at a time and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel

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What To Do If You Are Not Over Him 

If you find yourself not being over him, it’s important to be gentle with yourself and give yourself the time and space to heal. Here are some steps to help you cope with these feelings:

  1. Don’t suppress your emotions: Allow yourself to feel. That’s the most normal thing you could do when you still love someone but that person doesn’t love you back. You are bound to have lingering feelings after a breakup or loss. Don’t judge or be harsh on yourself for experiencing them
  1. Accept your feelings and rejection: You wanted him to be in your life but he chose to exit. He rejected you. Okay. Accept it. Accepting your emotions can help you work through them more effectively. However, it’s never right to question your self-worth based on someone else’s opinion of you
  1. Lean on your support system: Talk to friends or family about what you’re going through. Having a support system can provide comfort and understanding during this time
  1. Focus on self-care: Prioritize self-care and do things that bring you joy and peace. You can engage in activities that help you relax and take care of your physical and emotional well-being. Try to journal all your negative thoughts. Express your feelings through writing. Explore new hobbies or interests that can help redirect your focus and create positive experiences
  1. Don’t jump from one relationship to another : While it might be tempting to jump into a new relationship to ease the pain, it’s crucial to give yourself time to heal before pursuing a new romantic connection. Avoid getting into rebound relationships or dating multiple men at the same time

Key Takeaways 

  • When relationships meet their timely end, there is a 50-50 chance of them getting back together. He may come back or he may not 
  • Some of the devastating signs he will never come back in your life include cutting ties with you completely, dating other women, and gossiping about you behind your back 
  • You need to accept this reality and move on with dignity. Heal yourself before dating someone else

One day down the lane, he will be sorry for losing you. Try to take all of this and him as a lesson you had to learn the hard way and be thankful that you have only come out as a strong person from this. Ergo, stop dwelling or you will miss your train to bigger and better things in life.