When I started dating my husband, I did not plan a future with him right away. But after a few months, I started to gravitate toward him and wondered if he was going to be the one. That was the time I consciously looked for signs he will never leave me.

Our relationship flourished and I could sense he would never let me go. If you too, are looking for signs your man will never leave you, this list could come in handy. 

All you need to do is observe and look out for these qualities that scream a ‘forever’ kind of love. And once you feel assured your man is going to be on your side, your relationship will become stronger and better.

10 Signs Your Man Will Never Leave You

When you start dating someone new, you never know how long it will last, Even if it will last for  the second date.

And then when you have been with someone long enough, you start to look out for signs of permanence, wondering if they are going to be with you through the test of time. 

When you are at a stage when fancy dates and expensive gifts do not excite you anymore, you wish to know whether this relationship has a chance to last.

Looking  for signs your man will not leave you heartbroken is actually the first thing girls do before they even think of committing  to a man. 

And to help you along this, we have curated this list of signs your man sees you long-term

1. He loves you the way you are

….and never fails to tell you how gorgeous you look, even when you are in your pajamas with your hair tied up in a messy bun. A man who loves you truly will always love you, irrespective of your physical attributes. 

It does not matter to him if you look fat, dark, messy or unkempt. His love for you is way beyond that and he does not shy away from telling you so. He loves you for you, and that means accepting the way you are. Your faults are not his concern.

He knows the real woman that you are, and he knows all the stories behind all your scars and quirks. He is interested in the person that you are and he will invest emotionally in you. It is not a relationship where he only loves you for your body.

A man like this is a keeper. And while he does his bit of accepting you with your faults, it is only fair you too give him the same unconditional acceptance. 

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2. He respects you

Respect is a two-way street. If your man respects your decisions, your space, your feelings and above all, your individuality, it is likely that he intends to have you by his side forever. 

If you do the same for him, he will never let you go. He will not feel the need to explain his decisions and that will make him appreciate you more.

There will be a deep sense of understanding between the two of you . And his male-ego will not surface when he is with you.

3. He admits his mistakes and apologizes

Everyone makes mistakes, but if someone realizes the same and accepts them with sincerity, it speaks a lot about the person. A man who loves you will never blame you for his mistakes and will always own upto them.

After a fight, if he takes the first initiative and drops a heartfelt apology to you, then it’s a sign he is going to stick by you for long.

Don’t just let him be the one apologizing all the time. When the fault is yours, speak up, accept your mistake and apologize for the same.

A relationship where both partners apologize when they are wrong and do not play the blame-game will surely survive the challenging times.

4. He makes time for you, no matter how busy he is

A man who loves you will always make time for you, no matter how busy his schedule is. He will ensure he stays in touch with you across countries, continents and timezones. 

If you need him, he will drop everything to be with you. Just think of a crisis when he wasn’t with you. If you can’t then honestly speaking, this guy is the one. 

You are always on his mind, and you can feel how eagerly he waits to see or meet you. And to ensure that he never leaves you, you can also make sure that every minute you spend with him is absolutely memorable. 

The quality time you spend together will ensure he stays hooked to you. He might be away from you, but this way, you will always stay on his mind.

Forever- signs he will never let you go

5. He prioritizes you over himself

If the man you love always places you before him, it is a clear sign he will never leave you. He is really making you the center of his universe and to him you come first. 

If he ditches that soccer match because you wanted to watch a rom-com, it is a clear indicator of how he is willing to make sacrifices for you. Your happiness is paramount to him, even if it means compromising. 

However, a relationship only thrives when both the partners are willing to sacrifice for each other. So, if you have been somewhat selfish, it is time to treat your man the way he treats you.            

6. He includes you in his long-term plans

One of the signs he will never leave you is when he includes you in his future plans. For example, when my then-boyfriend always used to feature me in his long-term plans.

He would always make vacation plans with me, even though we were far away from taking one.

When he moved to another country for work, he kept making plans with me for when I visited him. He’d already planned how our wedding should be, and what color the walls of our home would be like. 

These conversations were enough to let me know he is not letting me go anywhere. Far out. 

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7. He treats your family as his family

A family is our first love, the people who have loved us unconditionally and are a large part of what we are. When a person you like romantically starts to embrace your family as their own, it is a huge sign of their strong feelings for you. 

Your man is there for you and your family in pressing situations, he is the man you can depend on. Your family is happy with him and he rather never fails to impress them.

There is always a hint of ‘where did you get him’ gossip because they all think he is too good. It is, indeed, a wonderful place to be in.

Likewise, do not let his efforts go to waste. Let him know you are there for his family as well. A man will never leave a woman who goes to great lengths to make his family as comfortable and as fond of her as he does for her family.

8. He supports you

A healthy relationship is based on the fundamental pillars of trust, support and honesty. Having a supportive partner ensures that you can take on the challenges of life in a much stronger way. If your companion is that pillar of support for you, take it from us that he will never let you go. 

Having a supportive partner can literally change your life, for the better. They will celebrate all your successes, no matter how small. To them, nothing is insignificant.

And when life throws curveballs at you, they will be standing behind you like a rock. 

There is no attempt to control you. All your partner wants you to be is to be the best version of yourself.

And while it is great to have a supportive partner, do not miss out on being the same for them as well. Go beyond the social media statuses and step up your game by being the motivation and empathetic partner or spouse yourself.

Signs of a supportive man

9. He values your relationship

A man who has no second thoughts about you will make sure he gives it all to this relationship. To him, everything else can wait but his bond with you has to get the attention it truly deserves.

He will trust you wholeheartedly and discuss his problems with you. He will not be the one keeping secrets from you.

He values honesty in the relationship and will expect the same from you. He will not hesitate to give you his phone’s passcode because he is not hiding anything behind your back.

Instead, he will be vulnerable with you. A man who has never thought about leaving you will make sure your relationship is based on mutual trust, honesty and love. And he will show this to you in more than one.

10. He reassures you of his love

My husband never fails to notice a new dress or my new hairdo. And he almost always appreciates my cooking, no matter how average it is. He is great with compliments, and being witty he just knows when to say what to make me feel loved and cherished.

That’s how he keeps assuring and reassuring of his love for me. A marriage is hard work, the romance can get lost in the grill of daily routines and paying bills, But small things, such as just complimenting each other can go a long way cementing your relationship with pure love and affection.

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If you ticked most of the above signs and could imagine your guy as you read this, then be assured he will not leave you. All you need to do is reciprocate the same kind of love and affection and see your relationship blossom into something you will cherish for a lifetime.